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May 28, 2010

Training for 5/28/10

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I worked out this morning after all. The blood donation yesterday afternoon was completely uneventful and I felt fine when I was helping load and unload a trailer full of Julie’s stuff last night. And in spite of not going to bed until 1 a.m., I actually woke up in plenty of time to get in most of my planned workout before my first assignment this morning.

So I repeated the last workout of the 100 push-up challenge, did some abs, four minutes in the invisible chair and lifted.

I might run a couple of slow miles tonight, possibly on the cross country trail. Tomorrow’s my rest day; I’ll probably just do some yoga and maybe go on a short bike ride. And Sunday is my 5-mile race. A lot of yesterday’s humidity got wiped out by some thunderstorms that rolled through last night, so I’m hoping that holds up for Sunday’s race.

Non-running plans include my friend’s son’s third birthday party and the Coca-Cola 600. I’m so excited we have a three-day weekend.

May 27, 2010

Training for 5/27/10

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Oh God, the humidity. Kill me now.

Alright, that was a little dramatic, but missing the whole transitional weather period between February and late spring was not a good thing. The last time I ran 5.5 miles, it was about 20 degrees out. Today, it was about 55 degrees warmer with nearly 100 percent humidity.

I slogged through a set of speed intervals over the first 1.75 miles or so, walked a couple of minutes to get my heartrate back under control, and then spent the next 3.75 miles plodding along and arguing with myself over whether or not I could possibly run another step.

I always forget what an absolute killer humidity is. It feels like you’re trying to breathe through a wet blanket. Everything takes so much more effort.

But, chocolate milk and a cold shower feel that much better after you push yourself through the misery. It definitely felt well-earned today.

And hey, it’s not even June yet, so I have plenty of time to get reacclimated to soggy, hot Delaware summer weather.

Anyway, I ran that loop because it’s probably the last time I’ll run before the 5-mile race Sunday morning, unless I decide to do a couple miles on the trail tomorrow evening. I’m donating blood this afternoon and I have an early work assignment tomorrow anyway, so there will be no workout in the morning. And Saturday will be a rest day in anticipation of the race.

And, I just had to add, I have a total of six Band-Aids on my feet right now. I tried to look nice for graduation last night, so I wore these wedge sandals to work. I was not expecting to have to walk two miles over a partially unpaved road so I could cover a “house fire” that was nothing more than a smoking fuse box. Apparently some pieces of dirt worked their way in and tore up my poor feet. I don’t think the run this morning helped things, but the Band-Aids are making it possible to wear shoes. OK, flip-flops.

May 26, 2010

Training for 5/26/10

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This morning I repeated week 6, day 2 of the 100 push-up challenge (by the way, I can’t wait for my week off from push-ups next week), did some ab exercises, four minutes in the invisible chair and more lifting.

I considered driving to the cross country trail for a run, but I ran yesterday, I’m running tomorrow morning and I don’t think I’m quite far enough along in my recovery to be running Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday again, as I was before my injury. Instead, I took the bike out for a 5.5-mile loop. The winds were relatively calm today, which is rare, and I finished the loop in about 21 minutes. If only I could run 3:48 miles, I’d be unbeatable!

May 25, 2010

Training for 5/25/10

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This morning I did my 4.5-mile loop again. The first 1.75 miles or so were a set of speed intervals, and then I putted home the rest of the way.

I’ve successfully completed this loop twice in the last four days. I think I’ll be able to finish this 5-mile race Sunday morning with a decent time for just having come back from an annoyingly persistent injury. I’ll be happy with anything under a 9:00/mile pace, but ideally I would love to be closer to an 8:00/mile pace. That’s probably not going to happen though.

You never know, though — I’ll be wearing my super special race shoes, haha (they’re a whole 2 oz. lighter than the trainers I’m wearing every day.)

May 24, 2010

Training for 5/24/10

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This morning was weight training — abs, 100 push-up challenge workout, four minutes in the invisible chair and lifting. Then I took the bike out for 4.5 miles.

Saturday, I successfully completed my 4.5-mile long run. I can’t believe that loop used to be my easy workout! It’s been months since I could physically run that far, so I was dying. But my knees were fine, so I could put up with the general ache of running farther than I had in a while.

I also cleaned the house, cleaned my car inside and out, went to Wendy’s bachelorette party and helped Julie pack for her move. It was a very productive weekend.

Speaking of my car, it’s being a turd again. It started doing this thing Friday night where every time I turned on the headlights, the windshield wipers also came on full speed, and the washer fluid nozzles started spraying. I couldn’t drive it all weekend because I didn’t know if I’d need my headlights.

I was going to take it back to the body shop that fixed it last year, because it has got to be related to the airbag replacement part of the job. As I pulled out of the driveway, I turned on the headlights to make sure it was still doing it.

As expected, the wipers came on and fluid started spraying — for about two seconds. Then it just stopped altogether. Now, the headlights, wipers and washer fluid nozzles all work just fine.

Obviously, there was no point in taking it to the shop at that point, so I just turned around and went to work. I don’t know what to do about it. The body shop’s repair is guaranteed as long as I own the car, so they would fix it for no charge, but when I take the car there, it doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary. Jerk.

May 21, 2010

Training for 5/21/10

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This morning I did week 5, day 3 of the 100 push-up challenge, abs and four minutes in the invisible chair.

Then I drove out to the cross country trail for a 20-minute run. No Patt Straps today on either leg, and everything felt 100 percent right. I feel more and more like a runner again every time I go out!

I went back home and did a ton of stretching and foam rolling. My legs are actually sore — from exertion, not an injury. That hasn’t happened in a while, but then again, I can’t remember the last time I ran twice and rode my bike twice over the course of three days.

So I think tonight I’ll do some yoga, some more foam rolling and maybe even throw in some ice for good measure.

Tomorrow morning I’m planning on my first real “long run” of 4.5 miles. I saw a flyer this morning at the trail head for a 5K in Seaford tomorrow, which is tempting, but I think I’m just going to stick to my original plan.

Other weekend plans include cleaning our dirty house and my disgusting car (after all, Sunday is my car’s and my three-year anniversary!), Wendy’s bachelorette party and helping Julie pack for her upcoming move.

May 20, 2010

Training for 5/20/10

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This morning I got up bright and early for my 7 a.m. physical therapy appointment. I left a bit early so I could stop at Davelli’s and pick up a dozen bagels and cream cheese for everyone at the office. I’ve heard snippets of conversations between the therapists that made it sound like some kind of food offering was almost required to be discharged. I’m sure that’s not entirely true, but I wasn’t taking any chances.

I had considered putting the screws back in those old shoes to show my therapist, since he seems to get such a kick out of the whole story, but I just couldn’t bring that evil back into our house. He’ll just have to use his imagination. Or drill screws into his own shoes to see what it looks like.

Anyway, the bagels were well-received and I was feeling good about my chances. I got the electric stimulation and heat to start, then assisted stretches. Finally, my therapist tested the strength of my knees, I guess (he basically just had me sit on the edge of the table and hold out my leg and then told me not to let him push my leg down.)

And that was it! I passed. I was done. He gave me a photocopy of a page from a textbook recommending a progressive plan for returning to running from an injury and sent me on my way.

I was home before 8 a.m. I would have gone on a celebratory run, but I just ran yesterday and I’m planning on running a short one tomorrow and longer one Saturday. So I did some weight training and took the bike out for a 4.5-mile loop instead.

I haven’t felt this good since the beginning of February. I’m not going to consider myself totally “back” until I’m running the mileage I was when this injury started, but I think I’m on track. FINALLY.

May 19, 2010

Training for 5/19/10

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I had a pretty good morning today. I got up early and did week 5, day 2 of the 100 push-up challenge, abs and FOUR MINUTES in the invisible chair. Why is this so significant? I doubt anyone remembers this, but I first read about this quad-strengthening exercise in Kathrine Switzer’s memoir. The doctor who recommended it to her said the longest he’d heard of anyone being able to sit in the invisible chair was four minutes. So my quads are as strong as this doctor’s downhill skiier buddies’ quads.

Of course, Switzer then wrote she got up to 11 minutes, so I guess I have a ways to go to catch up with an actual talented distance runner, haha.

Speaking of distance running… after my victory in the invisible chair, I went for a run. I planned to do intervals, a different set than I did Saturday but about the same distance. Funny thing about those speed intervals. Even when I was doing them regularly, I would try to talk myself out of them pretty much up to the second I started the first interval of hard running. Same thing today. They just hurt so damn bad. But, alas, they work, so I always wind up doing them and feeling awesome when they’re over.

I originally planned to do what I did Saturday — split the intervals in half into an out and back so I’d be almost home again when I was done with them, for a total of two miles. But everything was feeling really good today (except my lungs, which were gasping for air during the hard intervals.) So I ran the entire set of intervals away from home, covering close to two miles. Then I turned around and ran back home at a steady, easy pace.

Total distance, about 3.75 miles. Total time, about 32:30. Total IT band pain — ZERO. I think I might retire the left Patt Strap now.

When I got home, I did a ton of stretching and foam rolling, and I feel pretty good.

I’m positive my physical therapist is going to discharge me tomorrow.

May 18, 2010

Training for 5/18/10

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This morning I went to physical therapy. I did all the usual ice, heat, electric stimulation, ultrasound therapy, exercises, stretches and eight minutes on the elliptical.

Supposedly, my last session is Thursday (for real this time). I really feel like I’m done with physical therapy and am ready to start seriously rebuilding my mileage.

TK e-mailed me her sister’s and her tentative summer racing schedules this morning to see if I was interested in running any of the races. Those two are some running fools! Pretty much every weekend in June and July they’ll be running something, somewhere, sometimes twice in the same weekend.

A couple of the races on their schedules meshed very well with long runs on my September half marathon and October marathon training plans. I’m supposed to do five miles June 19 as the first long run on my half training plan, and guess what June 19 is? The Ocean City 5-Mile race on the boardwalk.

Similarly, Sept. 18 is supposed to be a 13-mile long run in my October marathon training plan. That day is also the inaugural Chestertown Half Marathon (13.1 miles.) It’s fate.

I wonder, if I’m signed up for these races as training runs, will I run them as slow long runs, or get swept up and race them instead?

May 17, 2010

Training for 5/17/10

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This morning I did week 5, day 1 of the 100 push-up challenge, abs, invisible chair-sitting and a 20-minute run on the cross country trail a few miles from my house.

The run was awesome. It was a cool, drizzly morning — perfect for a run through the woods. There weren’t too many spiderwebs. Everything was bright green and the air smelled like rain and honeysuckles.

And the best part — no IT band pain! I also feel like I’m finally getting my running stride back.

The run was my second since my last physical therapy appointment. Saturday morning, I did about two miles’ worth of speed intervals on the road. Again, there was no IT band pain, but damn those intervals of hard running totally killed me.

And of course, I spent the whole weekend at the track in Dover for the NASCAR races, which required a ton of walking and climbing steps, and everything was fine.

I bet when I go back to physical therapy tomorrow and tell my therapist I ran twice and walked a lot with no pain, he’ll let me increase the mileage again.

The highlight of the weekend, though, was when we were getting off the shuttle buses at the track yesterday before the race started. We were all a bit drunk at that point. Some group fist explosions occurred. A man and a young boy were sitting in the bus seat in front of mine. As we were getting off the bus, one of the other people in our group heard the man say, in reference to us:

 “See that, son? That’s what happens when you drink beer. You don’t get to go to college.”

Every single person in our group had in fact been to college, and most of us had degrees — in fact, the girl who overheard it has two bachelor’s degrees. I laughed so hard.

See that, kid? That’s what happens when you make assumptions. You look like a jackass.

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