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September 15, 2019

WaterMel Run 5K recap

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Saturday morning was the inaugural WaterMel Run 5K in Laurel. The race itself went pretty well, but the after party in the park was definitely the highlight.


Race shirt logo. Love that it has a sawed-off bus! There are a ton of them hauling watermelons around here every summer.

The race didn’t start until 9 a.m., and Laurel is a short drive from home, so I didn’t have to get up early at all. That was appreciated because I didn’t get a lot of sleep Friday night.

There was plenty of parking near Janosik Park, where the race started and ended. I picked up my race T-shirt and bib, and then Susan, Robinn and I ran an easy mile to warm up. It had already started to get hot, and as much as I’d liked sleeping in, I was wishing the race had started earlier when it was still kinda cool.

There were 65 runners and walkers. When the race director called us up to the line, no one really wanted to be up front. I wound up starting right on the line.

We got the commands from the Mar-Del Watermelon Association queen (the race benefited the association’s scholarship fund) and we were off.

The course was a simple out-and-back. We left the park, crossed over a road, made a left turn onto another road, ran that all the way to the halfway point, turned around and came back.

There was a hill as we ran from the park and made the one turn on the course. That wasn’t fun on the way out, when we had to run up it, but of course, that meant we’d have a nice downhill to look forward to at the end.

Anyway, this young kid sprinted away from the line with the lead, but he burned out before we even made up that little hill haha. Susan quickly overtook him and led the rest of the way.

Another woman passed me and wound up running second overall. I was running behind her with the lead guy until about the first mile marker, which I passed in 7:23. I pulled away from the lead guy after that.

I made the U-turn in third overall and headed back toward town. Mile 2 was 7:22.

The last mile was tough. I was pretty hot and ready to be done trying to run fast.

That downhill at the end helped me speed up to a 7:07 third mile, and I crossed the line in 22:42, just nine seconds slower than my fastest 5K effort of the summer. I was happy with that.

The next runner to finish was also a woman. We took the top four!

Susan and I ran another two easy miles to cool down, and then we got to the fun part!

They had a ton of watermelon for us in the park. Some of it had been pureed, which they were mixing with watermelon liqueur, vodka and Sprite to make watermelon crushes. We got two each, and they were absolutely delicious!

Overall and age group winners all got watermelons to take home too. We got a LOT of watermelons!

watermelon 5k overall awards

Men’s and women’s overall and masters winners. Susan’s on the far right.

watermelon 5k F 35-39 age group award

I’m on the far right accepting my F 30-39 watermelon.

watermelon 5k F 50 award

Robinn (second from right) won the F 50-59 age group.

watermelon 5k awards

Crushes and awards.

They had a ton of leftover watermelons and told us to take as many as we wanted. I’m the only who will eat them in my house, and we’re leaving tomorrow, so I didn’t take any more, but Susan and Robinn left with a trunkful haha.

watermelon 5k group photo

Race participants with one of Laurel’s melon buses.

melon bus.jpeg

Apparently they paint one of these old school buses for melon picking every summer. There were five at the race.

There was a seed-spitting contest. Turns out Robinn is pretty good at spitting seeds. She killed us all with a 22-foot spit! They gave her another watermelon for the pile haha.

Seed-spitting makes for some really funny pictures too.

seed spitting collage

Susan, Robinn and me.

The watermelon queen let Robinn borrow her tiara for a photo after she won champion seed spitter.

watermelon 5kgroup with awards

Robinn, Susan, me and Gretchen. Watermelons for all!

Anyway, I was really glad I did that race. It was an absolute blast!

Later that afternoon, I met my younger sister and we drove to D.C.’s District Wharf to see Boy & Bear, an Australian indie folk rock band she really likes.

We had dinner first at Kirwan’s.

julie at kirwans


Then we walked 10 ft. to Union Stage.

julie and me outside union stage

Julie and me outside the venue.

julie with boy and bear marquee

Julie with the marquee just inside.

I’d never seen a show at Union Stage, but it was a really cool venue. It was small, and we were able to walk right up to the stage.

boy and bear

Doesn’t get much closer than this without actually joining the band.

It was a good show. Julie was really happy she got to see them live.

I stayed awake the whole drive back to our parents’ house, and then I had to drive myself home. It was 1:30 a.m. when I went to bed. I set my alarm for four hours later. Ouch.

I met Melissa at her house at 6:30 to knock out this week’s long run, which thankfully was a cutback to 12 miles.

This morning was not particularly hot, but it was super muggy.

We took her chocolate Lab, Holly, for a 2-mile out-and-back, dropped her off at the house and then went to do the other 10 on our own.

We ran through downtown Salisbury, did a lap of the park trail loop, did a couple hill repeats on a hill leading out of the park, ran to another part of town, did some more repeats on another rather steep hill and then ran back to Melissa’s house, finishing 12 miles at a 9:25/mile average.

I was DRENCHED. My feet were slipping around in my socks the last few miles, they were so waterlogged. And it was all sweat!

I had to come straight home after we finished, so I could be home before Clark left to go with Mike to the Ravens game. I took a nap and felt a lot better.

This coming week is the last big mileage week of Steamtown training. Looks like we’ll have beautiful running weather all week in San Diego (one of the things I’m most looking forward to about living there — goodbye, humidity!) and then I’ve already got a running date with Melissa for our third and final 20-miler next weekend.


September 13, 2019

Training for 9/13/19

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This has been quite the cutback week. Yesterday was just too freaking hot to run in the afternoon, over 100 degrees, and then Clark suggested going to Dogfish Head for dinner, so it became my second rest day in three days.

Today cooled off a lot. It took me all day, but I finally ran the short easy run on the schedule. I did a lap of the 5.5-mile loop at an 8:49/mile average.

Tomorrow is the inaugural WaterMel Run 5K in Laurel. It looks like a nice, flat out-and-back course. It doesn’t start until 9 a.m., but luckily the weather looks pretty decent, so it shouldn’t be too hot. I’d like to come in around the 22:33 I ran in my fastest 5K this summer.

Tomorrow night, I’m going to another concert courtesy of my younger sister. This time, she got two tickets to see some Australian indie folk rock group she likes, Boy + Bear. Can’t say I know any of their music, but it’s not dudebro country, so I’m in.

Sunday morning, I’m meeting Melissa bright and early again for this week’s long run, but it’s only 12 miles. Then I’ll be home in plenty of time to hang out with Pepper while Clark goes to the Ravens game with Mike, and there’s a NASCAR race to watch in the evening.

I might post Sunday afternoon too, because we’re leaving very early Monday morning to head out to San Diego for the week.

I guess this is official enough to make it public now — Clark accepted a job in Carlsbad, just north of San Diego, and we’re going out there to find an apartment. His last day at his current job is Oct. 1, and then he’s starting out there the following week. I’m hanging around here a little while longer, but I’ve started applying to jobs too and Pepper and I will be joining him soon.

So that’s my news today. We are selling our house and moving from Delaware to California!

September 11, 2019

Training for 9/11/19

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Today’s run wasn’t one of my favorites. I stayed up late last night, had a couple beers too many and didn’t get much dinner. So I didn’t go out to run early like I’d intended, and when I did go, it was hot and I still wasn’t feeling too spiffy.

I did this week’s middle distance run, which cut back to six miles. I started getting side stitches halfway through, due to dehydration, and really wished I’d brought my water bottle with me. I had to make a stop in a corn field around mile 5. It was also sunny and in the mid 80s. But I got around the 6.5-mile loop at an 8:54/mile average.

And I just signed up for another race. Susan told me about an inaugural 5K being held in Laurel this coming Saturday morning. It’s so close to home, I might as well. Also, it’s watermelon-themed, and the after party will not only have plenty of that to eat, it’ll have watermelon crushes, which sound pretty amazing.

September 10, 2019

Training for 9/10/19

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Yesterday, I waited until the evening to go out for my run. My legs weren’t exactly peppy, but they didn’t feel too bad after the previous day’s 20-miler either. I did a lap of the 5.5-mile loop at an 8:35/mile average.

I decided to take this week’s rest day today. I was lazy this morning, it got hot this afternoon and I have stuff to cover for work tonight.

I forgot to mention yesterday — my brother and I signed up for the Sea Gull Century on Oct. 5. He’s seriously considering training for a full Ironman next year and wants to see what 100 miles on a bike feels like.

This will be my second time riding it. I distinctly remember how bad my butt hurt after it last time, so I better squeeze in some bike miles between now and then. Or just hang out on my bike seat for hours at a time.

2nd sea gull century

September 9, 2019

Bottle & Cork 10-Miler recap

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I had a great weekend of running! I was honestly a little nervous about it, but I easily pulled off my goal pace in the 10-mile race Saturday and then felt good through 20 miles Sunday. The perfect weather helped, but overall it was a big confidence boost for Steamtown, now less than five weeks away.

Clark and I went to Fenwick on Friday night. One of his coworkers came to hang out too. The three of us (Pepper stayed at the house with Clark’s parents) went to Our Harvest for dinner, a small plates restaurant I hadn’t been to for a while. We split three different Wagyu beef plates, grilled squash and zucchini, fried squash blossoms and two desserts. I was pretty sure I was going to have to stop to use the bathroom at least once in the race the next morning, but hey, at least there wasn’t any nuclear sauce on anything!

I didn’t sleep as well I would’ve liked that night. I’d gone to sleep on a bed in the back bedroom. Around 3:30 a.m., Clark came in to go to sleep too, but Pepper would not follow. He stood frozen in the hallway just outside it and whined. If I were a superstitious person, I’d have probably been freaked out by a dog refusing to step foot in a room he’d been in a million times before with no problem, but at 3:30 in the morning, I just want to sleep. So I picked up Pepper and brought him in, then shut the door. There. Problem solved.

I guess we all eventually got to sleep. My alarm went off just before 6. I’m never excited about an alarm in the dark to get up and run. At that moment, sleep always sounds better. But I got up, got dressed and headed to Dewey.

I was feeling better when I got to Dewey. It was an absolutely perfect morning for a run. The stormy weather from the day before was gone, and it was sunny, cool, only a little breezy and not terribly humid for once.

I got my bib and event shirt, hit the bathroom in the Bottle & Cork one more time and found Susan, who was also running the 10-miler, and her sister, Robinn, who was there for the 5K. Then we all walked across the highway to the start line, and it was go time.

So, my goal for this race was 8:15/mile, which would work out to a finish time of 1:22:30. If it felt doable, that would be my goal pace for Steamtown.

The first three miles led us from Dewey, past Silver Lake, to the Rehoboth boardwalk, which we ran end to end, and then into Henlopen Acres. Those miles were all nice and flat and I cruised along under goal pace — 8:05, 8:09 and 8:10.

bottle and cork 10-miler 3.1 mark

Around the 5K mark, turning into Henlopen Acres, behind two other runners who were setting a good pace.

Henlopen Acres is four miles of rolling hills, and it had fried my legs when I ran this race last year. I was expecting my pace to fall off big time, and was glad the first three miles had been under goal, so it would maybe even out.

Much to my surprise, mile 4 was 8:12 and mile 5, at the turnaround, was 8:07. I was still under goal.

I ran those same two miles even faster on the way back — miles 6 and 7 were both 8:02. What hills? Now I just had three flat miles to run back to the finish line!

Not so fast. My guts started rumbling as I left Henlopen Acres. At the next bend in the road, we passed a public beach access point. I saw a pumper truck cleaning out a port-o-potty in the parking lot and hoped that meant there was at least one more in there. There was! I had to run off course a ways to get to it (there were NO port-o-potties at any of the rest stops on this course!) but it was worth it. I felt a million times better.

Even with the bathroom break, I still wanted to hit my goal time (because, let’s face it, I’ll probably have to go at least once during the marathon.) I cranked up the pace for the last 2.8 miles.

I finished mile 8 in 8:49, which I do believe is a new PR for fastest mile with a bathroom break. I turned off the boardwalk and finished mile 9 in 7:55. Starting the final mile, I could see those two runners from the picture above ahead of me, and made up my mind to pass them. I got them before we got back into Dewey.

Mile 10 was 7:38! I had about another 10th of a mile to run, thanks to the bathroom break, but I officially finished 10 miles in 1:21:50 — an 8:11/mile average, with a stop.

My Garmin had me at 10.1, an 8:08/mile average.

Either way, it was faster than I’d wanted to run, and it felt good. Not effortless, but doable, if we get weather like that for the marathon. Fingers crossed!

I changed into dry clothes and checked the results. I was the 16th woman overall, but sixth in the F 35-39 age group. That was a tough age group that day!

The after party was at the Bottle & Cork. Susan and I were unintentionally twinning haha.

susan and me matching shirts

We’d even brought the same drawstring bag, from last year’s Dogfish Dash, but I’d left mine in the truck.

I went back to Fenwick. Clark, his dad and a couple friends had gone to Assateague that morning to try surfing. The waves were supposed to be pretty good, thanks to the hurricane passing.

They’d taken the annual pass to get into the national park, so, to avoid paying the single-day entrance fee, my cheap ass put the beach cruiser in the back of the truck, parked in a public lot before the bridge to Assateague and then biked the last four miles or so to the beach where they were surfing. (Cyclists and pedestrians don’t have to pay to go into the national park.)

When I got there, they were all sitting on the beach. Apparently the surf conditions were well above our skill levels. I didn’t even try. I had a hard enough time when I went out in the ocean just to pee! It was a beautiful day to sit on the beach though.

Later, after we’d gone back to Fenwick and gotten everything put away, we took Pepper to Woody’s in Dewey, to get crab cakes. We made one more stop at Brimming Horn, a meadery between Lewes and Georgetown, and then we came home. I set another early alarm and went to bed.

Sunday, we’d agreed to start our 20-miler at 6 a.m., so the alarm went off even earlier than the day before, at 5. I left the house on time but was late anyway because a bunch of roads I’d usually take were closed off for a national folk music festival being held in Salisbury over the weekend.

I got to Melissa’s house and found I was going to have more company than expected, which is never a bad thing. Six of us started the run. Two of the guys turned around after three miles because they only wanted to do six total, but the rest of us — Melissa; me; Liz, who’s also running Steamtown; and Matt, who’s running a 100K the same weekend as Steamtown — did the whole 20 (and Matt tacked on another 10.)

It was another nice morning for running, but definitely warmer and more humid than Saturday had been. I regretted wearing a shirt by the end of the first mile.

The route was beautiful! We ran down Riverside Drive, which, as the name implies, runs along the Wicomico River. The sun was coming up and there was a light mist over everything.

Around six miles, we came to the Upper Ferry, just as it was opening for the day. There was one SUV waiting to board when the four of us ran up. We pulled a gallon jug of water from the weeds around a stop sign (that Melissa had planted the day before), then walked onto the ferry behind the SUV.

ferry sign

ferry boarding

Liz, Melissa and Matt walking onto the ferry.

ferry sunrise

Early morning sun over the Wicomico River.

ferry selfie

Me, Melissa, Liz and Matt on the ferry.

On the other side, conveniently, was Liz’s in-laws’ house, and they didn’t mind us stopping in to use their pool house bathroom or leaving the gallon jug in the fridge for Melissa to pick up later.

Then we took Pemberton Drive, which followed the river on the other side and took us to Pemberton Park. We got to the park at about mile 10.

There’s a 24-hour festival of 5Ks being held at Pemberton next weekend — a 5K will start every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours straight, and runners can run as many as they like. They’ll get points for finishing each 5K, and more points for finishing in the top 3. Highest totals win. Also, for those who do all 24 5Ks, there’s a 0.6-mile extra run after the last one, to bring the total mileage to 75 miles.

Matt is running that as part of his 100K training, and he knew the 5K trail loop they’ll be using, so we ran that next. I’d thought about signing up for the 24-hour event, as it’s the same weekend as my last 10+20-mile weekend of Steamtown training, but after running that loop once in the daylight, I’m glad I didn’t! There were some very rooty and muddy spots and I could just see myself tripping or twisting both ankles trying to run in the dark overnight, three weeks before my goal marathon.

Anyway, we finished that loop, used the bathrooms at the park and then headed out. Melissa had planted Gatorade in a shrub at the park entrance. I figured she meant she’d set out a couple bottles of it, but she pulled out a whole 8-pack of full-size bottles from that bush haha.

hidden gatorade

I was glad it was there! My handheld bottle was dry. Usually I would dilute Gatorade because the high sugar content upsets my GI tract, but I didn’t have any water to cut it with, so I just drank it straight.

When we left the park, we had about seven miles to go. We ran back into Salisbury and through the folk festival (which was not yet open for the day.) Sure enough, the Gatorade (or something) had gotten to my guts, and I had to GO. There were about 20 port-o-potties for the festival right there when it hit me, which was convenient.

The last few miles were a little rough for Liz, who’d missed the first 20-miler of training two weeks ago because of stomach issues, and then started feeling shitty at the end of this one because of the new medication she’d been prescribed for it. It’d also gotten a lot warmer by that point. Personally, I’d have taken that reason to cut the run short real quick, so I was impressed she stuck it out. I hung with her to the finish.

We got back to Melissa’s house as my Garmin hit 20 miles on the dot, in 3:14, a 9:44/mile average. A lot of the miles were a lot quicker than that, but the three miles on the trails and then the last few when Liz’s stomach was acting up slowed us down.

Overall, it was a solid run, and I felt surprisingly good through the whole thing.

I hung around Melissa’s house long enough to have coffee with her. Then I went home and spent the rest of the day on the couch with Clark and Pepper, watching the Ravens score the most points in a single game in franchise history (on the Dolphins, who suck, but still! That was cool) and the NASCAR race.

It was the last race of the regular season, and Jimmie stupid Johnson needed to run well, and a couple other drivers to have bad days, to get the 16th and final spot in the playoffs.

Instead, he wrecked with about 55 laps to go and, for the first time since they established the Chase/playoff system in 2004, Jimmie will NOT have a chance at the championship. No record-setting eighth championship this year!

I will always be annoyed he has seven to tie Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr., who both won seven under the full-season points format most longtime NASCAR fans consider the “real” system (and under which Jimmie would only have two or three.) I would be super pissed if he won eight and broke the tie.

I’m not going to say I’ll never have to worry about that now, but I know I don’t have to worry about it this year, and that feels good!

nascar and punkin ale

NASCAR and Punkin Ale.

I was pretty hungry by dinnertime, so Clark and I went back to Salisbury and got burgers from Five Guys and ice cream from Island Creamery. Then we came home and I fell asleep on the couch five minutes later.

Today, I’ve got another short easy run and strength training on the schedule.

September 6, 2019

Training for 9/6/19

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Today, I did an easy 3-miler. We got a little bit of the very outer edge of Hurricane Dorian, but by the time I went out it had stopped raining and was just windy. I ran an out-and-back at an 8:51/mile average.

I have an ambitious running weekend planned. Tomorrow morning, I’m running the Bottle & Cork 10-Miler in Dewey. The weather should be lovely for running, cool and not as windy as today. It’s supposed to be marathon pace, which I’m still not dead set on, but I’m shooting for around an 8:15/mile average in this race. If that goes well, I might try for that at Steamtown. This course will be a good test with the four miles of rolling hills in the middle.

Sunday, I’m running the second 20-miler of the training cycle, again with Melissa, but this time she’s supplying the route.

In between all that, I’m not sure what’s going on. Clark said there should be “epic waves” at the Delaware beaches, so we’re going to Fenwick tonight and he’s going to try to surf them tomorrow morning.

September 5, 2019

Training for 9/5/19

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I didn’t realize yesterday was supposed to get so hot until it got to be the middle of the afternoon and I finally started thinking about going out for my run, and it turned out it felt like 96 degrees outside. Not really interested in that. So I skipped the short run on the schedule.

Today cooled off quite a bit, to around 80, and it was overcast, but it was windy and muggy. I ran this week’s middle distance run, which went back up to 10 miles.

It was a decent run. The humidity made it feel harder than it had to, but I managed an even pace all the way around the 10.1-mile loop and finished it in 1:30 on the dot, an 8:54/mile average.

It was also a smelly run, between the huge deer someone hit a week ago that has been decomposing on the side of the road since then (two days ago I thought someone had removed it, but nope, it’d just moved from the bloating phase to deflating and is now melting into the grass), the garbage truck whose route I kept running into and all the overflowing garbage cans on the side of the road.

September 3, 2019

Last Blast Prediction 5K recap

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Friday night, Clark and I went out in Cambridge with a few of his coworkers. We had dinner at Snapper’s, where Clark ordered a half-dozen hot wings with “nuclear” sauce. I normally don’t go for super hot sauces, but I guess I’ve been watching too much “Man v. Food” lately or something, because it seemed like a good idea to try one.

It was not. It felt like the skin around my mouth was burning off haha. And that was after only one wing.

I only mention this because that single damn wing came back to haunt me the next morning.

I got up around 5:30 for the Last Blast Prediction 5K in Rehoboth, the wrap-up event for the summer series. I had to use the bathroom twice before I even left the house. I’ll just say that hot wing felt just as bad coming back out.

I was hoping that was the end of it, but my guts felt iffy, in a way that suggested that was not, in fact, the end of it.

I got to the race site at Grove Park and picked up my bib. They don’t do shirts for this race; they just set out all the leftover shirts from past races and people can take as many as they want. I’d recently set off a small avalanche in my own closet trying to remove one from my race shirt pile, so I didn’t take any more.

Susan and I did a mile together to warm up. I could feel round three of that hot wing coming at me as we were finishing our warm up. I went straight to the bathroom line.

Usually, they bring in four port-o-potties for races in Grove Park, but there weren’t any this time for some reason. All we had were two stalls in a permanent facility. The line was moving super slow, and I knew people were already lining up for the race start, but there was no way I was trying to run that race without using the bathroom again. Good news though, I made it through the line and to the starting pack with time to spare. Phew!

On to the race. The weather was decent, warm and humid but not too bad, and I felt much better after my third bathroom visit of the morning.

I’d put down 24:48 for my prediction, an 8:00/mile pace. A little harder than an easy run, but not tempo pace. I thought I’d be able to hit about that pace without a watch to gauge myself.

We got the commands and we were off.

2019 last blast 5k start

There’s not much to say about the race itself. Obviously, with no watch or race clocks, I couldn’t tell if I was running my predicted pace, but I felt like I was close. Due to a lack of police availability for traffic control at all the turns on the usual course, we had to do an out-and-back to the boardwalk, open to the public, which got a little crowded, but it could’ve been worse.

Then I was back in the park and running across the finish line.

2019 last blast 5k finish

Susan and I then ran the entire usual 5K course for a cool down. Even though we’ve run that course probably 20 times over the years, we had a surprisingly tough time following it without the chalk arrows marking every turn and faster runners to follow.

I also had to make one more bathroom stop in a port-o-potty at a construction site. That’s four because of ONE hot wing. Remind me to never eat nuclear sauce again!

The whole experience really makes me wonder what Casey Webb’s life is like the day after filming one of the hot eating challenges for “Man v. Food.” I don’t think they could pay me enough to go through that misery.

When we got back to the park, they had the results posted. I ran 25:04, an 8:04/mile pace, which turned out to be too far off my prediction to land in the top 20 closest.

Susan, on the other hand, was only 0.2 seconds off her prediction! That was only second-closest, however. The runner who won was 0.1 second off. I don’t know how people do that.

Next up were the summer series awards. This was my 10th year in a row qualifying for the series, which I was kinda excited about because they usually do a little prize for runners hitting milestone numbers of consecutive years. Unfortunately, Doc Masser, the guy who provided timing services for the series when it was founded (and for whom the Masser 5-Miler is named), had an accident sometime in the last year in the car in which he had all that data stored, and they weren’t able to recover the records of who had qualified how many years. So there were no consecutive year prizes this year. Oh well.

I did get my award for winning the F 35-39 age group. There was only one other runner in my age group who’d qualified, and she had to leave before they handed them out, so I’m all by myself in the age group photo.

2019 summer series award

Anyway, that wrapped up August for running for me, so I’ll throw in the summary here.


  • Week 1 (Aug. 1-3): 11.6 miles
  • Week 2 (Aug. 4-10): 34.3
  • Week 3 (Aug. 11-17): 44
  • Week 4 (Aug. 18-24): 35.7
  • Week 5 (Aug. 25-31): 48.8

Total: 174.4 miles

My biggest month of the year so far, by a few miles, in spite of the typical August heat and humidity. I did whiff on the 19-mile long run, but I got in the rest, including the first of three 20-milers, which went well.

Racing was pretty quiet. I only ran two 5Ks, the last one to qualify for the summer series at the beginning of the month, which was slow because of the weather, and the prediction one at the end.

I drove to Fenwick after the race, to pick up a crab-steaming pot from Clark’s parents’ place, but I went home after that. Labor Day weekend traffic was pouring into the beaches by then and I really don’t enjoy the crowds on holiday weekends.

new plague

I am Dwight when I get near the beach on Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day.

I spent the rest of Saturday at home with Clark and Pepper. In the evening, some of Clark’s coworkers came over.

Sunday, Clark left early to go crabbing with those same coworkers on the Choptank River. They had a very successful day, pulling in about 3/4 of a bushel of male crabs big enough to keep.

I stayed home with Pepper and read a book I’d recently checked out from the library, cover to cover. It was OK, but the (male) author made an aggravating choice to make the first-person narrator, a middle-aged man, unbelievably obsessed with boobs. I mean, I kinda understood it in flashbacks to when the narrator was a teen, but for fuck’s sake, he should’ve grown out of describing in great detail the boobs of every woman he talked to as though they were her defining feature by the time he was 43. It was increasingly distracting from what was otherwise a decently paced and mostly interesting story.

When Clark and a couple of his coworkers got back to our house, I went for a short run, a lap of the 4.5-mile loop. It was a hot afternoon but I felt OK and ran an 8:37/mile average.

Right before I left for the run, we dropped a live crab on the ground to see what Pepper would do, and the fool dog tried to bite one of its claws haha. Fortunately, he either missed or realized at the last second that wasn’t going to end well for him, because he did not wind up with a crab latched onto his face!

While I ran and then got cleaned up, they steamed the crabs. I think there was still one last batch in the pot when I took this:

crabs and tenners

Freshly steamed crabs and Bud Tenners. As Clark put it, we were Maryland AF that evening.

We took all those crabs over to another of Clark’s coworker’s house that evening for a Labor Day party. We stayed over there pretty late.

Monday, I didn’t feel like running. It’d been a week since my last rest day so it felt like a good day for one anyway.

We really didn’t do anything. Clark, Pepper and I just hung out at the house.

Today, I did the 12-mile long run I never did this weekend. I waited until after 11 a.m. to go out, and it’d gotten pretty warm. Some of the middle miles of the run got slow. But I made it around the 12.3-mile loop at a 9:15/mile average in the end, so it was a bit faster than most of my long runs have been this training cycle.

August 30, 2019

Training for 8/30/19

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Today I just ran another easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. It was in the upper 80s and sunny late in the afternoon when I went, but the humidity was manageable so it really didn’t feel too bad. I wound up running an 8:30/mile average.

Tomorrow morning is the Last Blast Prediction 5K in Rehoboth, before they give out the summer series awards. I put down 24:48, an 8:00/mile pace. I’ve only gotten close enough to my prediction to win an award once, a few years ago, but it remains one of my proudest achievements haha. Then Sunday is this week’s long run, which cuts back all the way to 12 miles.

Outside of running, the only plan I’m aware of is a party at Clark’s coworker’s house Sunday night.

August 29, 2019

Training for 8/29/19

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The weather has been pretty nice here the past few days, and I’ve had some good runs.

I’ve put it off until the early evening both days. Yesterday, I ran the 5.5-mile loop at an 8:35/mile pace, and then today I ran the 4.5-mile loop at an 8:30/mile pace.

I also signed up for another race yesterday. I noticed my next 10-miler, which is supposed to be at marathon goal pace, is Sept. 7. That just happens to be the same morning they’re holding the Bottle & Cork 10-Miler I ran last year, so I’m signed up for this year’s edition. Now I just have to figure out what pace I’m going for at Steamtown so I can aim for it in the 10-miler. I never really gave it much thought while slogging through all the heat.

I think I also convinced Melissa to run it too, and then do the second 20-miler with me the next day. It’ll be a tough weekend, but it should pay off in the marathon.

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