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December 8, 2017

Training for 12/8/17

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This morning, I knocked out the long run I had scheduled for this weekend. It’s a cutback week, so it was just an 8-miler. I did an easy but very cold lap around the 8.4-mile loop. It’s supposed to start snowing later today, lasting into tomorrow, and it sure feels and looks like it out there. I absolutely loathe snow, so I am not looking forward to this. Also, since we’re still a couple weeks out from the calendar start of winter, it worries me a little what the actual season is going to be like.

Anyway… when I got home, I checked the mailbox. There was only one thing in it:

ALQ postcard

It’s a postcard from the race dictator of the Algonquin 50K, which I ran this past February, pestering me to sign up for the next one. I was planning to run it again, and, no lie, it was the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning, for some reason. And then I found this in the mailbox. Felt like a sign. So I just registered.

It also made me remember I don’t have any trail shoes right now. I threw out my last pair after I did that 7K trail run in August. The impending snow reminded me too — I usually run in trail shoes on the road when it snows. They seem to have just enough traction. So I gotta find some New Balance trail shoes on sale somewhere.

And finally, the free professional race pictures from Rehoboth were uploaded late yesterday. Here are a few of mine:

2017 rehoboth half marathon mile 2

Midway through the second mile.

2017 rehoboth half marathon mile 10

After grabbing a cup of water at mile 10. (I saw the photographer there and waited until I’d passed him to slow to a walk so I could drink it.)

2017 rehoboth half marathon finish

Finish line.

And here are some of Clark’s and his dad’s:

2017 rehoboth half marathon both clarks

Both of them (his dad is 1133 in the background) around mile 5, I think.

2017 rehoboth half marathon clark mile 10

The face you make when you’ve still got three miles to run and your shoes are giving you the worst blisters of your life haha.

2017 rehoboth half marathon mr clark finish

Clark’s dad finishing in 1:58.

2017 rehoboth half marathon clark finish

Clark just after his finish.

This weekend, I have another 6-miler to do, which I’d like to get done tomorrow if the roads aren’t too bad. I did the long run today because I’m signed up for the Ugly Sweater 5K in St. Michaels on Sunday morning, and I know I’m not going to feel like running farther than that.

Other than that, we’ve got a Friendsgiving dinner tomorrow night, and Sunday night, there’s a white elephant Christmas party at Dogfish Head for Mug Club members.


December 7, 2017

Training for 12/7/17

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Today, I did this week’s speed workout, four hill repeats. Which meant I actually drove to the Sharptown bridge for the first time in a long time.

I went out mid-morning, before the wind picked up. I did an easy mile on the flat road to warm up, then ran up and over the bridge four times.

I always think “oh, hill repeats, those’ll go by quick” and then I am sucking wind and hating life halfway up the bridge the first time. Today was no different. Four was more than enough!

Anyway, I did another mile to cool down, bringing today’s total to 4.2 miles at an 8:22/mile average. And when I got home, I put Pepper’s dork jacket on him and made him go up in the attic with me for a few minutes so I could do some push-ups and ab exercises, because I’m trying to get back into strength training too. We’ll see if it sticks.

December 6, 2017

Training for 12/6/17

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I am so tired of cleaning up dog poop!

Last night, when I got home from the meeting I had to cover, I instantly regretted giving Pepper another shot at staying in the house instead of getting locked in the utility room. He’d pooped all over the carpet, in two different spots, and then managed to shut himself in the utility room anyway, which he pooped in some more. I swear he holds it all day on purpose.

After scrubbing the carpet for a half hour, I decided he’d used up all his chances at staying in the whole house. So this afternoon, when I went out to do the middle distance run on the schedule, I locked him in the utility room.

I ran a decent lap around the 6.5-mile loop. It got quite a bit colder here since yesterday, but I’d waited until late enough in the day that the wind had mostly died, so it wasn’t too bad.

When I got home — more poop! But it was all on the linoleum floor, which is way easier to clean up than carpet.

I’m really glad I got some more Yankee Candles over the weekend from the outlet in Rehoboth. I’ve got a couple of them burning right now. I’d much rather smell Christmas Cookie than poop.

December 5, 2017

Training for 12/5/17

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I don’t have a whole lot to report today. Yesterday, I made Pepper go with me for an easy 3-miler. It was fine, but nothing exciting.

Today, I wound up putting off running altogether, because Clark left for a two-day business trip this morning, meaning Pepper will be alone this evening when I have to cover something for work. So I didn’t want to leave him alone this afternoon so I could do the 6-miler on the schedule. I wish I could sneak him into the meeting I have to go to tonight!

December 4, 2017

Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon recap

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I impressed myself a little in my half marathon this weekend. I went out running a pace I thought was too fast and figured I was in for a “fly and die” race — but I never hit the “die” part, and I finished in 1:42:34, even with the traditional mid-race bathroom stop in the woods along the trail in the second half.

While that’s nowhere near the PR (1:37) I set back in the days when I actually did the speed work in my training plans, it’s the fastest half I’ve run since that PR race in February 2013. Maybe it’s finally time to stick to my training plans again.

Anyway, going back to the beginning of the weekend… Friday evening, Clark and I were getting ready to leave for Rehoboth. Since NONE of my fellow slores could make it this weekend, I made him pose with me in Corc’s tiara as an honorary slore, so I could send them all the picture and make them feel horribly guilty for abandoning me like that haha. It worked!

honorary slore

Clark’s dad picked up Pepper, who spent the weekend with him and Clark’s mom, and then we hit the road.

Our group rented the same house as last year. It’s a two-minute walk from the finish line and post-race party tent, and only a slightly longer walk to the start. It’s perfect.

I’m pretty sure we were the last ones there, as usual. It’s always fun to walk into the house and see a bunch of my internet friends in real life! The only new face this year was Randy. He definitely fit right in — I think he and Clark had the highlight moment of the weekend Saturday night. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

After we dropped our stuff at the house and made the rounds saying hi to everyone, Clark and I went down to packet pick-up to get his dad’s and our race bibs and shirts. That took 30 seconds, and then we went back to the house, where Chris had made a bunch of different delicious lasagnas for everyone, which was really cool of her. I had some of a veggie one and a chunk of one with ground beef, plus a couple pieces of garlic bread.

After dinner, Clark and I weren’t ready for bed just yet, so we went to Dogfish Head. I had two Namastes, and we wound up ordering some appetizers too. Gotta top off the tank, you know. I got a sweet potato souffl√©. It was really sweet — it had six huge marshmallows melted on top — and I knew all that sugar was a terrible idea the night before a long race, but it was so good! I ate the whole thing.

When we got back to the house, everyone else had already turned in, so we went to bed too. I set out my race outfit and set my alarm for 5:45 a.m.

I slept fine until people started milling around in the kitchen very early the next morning (our bedroom was the only one on the ground floor.) It felt like I’d been hearing voices for quite a while when I checked the time, and it still wasn’t even 5 yet. Damn, some of you people get up early! Of course, that might have something to do with why so many other runners seem to be able to get through a race without having to poop.

A bit before my alarm would’ve gone off anyway, I gave in and got up. I had a package of Belvita biscuits and a few glasses of water. I was able to use the bathroom before we left the house, but it didn’t feel like I was able to get everything out. I just knew I wasn’t going to get lucky and have a poop-free race. Oh well.

Clark’s dad met us at the house, and, about 15 minutes before the start, we all walked to the start line at the bandstand, near the end of Rehoboth Avenue. The weather was perfect for once! It was chilly just standing around, but not painfully cold like it’d been in Richmond, and, best of all, there was NO WIND. That hardly ever happens at the beach.

group before rehoboth

I’m peeking out from behind Rob’s hat. That’s Clark and his dad behind the group trying to avoid pictures but getting caught anyway haha.

I lined up with Brad, who said he’d be shooting for 1:45 in the half, and Carissa, who was running the full but had a wonky hamstring that might mess up her race. We were between the 1:40 and 1:50 pace groups.

I felt really good waiting for the gun to go off. Really relaxed, and I wasn’t nervous at all.

I didn’t even hear the start commands. The crowd just started moving forward, so I did too. About a minute after the gun, I crossed the line and we were off!

The first mile was a bit crowded, as usual. I tried to keep up with Brad as he weaved around some slower runners who’d started ahead of us. But I’m not very good at pushing my way through crowds, so it wasn’t long before I’d lost him.

Somewhere near the end of the first mile, I was running behind three people — two men and a woman — who were talking about a recent night of drinking. The woman said “Turns out I got roofied — it all made a lot more sense after I figured that out!” and one of the guys next to her said “Yeah, baby!” and then, a second later: “Wait — what?!”¬†Getting roofied is not a joke, but something about that guy’s delayed reaction just struck me as hilarious.

Right after that was the first mile marker. My Garmin reported a 7:52. Already under goal pace and it felt OK.

Mile 2 went past the ocean and down a stretch I know very well from all the 5Ks I run in Rehoboth. I hit the next mile marker in 7:38. Well then!

We ran into Gordon’s Pond State Park. I ran mile 3 in 7:40 and hit the 3-mile timing mat in 23:16, well under 1:45 goal pace. I thought I’d gone out too fast, but instead of backing off, I decided to just see how long I could hang on to it. Bank and bonk it is!

I made the U-turn around a pavilion in the parking lot. Right after that was the turn where the full marathon runners split off to run up to Cape Henlopen State Park, so Carissa was gone. Brad was running even farther under 8:00/mile pace than I was, and was too far ahead to try to catch up. I was on my own.

Mile 4 headed back toward Rehoboth. I saw Clark and Chris on their way to the U-turn, but I missed everyone else. A bit later I passed the mile 4 marker and my Garmin reported a 7:34 split.

I stopped for a couple seconds at a water stop just up the road, then ran down the long straightaway through a residential neighborhood that made up most of mile 5, which I ran in 7:43.

Past mile 5 was the next water stop, which was supposed to have GU too. Since they were handing them out on the course, I didn’t bring one with me to eat halfway through the race like I normally would. Unfortunately, when I got to the water stop, I completely missed the GUs. Clark later said they were there, and he got one, so that’s on me.

We ran through town toward the Breakwater and Junction trail. Mile 6 was still completely on pavement. I ran it in 7:38.

I stopped for a couple seconds again to drink some water at the next stop. Then we got to the trail head. There was a port-o-potty on either side. I thought about stopping, as my guts had started rumbling a little, but it hadn’t gotten bad yet so I decided to see how far I could make it instead.

I ran mile 7 in 7:48. Not far past that marker, the half marathon leader passed me on his way back to the finish line. I was running faster than I have in years, and I saw the leader way earlier on the trail than I usually do. I later saw he ran 1:13:01 — that dude was flying! Very impressive.

Not as impressive, unfortunately, was my ability to ignore my increasingly rumbly guts. As we ran across a long bridge over a creek in the next mile, things hit emergency levels. As soon as I got off that bridge and back into a wooded area, I made a 90-degree right turn and crashed through the woods to find a spot to take care of business.

I felt a LOT better after that stop as I rejoined the race! There’s a group that hangs a bunch of state and country flags over the trail and blasts music for the passing runners. I ran under those flags and finished mile 8 in 9:14.

I got right back to my sub-8 pace, finishing mile 9 in 7:38. I made the second U-turn. Heading toward the finish now, and just a 4-miler to go!

The next two miles were still all on the trail. It was a little harder to pass on the way back, as the bulk of the half marathon runners were coming at me on their way to the U-turn. I also stopped for some more water. I ran mile 10 in 7:48 and 11 in 7:40.

About halfway through the next mile, I finished the trail section. Just a mile and a half of pavement and I’d be at the finish line.

I was really feeling the lack of any calories since breakfast though. It felt like I was on E. I should’ve brought a GU with me. Oh well. Nothing I could do about that at that point.

I stopped again for a few seconds at another water stop. Just past that was the mile 12 marker. The Garmin reported another 7:40 split. One more freaking mile.

It felt like I was dragging ass, but I was still passing people as we got back on Rehoboth Avenue, then turned off it toward the finish line. I just kept pushing.

The worst part about this whole race is the finish line. You can’t see it until you’re pretty much on it, because it’s just around one last corner. It just makes the end feel so long.

I passed the mile 13 marker — 7:33! Fastest of the race! — made that last turn, and there it was.

I crossed the line and stopped my watch. 1:42:34!

getting shown up

The woman who finished right behind me definitely made for a better picture, so this one of me walking out of the frame while stopping my watch was all I got.

I was pretty happy, to say the least. Of course, as soon as I saw my time, and then the split from the mile I had to stop, I did the math to see how much better my time would’ve been if I hadn’t had to poop. I’d have been in the low 1:41 range.

ANYWAY. The real point here is that I can run faster than I think I can. It’s so true that running is 90 percent mental.

My time placed me ninth of 129 in the F 30-34 age group, 48th of 1,081 women and 186th of 1,685 total finishers.

I went to the house and changed into dry clothes, then went back to the post-race party tent. I found Clark, who ran 2:12 because his shoes caused some nasty blisters and he had to walk a bit of the last several miles, and his dad, who’d apparently been worried about even being able to finish, but pulled out a sub-2, running 1:58.

New this year was a beer ticket system. Last year, when the free beers were unlimited, there were a ton of nearly-full cups sitting around, and the taps ran out. This year, we all got three tickets each, attached to our after-party wristbands. Dogfish Head was the beer sponsor again, serving Sea Quench Ale and 60 Minute IPA. The taps never ran out and there was a lot less wasted beer sitting around, so I’d say it was a success.

Since we ran the half, we got there a lot earlier than some of our friends who were running the full, and we tore through our allotted tickets early. That, of course, did not stop Clark. He got to work hunting down other runners’ unused tickets. Neither of us were ever without a beer. In fact, we scored so many extra tickets, we had to give some away ourselves when we were ready to leave haha.

Eventually, everyone in our group finished and joined us in the beer tent. The post-race party at this race is one of the best I’ve ever seen! In addition to the beer, there’s a ton of free food, both breakfast and lunch options, and a DJ. We had a great time again.

rehoboth post race party

Again, I snuck in the back and Clark is nowhere to be seen.

Before we went back to the house, Clark and I walked to Dunkin Donuts and got coffee. Well, I got a latte and he got two shots of espresso. Then neither of us needed a nap, which was probably our next mistake.

We went out that night, first to Grotto’s for dinner:

rehoboth saturday night dinner

Clark’s in this one but he managed to blur out his own face.

Then we went to the Purple Parrot, where Clark signed up Randy to sing “Genie in a Bottle” when karaoke started. Even though I think Randy was joking about wanting to sing that, he stepped up when his name was called and serenaded Clark on the dance floor with a strong Christina Aguilera impression haha. That was the highlight of the weekend I mentioned earlier!

The bartender at the Purple Parrot made Clark a Manhattan that was basically just a large glass of rye whiskey. That was the last mistake of the night. When the group left the Purple Parrot to go to Conch Island, Clark said he couldn’t drink any more, so we went back to the house instead. We did make one last trip to Dogfish Head to get a couple of growlers filled to send home with John the next morning, to take to Corc, but after that we went straight to bed. So we missed the end of the night.

Sunday morning, I didn’t feel terrible, since I’d gone to bed so early. People started leaving in the morning, and trickled out to head home throughout the day.

When Clark got up, we went to Robin Hood for breakfast. Later, we went with everyone still at the house to Dogfish Head for lunch.

Clark had already decided he needed to go back to the house and lie down again when Chris took this group picture at lunch:

sunday brunch at dogfish head

After lunch, a bunch of us went down to the ocean to walk the boardwalk.

rehoboth sunday at the beach

The seven of us still in the house last night went to Stingray’s, a sushi place right next to the house, for the last dinner of the weekend.

And this morning, after we got the house cleaned up, the last group that had to go to the airport left. After being the last to arrive, Clark and I were the last to leave too.

Since we’re one of the only ones at the house who can drive to Rehoboth, we always get the leftover food and booze to bring home. We brought home more beer than we took, and among the leftover food was a nearly-full bag of Tailwind, an energy drink mix like the GU Roctane that I’ve found works really well for me. Score!

All in all, it was a very successful weekend!

rehoboth bibs and medals

And now it’s time for Shamrock Marathon training. I’m signed up for that Ugly Sweater 5K again, next Sunday, but that’s a prediction race and not one I take seriously, since I’ll have Pepper with me. I’m pretty much done with racing for a while.

Today, I don’t feel sore from the race, so I’ll do the short easy run and strength training on the schedule.

November 30, 2017

Training for 11/30/17

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Today, I capped off November with one last easy lap around the 5.5-mile loop before the Rehoboth Half Marathon in two days. Tomorrow is a rest day and Saturday is race day!

Right now, the weather looks pretty nice. No chance of rain, “light” wind and temperatures above freezing at sunrise at 7 a.m., which is when the race starts. I won’t be agonizing over what to pack and then tossing and turning all night, worried I didn’t bring the right stuff, which sounds like a huge improvement over the night before Richmond a few weeks ago.

My only sorta goal for this race is to run under 1:45, an 8:00/mile pace. The farther under that I can get, the better.

Earlier, I was in Rite Aid and I saw the latest addition to the Reese’s line up:

giant reeses

An entire pound of chocolate and peanut butter! Those things felt like two huge burger patties. I’m intrigued. I’m also sure I’d get sick before I finished the whole thing, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying haha.

Anyway, since today was the last day of the month, it’s summary time.


  • Week 1 (Nov. 1-4): 15.5 miles
  • Week 2 (Nov. 5-11): 47
  • Week 3 (Nov. 12-18): 4.5
  • Week 4 (Nov. 13-25): 28.7
  • Week 5 (Nov. 26-30): 29.9

Total: 125.6 miles

Not bad. My mileage fell off a cliff there between the second and third weeks, but that was to be expected with running a marathon and then recovering.

Speaking of the marathon, the only two races I ran this month both went really well — I ran my fastest marathon in years at Richmond, and then I ran by far my fastest 5K of this year last Saturday.

Looking to December, my mileage should start climbing again, since I’m now training for the Shamrock Marathon. The only race I’m registered for all month is Rehoboth, but I’ll probably do that free Ugly Sweater 5K in St. Michaels again, scheduled for Dec. 10, and maybe one more short race before the end of the year.

November 29, 2017

Training for 11/29/17

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Yesterday, I took Pepper with me for a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. Not far into the run, he picked up a 5-ft. stick with a bunch of smaller twigs still attached. He carried it the rest of the run, looking like the world’s tiniest 10-point buck haha. Considering deer firearm season just started Saturday, I was worried he was going to get us shot, but we made it through unscathed.

Today, I wanted to do this week’s middle distance run, a 6-miler, so I left Pepper home. Since I was only going to be gone less than an hour, I decided to let him have the whole house again. I went out through the front door instead of the side door, which I usually use.

The run was good. It was a really nice day, warm enough to comfortably wear shorts and a T-shirt. I ran an easy lap around the 6.5-mile loop.

When I got home, I went to open the front door — but Pepper had LOCKED IT. That door has a deadbolt; there’s no way to accidentally lock it and then go through it, and there’s no way to lock it from the outside without a key. So he’d obviously pawed at the door after I left and flipped over the deadbolt lock.

I knew everything else was locked, but I ran around the house and checked everything anyway. Pepper was going nuts as I yanked on all the doors and windows. I kept yelling at him that he’d locked the front door, but obviously he wasn’t catching on.

Fortunately, one of my neighbors was home and let me use her phone to call Clark at work to come let me in, and then let me sit in her house and wait for him. The sun was setting and it was getting chilly quick.

Clark got home and let us in the back door. Pepper came running like, “Hey, what took you so long?” What a turd. At least he didn’t poop on the carpet this time.

November 28, 2017

Training for 11/28/17

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Yesterday, I went out intending to do another easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. My digestive tract had other ideas, unfortunately. It was in a foul mood for some reason (I’d felt fine all day until I started running) and a mile in, I knew I better turn around. I had to stop in the woods a quarter-mile later, and then I had to go again as soon as I got back to the house. Whatever I ate, I’m sorry!

I tried something though. When I left for the run, I didn’t lock Pepper in the utility room. I let him have the whole house, to see what he’d do. When I got back, it looked like he hadn’t done anything. I left him in the whole house again last night when I had to cover a short town meeting. I was gone an hour that time, and once again, when I got home, he hadn’t messed anything up.

So this morning, when Clark had to go to work and I had to leave to cover another meeting, we left Pepper in the house, with the TV on, hoping he would just lay on the couch and sleep, like he does when we’re home.

This meeting lasted quite a bit longer, and I didn’t get home until almost noon. As soon as I opened the back door, I could smell dog poop, but I couldn’t see it yet. Great!

I found it on the carpet near the hall bathroom. If he’d just taken a couple more steps, it’d have been on the linoleum in the bathroom. Since he didn’t, it left a bit of a stain on the recently steam-cleaned carpet.

So that was the end of that experiment. Back into the utility room he goes.

Other than the poop though, it looked like he’d been OK. Every single interior door was wide open, I guess so he could check to make sure we weren’t hiding in a closet, but he hadn’t chewed anything.

I’m about to go out and try the 4.5-mile loop again. Hopefully with a cooperative digestive system this time.

November 27, 2017

Training for 11/27/17

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I had a productive weekend of running!

Friday afternoon, after Clark got home from an abbreviated work day, I went out and ran a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. I’d done a little strength training after my run the day before, including some weighted squats and lunges, and my legs were embarrassingly sore. I didn’t even do that many! It made for a clunky run that left me a little worried about how the 5K I was supposed to run the next morning would go.

Saturday, I got up early to drive to Rehoboth for the Huffin’ for Pumpkin Pie 5K. It was below freezing when I left home, but it started warming up quickly, and by the time the race started at 9 a.m., it was somewhere in the 40s in Rehoboth. It was a clear, sunny day with just a little breeze — perfect racing conditions.

The race is on the course that starts and ends at Grove Park, the same one I run so many times throughout the year.

After I got my bib and event shirt, I did a short warm up, a little over a half-mile. My legs felt a lot better than they had the day before, which was a relief.

Back at the park, I got in the large (for this area) starting pack:

2017 huffin for pumpkin pie 5k in starting pack

We got the starting commands and we were off!

The start was dicey as always, as we had to make a right turn almost immediately after crossing the line. It got better after that though. We had a nice long straightaway that made up almost the rest of the first mile.

It didn’t take too long for everyone to get sorted out, and I could stop weaving around people and just settle into a comfortably hard pace.

My Garmin reported a 7:03 first mile, which I was happy with. I hoped I could maintain that, and not fall off by 30 seconds in the second mile, which I’ve done a lot.

The course took us past the ocean and then back into the residential neighborhood near the park. We hit the second mile marker and my watch beeped — 7:02! Look at me, maintaining a pace in a 5K!

If I could run one more mile at that pace, I’d get a sub-22 finish. I really tried to hang on to it, but my lack of speed work was catching up with me and I was getting tired.

We turned back onto that long straightaway, now headed back to the finish line. It always feels so much longer at the end of a 5K than at the beginning! I was steadily passing other runners as I chugged along though, which was encouraging.

I heard my watch beep the end of the third mile — 7:08. Damn, fell off a few seconds. I made that last turn and saw the race clock closing in on 22 minutes, and tried to sprint it in to squeak in under it.

2017 huffin for pumpkin pie 5k finish

This is my sprinting face.

I made it, and I didn’t! There are two results lists on the Seashore Striders’ website. One shows my time was 21:59.1. The other one rounded it up to an even 22:00. I’m going with 21:59!

I did a slow, easy 1.5-mile cool down. Back at the park, I checked the results. I was surprised to see my time had been good enough to win my age group (out of 11 runners), which meant I got a pumpkin pie!

It’s been several years since I’ve won the age group pie at this race. I was happy to bring it home with me again.

2017 huffin for pumpkin pie 5k awards

Shockingly, two days later, it’s still intact. My mom brought me a loaf of her homemade pumpkin bread when she came here for Thanksgiving, so I’m still working on that. I’ll get to the pie next.

Anyway, I was also the seventh woman of 180 to finish, and 35th of 339 total finishers.

Usually, TK and I make a whole day out of this race and go to the outlets to start our Christmas shopping. She couldn’t make it this year, but I did a little shopping anyway. It didn’t take long before I was completely fed up with the traffic in the parking lots and all the people in the stores, but I did score a few good deals before I gave up and went home.

Clark and I hung around home the rest of Saturday. We got some laundry done, but other than that, we just watched a bunch of movies on TV.

Sunday, I checked my email first thing when I woke up, which I don’t normally do. I’m glad I did though, because I had a notification for a comment on this blog.

It was from Kelly, another local runner, asking if I wanted some company for most of my long run. Of course! I emailed her my phone number and we quickly got a time set up.

Kelly met me at my house and we set off down the road for a lap around my 8.4-mile loop. She’s a faster runner than I am (she ran Richmond in 3:28 and beat me by more than 30 seconds in the 5K the day before), but we easily settled into a steady pace that let us both talk the whole way.

About a half-mile into the run, we passed a house I pass every single run, no matter the distance. I don’t think anyone actually lives in the house, as it’s missing some windows and has some holes in the roof, but there’s a workshop behind it that someone uses just about every day. Sometimes there are a couple of dogs in a fenced area behind the house. They always bark at me when they see me, but they stay behind that fence.

Yesterday, I heard barking and assumed the dogs were behind the fence, as always, but then we turned and looked and there were two huge black Labs, barking their heads off and coming right for us from the front yard. What the hell!

Kelly was bitten by a German shepherd when she was out running earlier this summer. Fortunately, both of these dogs only came within a few feet of us and just barked. But it was obviously still a little scary.

I couldn’t believe that happened. In 8.5 YEARS of running by that house, I’ve never seen an unrestrained dog, but the one time I run by it with someone who was recently attacked by a dog, TWO of them coming running at us! What are the odds!

The rest of the run was dog-free. And it went by so fast! It was a nice change of pace yesterday, talking the whole way.

Kelly left after we finished the 8.4-mile loop. After I drank some water and used the bathroom, I went out and did my 3-mile out-and-back on my own to get in all 11 miles I’d had on my schedule. I passed that house twice and those dogs were nowhere to be seen.

I was pleased to get in 11.4 miles the day after a fast 5K. I think I’ll be OK for the half marathon in Rehoboth this coming Saturday.

We spent the rest of yesterday watching football and getting rid of all the leftovers and beer in our fridge.

Today, I’ve got another short easy run and strength training on the schedule.

November 24, 2017

Training for 11/24/17

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Wednesday, I went out early and ran an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop, while Clark was still home. Stanley Steemer got the utility room floor looking brand spanking new the day before, and now we don’t want to leave Pepper in there alone to ruin it all over again until absolutely necessary.

I put off finishing up the shopping at Walmart until that evening. The place was packed and the shelves were stripped clean! Definitely should’ve done that earlier. Oh well. I just needed to make a couple of vegetable side dishes, so I was able to scrounge up all that stuff.

Clark and a couple of his coworkers had brought over the tables and chairs we borrow from his office that afternoon, so we had the house all set up for dinner the next day before we even went to bed.

Yesterday morning, I woke up without a million things that had to get done, for once. It was weird! I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and then went for another run around the 4.5-mile loop. It’d gotten quite a bit chillier since the day before, but it was another nice run.

That afternoon, everyone came over for dinner. My aunt, who roasted one turkey (Clark deep-fried the other), got here first. Pepper was very interested in that turkey:

pepper with turkey

Don’t worry, he got plenty of turkey. And he begged for everything else. He even looked annoyed when I wouldn’t hand over my pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

Anyway, I’d call Thanksgiving a success. It can be a bit of a hassle, getting the house ready, but I really don’t mind. Ten years ago, when we were living in North Carolina, I couldn’t come home for Thanksgiving because of my job, but Clark, who worked normal hours, did. So I was completely alone, and stuck at work, on Thanksgiving. It really surprised me how unbearably sad I was. I cried for three days straight and ate nothing but the pumpkin pie Clark made to try to cheer me up before he left.

The worst part was when I took my dinner break Thanksgiving night. We lived close enough to my job I could go home on my break. I called my parents’ house to say hi to everyone, and I could hear all the laughing and carrying on in the background, while I was in our empty, silent townhouse, eight hours away.

That shitty Thanksgiving had a lot to do with why we moved back to Delmarva when our lease was up the following January. I missed everything about this place, particularly our families, the friends I’d grown up with and the beach. (Charlotte is a SIX-HOUR drive to the ocean! Unacceptable!) If we do ever move again, it’ll only be to get closer to the beaches here.

Anyhow… I didn’t run before Clark left for work today, but he said he’s not staying the whole day, so I’ll wait until he gets back, and can be home with Pepper. It really is nice having that utility room looking decent again.

Tomorrow morning, I’m running the Huffin’ for Pumpkin Pie 5K in Rehoboth I do every year. Usually, TK runs it too and then we go shopping at the outlets, but she has a second family Thanksgiving dinner, so it’s just me this time.

And Sunday, I’m going to try to get in an 11-miler, before the Rehoboth half marathon next weekend.

Other than that, I don’t know that we really have any plans.

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