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December 13, 2019

Training for 12/13/19

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A while ago, I got three new Road ID plates, replacement plates for Clark and me reflecting our new hometowns, and a dog tag for Pepper’s collar with all our contact info in case he gets away from us.

Yesterday, I finally switched the plate on my wristband for my first run as a California resident.

By the time Clark got home from work, it was well past sunset. I’ve always hated running in the dark, mostly because I feel like I’m going to trip or step in a pothole I can’t see, but at least there’s enough street lights here that it’s not pitch black like it was in rural Delaware.

I just did a 3-mile out-and-back along a street near the ocean. I took my time, watching out for anything on the sidewalk that might trip me up, and wound up running a 9:23/mile average.

I could hear the ocean waves crashing, and there were Christmas lights to look at too. And I didn’t trip! All in all it was a nice little run.

Two more notes from yesterday: First, I got my first grocery delivery! I thought it was awesome when the Walmart in Seaford started offering pick-up, but this was next level.

Second, Clark ordered a Porch Potty for Pepper as an early Christmas present, after he peed on our patio at 4 a.m. The worst part was he was trying to come back in when he did it, and a lot of the pee got in the track for the sliding doors, which had to be cleaned up immediately.

Anyway, as far as today goes, I’d like to get in another short run tonight when Clark gets home. Tomorrow and Sunday, I should get to run in the daylight. I’ve got a 6-miler and a 13-mile long run on the Shamrock training schedule.

Aside from that, we have some furniture shopping to do this weekend. We especially need some dressers and bookcases so we can finally put away all our clothes and other stuff.

December 12, 2019

Training for 12/12/19

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We’re here!

We crossed the last state line on our cross-country drive just before noon Pacific time yesterday.

Pepper was still in high spirits as we drove through the mountains east of San Diego:

But then we got to Oceanside and he realized the truth of where we’d been taking him this whole drive:

And he was not impressed.

This is his “are you kidding me??” face haha!

So yeah, Pepper hates the Pacific as much as he hated the Atlantic, but he’ll get over it.

The rest of the evening, we unloaded two vehicles’ worth of stuff into the apartment.

Clark could return the trailer just down the street, but we had to drive back to the San Diego airport to return the Suburban, an hour round-trip drive neither of us wanted to make at 10:30 pm, but it had to be done.

We rewarded ourselves with the first of many In-n-Out burgers on the way back.

We all slept like rocks on the king-sized Purple mattress Clark got when we signed the lease on this place. I knew our mattress before we moved was worn out, but damn. This mattress made it feel like a bag of old rags. Big thumbs up.

This morning, I took Pepper for a nice long walk. He got “attacked” by a dog named Abby haha. Then he had to go back to the beach.

I watched a few surfers catch wave after wave. They make it look so easy! My younger sister said she’d get me a surf lesson for Christmas. I really want to finally get the hang of it. I live two blocks from these waves now; I have no excuse!

I’m going for my first run here this evening after Clark gets home from work. Until then, I’ve got a lot of unpacking to do.

December 11, 2019

Driving for 12/11/19

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Yesterday was another looooong day of driving, but we made it all the way through Texas and New Mexico and into Arizona, and now we’re on the road for the last few hours to Oceanside!

It was raining when we left Mount Pleasant, Texas, yesterday morning, but that cleared up soon enough and the weather the rest of the way has been fine.

After we got past Dallas and Fort Worth, the rest of Texas was a whole lot of wide open space.

Pepper wouldn’t pose with the K-9 comfort station at this rest stop. Fortunately we didn’t see anything the signs warned us about.

Saw a lot of working oil wells.

Some were in the middle of huge cotton fields.

Lots of wind turbines too.

I took over driving when we got to Big Spring, which had a bunch of oil refineries and kinda smelled like farts when we stopped to get gas.

It got dark after I started driving. Then there really was nothing to see, other than a huge Christmas light display right along the side of the highway in Odessa.

I drove until we finally got through El Paso and stopped for gas at the first exit in New Mexico. Then I mostly slept the rest of the way to Tucson, where we stopped for a few hours of sleep.

We left a little after 8 a.m. for the last stretch to California.

On I-10 leaving Tucson.

Space Age Lodge and Restaurant in Gila Bend.

We should be in California in less than 100 miles, and finally unloading all this stuff in our apartment not long after that!

December 10, 2019

Driving for 12/10/19

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No training to speak of, unless you count the 10-minute yoga video I pulled up on YouTube this morning because I felt like I needed it after 20 hours in the car yesterday (and probably that many again to look forward to today.)

We made some good progress yesterday, knocking out the rest of Virginia, all of Tennessee and Arkansas and then about 60 miles of Texas, stopping in Mount Pleasant. We’re about to leave again.

Since we’re on a tight schedule (and neither of us wants to take a chance on having to back up with this trailer), we’re only stopping at truck plazas for gas and rest stops for Pepper to use the bathroom and stretch his legs. So I haven’t gotten many interesting pictures from this road trip.

“California Dreamin’” on the radio.

Pepper mocking me from the spacious front seat…

…while I’m jammed in the back seat.

The women’s bathroom at a Love’s truck plaza in Hazen, Arkansas. A stylish truck stop bathroom seemed like a notable thing at 11:30 p.m.

Today’s goal is New Mexico at the very least; Tucson if we can stand it. The more we cover today, the easier tomorrow’s drive will be.

December 9, 2019

Rehoboth Half Marathon recap

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I’m currently posting from the tiny sliver of a seat in the back of an otherwise filled-to-the-brim Suburban rolling down I-81 south in Virginia, after Clark and I just switched off driving for the first time. I’ve already decided this country is too damn big.

This weekend was the Rehoboth marathon and half marathon. As always, I ran the half in an effort to get to the beer tent as soon as possible. In spite of some fatigue in the last few miles I assume was due to a week of barely running, barely sleeping and eating like crap while we packed up and sold our house, I landed in my goal time range. And the after party was the same amazing time it always is, so overall my last race as a Delaware resident was a good one.

Friday evening, we hitched a ride to Rehoboth with Bart, who was also running the half the next morning. We picked up our race packets first, where we ran into Caitlin, then stopped by the house, where Chris and Jill were just getting started making a few lasagnas for the group.

Dogfish Head’s brewpub is close to the house, so we went there next for their inaugural tree-lighting.


We went to Salt Air for dinner, where I got catfish and grits.

Back at the house, I got to say hi to everyone else who’d arrived, before we all went to bed.

Clark’s brother got to the house after midnight, to run the full, and his dad met us there the morning of to also run the half.

Saturday morning wasn’t as cold as last year’s race day, but it was breezier. We stayed in the house about as late as possible, then headed down to the start line near the boardwalk.

I joined the crowd near the 3:25 marathon pacer, who’d be running about 1:42 to 1:43 half marathon pace until the split at mile 3. There was a 1:40 half pacer but that seemed a little too fast.

Someone blew a fire truck horn and we were on our way!

About a 10th of a mile past the start line, some dumbass was stopped on the race course — not parked in one of the parking spaces, but just sitting there, blocking half the road. A runner near me tapped a window when he ran by. I guess he wasn’t the first to do it, because the driver yelled at us all to “stop touching the fucking car!!” Everyone within earshot busted out laughing. How about you try not stopping your car just past the start line of a race with nearly 3,000 runners?

Anyway, my Garmin is buried in my car on the trailer behind us right now, so I don’t have the exact splits, but I remember the crowded first mile was 8:05, but I picked it up to 7:45 for the next two as we ran toward the split in Gordons Pond State Park.

After the marathon pace group turned right, I wasn’t exactly alone, but I had a lot more room around me.

The fourth mile, heading back toward town, was 7:35, my fastest of the day.

However, I could feel a bathroom emergency brewing as we ran through town toward the next water stop outside Grove Park. The fifth mile was also well under 8:00, but then I ran into a port-o-potty at the water stop to take care of business.

After the stop, the sixth mile was 8:46. Not terrible, only about a minute lost, but I was still annoyed.

I ate the one Huma gel I brought with me as we approached another water stop at the 10K mark, just before we got on the Breakwater and Junction trail for another out and back.

By this point, I’d caught up to a guy who was running fast enough I decided to just follow him. He either didn’t notice me running right behind him for almost four miles or he just didn’t care.

I know I slowed some on the trail section. A couple miles were only a few seconds under 8:00.

Around mile 8.

We made the U-turn to head back at mile 9. I kept up with my pacer for about another mile, but by the time we got to 10, I had to let him go.

I just felt like I was running on empty. My legs didn’t hurt and my breathing wasn’t feeling labored, but it was like all the energy had drained out and I was just coasting. I also felt like I had to poop again the rest of the way, but it never got urgent enough to actually stop a second time.

Those last three miles couldn’t end fast enough. I don’t remember the splits, but I’m pretty sure they were all still under 8:00 each, even though I felt like I was running through sand.

I do remember looking at the elapsed time on my watch around miles 11 and 12 and realizing I would definitely land in the top end of my goal time range, barring any disasters.

I finally made the last turn and crossed the line officially in 1:43:55, a 7:55/mile average.


Fredman pic.

With all the speed work I did training for this particular race, I was hoping to run 1:41, but I was happy with 1:43 after the last few days I’d had. The next time I run a half, we won’t close on a house two days before it.

With the running part done, it was party time!

This year, Dogfish Head provided 60 Minute IPA, Slightly Mighty, Super 8 and SeaQuench Ale, all in cans instead of draft pours, so the line to get the next was never long.

We got as blasted as we always do haha. The beer ticket system implemented a couple years ago has never slowed us down, as we’ve never had a shortage of other runners’ unwanted extra tickets.


With Susan, who ran 1:36!, and Gretchen.


About the only picture I took that wasn’t completely inappropriate, but it was about to be haha.


Chad, my father-in-law, Clark and me.

Clark and I needed a nap after all that. We slept through dinner, but got up in time to go to Conch Island with the group.

We saw the lamest bar fight ever — it looked like two guys aggressively hugging each other until they fell down haha. Security wasn’t even in much of a hurry to break it up or throw out the drunk guy who’d started it.

We stayed until last call. Clark’s last drink of the night was served in a 96-oz. fish bowl! Fortunately everyone chipped in to help finish it, which I think we all paid for the next morning. That thing was strong!


Sunday morning, I thought a short easy run might help my hangover. I did three miles at a 9:15/mile average along the boardwalk and through some streets where I’ve run a lot of 5Ks over the years. Appropriately, I had to use the bathroom one last time, so I stopped at Grove Park again.


Last time by the Atlantic Ocean for a while!


The boardwalk at the end of Rehoboth Avenue.


Freaking Scarborough Street. This is like mile 2.3 of so many blazing hot summer series 5Ks I ran. I will not miss this street!

We got breakfast at Robin Hood, said goodbye to everyone and got a ride home with Chad.

Clark and I decided to leave Sunday night instead of waiting until Monday morning, so we could get through the D.C. area before rush hour traffic.

Here’s the set-up:



Clark showing off all the room whoever isn’t driving has in the back seat. Pepper gets the front passenger seat, of course.

I’ve never driven something with a trailer behind it and I was a little nervous, especially about getting it over the Bay Bridge, but it was fine. We made it to Harrisonburg, Va., where we stopped for the night.

This morning, it was raining when we left the hotel to continue through Virginia. We are about to cross into Tennessee now and it’s cleared up. The goal is the Texas-Arkansas line tonight.

December 6, 2019

Training for 12/6/19

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I have zero training to log because I haven’t run a step since Tuesday’s little speed workout. I wish I’d known that was my last time running my favorite back roads in Delaware!

Yesterday was it. We got up early, worked our butts off and were still nowhere near close to even ready to start loading stuff into the rental SUV when the buyers came to do their walk-through haha.

We had to go to Georgetown at 2 p.m. for settlement. It’s a lot less papers to sign when you’re selling rather than buying!

About 90 minutes later, everything was signed and we had a pretty sizable check and no home in Delaware.

Fortunately, the new owners weren’t dying to get into the house right away (they’re gonna do some work inside it before moving in, including finishing the 1200 square feet upstairs that we just used as a gigantic attic), so they didn’t mind us going back after settlement to finish packing.

Clark rented an extended Suburban and a U-Haul trailer, which the Focus was loaded on, and we packed as much of our stuff as we could into both vehicles.

I didn’t think we had a chance in hell of getting everything in — we didn’t take much furniture, but we had all our clothes and kitchen stuff, which really added up — but we got close. We have a couple wall hangings that didn’t fit that we’re shipping out to California today, and Clark is trying to figure out how he’s gonna get all his guitars and vinyl records that didn’t fit out there.

Other than that though, he got it all wedged in. It was pitch black by the time we were done so I didn’t get a picture of the fully loaded set up, but I did take some last pictures of our empty now-former home.



I hope the new owners love that huge entertainment center. The first owners left it there for us and we ran out of time to do anything with it, so we, uh, passed it down. It’s a nice solid wood piece, but it only holds a 37” TV, so it’s not very in demand.

We also left all the window treatments, which the first owners hung when they built the house in 2006 and left when they sold it to us. The whole house, in fact, looked exactly the same the day we sold it as it had the day we bought it. Never painted anything, never replaced the carpet, never upgraded the hand-me-down furniture our families dumped off on us because we had room for it.

Part of that was laziness, but also, we didn’t want to spend money on nice things when Pepper was still there to ruin them like he did the utility room.

Anyway, it sounded like the new owners have plans to do all that and more, which I’m happy about. It’s a nice house that just needs some updating.

After we closed up the house, we went to my parents’ house to watch the NASCAR awards ceremony. Clark’s parents came over too. Then Clark and I went back to their house to spend the night.

Today, we have a few final things to tie up here, before we go to Rehoboth for the half marathon tomorrow. This final week of training fell apart because of the move, and it’s been the last thing on my mind the last few days, but I’m hoping I get back in the spirit in time to run a good race. Seeing a bunch of friends tonight who are coming here for the race should help!

December 4, 2019

Training for 12/4/19

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I don’t think I’m gonna get in a run today. We close with our house’s new owners tomorrow afternoon and we’ve just got way too much to do.

So here’s a picture of Pepper just before I sold the couch out from under him yesterday:


Back to work here…

December 3, 2019

Training for 12/3/19

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Alright let’s see how this posting-on-the-phone thing goes…

Yesterday, I did not get a chance to do that short easy run on the schedule, between all the house-packing and meeting with HR to officially leave my job. Feels weird today to be unemployed!

Today, after breakfast, I helped Clark load a truck full of junk to haul to the landfill, and then I went out for my run.

It’s cold and blustery here, which I’m never excited about, but at least the sun is out. I had the last little speed workout of the training cycle to do, six 400-meter repeats.

I did these on the road, as usual. My goal was 1:45 per quarter-mile interval, 7:00/mile pace.

I did a 1.5-mile warm up, then ran the six intervals, with a quarter-mile recovery after each. My actual splits were 1:47, 1:49 (guess I was feeling sluggish those first two!), 1:42, 1:42,  1:40 and 1:44.

After the final recovery, I did another mile to cool down, finishing the 5.5-mile loop in 45:37, an 8:17/mile overall average.

I have a couple more easy runs before the half marathon, but at this point, the hay is in the barn, as they say.

Now it’s back to packing!

December 2, 2019

Training for 12/2/19

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Today is my last day at the newspaper! Of all the things I’m looking forward to about this move, being forced to finally leave this job and find a new one is probably the best. I started in Feb. 2008, thinking it was temporary, just so I’d have something to list as income on a mortgage application. Nearly 12 years later, here I am.

Trust me, it was all laziness and apathy that kept me here this long, not job satisfaction. Print journalism is no longer a viable career path, if the paycheck part is of any importance. Doesn’t help that we’re all blown off as “fake news” now if we write anything that doesn’t agree with someone’s narrow worldview either.

Moving on, Clark got home very early Thursday morning. When I got up later, it was an extremely windy day out, and I had to go in town to get stuff to make fruit salad for dinner later anyway, so I put off the final tempo run I was supposed to do until the next day.

We stuffed our faces at two Thanksgiving dinners, first at Clark’s parents’ house and then at my parents’. My cousin Dotty and her husband and son were visiting from Tennessee, which doesn’t happen often, so we took a group picture of all the cousins and their kids to send to Aunt Helen, who stayed in Kentucky to keep “visiting” her “friend.”

cousins on thanksgiving 2019

Me, Caleb, Jamie, Kara, Jacob, Dave, Corey, Julie, Dalton and Cousin Dotty. She’s not much younger than my dad — her mom is my dad’s oldest sibling — so I’ve always tacked the ‘Cousin’ on the front of her name because she was always an adult to me.

Friday, Clark and I really got to work on this house. Between that, trying to coordinate with all the dingbats on Facebook wanting to buy junk I’d listed for sale and the shortened daylight hours this time of year, I never made it out for that tempo run after all. I was a little pissed at myself for skipping the last one, but at least I could say I did all the rest, plus all the interval workouts. That’s way more speed work than I’ve done to train for a half marathon in years! Hopefully it will pay off in Rehoboth this coming Saturday.

Pepper was not happy with the packing and moving stuff out of the house. I was pulling stuff out of the closet in one of the spare bedrooms when I glanced out the door and saw this:


Poor Pep! I think he thought we were going to put him in a box and send him away too haha.

Saturday morning, I did not run the 5K I’ve done in Rehoboth every year since 2009. I had some more times set up to sell Facebook junk that morning (neither of which wound up happening, because people can be flakes, but anyhow) so I met Kelly and Susan at the Salisbury park one last time.

Kelly had first said she just wanted to do six miles, which was fine with me because I’d already made plans to do my last long run the next morning with Melissa, when I thought I’d be racing that 5K. Then Susan suggested pushing it to nine miles, and when we got back to our cars after the third loop and had 9.5 miles, we kept going to make it an even 10, at a 9:25/mile average. It was a nice run, and I didn’t feel as bad any longer about skipping my run the day before.

That brought November to a close for running, so I’ll just put the summary here.


  • Week 1: (Nov. 1-2): 16 miles
  • Week 2 (Nov. 3-9): 32.8
  • Week 3 (Nov. 10-16): 31.2
  • Week 4 (Nov. 17-23): 39.5
  • Week 5 (Nov. 24-30): 28.8

Total: 148.3 miles

Not bad! Those were all training miles — I didn’t run a single race in November, even though it’s prime racing weather — but I still put in a lot of faster miles, as I actually stuck to the speed work in a training plan for once.

In December, I only have one race planned, the Rehoboth Half Marathon in five days, and then I’ll jump into training for Shamrock.

I went home right after the run — no biscuits this time — and got back to work sorting stuff in the house. That afternoon, Dave brought over his motorcycle trailer and he and Clark loaded it up with a ton of stuff to donate to Goodwill. They later said Goodwill almost turned it down because it was too much, but then they agreed to take everything that would fit in one huge cardboard box they brought out on a pallet. Dave and Clark managed to get every last thing in it.

We had another big pile of stuff we want to keep but won’t have room for in our apartment. Bart is letting us store all that in his attic, so that night, we took the first load over there.

Sunday, my alarm went off before 6 a.m. to meet Melissa for another 12 miles. I was a little tired from everything the day before, and I wasn’t looking forward to the forecasted cold rain, but I got up and was only a little late to her house.

We started with a 2-mile loop so her dog, Holly, could get in a little run too. It wasn’t raining yet, so the waterproof sweatshirt I’d worn was getting hot. When we dropped off Holly, Melissa and I both shed some layers and then went back out for a 10-mile loop.

The rain picked up as we ran. We both kinda wished we’d kept on those extra things by about mile 7 — I only had on one thin long-sleeved top under that sweatshirt and it was soaked with rain very quickly — but oh well. Nothing to be done about it at that point.

Other than a very necessary bathroom break for me at a port-o-potty near a Little League field in Fruitland, it was another good run. I’d forgotten my Garmin so I had to wait for Melissa to send the data from hers after, but we’d done 12.5 miles at an 8:50/mile average. Last long run, done!

Back at her house, she made ham, egg and cheese sandwiches on English muffins for us both, and we had plenty of hot coffee. That helped, but I didn’t really start to feel better until I got home and took a shower.

The rest of the day, we were mostly lazy. We watched some more Hallmark Christmas movies and a lot of football. In spite of the rain, a few people also stopped by to pick up things I’d listed on Facebook. We got rid of an old box spring, a twin bed we never used and a computer desk.

Today, it’s pretty cold and windy out again. I have an easy 3-miler to do before I have to go to the main office this afternoon to turn in my ancient, out-of-date work phone and laptop and sign the paperwork to officially be a former employee.

As far as I know, I can keep posting on this blog from my phone, but I’ve never done that, so I’m making no guarantees on this blog getting updated regularly until I either figure it out or get a new laptop of my own!

November 27, 2019

Training for 11/27/19

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Last night, I went to my last Caroline County commissioners meeting as a reporter. I’m not sure exactly how long I’ve been covering them, but it’s been at least seven years. Often, elected officials and reporters don’t have the best relationship. But everyone who’s served on that board in the time I’ve been covering it has been accessible and transparent, making my job to get the story straight easier.

Apparently the current commissioners noticed and appreciated that, because at the end of the meeting last night, they gave me a signed card wishing me luck and thanking me for my excellent work! The president wrote I’ve been “fair and accurate,” which is what I’ve always tried to do, so that was nice to hear. They also gave me gift cards for gas, food and coffee for the drive across the country.

It was a really sweet and completely unexpected gesture. Somehow I doubt any of the elected officials in the towns I cover are going to miss me that much haha.

Anyway, today has been another day of trying to sort through stuff in this house. I also finally got rid of a small piece of furniture I’d posted on Facebook that took forever to get someone to actually come to the house and take (the first one flaked completely and the second one kept putting it off but eventually showed up.) Meanwhile, at least 20 other people kept messaging me to ask if it was still available. Glad that thing’s gone.

I also got in another short run, an easy 3-miler at an 8:48/mile average. It was pretty breezy, and tomorrow’s supposed to be even windier, so we’ll see how the tempo run I have scheduled goes.

Other than that, tomorrow is, of course, Thanksgiving. We’re going to Clark’s parents’ house first and my parents’ house later. This’ll be the last time we see most of our families before we head west, and we’re not coming back for Christmas, so it’ll be extra special.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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