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June 20, 2017

Training for 6/20/17

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Yesterday evening, I went out to run a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. They were calling for strong storms later that night, and the sky was a little gray to the west when I was leaving the house, but it was still hot and sunny overhead, so I thought I had plenty of time to get my run done before the storms arrived.

The first two miles were fine. Then I made a turn and was facing west again — holy crap that storm was moving quick! The sky was flat black and it looked like it was closing in fast. I got a little nervous.

The wind, which had been blowing pretty hard all day anyway, really started to noticeably pick up over the next few minutes. It was starting to feel ominous out there. Still though, I hadn’t seen any lightning or heard any thunder yet, so even if it did start to rain before I got home, big deal. I was already soaked in sweat again because of the humidity.

Then, not quite 2.5 miles into the run, the first huge lightning bolt streaked across the sky. OH SHIT. Wind and rain are one thing, but I don’t mess with lightning.

Just as it was starting to sprinkle, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a car pulling to a stop next to me. Two women asked if I wanted a ride home. I didn’t think twice and jumped right into the back seat. Just as I was pulling shut the door, the bottom fell out of the sky.

It cranked up immediately to an absolute downpour. And the lightning! There was so much of it. It was the only thing we could see out of the windshield.

It turned out I sorta knew both of the women in the car — one I’ve stopped and spoken to when I came across her walking her dogs when I was out running early one morning, and the other did my hair for my best friend’s wedding in 2005. I’ve been running past her salon on one of my regular routes for the eight years.

That was the first time I’ve needed a ride home from a stranger, and boy was I glad they showed up when they did and offered me one!

When I got home, I turned on the news, and there was a freaking tornado WARNING just north of my house. Coincidentally enough, when I told Clark about the warning, he said he just had a dream the other night that our house got blown off its foundation by a tornado, but the garage was fine. Luckily, nothing got blown away by any tornadoes last night.

Anyway, this morning, the storms had moved out and it was a really beautiful day. The humidity felt a little lower and the temperature wasn’t so unbearably hot either.

I went out and ran a lap around the 7.3-mile loop, and when I got home, I took the bike out and rode the 29.2-mile route. Other than having to clean up dog poop BOTH TIMES upon my return, it was a very enjoyable morning.

I guess the next time I go for a run it’ll be in San Francisco! I’ll be back next week.

June 19, 2017

Father’s Day 5K recap

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I wrote out this whole blog post yesterday so I could just copy and paste it here this morning, and then some moron emailed me a corrupted file that seems to have completely broken Libre Office on this computer, so I can’t get to it. Thanks, moron!

Anyway, the general gist of what I wrote was that it was a hot and nasty weekend here and as result, running was very “character-building,” in the way Calvin’s dad constantly referred to it.

calvin and hobbes character

I had a couple of slow, crappy runs, including one that was on the clock and thus will live on the internet forever.

The first one was Saturday. I decided I was going to run the 11.2-mile loop — first double-digit run since the St. Michaels half a month ago, first solo double-digit training run since April.

I’m not sure this can really be counted as a “run,” per se. It was almost 10 a.m. when I finally left the house, and the humidity was like a blanket. I let myself take a walk break whenever necessary, which was a LOT, since not being able to breathe at all makes it so hard to maintain any kind of pace. It took me almost as long to finish 11.2 miles as it’d taken Dave to finish 13.1 last Sunday.

When I did make it home, I was absolutely sopping wet, and no, it hadn’t rained at all, and I didn’t come across any running irrigation systems. It had all come from within my own body. I was leaving wet footprints across the floor and I could wring out a substantial amount of water from my shorts and bra before I rinsed them out. Gross!

There was one bright spot though — I never had to use the bathroom, in spite of the heat and the junk food (specifically, hot wings) I’d eaten the day before, a combination that usually guarantees trouble. The only thing I did differently was to carry Roctane, instead of plain water, in my handheld. Maybe I just found the key. I will definitely be trying that again!

That afternoon, I helped Clark finish up pulling all the weeds from the “flower beds” (patches of dirt around our house that aren’t technically part of the yard, in which most people would probably plant something) and then we spent the rest of the evening at home in the air conditioning.

Sunday, my alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. for the Father’s Day 5K. It got off to a great start — when I went outside to get my shoes, not only did it feel every bit as hot and humid already as it had the day before, my shoes were still damp from Saturday’s run. Great!

TK is on vacation right now and therefore wasn’t meeting me at my house at 6. Since I didn’t have someone counting on me to be on time, I was late leaving the house, and then I realized a mile and a half down the road I’d forgotten my running hat, so I had to go back. As a result, by the time I got to Rehoboth, I only had time to get my race bib and event T-shirt, tie on my already-wet shoes and hit the bathroom for a quick pee before I had to be in the starting pack.

I did try to jog a short warmup from the bathroom to the start line. It was less than a block and I couldn’t even make it that far before my breathing felt ragged and useless.

We got the starting commands and took off. There’s not much to say about the race. It was as awful as I’d expected. My first mile was OK — 7:15 — but then I fell off big time. Mile 2 was 7:43, and even with the finish line finally in sight, I could only manage a 7:41 for mile 3.

2017 fathers day 5k finish

Coming to the finish.

I crossed the line in 23:27, a 7:32/mile average pace — slower than my average pace in a 5-mile race three weeks ago. Woof!

I sat down to catch my breath and drink a couple small bottles of water they were handing out at the finish line, and then went off to do a longish cool down. I walked a lot of that too. I wound up doing 2.5 miles more, and it took so long, they were about to start the awards when I got back.

Much to my surprise, I won my age group. The awards this year were again those cheesy runner trophies I love so much.


I was also the seventh of 138 female finishers, and 54th of 322 overall.

I got my customary post-race iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts and headed home, where Clark was doing more yard work in the heat. I cut the grass while he did the weed-eating.

That afternoon, after I’d written the blog post that I can’t retrieve now, I went over to see my dad for Father’s Day. We watched the NASCAR race from Michigan. Jimmie stupid Johnson didn’t win, so I was happy, and Kyle Busch, who my dad calls “Bucky” for some reason, didn’t win either, so my dad was happy.

Clark had gone to the beach house to see his dad, and got home late last night, then left early this morning for a work thing. I won’t see him again until he gets home tomorrow night, and then we’re all leaving very early Wednesday morning for California. Can’t wait!

Today, I would like to get in a lap around the 4.5-mile loop, but at this point it’s probably going to have to wait until early evening, because I had some stuff to finish up for work this morning and it’s gotten blazing hot out there again.

June 16, 2017

Training for 6/16/17

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I’ve just done a couple of short easy runs the past two days — 4.5 miles yesterday, 3 miles today. It’s been hot by the time I’ve gotten around to going outside to run. I’ve really got to get back into running first thing in the morning on a regular basis.

This weekend, I’d like to do a longer run tomorrow, maybe 10 or 11 miles, and then Sunday, I’ve got the Father’s Day 5K in Rehoboth, the first 5K I’m running in the summer series. And of course, I’ll go see my dad at some point that day too.

June 14, 2017

Training for 6/14/17

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Today, I again didn’t get up in time to run before a very early assignment for work, but I was done with that in time to get back home and run before it got too late in the morning.

It was still pretty hot when I went out to run anyway. Hot enough I took my handheld water bottle with me, and just about finished it off before I got back from a lap around the 5.5-mile loop. It wasn’t so long ago I could run double that without so much as a sip!

June 13, 2017

Training for 6/13/17

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I have a feeling today is going to turn into a rest day. I didn’t get up in time to run before an early assignment this morning, and while I have plenty of time to do it this afternoon if I want, it’s already really hot out there again. We’ll see!

Today they posted the race pictures from Eagleman. First, the Swim-Bike-Runny Schmidts:

kara coming up ramp

Kara definitely walking up the ramp after the swim exit haha.

kara crossing under swim finish

They say this is Kara crossing under the swim finish arch but the screenshot is so tiny I’ll just take their word for it.

me on bike somewhere on course

On my bike somewhere out on the course.

me on my bike horizontal

Having a good time about halfway through.

me on bike back in town

Smiling near the end because I know I don’t have to run a half marathon.

The ones of Dave are the best though. They got this great picture of him running out of the transition area at the beginning, like, “Yeah, this is going to be awesome!”

dave at beginning of run

Running is my favorite!

But then, 13 miles later:

dave at end of run


Reality had clearly set in!

Then he heard Kara and me yelling at him:

dave pointing at kara and me

And the announcer said our team name, so he finished happy too:

dave finish

They got some great pictures of Clark too.

clark swim end

Swim exit.

clark on bike

On his bike.

clark finishing run

Coming to the finish line.

Speaking of Clark, last night he told me a story. We’d both taken the afternoon off to go to the beach, and we were driving home through Selbyville. Clark asked if I knew how the town got its name. I said I didn’t.

Clark said it was named for Mr. Selby, a guy who’d caused a tragic three-school bus pile up that killed 150 children, because he was so upset his wife had beaten him in a penny-farthing race and then blogged about it for all the world to read.

mr selby

Mr. Selby on his penny-farthing.

Never mind that penny-farthings, school buses and blogging have never existed in the same era haha. Clark insisted it was a true story. When we drove past a cemetery, he said that was where all the school children had been buried.

The moral of the story — don’t beat your husband in a bike race and then blog about it, I guess?

June 12, 2017

Eagleman recap

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The Swim-Bike-Runny Schmidts had a successful Eagleman relay debut, Clark and Bart both shaved a chunk off their times from last year for the individual event, and even though Clark’s dad missed the swim cutoff and therefore didn’t get an official time, he finished the bike and the run anyway and got his finisher’s medal.

Personally, I made it through the bike leg without pissing off any other racers, falling off my bike, dropping anything, getting any drafting penalties, making any wrong turns or getting any flat tires, and in a faster time than I’d hoped.

So all in all, a pretty good day in spite of the typical Eagleman heat and humidity.

Back to the beginning.

Saturday morning, Clark ran one last easy 2-miler, and then I ran an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop, and that would be it until the race the next morning.

Dave, Kara and I all had to check in together as a team, and Dave had something to do in the mid-afternoon, so I went to Cambridge around noon to meet them. Check-in was quick and easy at Sailwinds Park, and then we drove down to Great Marsh Park to check out the layout of the transition area.

The relay is definitely an afterthought at Eagleman – I think about 2,200 people sign up to do the whole triathlon individually, but there were only maybe 100 relay teams. This was most apparent when we asked a volunteer captain in the transition area where the relay members were supposed to meet to pass off the timing chip during the race, and he gave us a blank look, like he didn’t even know there was a relay haha.

We walked back to see where I’d be racking my bike, which was right next to a fenced off area inside the transition area with a flag that said RELAY. I think we found it!

Anyway, after we figured out where everything was, we made plans for when and where to meet the next morning and we headed home.

Dave had ridden with me to Cambridge. On the way home, he said he’d been listening at the expo to the athlete briefing, and they’d said no electronics – phones, iPods, etc. – were allowed on the bike. Then he said, “But I can wear my headphones on the run, right?” Poor guy was devastated when he found out that was strictly forbidden! His whole plan for getting through the run was to blast Breaking Benjamin.

As soon as I got home, I got all my stuff packed for the next day, Clark and I loaded up the truck and we went right back to Cambridge. He checked in at Sailwinds, and then we went to Great Marsh to check in our bikes into transition.

I saw what Clark meant about feeling like he’d brought a donkey to the Kentucky Derby last year haha. Mine wasn’t the cheapest bike there – I saw a few that had cages instead of clip-in pedals, and one of the other relay teams basically had a beach cruiser with chrome fenders – but it was definitely on the lower end. Most people had triathlon bikes, and quite a few had solid disc rear wheels, which cost almost as much as my whole freaking bike did. I will never get over how much money you can easily spend on triathlons, especially the bike!

Bart had ridden his bike down there to meet us and check his in, and then we all drove back to his and Marybeth’s house, where Clark and I were staying again Saturday night.

That night, we all went to Snapper’s for dinner, and we were all in bed by 9.

Except for when I had to pee at 2:30 a.m., I slept through the night pretty well. The alarm went off at 5.

Dave and Kara both parked near Bart’s house around 6, and we all loaded up in Bart’s truck so Marybeth could drop us off as close to Great Marsh as possible.

The park was a madhouse, as everyone rushed around to get body markings (bib number on your arms, age or an ‘R’ for relay on your calf), set up their transition areas and hit the port-o-potty one last time.

When Clark came over to give me the bike tire pump, he also gave me a 60-second explanation of how to fix a flat with the tools in the little bag under my seat. I didn’t remember a word of it! I just crossed my fingers my first flat tire would pick a different day to show up.

With my bike ready to go, we asked someone to take our team picture before Kara got in her swim wave.

SBRS before race

Runner, biker, swimmer.

Kara was in the fourth of 19 swim waves. They let go the pro men, then the pro women, then women 50 and older, and then all the relay teams and men 55 to 59 years old. And that was it, the Swim-Bike-Runny Schmidts were off!

Kara figured it would take her 30 to 40 minutes to finish. When the pros started coming out of the water, I wished Clark and Bart luck (whose swim waves left about 45 minutes after Kara’s) and got in the relay pen.

I didn’t have to wait too long before I saw Kara come running into transition – her time was 36 minutes for the 1.2-mile swim. Dave later said he’d been at the swim exit when she came out of the water, and he yelled at her to hustle up when he saw her walking out while everyone else was running haha. It’s a race!

We got the timing chip transferred from Kara’s ankle to mine, and I grabbed my bike and headed out to the bike course.

You have to walk (or run) your bike through the transition area. There’s a marked line outside it you have to cross before you can mount and take off. I guess I was nervous, because anyone watching me would have thought it was my first time trying to clip in ever – I whacked my right ankle hard on the pedal somehow and almost ran into the back tire of the bike in front of me when the guy on it didn’t take off haha. I had to just stop for a second and take a breath, and I heard a volunteer say, “That’s smart!” haha. Geez. Calm down, self! I finally got myself clipped in and took off.

As I was riding out of town, I realized I hadn’t started the timer on my watch. When I went to do that, I found out I’d never cleared out the 3:14 from the last practice ride of the course three weeks earlier. Then I couldn’t remember how to do that, on a watch I’ve been wearing for eight years! Somehow I managed to get the timer cleared out and started over, but I didn’t know how many minutes I’d already been riding.

Both times I rode the whole course before, it was cool and windy. Yesterday wasn’t windy, but it was much hotter. I brought three GUs and two bottles of Roctane. The plan was to take a swig of Roctane at every mileage marker, which were at 5-mile intervals, and eat a GU at each of three rest stops, with water they were handing out there. I didn’t want to hit a wall like I had about 16 miles from the end of the last practice ride.

The first few miles, I was still pretty hyped up, worrying about drafting penalties and getting in the way of a much faster rider, and could feel my breathing getting out of control. By the time we passed the 5-mile marker though, I’d settled down.

So, for pretty much the entire 56-mile course, I got passed by dudes on tri bikes. Every now and then I’d pass a relay rider or one of the older age group athletes who’d started in the wave ahead of or with Kara, but mostly it was age group guys who’d started in the waves behind Kara catching me and blowing by. The ones with the solid rear wheels sounded like a small car coming up from behind. I’m happy to report none of them had to yell at me to get to the right – I knew that was where I belonged haha.

I was making good time though (for me.) Even though I’d started my watch late, I was checking my 5-mile intervals at the markers, and I knew I was on track to hit my 3:05 to 3:10 goal. I kept up with my drinking and GU-eating schedule the whole way too.

The heat wasn’t as much of a factor as I’d feared either. I was sweating my face off by mile 1.5, yes, but I never felt uncomfortable. It wasn’t like running in heat, when I feel like I’m being cooked from the inside out and might spontaneously combust if I don’t slow down.

I did briefly stop three times though – at the second and third aid stations, so I could eat my GU and down as much of the water bottle I’d just grabbed from a volunteer before tossing it, as I didn’t have an open cage on my bike to hold it; and then at about mile 43, so I could swap my empty bottle of Roctane, which was in a cage I could reach while pedaling, with the full one, which was in the cage I couldn’t.

Having ridden the whole course twice before was a big help. I knew where all the landmarks were, knew about how far I had between turns, and about how far I had left to go. It flew by yesterday too, probably because I was constantly passing or getting passed by other people. There was always something to do!

I saw course officials out looking for drafting twice. They were riding on motorcycles. I never saw them hand out any penalties though.

I didn’t see any officials around when what seemed like the entire male 35-39 age group went blowing by me in a peleton haha. I’m curious how they handle that many people drafting at once!

Before I knew it, we were almost to the end. The bike course joined the run course for a few miles. The winning guy had run through already, but a lot of the other top guys were out around mile 8 and 9 when I rode through. I could hear their shoes squelching, on the other side of the road, over all the noise from my own bike, the bikes around me and passing vehicles. Talk about a sweat fest! I was so glad I was going to get to hand off the timing chip to Dave and let him deal with that.

A couple more turns and I was back in town, with a mile to go. I checked my watch – 2:50-something. Again, I didn’t know exactly what my time was since I’d started the watch late, but could I actually finish in less than three hours?

The line on the pavement outside transition was also where you had to dismount before walking/running your bike back to its rack. If I’d looked like a newb trying to get on my bike on the way out, I looked like a total shitshow trying to get off it!

After three hours of pedaling my ass off, I was wasted, but I didn’t know it until I tried to get off the bike. As soon as I unclipped my right foot, the whole calf seized up in a very painful charley horse, and I almost fell over. Somehow I stayed upright and got off the bike, but when I tried to walk forward while pushing the bike, I nearly dropped it.

I managed to start moving forward in a straight line, but I could barely move! I really wanted to run the bike back to the rack, but it was not happening. I could see Dave waving his arms at me in the relay pen, imploring me to hurry up, but I seriously could not move any faster!

I had to rack the bike, another Herculean task, before I could give the chip to Dave. Finally he had the chip and I was DONE.

Clark had told me I’d be so pumped after that bike ride I wouldn’t want to give the chip to someone else to run. Well, he was wrong haha. I could barely walk out of transition down to the water to soak my legs. There was no way in hell I wanted to try to cover a half marathon!

I mean, I knew a half Ironman had to be hard, especially on a day as hot as Eagleman always is, but damn do I have so much more respect for everyone who does the whole thing on their own, after feeling as trashed as I did after doing just the bike. And the loons who do the full Ironman triathlons are just on another level.

Anyway, Kara and I hung out in the water for a bit, which felt spectacular. Then I changed out of my sweaty bike clothes, which felt even better. We talked to a woman there who was waiting for her friend to finish, who asked me if I’d just won the race haha. Not quite!

Kara pulled up my bike split on her phone: 2:58!!

I did it! I really thought 3:05 would be pushing it, but I freaking broke three hours! I was seriously pumped about that.

About a half-hour before Dave thought he’d finish, Kara and I found a spot along the finisher’s chute to watch. It was so HOT. And we were just sitting there!

Dave was a little slower than he’d thought he’d be, which didn’t surprise me, given the heat, but he still came in at 1:57, with a “holy-shit-I-will-never-do-this-again” look on his face haha.

Kara and I cheered for him as the finish line announcer said, “And here’s another relay team – the Swim-Bike-Runny Schmidts!”

Our total time was 5:39:17, and we placed 13th among all relay teams. (They don’t break down the relays into gender groupings.)

We found some shade to sit down, chill out and trade war stories from our different legs. After Dave came out of his daze, it sounded like he actually might be up to do it again next year. We all agreed we definitely don’t want to do the whole thing by ourselves. The relay is enough!

A while later, Mom and Julie stopped by the park. They were there when we heard the finish line announcer call Clark’s name as he finished.

He didn’t quite have the day he’d wanted, mostly because of the run, but Clark still took an hour off his time from last year, finishing in 6:38.

And I have to mention this – his bike split was 2:59. That’s right, I was a minute faster than Clark!

When we were in high school 100 years ago, he scored 10 points better on the SAT than I did, and I’m still hearing about that today, so I finally have a rebuttal haha.

I mean yes, I could barely walk after it, while he went and ran a half marathon, but STILL. I WAS A MINUTE FASTER.

Mom took some pictures of us.

SBRS after

Swimmer, biker, runner — done!

SBRS plus clark

The relay team, plus Clark, who did everything the three of us did all by himself.

Bart finished a little bit later, having taken about a half hour off his time from last year. He and his family went to get our trucks so we could drive our bikes back to his house. And then Clark’s dad finished too.

He hadn’t made the swim cutoff, so he was technically a DNF, but he finished the rest of the course anyway and got a medal, so there’s that.


Finisher Clarks.

When the trucks got back to the park, we got all our stuff out of transition and went back to Bart’s house, where I took the best shower I’ve had in a long time. It felt so good to wash off all those layers of scuzzy dried sweat!

We all watched the end of the Pocono race, which Ryan Blaney won – his first Cup win – and then Clark, his dad and I went to Stoked for dinner. After we dropped off Clark’s dad and picked up Pepper, we came home and went straight to bed.

Last year, the day after Eagleman was beautiful. The humidity disappeared and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees to something bearable. Not this year! It’s going to be just as hot the next few days, so I got up early and ran an easy 3-miler.

My ankle still hurts from smacking it on my pedal, but other than that, I felt fine running today. I didn’t want to do another 10 miles in that heat though. Three was enough.

June 9, 2017

Training for 6/9/17

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Eagleman weekend is here!

Yesterday, I ran a lap around the 5.5-mile loop. I was thinking about taking out my bike for one last short ride after that, but when I got home, Pepper laid on the guilt trip big time, so I didn’t leave him again.

Clark got home late last night. This morning, I could go for a longer run without feeling bad about leaving Pepper alone again.

After an unseasonably cool week since Monday, it’s warming up here again. Today wasn’t too bad yet, but tomorrow and Sunday – race day – are supposed to get pretty uncomfortable. Perfect! As far as I can tell, it wouldn’t be Eagleman if it didn’t feel like the surface of the sun.

Anyway, today’s run wasn’t so great. I felt dehydrated. I kept getting cramps and side stitches in my upper body and stomach. Legs felt fine though.

I muddled through a lap around the 8.4-mile loop. I haven’t had a single beer since about lap 375 during the NASCAR race five days ago, so I guess I just haven’t been drinking enough water. I will try to fix that before my bike leg Sunday.

When I got home, I did a little strength training, ab exercises, push-ups and a minute in the invisible chair.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll probably do one last short easy run, but other than that, I’m done with training for this relay.

I think I’m ready! I know Kara is, and I’m pretty sure Dave is – he said he ran about 13 miles, maybe a little more or a little less, this past Monday, and he felt good. The thing is, it was about 30 degrees cooler Monday than it’s going to be by the time he starts running Sunday. He says he prefers running in heat though, so he’ll have plenty of that.

Tomorrow afternoon, we all have to meet in Cambridge to check in as a team together. Then I’ll go back later with Clark so he can check in, we’ll check in our bikes in the transition area, and then we’re staying at Bart and Marybeth’s again tomorrow night. Pepper is hanging out with Clark’s mom again.

The only thing I’m nervous about for the race is the drafting thing. I don’t want to get penalized. I don’t think it’ll be nearly as hard to avoid as I’m worrying it is though.

When I run a race, I’m used to being around a lot of other people running about the same pace. The two times I’ve ridden the Eagleman course with a large number of other people, it hasn’t been like that. Everyone’s doing their own thing, and it gets spread out. When I’ve caught people, I’ve passed them quickly, and when I’ve been caught, I’ve always been passed quickly too. And I have a feeling I’ll be the one getting caught a lot more than the other way around this time haha.

Wish the Swim-Bike-Runny Schmidts luck! And Clark, Bart and Clark’s dad, as they do the whole thing themselves. Should be a fun time!

June 7, 2017

Training for 6/7/17

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I’ve just done a couple of short easy runs yesterday and today, both laps around the 4.5-mile loop. I also did some strength training today before I ran — ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and I lifted with the weight plates.

June 5, 2017

Training for 6/5/17

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This post is very late because I spent the entire day first following around a U.S. senator for several hours while he talked to people, and then writing a story for tomorrow’s paper about what was said. I don’t want to hear or write the word “funding” again for a very long time.


Friday night, Clark and I went to the official grand opening party at Dogfish Head’s new brewpub, and we had such a good time, we didn’t get home until nearly 1 a.m.

Saturday morning, Clark’s alarm went off at 5. He then set a new world record for most consecutive snooze alarms — nearly three hours’ worth haha. It wouldn’t have been a big deal at all, except we were supposed to pick up his dad at 6ish, and be in Cambridge to meet Bart between 6:30 and 7, so the schedule got thrown off for everyone.

Well, better late than never. We finally got to Cambridge around 10 for the practice sprint tri. Clark, his dad and Bart set up a transition area before they went out for a half-mile swim.

They got back and got ready as quickly as possible for the bike. I took off behind Clark and Bart.

We were only going to do about 15 miles, an out-and-back, so I had to keep those two in my sights, so I could see where to turn around, since I wasn’t wearing a Garmin.

The ride out was pretty tough, thanks to the wind. I managed to keep just close enough to see where they’d turned around. When I reached the same intersection and made the U-turn too, it suddenly got MUCH easier to ride, with the wind at my back.

I was flying along, even gaining a little on those two. I wound up rolling into the park right behind them. I think Clark said we rode a hair over 16 miles in 52 minutes.

We all changed into running shoes and took off for what was supposed to be about a 5K run. Again, not knowing where I was going, I just kept up with Clark.

We ran what wound up being 3.4 miles at a progressively faster pace. I think it averaged out to 8:06/mile.

And that was the practice tri. Clark was pleased with his times for the most part. The second transition was slow, but that was because we had to lock up the bikes before we could leave, which they won’t have to do in the actual race.

Clark, his dad and I went to RAR after, for what has become the obligatory post-training beer and lunch.

When we got home, Pepper and his explosive ass had absolutely destroyed the utility room. It took almost an entire roll of toilet paper, several paper towels, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and just about all the time I had before I had to leave for the 5K to clean it all up. Truly an impressive show.

I left around 3:45 p.m. for the 3rd Wave Brewing 5K, which started at 5. It was hot and sunny and a little breezy. I really didn’t feel like running again, but I’d paid for it and my friend Melissa was going to be there.

I got there and found Melissa pretty much immediately. I thought I’d put in some training that morning, but she had me beat — she’d done a 15-mile long run and then cleaned her house all day!

Melissa and her friend Rick talked me into a little warm up. We ran about a mile easy, which felt clunky, and then got in the starting pack.

I’d thought we were just going to take this one easy, but Melissa had a different idea. She knew she wouldn’t get close to a PR, but she still wanted to run hard. So when we got the commands and she took off, I did too.

This course is a boring out-and-back through residential streets in Delmar. The first mile felt like two, but I finished it in 7:15.

I was fourth female, behind Melissa, when we hit the turnaround. I slowly reeled her in over the next mile, even though I slowed down — mile 2 was 7:25.

2017 3rd wave 5k mile 2

Mile 2ish.

I caught up to her with about a half-mile to go, ran with her a bit and then pulled away. I slowed down even more, finishing mile 3 in 7:40, and finished the whole thing in 23:15, a 7:30/mile overall average. Talk about positive splitting a race!

Melissa finished a few seconds behind me and we both headed straight for the port-o-potties haha. She said that was the first time she’d ever been afraid she was going to have an accident while running, but that’s an everyday occurrence for me, so I wasn’t too worried about it.

After we got that taken care of, we both changed into dry shirts and hit the post-race party. Is there anything better after a race on a hot day than free beer?

2017 3rd wave 5k post race beer

Melissa and me on the right.

When they announced the awards, Melissa was overall female masters winner, and I won my age group (of 31 runners), so we both got another mini growler.

2017 3rd wave 5k f30-34 awards

Me, with the other two winners in the F30-39 age group.

2017 3rd wave melissa me and mike

Melissa and me with Mike, another local runner, who was the overall male masters winner.

Melissa and I got our growlers filled with Sandstorm.

2017 3rd wave 5k growler filled

My favorite!

And then I went home. One of Clark’s coworkers had come over to try to get the Crown Vic started. Clark’s mom said he could have the car for nothing if he could move it. Well, it was still sitting there, not going anywhere, when I got home. He swears he’s going to get it started and take it.

He hung out long enough after I got home for me to polish off my age group award.

Sunday, Clark got up really early, to pack, before he had to leave for the airport to fly out to San Diego. Around 9, Mike picked me up and we headed up to Dover, because it was RACE DAY!

The weather turned out to be fine. It was still supposed to storm, but not until after midnight, so yesterday was warm and sunny.

I sent Clark a picture of our tailgate without him.

sad tailgate

We grilled up some burgers. My family stopped by to take a few off our hands, and then we all went to the track.

It was a pretty good race, until the end. I don’t know how that jerk always pulls it off, but Jimmie stupid Johnson came along and won the damn thing again. That’s ELEVEN times he’s won at Dover. Except for June 2012, when Clark was in the hospital after his first surgery, I have been there to suffer through all of them live and in person. I AM TIRED OF IT.

Almost immediately, I got text messages from both my brother and my younger sister, claiming they’d seen me on TV flinging my arms up in frustration after he won. Well, I DVR’d a replay of the race last night, and when I checked it myself this morning, it was just some other random white chick with a ponytail mad about the ending haha.

Today, all I had time for was the aforementioned work assignment. When I left the house this morning, I noticed our mailbox had gotten whacked again. I think this one made it about seven months in one piece, which is probably a record, but now it’s misshapen and missing the door. At least this time whoever hit it didn’t hit it hard enough to knock it off the post.

Eagleman is only six days away! Currently the weather forecast for Sunday is 86 and sunny. Sounds OK!

June 2, 2017

Training for 6/2/17

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Today is my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary!

Yesterday, I did a little strength training and then ran an easy 3-miler.

Later that morning, my mom and sister picked me up, and we went to Fenwick Island for the day. It was another perfect beach day with minimal crowds.

fenwick island

A lot of sea grass had washed up on the beach for some reason.

mom and julie on the beach

Mom and Julie.

Today, I got out pretty early again for a run, and did an easy lap around the 5.5-mile loop.

Tomorrow, I’m joining Clark, his dad and Bart for a little practice tri in Cambridge. Well, I’m going along for the bike and the run. No swim, thanks.

They’re going to do sprint tri distances — half-mile swim, 15-mile bike, 5K run — and try to move through the transitions between each leg as quickly as possible, to get ready for Eagleman, a week from Sunday. Until now, we’ve just been dilly-dallying between the different legs.

Then I’m running the 3rd Wave 5K in Delmar in the evening. My friend Melissa, who also ran this one last year, said she’s feeling a little burnt out after running two crappy races, so I suggested just running this one for fun, no pressure. We both won mini growler age group awards last year; do we really need another? And the beer afterwards is free whether you ran your hardest or not.

Sunday is a rest day, because it’s the Dover NASCAR race! Clark is skipping it, to fly to San Diego for a conference. Loser haha. Anyway, Mike and I are going up early, as usual, to tailgate, and then the rest of my family will meet us there. The weather forecast over the last two days went from rain, to thunderstorms, to clear, to storming again, so I guess we’ll just see what we get.

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