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January 29, 2016

Training for 1/29/16

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Today, Clark had to leave before 4 a.m. to meet a coworker to drive up to Pennsylvania to meet with a customer. I wanted to get today’s run done before work, because it’s supposed to get windy this afternoon, so as soon as Pepper had eaten his breakfast, I suited up both of us and we hit the road.

It was rather frosty at 6:45 a.m., but the wind was still completely calm, so it really wasn’t bad. The sunrise was pretty too. We did an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop.

At work, I saw today’s paper. I’m not on the front page, but my sister is!

kara front page

She’s the head coach for Easton’s swim team, which beat Queen Anne’s yesterday, so they used that picture of her for a teaser for the article on the front page of the sports section. Very cool!

This weekend is the first of the three biggest mileage weekend of Shamrock training, a 10-miler and a 20-miler. It works better for my schedule to do the 10-miler tomorrow and the 20-miler Sunday. As a bonus, it works better for the weather to do it that way too — it’s supposed to be in the mid-40s tomorrow, but almost 60 on Sunday.

The only other thing I’ve got going on is finally meeting with my friends tomorrow to exchange Christmas gifts. We were going to do it last Saturday, but had to postpone it for the snow.

January 28, 2016

Training for 1/28/16

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Today is Clark’s 33rd birthday! He woke up with a hangover and a Justin Bieber song stuck in his head haha. I think the hangover was the result of all the beer he drank at Dogfish Head last night, but maybe that’s just what 33 feels like? I mean, there’s not really another explanation for the Bieber earworm.

If you ever see scrapple sandwiches show up at Starbucks, thank Clark. Last night, at the bar, he struck up a conversation with the guy sitting next to him. That guy was from Chicago, worked for Starbucks and was in town because Starbucks is thinking about trying again on Delmarva. He knew what we were talking about when we said there was a Starbucks in Seaford for about two minutes in 2009 or 2010 before it closed because around here, Dunkin Donuts is the fancy coffee.

We told him all about scrapple, and how it might be the key to Starbucks actually getting some traction here. It’s gotta be on white toast, no ciabatta or brioche bullshit. With a fried egg. The locals would be lining up, and the beach tourists would be intrigued! Those tourists would then go home and ask for scrapple sandwiches at their local Starbucks. Next thing you know, Bridgeville’s RAPA Scrapple would be sold at Starbucks coast to coast.

The bartender joined in too, and wrote down a couple of diners where the guy could try scrapple for himself for breakfast. So this morning, that guy probably woke up with a hangover himself, looked at this piece of paper that said “Crystal Diner, Robin Hood, scrapple” and wondered what the hell happened last night. And that’s probably where the Starbucks scrapple saga ended haha. Oh well.

Personally, I didn’t feel bad at all when I woke up today. Since I had to drive last night, I only had a couple beers. When Clark left for work, I left for the 10-miler on the schedule.

Pepper had to sit this one out. He was upset when I left the house without him.

It was rather cold out, but the wind was nonexistent, as forecasted, so once I got through the first half-mile or so, I was pretty comfortable. No complaints about that.

My legs were definitely feeling the miles I’ve run this week though. It was a bit of a slog in the last few miles. But it’s another 10.5 miles in the books.

And when I got home, there was no dog poop waiting for me in the utility room! Win-win.

January 27, 2016

Training for 1/27/16

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Yesterday, Pepper and I did a lap around the 5.5-mile loop. It was a really nice day. I was able to break out some capri-length tights and he didn’t need his dork jacket.

Today, I was going to do the 10-mile middle distance run on this week’s schedule, minus Pepper, because we’ve been thinking he’s looking a little too scrawny and we’re trying to put a little weight on him. I don’t think he needs to run that far.

But then we decided we’re going out tonight for Clark’s birthday, instead of tomorrow, because he has to be somewhere super early Friday morning. Which means Pepper is going to be alone tonight, which means it was a better idea to just take him for a shorter run today, so if he’s holding onto anything, digestively speaking, he would have to let it go.

So I held off on the 10-miler, and Pepper and I ran another lap around the 5.5-mile loop. Looking at the weather, I think that works out in my favor anyway. It was pretty breezy today, and would have been right in my face for the entire final three miles of the 10.5-mile loop, but tomorrow is supposed to be nice and calm. Perfect.

In other running news, today I also ordered my third pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Zantes. They just released an update, so the original ones, which I love, are on sale. Score!


January 26, 2016

Training for 1/26/16

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Yesterday, I took Pepper out for the easy 4-miler on the schedule. It had warmed up above freezing, and the roads were pretty much clear. I really didn’t need to wear my trail shoes again.

We did a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. I took the camera with me. A weimaraner in a dork jacket in the snow is always good for some cute pictures!


So pretty! But pan down a little and see…


…a whole lotta yellow snow being made.


Just after another pee break.


Taking off again.


Late afternoon sun.


Back home, Pepper found a stick!




Come along, stick!


Forget the stick. Did you know you can eat the snow?


It’s so good!


Alright, enough. Let me back in the warm house.


One last shot from the front yard near sunset.

Anyhow… we’re about to go do a lap around the 5.5-mile loop. It’s 54 degrees out today. Goodbye, snow!

January 25, 2016

Training for 1/25/16

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The big blizzard came and went this weekend. It wasn’t much of a hassle here. We didn’t get nearly as much snow as places farther west, and we didn’t get all the flooding they had to deal with on the coast.

As I previously noted, it started snowing here Friday afternoon near the end of my long run. Saturday morning, there wasn’t as much accumulation outside as expected, but it was still coming down, and the wind had really picked up. Rest day!

We stayed in all day Saturday. Pancakes for breakfast, movies all day and pizza for dinner. I was a little worried we’d lose power at some point, because the wind was absolutely screaming, but it never happened.

Sunday morning, the storm had moved out and it was a beautiful sunny day. Still well below freezing and breezy, but a much better day for a run. After I got some chili going in the Crock Pot, I headed out.

At one point Saturday, the precipitation had switched from snow to freezing rain and then back to snow, so there was a hard crust of ice over the snow. It was weird to walk across several inches of snow in the front yard and barely leave any tracks behind!

The road we live on was mostly clear, except for a couple spots where the wind was blowing snow across it. About a mile down the road, I turned on to the road headed toward the ferry. That one was more like I expected; it had been plowed, but there was still a lot of ice, snow and slush. I was glad I’d worn old trail shoes. They had enough traction that I never slipped the whole way.

Another half-mile down that road, I passed a farm I pass on every single run. There were a few people out in the yard. I heard one of them say, “Are you kidding me? She’s STILL out here running?” haha. I wanted to yell back that I’d at least taken off the day before.

When I came to the next intersection, I had a choice: Turn right and do the 4.5-mile loop, or turn left and do the 9-miler I was supposed to do. I’d told Clark before I left I’d decide on the distance based on the road conditions, and so far it seemed totally fine, so I turned left.

A little over halfway through the run, I took this picture. This is what most of the roads I ran yesterday looked like:

snow road

And then I finished the 9.1-mile loop.

I got home in plenty of time to shower and settle in for the football games, which both went the way I wanted. The chili turned out pretty well too.

So, all in all, not a terrible weekend, in spite of the snow, which I still think is stupid.

There was some pretty bad flooding at the beaches though. Here are some pictures I lifted from various sources:

surf avenue during storm

View of the massive waves from the end of Surf Avenue in Rehoboth during the storm Saturday.

rehoboth seawall during storm

Waves crashing over the seawall in the same spot in Rehoboth.

dolles during storm

The boardwalk at the end of Rehoboth Avenue during the storm.

oc pier gone

Ocean City’s fishing pier got washed away. Again. (It was wiped out during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and again during a winter storm in 2014.)

indian river after storm

Our favorite surfing spot at the Indian River inlet yesterday afternoon.

deldot trucks clearing route 1

DelDOT trucks clearing sand from the highway just before the bridge yesterday.

Today, it’s supposed to get above freezing, so I’ll take Pepper out for the short easy run on the schedule a little later. He hates snow as much as I do, so this is how he spent the majority of the weekend:

pep in the sun

In fact, that’s exactly what he looks like right now.

January 22, 2016

Training for 1/22/16

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I actually did my long run today! Good thing too, because it’s coming down out there already.

I was under the impression the snow wouldn’t get here until about 5 p.m., so I thought I had plenty of time today to run and then go to Walmart to get some stuff in anticipation of being snowed in all weekend. Imagine my surprise when I checked the weather at 11:30 a.m. and saw a huge light blue blob on the radar, not that far away, and an alert: “Snow to start sooner than expected.” Great!

I threw on both pairs of tights, a compression top with a windproof pullover, tall socks, a fleece beanie and gloves, put a GU and a salt cap in my water bottle’s pouch and hit the road.

I was planning to do the 14.5-mile loop solo, then pick up Pepper for the last 4.5 miles.

The first five miles or so didn’t feel that great. My stomach was cramping. Then I had to stop in the woods for a bathroom break. I hoped with that out of my system, the next 9.5 miles would feel better, but they didn’t. I don’t know what the problem was. I just felt uncomfortable the whole way. I never had to use the bathroom again though.

About 10 miles into the run, the first flurries started to fall. A mile and a half later, I was getting pelted by a full-on snowfall. I knew the 14.5-mile loop was going to be it today. Pepper wouldn’t want to run in the snow, and I needed to get to Walmart and back before the roads got too dicey.

So, in the end, I didn’t do all 19 miles I’d planned today, but I did do a long run. It’ll just have to suffice.

When I got home, I took a quick shower and went in town. The roads were still fine on the way in. Walmart was the total shitshow I expected it to be, and by the time I finally made it out of there and was headed home, the roads had already gotten slippery. I was very glad I hadn’t run those last 4.5 miles and held off going in town any longer.

And now I’m home, where I’ll probably be for the rest of the weekend. I don’t know how much running will get done tomorrow or Sunday. I’ll just wait and see what it’s like out there.

I do have stuff to make a Crock Pot of chili and plenty of beer, and two NFL conference championship games to watch Sunday.


January 21, 2016

Training for 1/21/16

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Today, I was supposed to do six hill repeats. For the second week in a row, I actually did the scheduled speed workout. I’m on a roll!

I went out to the Sharptown bridge (which meant, of course, Pepper had to sit this one out.) We got a dusting of snow last night, but it was pretty much cleared away completely by the time I went to run. It was clear and sunny, but cold and breezy.

I did a mile along the flat road to warm up, ran up and over the bridge six times and then ran another mile to cool down. I wore the Garmin to measure the distance. When I was back to my car, it said I’d run 5.3 miles in 44:14, an 8:21/mile average. About the same pace I used to run hill repeats. I was happy with it.

If the storm hits us this weekend the way they’re predicting, tomorrow will probably be the last decent running day around here for a while, so I’m going to try to motivate myself to do the 19-miler on the schedule. There is no chance I’ll do it this weekend. Even if we don’t get as much snow as they’re calling for, it’s going to be way too cold and windy for a long run.

January 20, 2016

Training for 1/20/16

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Today, Pepper and I did the 9-miler that had been on the schedule for yesterday’s middle distance run. Since I didn’t have to be in the office today, and it wasn’t supposed to get as windy as it was yesterday, I waited until the warmest part of the day, mid-afternoon, to go out.

The feels like temp was about 25 degrees warmer than it was when I ran yesterday morning, but that only put it at 25 degrees. Still pretty damn cold in my book, though I didn’t need all the layers of running clothes, which was nice.

Unfortunately, clouds moved in during the run. By the time we were halfway through, the sun was completely covered, and it felt quite a bit colder at the end than it had at the beginning. We’ve been back for more than an hour and I can still feel the cold in my hands.

But, other than that, it was a pretty good run. And with those miles, I’ve already run more this January (116 miles) than I did last January (115), and I still have 11 days left.


January 19, 2016

Training for 1/19/16

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Yesterday, it was pretty late in the afternoon by the time I made it home. There was also a little bit of dog poop in the back room. Not much though, and Pepper had held a lot more of it until after I’d let him out, so I wasn’t upset about it.

After watching him use the bathroom in the back yard with his ears blowing in the icy wind, I just couldn’t make him go back out in that weather to run three miles with me. It was also too late to make it to the trail, and the idea of leaving him in the back room again while I ran alone made me feel guilty.

So I put on my sweats and we snuggled on the couch together instead.

This morning, I got up early to get in that 3-miler before work. I checked the weather on my phone — a feels like temp of 0 with the wind chill. Definitely too cold for Pepper!

Clark had left to go swimming at the pool in Seaford. I knew for a fact I’d never go out and run if I tried to put it off until after work, because the wind was just going to pick up. It was already blowing at 6:30 a.m., but it was the lightest it was going to be all day. Pepper was just going to have to deal with being alone for a little bit.

I put on what felt like half a laundry load of running clothes: Two pairs of tights, two base layer shirts, windproof pullover, mid-calf socks over the tights, fleece hat, thick fleece gloves and a fleece scarf to pull up over my face when I had to run into the wind. It felt like it took as long to get dressed as it was going to take to run.

I stepped outside into the icebox. Gah! The little bit of exposed skin on my face immediately started to sting. Oh well. Suck it up, it’s only three stinking miles.

Once I got moving, it was OK. I tried to distract myself from thinking about how cold it was by concentrating on how pretty the sky was. It was before sunrise but the sky was lightening up, and there were layers of deep blue, purple, pink and orange on the horizon.

I made it through the run. Everything felt good but my face. It’s hard to keep that scarf in place. Maybe I should stop by Walmart and see if there’s anything in the hunting section that’ll stay. Winter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, unfortunately.

January 18, 2016

Training for 1/18/16

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Since Clark wanted to get to the beach to go surfing as soon as possible Saturday, I did the shorter run on the schedule that morning, the 7-miler. I did an easy, uneventful lap around the 7.3-mile loop. It had cooled down enough from the day before I needed capri length tights, a heavier top and thin gloves, but it wasn’t bad.

When we left for the beach, I wore a bathing suit under my sweats, but by the time we got there, I’d changed my mind about trying to get in the water. It was about this time last year I could feel the water through my wetsuit. I don’t want to experience that again.

Pepper stayed at the beach house with Clark’s mom and Snoopy, while Clark, his dad and I went down to the Indian River inlet. There were quite a few surfers out there when we got there in the mid-afternoon. While the other two were out in the water, I drank a beer and took some pictures from the jetty.

jetty in january

Looking out to sea.

surfers in january

Looking up the beach. All the little black dots in the water are surfers.

indian river bridge in january

Bridge over the inlet.

When we got back to the beach house, we stayed long enough to get takeout for dinner with Clark’s parents. We got home around 10:30 p.m. and went straight to bed.

Sunday, I didn’t have anywhere to be until 3 p.m. Should have been plenty of time to get in my 17-miler, right? Haha no.

I slept in, ate some breakfast, made some coffee, played some Game Gear… by the time I was finally ready to run, it was almost 11 a.m. That’s still four hours. But! The place I had to be at 3 was my niece’s first birthday party, and of course, I hadn’t even gotten so much as a card yet. So I needed time to shower, drive somewhere to buy a gift, drive home to wrap it and be at my brother’s house on time.

Oh, and by this time, it had started snowing. It was coming down pretty hard too, though it didn’t look like it was sticking to the roads at all.

I had to layer up in full-on winter running clothes. I also put on Clark’s Oakleys to keep the snow out of my eyes.

I started out down the road, thinking I might be able to get in a lap around the 13.2-mile loop.

Two miles later, I had absolutely had it with the sunglasses. They wouldn’t stop fogging up and I couldn’t see a damn thing. I took them off, thinking the snow wouldn’t be that bad. Three seconds later, the first flake stung me right in the eye. Great! My choices were to be blind because the glasses were foggy or blind because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I went with the latter.

In spite of all that, the run itself was going fine. But somewhere around the 4.5-mile mark, I realized I definitely didn’t have time for 13 miles. I lobbed off another 3 miles and decided to make it a 10-miler.

And that’s what I did. I ran the 10.1-mile loop in a bit under 90 minutes. I really did feel a lot better on that run than I had the week before. I think 17 miles would have gone fine if I could’ve gotten my butt out the door earlier.

I have to say, the snow was pretty. It was like running through a snow globe yesterday. I stopped just to look up a couple of times (if I tried to look up while moving, I got a flake right to the eye every time.) The snow was clinging to all the trees, so they all looked frosted. But it wasn’t sticking to the roads at all, so the footing was fine.

I was still glad to get home though. I don’t think I was underdressed, but I was really cold when I got home, especially my hands. I hate winter.

I took a shower and then Clark and I went in town to get dog food for Pepper and a gift and card for Kaylee. We got home with enough time to wrap the gift (OK, put it in a gift bag, but it was a stuffed animal, so it would have been hard to wrap anyway) and then drive to the party.

It was a nice little party. Kaylee opened all her gifts and then we had cake and ice cream. Between all the phones in the room, there were also about 3 million pictures taken of the birthday girl. You had to be quick though. Kaylee is walking now and has zero time for posing.

kaylee trying to take pictures

Julie trying to get a shot while Mom distracts Kaylee.

kaylee first birthday

Caught her on her way by!

Kaylee also has a new game where she offers to give someone something, and when they reach for it, she snatches it back and takes off. She got Clark:

clark punked by kaylee


I think that time it was her own hand. I love the look on her face. “I can’t believe he fell for it!”

Today, the snow is gone and the sun is out, but it’s COLD. Today is also Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so I covered the annual freedom march in Denton for the fifth year. It’s always been cold, but today was by far the worst so far. It wouldn’t be so bad it wasn’t for all the wind that whipped up overnight. I dressed as warmly as I could, but by the time it was done, I was frozen anywhere that got hit by the wind at all.

Eventually I’ll go back home so I can run the 3-miler on the schedule while the sun is still up. Maybe I’ll take Pepper to the trail so we can escape the wind.

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