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August 30, 2019

Training for 8/30/19

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Today I just ran another easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. It was in the upper 80s and sunny late in the afternoon when I went, but the humidity was manageable so it really didn’t feel too bad. I wound up running an 8:30/mile average.

Tomorrow morning is the Last Blast Prediction 5K in Rehoboth, before they give out the summer series awards. I put down 24:48, an 8:00/mile pace. I’ve only gotten close enough to my prediction to win an award once, a few years ago, but it remains one of my proudest achievements haha. Then Sunday is this week’s long run, which cuts back all the way to 12 miles.

Outside of running, the only plan I’m aware of is a party at Clark’s coworker’s house Sunday night.

August 29, 2019

Training for 8/29/19

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The weather has been pretty nice here the past few days, and I’ve had some good runs.

I’ve put it off until the early evening both days. Yesterday, I ran the 5.5-mile loop at an 8:35/mile pace, and then today I ran the 4.5-mile loop at an 8:30/mile pace.

I also signed up for another race yesterday. I noticed my next 10-miler, which is supposed to be at marathon goal pace, is Sept. 7. That just happens to be the same morning they’re holding the Bottle & Cork 10-Miler I ran last year, so I’m signed up for this year’s edition. Now I just have to figure out what pace I’m going for at Steamtown so I can aim for it in the 10-miler. I never really gave it much thought while slogging through all the heat.

I think I also convinced Melissa to run it too, and then do the second 20-miler with me the next day. It’ll be a tough weekend, but it should pay off in the marathon.

August 27, 2019

Training for 8/27/19

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I never got around to that short run yesterday. It took me all day to finish something for work. I could’ve run in the evening, but Clark got home and cracked open a beer, so I did too, and the next thing I knew, we were watching “Wedding Crashers” for the 90th time. It happens.

I did this week’s middle distance run today. It’s a cutback week, so it was only 6 miles.

My quads are surprisingly sore — I guess from running up and down the stairs in that lookout tower at mile 13 of our long run Sunday? — and I felt a little clunky in the first mile. They loosened up soon enough though, or maybe I just forgot about it, because the rest of the run felt pretty good.

I finished the 6.5-mile loop in 54:28, an 8:22/mile average.

August 26, 2019

Training for 8/26/19

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I got in some good running this weekend, including the first 20-miler of this training cycle.

Friday evening, Clark and I put Pepper and a bunch of stuff in the car and went to Fenwick for the weekend, to celebrate his grandmother’s 85th birthday with the whole family. Clark’s parents and grandmother were already there, Chad and Samira (with Snoopy) got there late Friday night, and his aunt arrived Saturday. Eight people and two dogs are a lot to fit in that house but we made it work.

Saturday morning, Clark went for a run first while I hung out with Pepper, and then I ran.

I guess I sort of did a proper tempo run. I would call it a progression run, but in the training plans I follow, Hal Higdon describes tempo runs as pretty much the same thing — you build up to a comfortably hard pace over time, instead of trying to hold the same pace for the whole run.

Anyway, I ran 5.5 miles along the road toward Selbyville and back, and my splits were 8:51, 8:36, 8:13, 7:46, 7:33 and then 8:34 pace for the last half-mile, which put my average pace for the whole run at 8:14/mile. It was a cool-ish morning and it felt great to run fast.

We spent the rest of the day at the beach house. I did go to Dunkin’ Donuts to get my first pumpkin-flavored coffee of the season, which I took to the beach for a minute.

first pumpkin coffee

It was kind of chilly out there on the beach, with the wind blowing right off the ocean. The water was also really choppy, and reportedly there was a strong rip current. Not a great weekend to hang out on the beach.

That evening, we had a big birthday dinner at the house. We started with a half-bushel of steamed crabs, then had turkey burgers and fruit.

The grand finale was dessert. Chad and Samira brought a birthday cake from Milk Bar, Christina Tosi’s bakery in D.C. She’s been a judge on several seasons of MasterChef, so I was pretty pumped to try it.

milk birthday cake

Those are cereal pieces baked in, like Fruity Pebbles. And those are rainbow cake truffles all around the top layer. It was delicious!

We also had Vanderwende’s ice cream. I was beyond stuffed after dinner.

I wasn’t the only one. Clark and Pepper had to lie down.

clark and pepper snuggling

Sufficiently fueled up for 20 miles the next morning, I went to bed too.

Sunday morning, I met Melissa at one of the Junction and Breakwater trail heads in Rehoboth. It was a beautiful, sunny morning in Fenwick when I left, but there was a big black blob of clouds looming overhead when I got to Rehoboth, which I was not expecting at all. I hadn’t even brought a hat.

As Melissa and I set off for the run, it was starting to sprinkle. Then it started to full-on rain, and then it became a downpour! By the time we got to the end of the trail section through the woods, we were soaked through.

It finally started to taper off as we made our way into Lewes. We slowed to eat our first gels at mile 5, then stopped at some public bathrooms around mile 6, where I also topped off my water bottle.

The next few miles were through Lewes, to the beach, where we stopped to take a selfie —

melissa and me on beach in lewes

and then on to Cape Henlopen State Park. We hit 10 miles just as we got into the park and stopped to eat gel No. 2.

In the park, I had to use another public bathroom (Melissa was very impressed with the number of public bathrooms, port-o-potties and water fountains on this route!) and then we ran out to the point.

beach at the point

The beach in the background is the one in Lewes where we took the selfie.

me on the point

Me on the beach.

Then we made our way to the other end of the state park. On the way, we ran up the staircase in an old World War II lookout tower to check out the view.

looking toward point

Looking north toward the point, where we’d come from.

north to rehoboth

Looking south toward Rehoboth, where we were headed next.

lookout tower

The tower.

Then we left Cape Henlopen and took another crushed gravel trail to Gordons Pond State Park. We hit mile 15 and ate our third and final gels along the way.

From Gordons Pond, we took a long road back to Rehoboth, then followed a nice quiet residential street that ran parallel to the main drag through town.

As we came up on a Royal Farms at mile 18.8, Melissa said she needed some more calories. I did too. So we stopped in and each got a 20-oz. Coke.

I would never have thought to try Coke on a run on my own, but I learned it from running trail ultras. Let me tell you, Coke saves lives.

melissa with coke

Melissa, refreshed and ready to crush the last two miles.

We ran back to the trail we’d started on, and then we were back to our vehicles.

20.6 miles in 3:18:40, a 9:39/mile average, through wind, rain and sun, on sand, gravel, dirt and pavement.

It was a great run! This was the loop I did on my own last September that turned into the worst 20-miler I’d ever run — it took me nearly four hours to slog through it, slower than the last few marathons I’d run. I’m glad it went so much better this time.

Melissa and I both changed our clothes and did a little shopping at the outlets, since we were there. Then I went back to Fenwick.

Later that afternoon, my brother, niece, younger sister and mom came down. We took out the kayak and paddle boards in the canal, but that didn’t last too long because of the wind.

Mostly we all just hung out at the house. Kaylee is a big fan of the loft above the main living area. She kept going up there.

kaylee and julie in loft

Kaylee and Aunt Juju in the loft.

view from loft

Snoopy trying to get away from Pepper, who would not leave him alone all weekend for some reason. He usually ignores him. Poor Snoopy was not a fan of the attention!

We got some carryout for dinner there at the house, and then we all went home.

Today, I have a short easy run and strength training.

August 23, 2019

Training for 8/23/19

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Last night, Clark and I were going to cut the grass. But the wasps that made a nest on the inside of the shed door this summer apparently decided they’d had enough of us, because as soon as Clark tried to open it, they all came swarming out and wouldn’t settle down and let us just get out the damn lawn mower. Clark wound up going in town to get some wasp spray and dousing the nest. We’d tried to be nice, and had been getting along all summer. Stupid wasps.

Anyway, I tried again this morning. There were a handful of survivors that were still buzzing around and being a nuisance, but I was able to get the lawn mower out without getting stung, and got the grass cut before it rained.

I was hoping it would start raining soon for my run — it looked like it would any minute while I was cutting the grass — but it never did. Eventually I gave up on waiting and went out to run this weekend’s middle distance run, a 10-miler.

The weather had cooled off significantly from the last several days. It turned out to be a good run, in spite of some stomach cramping I think was related to the whole wheat bread I’d eaten for lunch. I did a lap of the 10.1-mile loop in 1:28, an 8:45/mile average. My last two miles were two of my fastest, 8:35 and 8:28.

We’re going to the beach this weekend for Clark’s grandmother’s birthday. I did the 10-miler today so tomorrow I only have to do 5, which I was meant to do today. Then Sunday is the first 20-miler of this training cycle. It should be a decent morning for it, and I’m meeting Melissa early to run it on the trail loop in Rehoboth and Lewes, so I’ll have company and a change of scenery.

August 22, 2019

Training for 8/22/19

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Yesterday was AMAZING!!

Dave picked me up around noon and we drove straight to Virginia Beach. We got an early dinner at The Lucky Oyster, picked up a couple beers each to pre-game in the parking lot and then went to Veterans United Amphitheater.

We could hear the two opening acts from the parking lot, Dorothy and Diamante, and they sounded pretty good, but beers that weren’t $14 each were a little more important at the moment haha.

When Dave and I bought tickets to this show months ago, we got the cheapo lawn seats that were $20 each.

What my brother did not know — and what I managed to not tell him until we were in the arena — was that I had paid to upgrade us to the PIT!

Dave was pumped. I was happy I managed to keep it a secret. I almost let it slip when he said something on the way down about forgetting to bring a chair for the lawn.

Anyway, Three Days Grace and Chevelle were both really good, but Breaking Benjamin was definitely the highlight.

Look how close we were!

breaking benjamin concert 8-21-19

Gotta say, I was jealous of the cold air that was blowing out of those giant ducts on the stage for the performers. It was a hot, muggy night, and there was zero air movement in that tightly-packed crowd. I was as drenched in sweat by the end of that show as I had been after running in the sun earlier that morning.

It was worth it though! My only real complaint about the show was that it ended.

Dave drove home like he said he would. I fell asleep like I said I would haha. I held out as long as I could but I was beat.

Today is definitely a rest day. I slept in for obvious reasons, and it’s close to 100 degrees out there.

In other news, Seaford got a Chick-fil-A and it’s open as of today! I kinda want some chicken strips and waffle fries, but I also don’t want to put myself in what is probably an absolute madhouse right now.

August 21, 2019

Training for 8/21/19

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I thought about getting up early and doing the long run I never did over the weekend, but I decided it’d be smarter to sleep in and conserve a little energy, because I have a long day ahead of me. So I just did the 5-mile easy run on the schedule.

I also waited until after 9 a.m. to get started, and it’d gotten hot. I sweated my face off, but I really didn’t feel too terrible, and I finished the 5.5-mile loop in 48:11 or something, an 8:46/mile average.

My brother is picking me up in a few minutes and we’re driving down to Virginia Beach tonight to see Chevelle, Three Days Grace and BREAKING BENJAMIN. Then he wants to drive back home. So yeah, it’s going to be a long day.

August 20, 2019

Training for 8/20/19

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Since I had to be somewhere early for work today, I actually got up and ran at sunrise, when the humidity was 100 percent but the perceived temperature was still 30 degrees lower than when I ran yesterday. Big surprise, today’s run went a LOT better!

I did the middle distance run yesterday because I knew I’d only have time for the shorter one today, a lap of the 4.5-mile loop.

It started out easy — the first split was 9:05 — but I didn’t feel like death after that first mile for once, so I steadily picked it up over the next three. They were 8:36, 8:21 and 7:48. Yes, these are the same legs that ran a 13:00 mile during a run a few days ago haha.

I even got to run through a couple irrigation sprays, and naturally there was a bathroom break in a corn field. Really, the quintessential summer run around here.

I eased up to an 8:34 pace for the last half-mile home and finished the loop in just over 38 minutes, an 8:29/mile average. It was a great little run!

I did the work thing, which meant Pepper was home alone for four hours. When I got back, he’d pooped in the floor, but he hadn’t smeared it all over the place and it only took a minute to clean up, so I gave him treats for being “good” anyway. He has truly lowered the bar.

There’s a Calvin & Hobbes or a Seinfeld reference for everything. It made me think of this:

lowered expectations

Just replace “I got a ‘C'” with “I pooped in the floor” haha.

August 19, 2019

Training for 8/19/19

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Man, it got hot here again — like triple-digit heat indexes hot — and my last couple of runs have SUCKED.

Saturday morning, I slept in. I felt way better when I woke up than I had Friday, but my stomach was still kinda iffy. I lazed about for a while even after I got up, hoping my stomach would settle, but it was only getting hotter outside the longer I waited. I finally got my stuff together and headed out for 9 miles.

It was not a good run. I felt terrible from the first step. It didn’t help that it already felt like more than 90 degrees.

I dragged myself around the 9.1-mile loop at what turned out to be an 11:03/mile average. One of those miles took me 13 minutes to finish! Not much of a “run,” to be honest. My stomach just felt like it was going to revolt the whole way. Even after I got back in the air conditioning at home, it was a few hours before it started to feel OK.

I did finally start feeling normal again later in the afternoon, in time to go to a friend’s house for the evening. Clark and I wound up having a good time and staying pretty late. It was close to 1:30 a.m. when we got home and went to bed.

Sunday, I slept in even later, and didn’t run at all. We did clean the whole house though! I am too embarrassed to say how long it’d been since we’d done that. I’ll just say it’s a good thing no one here has any allergies to dust or pet dander, or they’d have been dead.

We were so pleased with our clean house, we had to invite someone over to see it haha. One of Clark’s coworkers and his wife came, and we grilled some chicken and steaks.

Right before they got here, Clark was in the shower when the water suddenly shut off. The power was still on though. Turned out some fitting under the house had burst, and the water was just shooting out through the break under the house, so we had to turn off the water. Clark is fixing that right now, but we’ve been getting by since then with a case of bottled water Clark’s parents brought us last night.

Today and tomorrow are supposed to be the hottest of the week, so naturally, I slept in again this morning. Sigh. It was after 9:30 and blazing hot when I finally left the house to do this week’s middle distance run, which increases to 10 miles.

The first half wasn’t too bad. I kept it slow, but I was running steadily and my splits were consistently in the 9:00 range. I even got to run through a very refreshing irrigation spray around mile 1.75.

Once I got past mile 5 though, the heat really started to get to me. The walk breaks started, then got more frequent and longer. I eventually got around the 10.1-mile loop at a 10:21/mile average. At least it was quite a bit faster than Saturday’s run. I’m on the upswing!

When I got home, I looked at the weather app — the heat index was up to 107 degrees.

I haven’t forgotten about the 19-miler I was supposed to do yesterday. I can’t do it tomorrow because of an early assignment for work, but I’ll have time to do the short easy run that I should’ve done today. If I can get up early enough Wednesday, I could do it then. It’s really hard to get up the motivation to do that though, when it’s so warm already at sunrise.

August 16, 2019

Training for 8/16/19

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Today turned into a rest day. I was supposed to run some hill repeats on the Sharptown bridge, but I stayed up a little too late last night listening to music and drinking beer. By the time I felt like I was in any kind of shape to run today, it was way too hot.

So I have no training to report on, but I do have a couple funny pictures of Pepper from yesterday.

pepper mad at ball

I don’t know why he was making this face at me. He just looks so salty haha.

pepper wearing a bag

By 9:30, we’d had enough to drink that making Pepper wear the plastic bag our dinner delivery came in sounded like a great idea. He wasn’t as amused as we were.

That delivery, by the way, was courtesy of Door Dash. There are TWO restaurants in town that will deliver to our address via Door Dash. That’s two more delivery options than we had before! We used to have a couple pizza places that would come out here, but they all magically reconfigured their delivery areas to exclude us.

This weekend looks pretty quiet again. We don’t have any big plans. I have a 9- and 19-miler on the training schedule. I might do that long run Sunday after all, since I no longer have a Tuesday morning running buddy to meet. Or I might just put it off until next week anyway.

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