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July 31, 2019

Training for 7/31/19

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This morning, I got out early again for the short easy run on the schedule, a lap of the 4.5-mile loop.

I felt surprisingly fine after yesterday’s long run and got progressively faster, speeding up from a 9:08 first mile to 8:32 pace at the end. I finished the whole loop in a bit under 40 minutes, an 8:51/mile overall average.

And that put a fork in July’s running, so it’s time to sum up the month.


  • Week 1 (July 1-6): 23.7 miles
  • Week 2 (July 7-13): 25.9
  • Week 3 (July 14-20): 31.8
  • Week 4 (July 21-27): 28.3
  • Week 5 (July 28-31): 25

Total: 134.7 miles

That was about 35 miles fewer than I should have run this month, according to my marathon training plan. Some of those missed miles were pure laziness; others were because I didn’t feel like dying from heat stroke.

I did manage to get in all but one of my long runs though, including the 14- and 16-milers, so that was good.

I also rode my bike twice for a total of 61 miles. Every time I ride it, I think “This is nice; I should do this more often,” and then I don’t. It’s just so much easier to go for a run.

Racing this month went pretty well. I only ran the two summer series 5Ks, but the most recent one was the fastest 5K time I’d run since November two years ago.

August will mostly just be more marathon training. The only races I’m signed up for are the last 5K to qualify for the summer series this coming Saturday, and then, on the last day of the month, the prediction 5K before the summer series awards are handed out.

July 30, 2019

Training for 7/30/19

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Last night, Clark said he was in the mood for crabs, so we went to Ocean Odyssey in Cambridge and got him some crabs.

ocean odyssey crabs

Super jumbos.

We also shared some crab balls to start, and I got fried soft shell crabs. Crab craving, satisfied.

Clark had an audience.

pepper begging for crabs

Poor Pepper. No one ever feeds him. (Just kidding — he got some of everything we ate. We’re suckers.)

This morning, I wasn’t too excited about running when my alarm went off at 5, but I got up, got dressed and got everything together for what would definitely be 16 very humid and sweaty miles.

It was still dark when I left the house at 5:30. It’s only been a little more than a month since the first day of summer and the daylight hours are already getting noticeably shorter. I know I complain about hot weather a lot, especially running through it, but I love it and it bums me out to think about fall coming.

Anyway, the sun was lightening up the sky by the time I got to the Salisbury zoo parking lot and Kelly and I started our run on the trail loop.

She wasn’t planning on quite as long a run as I was, since she’s not running a fall marathon, but she did the first four laps with me, which added up to a little more than 12 miles.

After she left, I finished one more lap on my own, plus a little more, to finish off 16 miles at an overall average pace of 10:15/mile.

I had a water bottle filled with Roctane, which I took a swig of every time the Garmin beeped the end of a mile, and I topped it off with water after every lap. I also had two Huma gels, one each at the end of the second (six-ish miles done) and fourth (12-ish miles done) laps.

It was a very sweaty run but I think I did a good job fueling/hydrating the whole way, because I felt pretty decent the whole time. I was definitely ready to be done when I got to the end of that last mile though. Today’s forecasted highs are in the mid 90s and it was on its way to getting there by the time I finished up.

I realized early in the run I only have five more training runs longer than today’s, a 17- and 19-miler, and then three 20-milers. It always amazes me how fast these marathon training cycles seem to go by. Only 74 more training days until Steamtown!

July 29, 2019

Dam Mill 5K race recap

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Saturday morning’s race was not at the beach, but closer to home in Millsboro, so I got to sleep in a few minutes later than normal, which is always appreciated.

When I got to the race site, the morning was not cool and crisp by any means, but after some of the heat we’ve had this July, 70-ish and humid felt delightful for racing.

I picked up my race bib and T-shirt, and then Susan and I did a slow mile to warm up. We joined Kelly in the starting pack and we were off.

The course is pretty simple, a little loop at the beginning, then a straight out-and-back along a road that leads out of town and past an old mill pond.

I couldn’t tell how the first mile was going. It was faster than it felt though — 7:13.

On the way to the turnaround in the second mile, I passed Jackie, a local runner who runs with music, but without headphones. Fortunately, Jackie has good taste, and I got to hear some 38 Special and a little bit of the Eagles before I pulled away from her.

When we passed the second mile marker on the way back, my Garmin reported a 7:23 split, the best second mile I’ve pulled off in a 5K this summer.

The last mile was tough. It was a long, straight shot back into town, and the final turn wasn’t until just before the mile 3 marker. I wasn’t really within striking distance of any other runners, and I couldn’t hear anyone catching me from behind.

Finally, I made it to that last turn. I passed the third mile marker and saw the split — 7:15! More importantly, I saw the total elapsed time was 21:45, which meant I had more than a minute to run that last 10th of a mile and get in under 23 minutes.

I sprinted down the little downhill to the finish line with a smile.

2019 dam mill 5k finish

And crossed in 22:33, a 7:15/mile average pace.

I was pretty happy with that time. It was 50 seconds faster than my previous best in this year’s summer series, and well under 23 minutes.

Kelly and her friend Celie had to get going not long after that, but Alberto got this picture of them with Susan and me before they left. None of us wanted to touch each other because we were all so sweaty, but I swear we like each other haha.

2019 dam mill 5k after race

Also pictured is Celie’s dog, Elsa, who refused to turn around and face the camera.

After they left, Susan and I did another slow two miles to cool down. We got back to the park in time for the awards.

I kept alive the summer series age group win streak!

2019 dam mill 5k awards

My total score in the series so far is 5. If I can win my age group one more time this coming Saturday in the final series race, I’ll finish with a 6, the lowest score possible. I think I’ve only pulled that off twice before.

I went home after the race. That afternoon, I went to Suicide and met my grandmother, mom, younger sister, brother and his family, to celebrate Grandmom’s 82nd birthday.

Clark spent the day working on the landscaping project. First he dug up the few remaining day lilies and azalea bushes around the house. When I got home from Suicide, I helped him finish up leveling the railroad ties.

That evening, we hung out at his coworker’s house. We weren’t even out that late, but I was beat by the time we went home and went to bed.

So Sunday was yet another scheduled long run day on which I slept in, took too long to think about running, let it get hot and then just scrubbed any running at all.

I already have it rescheduled for tomorrow morning, with Kelly, but I think I need to just move all my long runs to weekday mornings at this point, and stop pretending I’m going to do them on Sunday. I clearly really like having a weekend day off, and my work schedule is flexible enough there’s no reason I can’t knock them out during the week, which is the only way they’ve been getting done anyway.

Anyway, we did a little more work on the landscaping, moving some of the fill dirt that got dropped off Friday. Clark even convinced one of his other coworkers to come over and cut our grass while we were doing that. Then we all quit early and went to 3rd Wave for a couple beers.

Another coworker invited us to his house in the evening. He was dogsitting his girlfriend’s dog, Bear, a 113-lb. Lab-mastiff mix. I love big dogs!

He and Pepper got along for the most part, except for when Bear kept trying to mount Pepper. He didn’t like that haha.

pepper and bear earlier

pepper and bear later

This morning, I ran a lap of the 4.5-mile loop at what turned out to be an 8:29/mile average, a pretty good clip for an easy run for me, even though I waited until after 9 to go out and it’s getting hot here again.

July 26, 2019

Training for 7/26/19

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Yesterday, Clark got home a little later than I expected, so by the time I went out to run, I didn’t feel like doing 8 miles. Instead, I did the 4.5-mile loop. The weather was nice but for some reason my stomach was not happy. I at least didn’t have to use the bathroom until I got back to the house, but I was gassy and crampy the whole way, which slowed me down. I managed a 9:07/mile average.

Today, I didn’t feel like running at all. I have another 5K tomorrow morning, so I didn’t make myself.

I took the bike out instead. That’s twice in one week! I can’t remember the last time I rode so much.

I did the 29ish-mile loop that includes two climbs of the Sharptown bridge, so I can tack on another two hill repeats to this week’s total too.

I was only a few miles into the ride when a truck slowed down as it pulled up alongside me. It was Dave, on his way to the bike shop in Delmar to pick up some new parts for his own bike he’d ordered earlier this week.

The rest of the ride was uneventful and I finished the loop with an 18.2 mph average speed.

Tomorrow morning is the Dam Mill 5K in Millsboro. It’s the next-to-last event of the summer series, and the next-to-last 5K I need to run to qualify. I really took my time meeting the bare minimum this year.

The weather looks pretty nice, in the upper 60s and no wind. Humid, but what else is new.

I would love to improve on the 23:23 I ran in my best summer 5K so far, maybe even get back down to a time that starts with a 22. And of course, I want to try to keep my series age group win streak alive.

The other run on the schedule this weekend is the long run, which increases to 16 miles.

As far as the rest of the weekend goes, it looks pretty quiet. One of Clark’s coworkers came over last night and helped Clark finish up the railroad tie edges around the flower beds. Today, we’re getting a load of fill dirt so we can move on to phase two.

July 25, 2019

Training for 7/25/19

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I haven’t run yet today, so I’m just going to wait until Clark gets home so Pepper doesn’t have to be alone. I’ve got this week’s 8-mile middle distance run, which I didn’t do Tuesday because I was doing Sunday’s long run. Someday I will stick to a training plan.

But I do have pictures from the Delaware State Fair! I went last night and met Dave, Kasey and Kaylee.

Since I don’t have a 4-year-old to wrangle, I got there way closer to the agreed upon meeting time than they did. I killed some time in the beer garden with a Landshark and saw this shirt that made me laugh:

chunky dunk

When the rest of the crew showed up, our first stop was to check out all the animals.

walking with kaylee

Dave and me walking with Kaylee to one of the animal exhibition buildings. 

prize chicken

Fancy chicken.

We watched the nightly parade passing through and then looked at all the farming equipment on display.

Next stop was the midway.

greatest carnival

Who knew? Best in the world, right here in Delaware!

Kaylee won a prize with a little help from Dave:

carnival game collage

kaylee with prize

And then she rode the swings with Kasey:

carnival swings collage

We watched a little of the cow show from the grandstands.

kasey dave and kaylee in grandstands

We stopped in to see the giraffe on the way out, and then we headed home. Fun night!

July 24, 2019

Training for 7/24/19

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I think this morning was pretty nice for a run. I don’t know for sure; I didn’t go out for mine until after 11 a.m.

The rain from yesterday moved out and the sun was back, but it still wasn’t too bad that late in the morning, at least not compared to last week. I went out to the Sharptown bridge to do this week’s speed workout, five hill repeats.

The workout was OK. I did a mile to warm up, then the five climbs and descents. I was gassed after those however, and the cool down mile had plenty of walking. Still, I finished 4.6 miles at an 8:43/mile overall average.

When I got home, Clark and I took this pile of railroad ties that had been sitting in our driveway for two weeks:

railroad ties

And finished phase one of finally doing something with the landscaping around this place:

landscaping phase 1

Those things are real ties from an actual former railroad, and they are HEAVY. We’re both going to be feeling that tomorrow, especially Clark, who did all of the pushing them around in our junky old wheelbarrow.

They were shorter than Duke’s Lumber said they’d be, which threw off Clark’s calculations. We have to get a couple more to fill in some gaps, even after Clark trims off the excess on a couple corners.

Once that’s done, we’re going to get some fill dirt, then some pine needle mulch and finally some plants.

I’m just happy I managed to not back into that pile once for the past two weeks before we moved them. It was right behind where we park the truck in the garage, and you wouldn’t believe how quickly I could forget it was there between walking out to the garage and putting the truck in reverse.

July 23, 2019

Training for 7/23/19

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I waited until mid-afternoon today to run the 10-miler on the schedule. But it was OK, because it was only in the mid-70s, overcast and drizzling! After the heat the past week, it felt pretty amazing.

I did a lap of the 10.1-mile loop. The first half was pretty quick, around 8:30/mile pace. The second half, I regretted my decision to leave the water bottle at home more and more — it wasn’t hot, but it was still really humid, and I was still sweating plenty — and I got slower and slower.

In the end, I’d finished the whole loop at a 9:02/mile average, much better than that run would’ve gone when I was supposed to run it, two days ago.

July 22, 2019

Training for 7/22/19

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Friday evening, we took Pepper to Mispillion River Brewing in Milford, since it was still well over 100 degrees outside and taprooms are one of the few air-conditioned places we can take a dog.

mispillion river collage

Growler made of old tires on the left; Mug Club mugs in the taproom on the right.

We wound up sitting outside anyway — after the sun had mostly gone down — because Pepper would not settle down, no matter how many walks we took him on, and I was worried he was going to take another very inconveniently-placed dump again.

Well, he never pooped at the brewery, but as soon as we got home, he hopped out of the truck and took a stealth dump right next to it, just in time for Clark to step in it. I guess pooping just isn’t fun for Pepper unless it embarasses or aggravates one of us in some way!

Saturday morning, I got up pretty early for the Heart of the Chesapeake bike tour in Cambridge. Dave and I were signed up for the shorter course, but the ride organizers had sent out an email the day before letting us know, due to the extreme heat, they’d cancelled the longest course (66 miles) and wanted everyone, whether they were doing the 52- or 32-mile course, to get started by 7 a.m. and be done by 11 at the absolute latest.

Clark had not pre-registered, and decided to stay home with Pepper, because we were already going to have to leave him home alone later in the day for a family dinner, and Clark didn’t want to have to clean up the utility room twice in the same day.

I picked up Dave and we went to the Y in Cambridge, got our ride bibs and event T-shirts and were on the course just a little after 7.

It was already pretty warm, super humid and very sunny. By mile 3, I could feel sweat running down my face, dripping off my chin and landing on my knees. Still, biking didn’t feel nearly as taxing as running had all week.

There was an aid station we passed on the way out and back, but Dave and I only stopped at the one at the turnaround at Ragged Point.

bikes at ragged point

Most people, including everyone who was at that aid station while we were there, get off their bikes, prop them up somewhere and walk over to the table with the snacks and drinks.

Well, while we were standing off to the side of the table, this couple came up on their bikes, flew past the rest stop and then made a very awkward U-turn just up the road. Then the woman rode up right to the table, nearly crashing into it. One of the volunteers yelled “Coming in hot!” The woman on the bike grabbed a cup of Gatorade, yelled “thanks!” and kept rolling.

It was the weirdest thing! Even stranger, she didn’t have clip-in pedals, which is the only reason I could think of that someone might try to avoid getting off their bike, if they weren’t comfortable unclipping.

Anyway, Dave and I got back on our bikes and headed back. There was a slight tailwind on the way back, and while I felt like I was rolling right along — averaging nearly 20 mph every time I looked at my Garmin — Dave walked away from me. By the time I got back to the truck, he had already reloaded his bike on the rack and swapped his shoes, and was hanging out at the post-ride party, probably wondering what was taking me so long haha.

I wound up riding 31.8 miles in 1:44, averaging 18.3 mph for the whole ride.

They had a lot of food for us after the ride, courtesy of Emily’s Produce, which has a huge stand outside Cambridge. They provided sandwiches with homemade nut butter and honey, or sliced cucumbers and cream cheese; fresh fruit; and homemade apple cider doughnuts. Worth it!

Later that afternoon, we went to my aunt’s house for the family dinner. My grandfather’s older brother has a granddaughter, who has a son in the Air Force, stationed at Andrews AFB outside D.C. The granddaughter came out here from California to visit her son and his wife, so the three of them came over to the Eastern Shore to see the farm her grandfather had lived on when he was here. That’s the farm my aunt lives on today, in the same house, which my grandparents had restored almost 30 years ago.

Sorry if that was hard to follow; I don’t really know what to call my great-uncle’s granddaughter and great-grandson. Cousins once removed?

My aunt showed them some pictures of our relatives standing near the back of the house, probably taken in the 1930s or thereabouts, so we took a group photo in the same spot.


My dad, Uncle John, Corey, Aunt Debbie and Rick, me, Kaylee and Kasey (in front of me), Clark, Julie and our “new” relatives. Dave and Aunt Gail were there but had left to pick something up and Mom took the picture.

It was another steamy evening. Aunt Debbie and her husband, Rick, recently bought a horse trough to fill with hose water and cool off in. Cheaper than a swimming pool haha. The water had been in full sunlight all afternoon and was pretty hot when we got there, but it cooled down a little once the shadows finally reached it.

clark in a horse trough

Clark in the horse trough.

After the party broke up, Corey, Julie, Clark and I went to the pub in Denton for a little bit, so it was pretty late when we got home.

It was therefore late when I woke up Sunday morning to what was going to be the hottest day of the heat wave. It was already too hot to run anything, let alone the 10-miler on the schedule.

Instead, Clark and I went to Snappy’s in Bridgeville and got some breakfast sandwiches we’d been hearing about. We even ordered one just for Pepper, who had been an exceptionally good boy the night before and not destroyed the utility room or covered himself in poop while we were gone.

These sandwiches were enormous! They had to put them on two biscuits each. They were also delicious.

I took the biscuits out of the container with Pepper’s sandwich, but he got the two fried eggs and huge mound of bacon, and even some of the sausage from mine. I’ve never seen him so happy haha.

The rest of the day, we stayed in the house, avoiding the heat. I got to see a NASCAR race for the first time in a while, which Kevin Harvick won, his first win of the year.

This morning should be the last disgustingly hot morning of this heat wave. I got up early-ish and did the easy 3-miler on the schedule at an 8:46/mile average before it got unbearable.

It’s supposed to cool down going into tomorrow. In fact, tomorrow’s forecasted high is only 75 degrees, and it’s supposed to rain! I think that will be a much more pleasant day for a 10-miler.

The rest of the week looks much nicer too, especially the early mornings, which should be all the way down in the 60s. No reason not to be able to stick to the training plan!

July 19, 2019

Training for 7/19/19

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I got out even earlier for my run this morning, partly because it was longer — the 7-mile middle distance run I didn’t do Tuesday because I was doing Sunday’s long run instead — and also because it’s supposed to be hotter today.

It took me a while, but I got around the 7.3-mile loop at what turned out to be a 10:00/mile pace. The highlights were the two irrigation sprays I got to run through. Thank you, farmers!

Tomorrow, I’m skipping the run on the schedule and riding my bike 32 miles for the Heart of the Chesapeake tour in Cambridge. On a normal day, I would probably try to run after that, but it’s going to be way too hot for running by the time that’s done. A couple hours on the bike will be enough.

In the afternoon, we’re having a family dinner for some of my grandfather’s extended family from California that’s in the area. I don’t think I’ve ever met any of them.

Sunday, I’ve got this week’s long run, which thankfully is a cutback to 10 miles, because it’s still going to be stupid hot.

July 18, 2019

Training for 7/18/19

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Another day, another slow, sweaty early morning run.

It’s Thursday, which is speedwork day on the marathon training plan I’m following. I went out intending to do the 35-minute tempo run I’d swapped last Thursday for intervals when I went to the track instead.

I did an easy mile to warm up. Halfway through that, I ran through an irrigation spray on the road. A work van just happened to be driving up from behind at the moment, so the driver saw me deliberately slow to barely more than a walk so I could soak up as much of the spray as possible.

He stopped and jokingly told me that was cheating, because I’m supposed to be suffering. I told him not to worry, I still had four miles to go and I was definitely going to suffer. He laughed and told me I was insane, then went on his way.

And suffer I did!

I finished the first mile in 9:17 and started speeding up. The second mile was interrupted by two small dogs who came running out of their yard after me, that I had to stop to chase back into the yard, but other than that, I was running between 8:00 and 8:10 pace every time I glanced at the Garmin. Not really tempo pace, but good enough in the conditions. I finished the second mile in 8:28.

That one slightly faster mile just took it out of me though. I was already pouring buckets of sweat. I pulled the plug on the tempo run and just ran-walked the rest of the 4.5-mile loop home. I eventually finished it, at an overall average pace of 9:18/mile.

The “best” part is, today is by far the coolest day in the forecast until early next week. It’s just going to get worse before it gets better!

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