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February 28, 2018

Training for 2/28/18

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Today, I had this week’s middle distance run on the schedule, an 8-miler. It took me a while to drum up the motivation to go out and do it, but once I did, I had a good run. I did the 8.4-mile loop. I kept running a bit after I’d have normally slowed to a walk for a cool down, to bring it to 8.5 miles, so my month’s total mileage would end on a whole number.

Anyway, I finished that in 1:12:46, an 8:33/mile average, even with the wind in my face for a good chunk of it.

And that brought the month to a close, so it’s time for that monthly summary.


  • Week 1 (Feb. 1-3): 14.6 miles
  • Week 2 (Feb. 4-10): 51.9
  • Week 3 (Feb. 11-17): 24
  • Week 4 (Feb. 18-24): 63.4
  • Week 5 (Feb. 25-28): 27.1

Total: 181 miles

I got off to a slow start because of that stomach bug I picked up in California, and then the jet lag when we came back home, but once I got my butt in gear, I had a really solid month. I averaged a little over 9 miles a day the 20 days out of this month I got a run in.

Even better, I did ALL the long runs on the schedule! The first 12-miler got cut short after my spill in the gas station parking lot, but I ran a 50K, a solo half marathon and another 20-miler, plus all the shorter runs.

As far as racing went, I had to skip the 10K I’d signed up for in California, again because of that stomach bug, but the other race on my schedule, the Algonquin 50K, went much better. It wasn’t fast thanks to the conditions, but just about all of my runs since then have felt great! Whether that’s because they aren’t nearly as long or as muddy, I don’t know.

March is all about tapering (YES!!) and then Shamrock (YEESSSSSSS!!!) It’s so close and I’m feeling really good!

February 27, 2018

Training for 2/27/18

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Yesterday, I ran the 10-miler I was supposed to do Sunday. It was a nearly perfect afternoon for a run. I managed an even, easy pace around the 10.1-mile loop, finishing it in 1:27:08, an 8:38/mile average.

I had to stop in the woods halfway through to use the bathroom. It sounded like the coast was clear as I came back out of the woods, but there was some random guy walking two greyhounds in sweaters a little ways down the road, far enough away there’s no way I could’ve heard them, but close enough he definitely saw me come out. Busted haha.

When I got home and checked the mail, I found something exciting!

Six years ago, I was going through a bunch of my NASCAR collectibles still in my old room at my parents’ house when I found a hat pin I bought after Bobby Labonte won the championship in 2000. I put it on my current Shamrock hat and it made its race debut at that year’s Shamrock Marathon.


Cussing out my cramping calf muscles just after finishing haha.

For the next two years, that pin was always on my running hat.


With Jen in the beer tent after the 2013 Shamrock Marathon.


After finishing the 2014 Shamrock Half Marathon.

Unfortunately, in 2014, I got injured while training for the full at Shamrock, and dropped to the half. I’d never done the half there before. At that time, it started 90 minutes before the full, and it obviously didn’t take me nearly as long to run it, so I got to the beer tent a LOT earlier than I was used to.

Somewhere in the resulting drunken melee, I lost that pin. I know I’d moved it to the new finisher’s hat, but somehow it got removed and went missing. I was pretty pissed.

(And then I lost the hat itself somewhere during Hood to Coast later that year, so I’d have lost the pin anyway.)

Over the last four years, I periodically checked online for a replacement pin, and always came up empty.

Last week, I was looking over old Shamrock race reports, and there was the pin again. I checked eBay one more time. And guess what — this time, there was one up for bid, exactly like the one I lost!

I had to set up a new account, because I’d let jefflosergordonsucks lapse years ago, but soon I was the high bidder on a Bobby Labonte 2000 championship hat pin. Lo and behold, I was the only bidder, and a few days later, the auction ended, I paid for it and it went in the mail.

And THAT is what showed up in my mailbox yesterday!

new pin

On my current hat, ready for Shamrock 2018.

Today, I was supposed to do another lap around the 5.5-mile loop, but as I was getting ready, Pepper was trembling like he was starring in an ASPCA commercial. I knew he was going to have to sit home alone tonight while I cover a meeting for work, so I cut it down to just a 3-miler and took him with me.

I’d have just skipped it altogether, but it had warmed up just enough from yesterday, and the sun had finally come out, to make it a totally perfect day for a run.

Pepper was slow. I expected that on the way out, as he has always dawdled and really taken his time the first half of that out and back, but even on the way back, when he knew we were headed home, he was still only managing a 9:07/mile pace. My old man is slowing down.

We ran the whole thing in just over 30 minutes, a roughly 10:00/mile average, and he got a bunch of treats when we got back in the house.

February 26, 2018

Training for 2/26/18

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Holy shit, I actually ran a 20-miler this weekend!

Saturday morning, I met Kelly and Susan at the park in Salisbury (after I found out there were two zoo entrance parking lots, and I’d picked the wrong one haha.) It was a little chilly at the start, but eventually the fog burned off and it turned into a perfect day for a long run.

We started with two loops of a roughly 3.1-mile path that goes all the way around the park. I had no idea that loop was there, or the park was that big! Before Saturday, I’d only been to the zoo and the little bit of the park near it. Anyway, the loop was a nice mix of surfaces, hardly any of which was paved.

We ran into a yellow lab named Salty (aka Sparkles) and his owner three times, and had to stop to pet Salty/Sparkles every time, of course. His owner warned us each time of a mysterious Dodge Challenger with tinted windows he thought was circling the park and following us… that neither of us ever saw. I don’t know why but old white guys seem to be the most paranoid people on the planet. (Seriously, in all my years running in public places, it’s almost always an old white guy who warns me about some danger only he is aware of.)

Anyway! Two loops and a little over six miles in, we ventured out into Salisbury. We ran to the college so we could run through the pedestrian tunnel under Route 13, then through the campus. On the other side of the campus, we tried to find our way to Riverside Drive, which, as the name suggests, runs along the Nanticoke River, and is lined with really pretty, really expensive houses. Instead, we made a wrong turn somewhere and wound up in the middle of Fruitland.

We found Route 13 and followed it north back to Salisbury, even though it didn’t have sidewalks, running in the turn lanes and on the shoulders. Once we got back to the college, we retraced our route back to the park.

With the accidental detour to Fruitland, Kelly and Susan were already at 16 miles by the time we got back to the park, two miles farther than they’d planned… and only four miles away from an impromptu 20-miler. I worked hard convincing them both what a great idea it would be to finish my 20-miler with me. Not gonna lie, I just really wanted the company for the last four miles. It worked!

By that point, I’d nearly finished a water bottle full of GU Roctane and I’d eaten a gel, but I was absolutely starving. So were they. Fortunately, they travel more prepared than I do. We all refueled with some bananas and Swedish Fish they had in their cars, and Kelly gave me a bottle of water out of the case she carries in her car at all times, so I could refill my handheld.

We set off for one last lap, and then a little more. It had warmed up into the mid 60s and the sun had broken through, the only time I’ve seen it in the past several days, now that I think about it. We were all dragging a bit, but we were still moving steadily. And then it was done!

I had rarely paused my Garmin, even during some of our longer stops, so it had recorded 20 miles in 3:16 on the dot, a 9:48/mile average. Most of the uninterrupted miles were in the 9:15 to 9:30 range, about where I’m supposed to be on long runs.

It was a really enjoyable run overall! We laughed about all kinds of dumb stuff while we were out there. They were a lot of fun to hang out with, and at the end of it, I had 20 miles under my belt.

When I got home, Clark went out for a run of his own, and then we got cleaned up, picked up my younger sister and headed to Annapolis.

First, we saw “Winchester.” Based on the couple of reviews I’d seen beforehand, I expected it to be awful. It wasn’t a great movie by any means, but it didn’t completely suck either.

I really enjoyed the sets; they were recreated on sound stages, because the rooms and hallways in the actual house are too small for the crew to work in, but there were several that looked very close to what I remember from the tour.

The basic background facts about the house and how it got built were mostly accurate, but the ghost story — which was completely made up — was kinda hokey and didn’t really make a whole lot of sense if I thought about it too hard. This is a minor spoiler alert, so fair warning, but in the end, it seemed to suggest the 1906 earthquake that devastated San Francisco and reached San Jose, where the house is, was caused by the wrath of a single pissed off ghost in the Winchester House. OK!

We made it to The Melting Pot a few minutes ahead of our reservation and then had a VERY good dinner. I enjoyed all the fondue courses, but dessert was my favorite. I could go for another vat of melted dark chocolate and a plate full of things to dip in it right now.

It was nearly 1 a.m. by the time we got back home. Pepper had destroyed the utility room with his butt while we were gone, as expected, but we were both too exhausted to bother with it then, so we just left the door closed and went to bed. Clark took care of it in the morning.

After he got that cleaned up Sunday morning, he had to go to his office to get caught up on some work. I stayed home with Pepper. Since we’d left him alone so long the night before, I didn’t want to go for my run until Clark got home.

By the time Clark got back, I probably could have squeezed in 10 miles just before the daylight disappeared, but I didn’t feel like it. Instead, I swapped it with the 5-miler on the schedule for today. I started out slow — the first mile was 9:12 — but continuously sped up, until the last half-mile was just under an 8:00 pace. I finished the 5.5-mile loop in 47:31, an 8:38/mile average.

The start of the Atlanta race had been rain delayed, so it was barely halfway through when I got back from my run. We watched Kevin Harvick win it, got takeout for dinner, watched the Olympics closing ceremony and then fell asleep.

Today, I will go out and do that 10-miler, and then I think I will officially be able to say I am tapering for Shamrock!

February 23, 2018

Training for 2/23/18

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Today was a day off running, as planned.

I’m feeling pretty good about my chances at actually getting in my 20-miler tomorrow. I’m meeting Kelly, who I did a long run with late last year, and Susan, another speedy local runner currently training for Boston, for their long run. They’re doing 14 tomorrow, so I’ll have to finish up the last six on my own, but having a set starting time and company for a good chunk of it will be a big help. A change of scenery is always nice too!

Tomorrow night, Clark and I are taking my little sister to Annapolis to see a movie and then get dinner at The Melting Pot. I promised her we’d take her out after Pepper was such a pain in the ass the one night right before Christmas she babysat him for us. We definitely owed her for that one!

We’re going to see “Winchester.” I’ve been looking forward to it since I heard they were making a movie set in the Winchester Mystery House, which Julie and I made a trip to see while we were in California last year. Unfortunately, the movie’s plot isn’t really based on anything that actually reportedly happened in the house, and the reviews are all pretty bad, but whatever. We both loved that weird old house and want to see the movie.

Sunday, I’ve got another 10 miles on the schedule, and there’s a NASCAR race in Atlanta.

February 22, 2018

Training for 2/22/18

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Today, I was supposed to run 9 miles. I wasn’t really feeling it. All that nice weather from the past two days had been replaced overnight by cold wind, and it was supposed to start raining sometime. It was not a very motivating scene when I looked out the back doors from the couch, snuggled up with a dog I knew was going to be mad if I left him to run.

Well, I waited until almost as late as possible, but I got myself out there, and boy was I glad I did.

I had a freaking awesome run! The first few miles were mostly into the wind, but they got progressively faster anyway — 8:57, 8:45 and 8:32.

Then I turned out of the wind, for most of the rest of the run, and that was when things got really fun. I just kept speeding up. Miles 4 and 5 were 8:12 and 8:05, and the next three were all just under 8:00. I didn’t even care that what had just been a drizzle when I left had increased to a steady rain. I was just skimming along, enjoying the playlist on my iPod (I love that waterproof shuffle.)

A mile from home, I slowed up a bit for a cool down, but even that last full mile was 8:18.

I finished the 9.1-mile loop in 1:15:32, an 8:18/mile average.

That brings my total mileage over the last six days to almost 50 miles on the dot. I’m going to take tomorrow off running so I’ll be ready for the upcoming final big mileage weekend, 20 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. I’m actually kinda looking forward to it.

February 21, 2018

Training for 2/21/18

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I had a much better run today!

It was even warmer today than yesterday. It was a little weird to go for a run in February wearing shorts and a tank top, seeing someone out driving in a convertible with the top down and later smelling someone else’s grill, but I’m definitely not complaining.

I had another short easy 5-miler on the schedule, so I did a lap around the 5.5-mile loop. I had no digestive issues and my legs felt much peppier than they had yesterday. It was a nice little run and I finished in 47:16, an 8:36/mile average.

Today I learned something cool. A few weeks ago, the Shamrock organizers announced beginning this year, they’re going to recognize Legacy Runners, those who have participated in at least five consecutive years of Shamrock weekends. This is my ninth consecutive year if I count the marathon I DNF’d in 2010. Either way, I more than qualify as a Legacy Runner, so I’ll get a special race bib and then a finisher’s pin. Finally, someone is recognizing my inexplicable devotion to a race 3.5 hours away on a course that is usually getting punished by Mother Nature that time of year.

February 20, 2018

Training for 2/20/18

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I’ve run twice since I last posted. One was fine, the other was… not.

Yesterday, I ran the easy 5-miler on the schedule. It was overcast but warm enough for shorts and a long-sleeved tee. I ran a nice, even lap around the 5.5-mile loop at an 8:39/mile average pace.

Then there was today. I had the middle distance run on the schedule, a 10-miler. It had warmed up even more, so I could wear a tank top. It was also pretty breezy.

I felt like crap from the get-go. My legs felt like lead, and I could tell my GI tract was getting wound up. Two miles in, I had to stop in the woods to use the bathroom. Three miles later, I had to stop again.

After that second stop, my stomach pretty much just cramped up for the rest of the run. I ran-walked the second half of the run, stopping for a third time about a mile and a half from home. It sucked.

Not sure what that was all about, but it was 10.1 miles in the books, albeit a slow 10.1 miles; my final average pace was almost a minute per mile slower than yesterday’s run, 9:36/mile.

February 19, 2018

Training for 2/19/18

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I actually stuck to my training plan this weekend!

Saturday, I did the shorter run on the schedule, a lap around the 6.5-mile loop. It didn’t feel as smooth as some of my runs earlier in the week had, but I managed an 8:37/mile average pace.

That afternoon, Clark and I went to Fenwick to see his mom, who just had eye surgery last week. On the way there, we stopped at the New Balance store in Rehoboth, where I picked up my first pair of the latest update on the Zantes. The store only had one color, a not very exciting gray, but after I used a coupon and a gift card, they only cost me $15, so I didn’t really care.

We spent the rest of the day and evening hanging out with Clark’s parents at their place in Fenwick. It was almost 1:30 a.m. when we got home and I got to go to bed.

Sunday morning, I couldn’t sleep in too much if I wanted to get in my long run before I was supposed to be at a birthday party for my friend’s kid in the early afternoon.

I was looking forward to trying out my new shoes, but not much else. It was chilly and kinda windy, which I hate running into.

I waited about as long as I could before I got dressed, mixed some Tailwind in my water bottle and headed out.

The way the wind was blowing, I didn’t really have to run head-on into it until the last 3.5 miles, so the first 10 or so weren’t bad. And of course, that meant by the time I did have to run into the wind, I only had a few miles left.

I had 12 on the schedule, but I tacked on an extra spur to make it a hair over a half marathon. I ran 13.2 miles in 1:56:50, an 8:51/mile average. A good long run overall. I was happy with it.

I got home in time to get cleaned up and get to the birthday party (almost) on time. After the party, Clark, Pepper and I went over to my parents’ house to watch the Daytona 500. Jimmie stupid Johnson wrecked for the third time this year and finished 38th haha. It seemed like just about everyone else wrecked at some point too.

In the end, Austin Dillon, driving the No. 3 for Richard Childress (his grandfather) led the last lap — the only lap he led all day — and won. Of course the announcers made a big deal about it being 20 years since Dale Earnhardt Sr. won his only Daytona 500, in the No. 3, for Childress.

This coming week is the last big mileage week before Shamrock. It starts today with a short easy run after I get some crap done for work.

February 16, 2018

Training for 2/16/18

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I didn’t run today. Pepper had a REALLY rough morning, going outside multiple times to puke in between wandering the house aimlessly and staring at me because he clearly didn’t feel good. He finally settled down earlier this afternoon, but I was too worried he’d have another episode while he was stuck in the utility room if I went for a run, and the thought of that made me feel terrible. So I skipped it. I’ll do a little strength training and maybe some yoga instead.

This weekend, I’ve got a 12-miler and a 6-miler on the schedule.

More importantly, Sunday is the DAYTONA 500! NASCAR is back for real! Last night, they ran the Can-Am Duels, the two races to set the rest of the lineup, after they set the front row in qualifying last weekend. In the first Duel, Jimmie stupid Johnson wrecked his second car of Speedweeks — he also wrecked in last Sunday’s exhibition race — so he’s already down to the last car his team brought to Daytona. Ha!

After the Duels, they showed abbreviated replays of the 1988 and 1993 Daytona 500s. I love watching those old broadcasts. I don’t remember watching the ’88 500 (I was not quite 5 years old), when Bobby Allison got what would be his last Cup win. But I do remember watching it in ’93, when Dale Jarrett held off Dale Earnhardt Sr. to win.

February 15, 2018

Training for 2/15/18

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Today, I tried to do the 45-minute tempo run on the schedule.

It was more than warm enough for shorts and a tank top, and humid and breezy on top of it.

I did a mile in 8:32 to warm up, then tried to slowly speed up. Mile 2 was 8:15 and the third mile was 7:55.

But I was gassed! I don’t know if it was the sudden warm, humid weather, or if I was still a little worn out from the 50K or what, but I had to take a walk break to get my breathing back under control before I trotted the rest of the way home.

The fourth mile with the walk break was 8:43, mile 5 sped back up to 8:11 and the last half-mile was run at a 7:40/mile pace. I finished the whole loop in 45:29, an overall average pace of 8:16/mile, so I guess I kinda sorta did a 45-minute tempo run after all.

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