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February 28, 2020

Training for 2/28/20

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Happy birthday to my sister, Kara!

Yesterday, as soon as I got home, I changed my clothes and took Pepper straight to the gym to do the easy run on the schedule. I did 5 miles at an 8:57/mile average.

Then Clark got home from his work trip! It wasn’t that late but I fell asleep not long after. Still getting used to this 40-hour work week thing.

This morning, since Clark was home, I could get in my run before work without having to take Pepper with me. Unfortunately, it was still early enough the sun wouldn’t be up for another hour, so back to the treadmill I went.

By the way, I think it’s hilarious I’ve spent way more time on a treadmill now that I’ve moved to a place with the most perfect year round weather. Anyway…

I was supposed to do 800-meter repeats, but I don’t know how to program something like that into the treadmill, other than manually changing the speed every half-mile, so I just did yet another tempo run.

I learned Pepper does serve a purpose in the gym after all. Apparently the treadmill is not in the motion-sensing light’s area, because without Pepper pacing around endlessly, the light kept turning off. I had to jump off the treadmill in the dark and wave my arms around to get it back on every time.

I did a mile to warm up in 8:49. Then I sped up to 7:41/mile pace for four miles. After another half-mile at 8:49/mile pace, I was done. 5.5 miles total.

Tonight, I’m going to a class at our gym called Fight Club. Clark’s been a few times and likes it. This will be my first. He said I can be his sparring partner. Should be fun!

This weekend is my last big mileage weekend before Shamrock. I’ve got 10 miles at goal race pace tomorrow and the final 20-miler Sunday.

The pace run will be solo, but I’ve got company lined up for at least the second half of Sunday’s long run. Karen is doing her last double-digit run before L.A. next weekend, and she wants to run it near her goal race pace, around 9:00/mile. We will definitely stick to the flatter coastal area for this one.

We’re also doing a hike first thing tomorrow morning with the strength training challenge group, and then the Olympic Trials Marathon will be on in Atlanta.

I can’t believe it’s already been four years since we saw the last one live in L.A.! A bunch of the running friends we went to L.A. with for the last Trials Marathon also went to Atlanta, and I’m jealous. It just didn’t work out for us this time around though, between moving and starting new jobs. Hopefully in 2024 we will be able to join them again. And then in 2028, the Summer Olympics will be in L.A., so maybe we’ll get to see the actual Olympic marathon!

February 27, 2020

Training for 2/27/20

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I had this whole post typed up, I hit “publish,” it showed it’d published it twice, I deleted a “copy” and tried to open the other, only to learn there had never been a second one after all and I’d just deleted the only post. Technology.

Anyway, let’s see… yesterday, when I picked up Pepper from his sitter, she said her dog had eaten all of Pepper’s food, so she gave him some of her dog’s food.

We went straight to the gym from there. I had time to take him on a short walk before my class. He had some bad diarrhea. Yeesh. I crossed my fingers he wouldn’t have any more while I was in class and left him in the truck.

When I came back, I was relieved to not find dog poop sprayed all over the inside of the truck. I figured he was feeling well enough to go on the group run with the run club.

We all met at a new-to-the-club restaurant in Carlsbad. Inland Carlsbad, to be exact, so it was just as hilly as Vista.

It was probably a tough route with all the elevation changes, but Pepper and I were moving so slowly, I couldn’t really tell.

Poor guy apparently wasn’t done processing that strange food after all, because he acted the whole way like he had to go again. He stopped and tried a couple times, but nothing came out really.

And when he wasn’t doing that, he was freaking out about every little noise he heard, or jumping in terror away from totally stationary objects along the sidewalk, sometimes right out into the road. Lucky he didn’t get hit!

So it took us a while, but we finally finished the route, just under 3 miles at a 13:13/mile average. Told you he’d even out that too-fast easy 7-miler I ran in the morning!

This morning, I just couldn’t make myself get back on the treadmill before work, so I have to do today’s easy 5 miles this evening.

February 26, 2020

Training for 2/26/20

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Yesterday, when I picked up Pepper after work, his sitter said he’d been very restless all day, pacing around nonstop.

When we got home, he climbed right up on our bed and went straight to sleep. He wasn’t feeling sick all day, just too anxious to take all his usual naps, and he was worn out.

I was supposed to do a 10-miler, but I just couldn’t make him go to the gym with me for 90 minutes when he was clearly so tired. So I took a rest day and snuggled with him instead.

This morning, I got up at quarter of 5. After a quick bathroom break outside for Pepper, we went to the gym.

I’m taking him to do the weekly neighborhood run tonight, which should be about 3 miles, so I just did 7 this morning.

I wanted to be done in an hour (plus, that’s as long as the treadmill will let you go before it shuts off and you have to restart it anyway) so I set it at 7 mph, an 8:34/mile pace. A little fast for an easy run, but I’m sure Pepper’s pace for the last 3 tonight will even it out haha.

The run felt fine except for, again, the torrents of sweat pouring out of me! I might as well have been running in the shower, I was so soaked when I was done.

Oh well. Running part 1 of 2 is done for the day. I’m also taking an HIIT class before the run tonight.

February 24, 2020

Training for 2/24/20

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I survived my first day at my new job today! It’s 7:30 pm and I am beat. I’ve been up since 5 am and this is the first chance I’ve had to update this blog all day.

Anyway, going back to Friday. Stone Brewing’s tasting room near our apartment had a beer and Girl Scout cookie pairing flight this weekend, so I had to get one.

Every night haha.

Saturday morning, our strength training challenge group was supposed to go on a hike, but it got canceled due to a threat of rain. So we did another HIIT class at the gym instead.

Of course, it wasn’t raining. Our team showed off the new shirts Milad had gotten made for us.

Pepper was our cheerleader the whole workout, howling for us every time we had to run a lap of the parking lot, so he got to pose as our mascot here too.

It did rain later in the morning, after Clark and I got home. I waited a while for the really heavy stuff to pass before I went out for my marathon pace run.

I again ran it too fast, 6 miles at a 7:48/mile average.

That afternoon, we took Pepper to Encinitas. On the way back that evening, we ran out of gas on the 5! Clark’s truck’s fuel gauge hasn’t worked in years, even after it “got fixed” under recall. We’ve just been resetting the trip odometer when we fill it up and not letting it go over a certain mileage.

Well, I guess the truck has been doing more city driving lately, because the mileage wasn’t anywhere near what we thought would be the max, and it conked out while driving full speed down the main four-lane highway.

I was able to get it to the shoulder of an exit ramp before it stopped rolling at least. There were no nearby gas stations, unfortunately, so we had to call for a roadside assistance company to bring us three gallons of gas. For $85. Lesson learned, I guess.

Anyway, when we finally got home, I went to bed relatively early, to get up on time to meet some runners for a long run Sunday.

We decided to run in Vista for a change of scenery, and met at Karen’s house.

It was a VERY hilly 15 miles!

But it was fun! Kristen ran the first 10 miles with us, and Karen and I finished all 15.

When I got home, Clark went out and ran 15 himself through Oceanside and Carlsbad. He’s never run that far in training, not even for the other two times he’s run the L.A. Marathon, so he’s going into this one extra trained!

The rest of the day, we watched the NASCAR race in Vegas and did laundry.

We all had an early morning today. Clark had to get up to catch a flight to Wisconsin, where he’s on a work site this week. Not long after he left, I got up and made Pepper go to the gym with me while I did a 5-miler on the treadmill. He wasn’t very happy about the interruption of his regular routine of sleeping on the bed until 8 am and only getting up to move to the couch for the rest of the day haha.

Of course, his day was just getting started. I dropped him off at his sitter’s. She has a dog who’s full grown but basically still a puppy, with a ton of energy. He immediately dove at Pepper, trying to get him to play, but Pepper is old and cranky and wasn’t having it haha.

Then I went to my new job. The morning was a little slow, filling out HR paperwork and trying to learn my job’s processes, but then my bosses treated me to lunch at a brunch place near the office, and I got to do some actual work in the afternoon, so it went by quicker.

Oh! The best part is I have my own private office! I felt very fancy.

After work, I picked up Pepper (he survived) and we went back to Vista so I could do one HIIT class. Our trainer tonight felt like everyone was slacking so he made us do a bunch more ab exercises after we thought we were done. It was tough! My shins were sweating haha.

Then we stopped at Walmart to pick up a grocery order, and then we finally came home.

February 21, 2020

Training for 2/21/20

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Yesterday, I took Pepper to the gym in our building so I could do my tempo run on the treadmill.

There’s a ductless A/C unit in that gym that, for the first couple of weeks I went, was always blowing a steady breeze across the two treadmills and the elliptical next to them. It wasn’t cold air, but it was movement.

Someone turned it off at some point and I can’t get it turned back on. The controls are under a locked plastic case.

I also can’t open the garage door that would let in the breeze from outside, because then Pepper would run out onto the patio area and pee all over all the fake grass.

As a result, that little gym is an absolute sweat box. I was already sweating profusely before I finished my easy warm up mile. Then I cranked up the speed to 7:41/mile pace and the sweat production from my forehead increased accordingly.

I got in four miles at that pace, swiping with a towel at the rivers of sweat pouring down my head the whole way, trying to avoid my headphone cord. I did another .5 at an easy pace to cool down, finishing 5.5 miles in just over 44 minutes, an 8:02/mile overall average.

One more reason to hate the treadmill! I’m sure if I called the office about that unit being turned off, they’d just tell me to use the gym in the south building. That’s what they’ve been telling us about the WiFi for FOUR WEEKS now. I’m telling you, they live large in the south building. They also pay substantially more than we do, and it’s already expensive enough here.

Anyway, I went back to the apartment to wring out my running clothes (seriously, they were dripping with sweat) and change into dry running clothes, and then Pepper and I went to the other gym for Clark’s and my strength training classes.

We did one of the 30-minute HIIT classes, which was hard enough for me, since it’d been a week since my last one. Then we did a 60-minute “Swole Patrol” class.

That class kicked my ass. Well, my upper body. One of the stations, we had to do bench presses. By that point, I’d done so many push-ups and burpees, my arms were limp noodles. I couldn’t even get in three inclined bench presses with just the 45-lb. bar before I just couldn’t do anymore.

The instructor was weirdly happy for me as he pulled the bar back to the rack before I dropped it on my chest. “That’s what you want — muscle failure!” Well, mission accomplished haha.

I was almost as sweaty after 90 minutes of strength training as I had been after my run.

Today is a rest day good day to make up those other 3 miles of Wednesday’s 5-miler I didn’t do. I took Pepper to the gym and got them done at an 8:57/mile average. I feel better!

Then I went to the gym this afternoon to get weighed and have my body fat measured, to compare to when I started the strength training challenge. We’re exactly halfway through it now and if we did a mid-point weigh-in we got more points for our team.

I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything, but it turned out I did lose 3 lbs. and 1.5% body fat.

That’s good, but the only numbers I was hoping to affect are the ones on the clock when I cross the finish line at Shamrock in four weeks. I really feel like my running has improved, especially long runs and speed workouts, since I started this challenge. I can’t wait to see if I’m right!

Speaking of Shamrock, this weekend I’m doing another sorta cutback week, before I do my last 20-miler next weekend. I’ll do 12 to 15 miles for the long run, and probably another 6-mile pace run.

February 20, 2020

Training for 2/20/20

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I start Monday!

Yesterday, my new boss showed up to the second interview with three copies of a letter of employment for me to sign. I’m officially a full time employee with benefits again!

It’s an office job with a typical M-F schedule. No evening meetings. No weekend assignments.

But I still get to write and edit, because I’m the online editor for a niche publication covering the auto collision repair industry. They put out five regional magazines throughout the country every month, and they have a website.

It’s mostly only people in the industry who read it, but still — people read it, unlike the small newspapers I’d been working for since I graduated from college. That means companies advertise in it, which means the publication makes money, which means I’m getting a decent salary for the first time in my professional life.

Conveniently, my office is right down the street from Clark’s. It’s a 15-minute drive from our apartment. I was worried I’d wind up with a long commute in heavy traffic to and from San Diego every day, but that’s not the case.

The only bummer is the office isn’t dog-friendly and it’s not a work-from-home kind of position, so my days like this are coming to an end:

But I’ve already got the same dog sitter Pepper hung out with a couple weeks ago lined up as a permanent weekday sitter. Her place is close to the office too.

So next week will be interesting. On top of starting a new job and getting Pepper used to staying with a new person five days a week, I have to squeeze in the miles in the final peak week of Shamrock training, while Clark will be out of town for work. I foresee a LOT of treadmill time next week.

Oh well! I’m just glad to be doing something I’m good at again and bringing in a paycheck, which will help greatly with our goal to buy a house here this year.

In training news, after my interview, I took Pepper to the Wednesday night group run, where we met Clark. His legs were pretty worn out from all the classes he’d done at the gym, so we just did 2.1 miles at a 10:52/mile pace. Pepper slowed us down on the way back, which was more uphill. He is not about those uphills haha.

Today, I’m about to go do this week’s speed workout, a 45-minute tempo run on the treadmill, and then I’m finally going back to the gym for a couple classes myself.

February 19, 2020

Training for 2/19/20

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Yesterday, I had this week’s middle distance run on the schedule. I had to put it off until the afternoon, which meant the treadmill again, which meant I waited about as late as possible, but I got it done. Six miles at an 8:57/mile average and 1 percent incline.

Clark did hang out with Pepper on his lunch break though, but not so I could run — it was so I could go on a job interview!

I hope I’m not jinxing anything, but it went extremely well. I have a good feeling I will be employed soon!

In fact, I just set up a second meeting with my potential new boss for later this afternoon.

Anyway, I have another easy 5-miler to run today. I was going to finally go back to the gym for an HIIT class or two, but it looks like that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

February 17, 2020

Training for 2/17/20

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Friday night, Clark and I (and Pepper, of course) just hit a couple local spots for Valentine’s Day. We got burritos at SeƱor Grubby’s and then stopped by Stone, where I got a four-beer tasting flight, each paired with a chocolate. It was really good!

Saturday, I was up bright and early to meet Karen for a long run. She’s only three weeks out from L.A., her goal race, so she had her longest training run on the schedule, 23 miles. I did the first 14-mile out-and-back with her.

We were joined for the first few miles of the run by Shannon, and then picked up Shirley for most of the remaining miles. It’s so nice to have company for these long runs.

Anyway, we ran to the Oceanside harbor again, adding on a couple extra spurs down the pier and back and around another part of the harbor to get in seven miles each direction.

It was a nice run and we finished 14.1 miles at a 9:26/mile average. I wished her luck with the last nine miles of her day and I was home before 9 a.m.

The rest of Saturday was pretty quiet. Clark and I took Pepper out to dinner that night but other than that we just hung out.

Sunday, Clark went for a run first, getting in 10 miles along the coast. When he got back, the Daytona 500 was just about to start, so I wasn’t sure when I’d get in the pace run I was supposed to do.

Mother Nature took care of that dilemma for me. It started raining in Daytona before they got the green flag. That shower passed quickly and they got the track dried off and the race started, but 20 laps in, it started pouring.

So I went out during what I thought would just be another longer rain delay.

I ran 6 miles along the river trail, aiming for 8:12/mile. Once again, I ran them too fast — a 7:50/mile average — which really defeats the purpose of these pace runs! I can’t run that pace for a whole marathon.

When I got back, it was still pouring in Daytona. They wound up postponing it until today.

Before it started today, I met Clark at his office on his lunch break and he hung out with Pepper while I did today’s easy run along the 101. It was another beautiful day and I did 5 miles at an 8:40/mile average.

And now I’m watching the 500. Looks like a much better day for a race in Florida.

February 14, 2020

Training for 2/14/20

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, Pepper and I met Clark at lunchtime again, but not to run. We all went to Pizza Port because Clark found out there was a keg of Pliny the Younger there and they tapped it at 11 a.m.

This is a triple IPA brewed by Russian River, up north of San Francisco, that is only released once a year, for two weeks, in very limited quantities.

Pizza Port was packed. Not sure if it was because of that beer, but it really died down after the keg kicked.

Clark and I each got one before it was all gone.

I had to get a picture of Clark getting a picture of basically the only thing he ever uses his phone to take pictures of haha.

When those were gone, we each had one more different beer. Then he went back to his office and Pepper and I came home.

I had a leftover burger and that mini Bundt cake there in the picture. (Clark’s employer gave everyone a mini cake of their choice from Nothing Bundt Cakes for Valentine’s Day, and Clark let me have his. I picked lemon and it was delicious!)

I still wanted to get in the second short easy run I hadn’t done this week because I threw off my schedule when I took an extra rest day Monday. So to the gym Pepper and I went, for a treadmill run.

Not surprisingly, beer and cake wasn’t the greatest pre-run meal, and I didn’t feel so spiffy, but I did manage to get through all five miles at 8:57/mile pace before I had to use the bathroom at least.

The last three weekends, my long run has been 19, 20 and 32 miles, so this weekend, it’s time for a cutback. I’m meeting Karen just before sunrise tomorrow morning to do the first 14 of her 23-miler with her. Sunday, I have a pace run.

Sunday is also the DAYTONA 500!! NASCAR is back!

February 13, 2020

Training for 2/13/20

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Yesterday, I was supposed to do this week’s middle distance run, a 10-miler. I was planning to take Pepper with us for the group run in the evening, about 3 miles, so I just wanted to get in 7 on my own before it.

Clark offered to hang out with Pep while I ran on his lunch break. So I got to run along the 101 in Carlsbad.

It was a beautiful day for a run along the coast, but man, I still was not feeling it. Worse, I had some more digestive issues that required two bathroom stops less than a half-mile apart. After the second one, I just turned around and ran back, only getting in 5 miles at an 8:43/mile average.

Later in the afternoon, I met Clark at the gym and we did two more HIIT classes, which like the day before, felt way better than running had, and then we went to the group run meeting spot.

2:12 group run

Clark, Pepper and me with the rest of the Team Beast Mode members who came out for the run. The blur on the far left is a German short-haired pointer who also ran.

We did an out-and-back on a hilly route back toward the gym. Pepper seemed to lose interest quickly on the uphills haha. But he made up for it on the downhills, and we finished 3.3 miles at something like a 10:23/mile pace. That made 8.3 miles for the day for me. Not 10, but better than nothing.

Today, I had this week’s speed workout, seven hill repeats. Clark said I could run on his lunch break again, so once again, I ran on the 101 in Carlsbad.

I did my repeats on that uphill I’ve been complaining about in long runs and in the half marathon there last month. It’s about a quarter-mile long and there’s some traffic coming in and out of a beach parking lot, but it’s not too bad.

When I used to do repeats on the Sharptown bridge, I would take it easy on the way down the other side, but I decided to go bombing down the hill too after turning around today. Downhills can hurt, in your quads, if you don’t train for them too. I also got blisters at both Steamtown last fall and the Carlsbad Half Marathon from running downhills harder than I’m used to.

It was a tough workout. I was trying to run both ways as fast as possible. Each repeat, up and back down, got me a total of a half-mile, so I ran a total of 3.5 miles on that hill to get seven. My third full mile on the hill was a 7:03!

I kept passing these guys loading surfboards into their truck in the parking lot. My fifth time up the hill, they’d gotten the boards loaded and were about to take off as I was running by the truck, when I saw the driver stick his hand out the window for a high-five. That was a nice little boost!

The only feedback I ever got while running on the Sharptown bridge was from a woman who yelled at me from the riverbank to “Please be careful, honey! Oh please be careful!”

Anyway, I finally got in all seven repeats, then ran another mile back to the car to cool down. I ran a total of 5.5 miles at a 7:55/mile overall average.

IMG_2959 copy

Tree along that route that was decorated for Christmas, now decorated for Valentine’s Day.

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