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December 31, 2017

Training for 12/31/17

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It’s a rare weekend post! I finished my last run of the year and I’d rather post my monthly and annual summaries now when it’s still 2017.

First, my last two runs of 2017. It’s freaking cold here, as it is in much of the U.S. right now, and, well, I’m a weenie.

I was supposed to do a 16-miler and an 8-miler. I did get in the 8-miler yesterday, in between Clark spending most of the day at work (he came home for lunch to stay with Pepper while I ran.)

It wasn’t a particularly great run. Something had upset my digestive system, as usual, and I had to run into the woods at about mile 2.5, and then I felt weird the rest of the way home. I wore the Garmin again and my splits were all over the place — from 8:12 to nearly 10:00. In the end, I ran the 8.4-mile loop at an overall average pace of 8:51/mile.

We were out late last night, and when I woke up kinda late this morning, it was colder than it had been yesterday, and windy on top of it (yesterday was at least calm.)

I did not run 16 miles. In fact, I barely did a quarter of that. I layered up and ran a freezing cold lap around the 4.5-mile loop. I did at least do some speed intervals at Clark’s suggestion though, which went OK.

I finished the loop in 38:34, an 8:35/mile overall average. And that was the end of my running year.

First, I have to sum up December:


  • Week 1 (Dec. 1-2): 13.1 miles
  • Week 2 (Dec. 3-9): 28.6
  • Week 3 (Dec. 10-16): 20.4
  • Week 4 (Dec. 17-23): 33.7
  • Week 5 (Dec. 24-31): 25.8

Total: 121.6 miles

I slacked. I took every excuse I could get to skip or cut short a run! Some of them were honestly unavoidable — stuff more important than running does come up sometimes — but there were plenty of other times where I was just plain lazy.

As far as racing went, I only ran two — the Rehoboth Half Marathon, in which I really surprised myself and ran my fastest half since my PR race in 2013, and the Ugly Sweater 5K, which was nothing special.

Looking to January, I have zero races planned, just the first of the two biggest mileage months for Shamrock training. I need to stick to my training plan and get it done. I think a big part of that will be getting back in the habit of running first thing in the morning.

Anyway, now to sum up the year!


  • January: 160.2 miles
  • February: 184.4
  • March: 140.4
  • April: 147.8
  • May: 130.4
  • June: 115.4
  • July: 122.5
  • August: 160.2
  • September: 175.3
  • October: 187.6
  • November: 125.6
  • December: 121.6

Total: 1,771.4 miles

So it’s a few less than last year — 42 miles to be exact — but I also put in about 730 miles on my bike, which is 730 more than last year, so I’m not too concerned about that. It averages out to just shy of 150 miles a month, which seems to be a good spot for me.

I ran a lot of races, from 5K to 50K, but I didn’t set any new PRs this year; in fact, I didn’t get that close to any of them. Some of them I feel are probably safe forever. (Like my 10K PR — I cannot imagine running sub-7:00 miles for that distance ever again — that was a magic day!) But my marathon PR is weak, derailed by the weather every time I really trained for what I should have been able to run. I got within four minutes of it this fall without doing any speed work. I think I could possibly take that one down in 2018.

But, most importantly — I did not get injured this year! I have not injured myself since 2014. I’m not sure what I’m doing so right — I am not nearly as committed to strength training and stretching as I used to be — but I’m going to try to keep this train rolling into 2018.

Some highlights:


I overcame my cold-weather aversion (sometimes haha) and got in some solid training miles.


Mid-run selfie on the appropriately named Lonesome Road.


I ran the inaugural Algonquin 50K in place of the 20-miler on the training schedule (and the 10-miler scheduled for the day after it) and had such a good time, I’m going back for more this coming Feb. 10.


Mile 24.5


SHAMROCK!! I ran the Whale Challenge again. The 8K on Saturday was a fun little shake-out run, as usual, and the marathon Sunday was probably my most memorable run of the year, thanks to the horrible weather. I went from considering dropping out at mile 15 because I felt like I might get hypothermia to running the best final 10K of a marathon of my life and finishing with a huge smile. It was a real roller coaster out there!

8K finish

Finishing the 8K on Saturday in 38:42.

marathon finish line 3

And the marathon in 3:46:46!

I also got my first road bike in March, though it took me a couple months to warm up to it.


Clark and I did the King Crab Challenge at the Crab Run in Cambridge — half marathon, followed by a 5K that started exactly two hours after it. The half went well but the 5K was torture! My legs did not want to go again.

So naturally, we’re both signed up to do it again this coming April haha.

2017 dorchester crab run 5K start

Clark (704) and me (703) reluctantly taking off for the 5K.

Also in April, my younger sister and I took the first of two road trips this year to ride roller coasters. We went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and had a blast.

julie and me with griffon

Julie and me in front of the first drop on Griffon.

Oh, I almost blocked out this “highlight” — the last day of April was the Island to Island Half Marathon, more commonly known as the Ocean City half, the one I’ve been pacing since 2014. I had the 1:55 group this year, which should’ve been a piece of cake, but we got an unseasonably hot day and it kicked my ass! I abandoned the pacing duties at mile 6 and crawled home to a 2:05 finish, 10 minutes over my pace group time and my personal worst half marathon ever. Probably my worst run of the year!

2017 oc half mile 10

Hating life at mile 10.


I ran the St. Michaels Half Marathon again. It wasn’t my best half marathon ever, but I ran it almost 15 minutes faster than the one in Ocean City a few weeks earlier.

me near end

Near the finish.

I also ran the Masser 5-Miler to kick off the Seashore Striders’ summer series, as I’ve done every year since 2010:

2017 masser 5-miler finish

Clark wanted me to mention he thinks I look manly here haha.

And my bike and I finally started getting along. I rode almost 250 miles in May in preparation for the bike leg of the Eagleman 70.3 relay in June.



I ran a couple 5Ks in June, as part of the summer series, but the best part of June was the Eagleman relay! It was hot and humid, like it always is, but Kara, Dave and I kicked ass anyway. Kara did the 1.2-mile swim in 36 minutes, I rode the 56-mile bike course in 2:58 (I could not believe I went under 3 hours!) and Dave ran the half marathon in 1:57.

kara coming up ramp

Kara finishing the swim.

me on bike back in town

Almost done with the bike leg.

dave pointing at kara and me

Dave pointing at Kara and me cheering for him as he comes to the finish line.

The Swim Bike Runny Schmidts finished in 5:39. We haven’t registered for 2018 yet, but I really want to do the relay again!

SBRS after

Swimmer, biker, runner, done!

Clark also had a successful day in the individual event, shaving an hour off his time from the year before. And while his dad didn’t make the swim cutoff and therefore didn’t get an official finishing time, he did the bike and run anyway, and got his finisher’s medal. I think they’re both going back for more in 2018 too.


Finisher Clarks.

At the end of June, Mike, Julie, Clark and I went to California to check off this year’s destination NASCAR track, Sonoma Raceway in northern California.

group at sonoma

Standing in turn 2 after the race.

We haven’t yet picked 2018’s track but I think it’s going to be Texas or Michigan.


I just ran three more summer series 5Ks on miserably hot days. None of them were anything impressive.

2017 run for JJ 5K finish

Finishing the Run for J.J. 5K in 23:08, concentrating on the port-o-potties just past the line haha.

Also, Dave got the Party Barge on the Choptank again! I got to ski once before it overheated and went out of commission for another couple of weeks.

me on ski


I ran one final 5K to finish off the summer series, but mostly I just put in training miles for my fall marathons. One of my favorite training runs was a 16-miler through Rehoboth and Lewes, that Clark rode with me on the beach cruiser.

clark outside revelation

Got a browler (bike growler) filled for the ride at Revelation, 1.5 miles into the run.

Julie and I then left for our second road trip of the year, to Sandusky, Ohio, to ride all the roller coasters at Cedar Point. It was worth the eight-hour drive! Clark flew out there too for our second day there. I want go back sometime.

julie and me end of first day

Julie and me leaving after the first of two days at Cedar Point.

We stopped in Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which was also really cool.

julie and me on rnr hof sign

On the Long Live Rock sculpture outside the hall.

clark on rnr hof sign



The summer series wrapped up with the annual Last Blast Prediction 5K. And I FINALLY PREDICTED MY TIME CLOSE ENOUGH TO WIN AN AWARD!! I was very happy!

2017 last blast prediction AWARD

And I won my age group in the series again, my last one in the F 30-34 group.

Later in the month, Dave and I ran the Dogfish Dash 8K together. After running the whole thing side by side, that jerk beat me by a second!

2017 dogfish dash finish

In his defense, he was trying to push me to beat that girl in the purple tank top (which I didn’t haha.)


Clark and I rode our first century in October. My butt almost fell off. After 101.9 miles on that thing, I never wanted to sit on my bike again haha.

2017 sea gull century clark and me at finish

On the Salisbury University campus after finishing.

Then I ran the Baltimore Marathon as a training marathon for my goal marathon. This worked really well the last two years, because the weather was so nice, but it was hot this year and it turned into a slog. Oh well! Still a decent training run until it wasn’t.

2017 baltimore marathon mile 10

Around mile 10, before it got bad.

Then Clark, Pepper and I dressed up like ketchup, a hot dog and mustard, respectively, to run the Seawitch Fall 5K Classic. Unfortunately, it absolutely poured rain the whole way, but it was still fun.

2017 seawitch 5k finish group

At the finish.


I ran my goal marathon in Richmond. It got COLD. I ran a marathon in fleece-lined tights! I was extremely worried about freezing to death, but by mile 5 I realized I was going to be OK, and I wound up really enjoying the race. Running one of my best marathon times in years helped too. And Clark did the half.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 1.41.19 PM

Somewhere in the later miles of the race.

clark and me after richmond

Clark and me after finishing.

Two weeks later, I ran my best 5K of the year, the Huffin’ for Pumpkin Pie 5K, in 21:59.

2017 huffin for pumpkin pie 5k finish


This month started with the Rehoboth Half Marathon. I started “too fast” but what do you know, I held on to that pace the whole way (except for mile 8, when I had to take my annual pit stop in the woods along the trail) and finished in 1:42, my best half since I ran my PR in 2013. I was really happy with that race.

2017 rehoboth half marathon finish

At the finish line.

My last race of the year was the Ugly Sweater 5K in St. Michaels. Another prediction race, which I did not correctly predict. The only notable thing about this race was the lesson to not wear jingle bell earrings for a run — I had a headache by the 15th step haha.

2017 ugly sweater 5k halfway

About halfway through the race.

And that was my year!

Looking ahead to 2018, I already have several races lined up: The Algonquin 50K in February, the Whale Challenge at Shamrock in March, the King Crab Challenge and the North Face D.C. 50K in April, the St. Michaels Half Marathon in May, the Baltimore Marathon in October and the Rehoboth Half Marathon in December. I’m sure I’ll do the summer series again, and I need to pick out a goal fall marathon.

My goals for 2018:

  • Get back into regular strength training and stretching.
  • Become a morning runner again. The later I put off my run every day, the easier it is to cut it short or skip it altogether.
  • Use my Garmin in training more to keep the effort honest.
  • Ride more miles on my bike.
  • Keep up my non-injured streak!

Cheers to a successful 2017 and an even better 2018!

December 29, 2017

Training for 12/29/17

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Today did not go as expected!

Not long after Clark left for work, Pepper started acting really antsy; he kept pacing around and staring at me, and he wouldn’t lie down anywhere for more than five seconds. Then he kept wanting to go out. I had a feeling he was puking, but he’d disappear around a corner of the house where I couldn’t see him, and if I tried to follow him out there, he’d just come back to the house. Finally, he stayed in the yard where I could see — yup, puking.

This went on for a couple of hours. I wound up taking him to the vet. Of course, by the time we got there, he was acting normal again. But the vet prescribed some anti-nausea medicine and another medicine to support his kidney function, that a friend had told me is really helping her dog that has kidney problems too.

The vet also recommended we stick to the most recent dog food Pepper had eaten that hadn’t been closely followed by puking — freaking Fresh Pet.

So after we left the vet’s, we went to PetSmart, where I got a 6-lb. log of refrigerated, human-grade chicken-based dog food for $19, that should last Pepper less than a week.

Clark said we’re going to have to take out a second mortgage to feed the dog. At the very least, we’re going to be eating 99-cent ramen while Pepper is feasting on chicken every meal!

Also, while I was in line at PetSmart, some nosy old bat helpfully pointed out how skinny Pepper is. I really need to get him a shirt to wear in public that says I KNOW I’M SKINNY. I HAVE A KIDNEY DISEASE. Hopefully this new medication helps him put some weight back on. Other than these puking episodes, he still acts like he feels fine, but he is so bony.

Anyway, I just got home from that nonsense. I might get a chance to get in the short easy run I had on the schedule today, or I might not.

I’ve got two runs on the schedule for this weekend, an 8-miler and a 16-mile long run. And that will wrap up 2017 for me.

December 28, 2017

Training for 12/28/17

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Yesterday, my procrastination bit me in the butt. I had just gotten up to finally get dressed to go for a run when I got a text directing me to go check out an emergency call in a nearby town. The call turned out to be for something we never print in the paper, and by the time I got back home, the window to get my run done before sunset had pretty much closed, so all around that was a bust.

Today, I did make it outside for this week’s middle distance run, an 8-miler. I took the Garmin with me. I’m going to try to use that thing for training more. Knowing it’s keeping track tends to help me maintain a more honest effort than when I know I’m just going to write down the day’s mileage, no matter how much of it I covered lollygagging along.

Anyway, it was really freaking cold today, and a little breezy on top of it, which just made it feel worse. I layered up in what I thought would be enough cold weather gear.

I felt OK after the first couple of miles. In the third mile, I got that weird stabbing pain around my left ankle that I got during one of my last training runs before Richmond. I really don’t know what that was about! I had to stop a few times in the mile to try to stretch it out.

Once that straightened itself out, the last 6 miles or so went fine, and I finished 8.4 miles in 1:13:02, an 8:41/mile overall average, about where I should be for easy runs.

I was really cold when I was done though. I’d had to run into the wind more in the last couple miles, and it’d given me a headache. When I got inside, I checked the weather app on my phone — 21 degrees, feels like 12 with the wind chill. I hate winter!

I feel better now that I’ve taken a hot shower and gotten back into my sweats. Unfortunately, it’s not supposed to warm up much more any time soon.

December 26, 2017

Training for 12/26/17

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I had a pretty good Christmas weekend! Not a lot of running to speak of, but I got in a short run today that felt smooth, which was encouraging after that string of crappy runs last week.

Saturday morning, I ran a lap around the 4.5-mile loop that was OK. I didn’t feel as bad as I had the rest of the week, but I didn’t feel that great either.

I got cleaned up and we drove up to D.C. to meet Clark’s family. Instead of exchanging a bunch of gifts, we all went to a show and dinner.

The show was “An Irish Carol” at the Keegan Theatre, based on “A Christmas Carol” but updated to modern times, and it all took place in one set. I enjoyed it.

After the show, we had a few hours to kill before our dinner reservation. Clark and I were absolutely starving, so we got something to eat at a pub, then met the rest of his family in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

I’ve never claimed to be an art appreciator, but this (completely candid) picture Samira took of Clark and me, messing with our phones instead of looking at the art around us, still made me laugh. There’s some kind of commentary on modern life in here haha.

art appreciators

Art can wait when I have 55 emails to delete.

Anyway, here’s our whole group in the courtyard:

group at portrait gallery

Me, Clark, Clark’s dad and mom, his Aunt Joanne, Chad and Samira.

Later, we had dinner at the Fig & Olive. We shared a bunch of crostinis to start, and then I had kobocha squash risotto. All of the cooking is olive oil-based, instead of butter or cream, and it was all delicious.

group at dinner

We stayed at Chad and Samira’s place that night. Sunday morning, Christmas Eve, they made us a huge waffle buffet for breakfast. Of all the different toppings they set out for us, my favorite was the Nutella. I smothered half of my waffle with that, with some peanut butter mixed in. The other half of my waffle got all the fruit plus coconut whipped cream.

It was about 12:30 p.m. by the time we got home, and we had a LOT to do before people were supposed to start showing up for our family’s party later that evening.

First, I baked five dozen ginger snaps (and only dropped one dozen on the floor — smooth) and three dozen hot chocolate cookies. Then we got the whole house cleaned up. It was a bit of a rush, but it all got done.

The party was a success, I’d say. There was hardly any food left after, and the last guest didn’t leave until almost 2 a.m.

Monday morning was Christmas, of course. We didn’t have to be at Clark’s parents’ house until later in the morning, so we took our time rolling out of bed and exchanging our own gifts.

We let Pepper open his first. Well, “open” isn’t the right word, because I’d just left the treats and “holiday feast for dogs” I bought for him in the paper bag the pet store put them in. The bag was empty, but Pepper wanted to make sure, so he stuck his head in it. Then he got the bag stuck on his head, panicked and ran right into the Christmas tree haha.

I opened my gifts from Clark next. He got me a bunch of stuff for riding my bike — a much nicer helmet than I had before, a jacket with zip-off sleeves so it can be converted to a vest and cycling gloves. It was all made by the same company that made my bike, and the helmet and gloves match it, so I jokingly told him I was going to look like an even bigger dork than I had before.

I got him a Seiko watch he’d picked out, and a pair of hammered copper mugs for Moscow mules.

While we were in the shower, Pepper left us a present — he peed all over the bathroom floor and partly on the bedroom carpet, like a damn puppy! Thanks a lot.

We got that cleaned up, then headed over to Clark’s parents’ house. His mom had brunch for us, always one of my favorite meals of the year. There’s a homemade cheese danish with strawberry jam, eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, spinach or broccoli quiche, sausage, muffins and fresh fruit.

After brunch, we opened the small gifts his parents got us. I got a New Balance gift card that I’m going to save for the updated Zantes, to be released in January. Clark got some grilling stuff. And we got another set of Moscow mule mugs haha — but this set came with matching copper straws, and his parents included Ketel One vodka, ginger beer and limes, so we could use them right away.

pepper on the couch at christmas

Pepper in his Christmas sweater, in the kitchen with Clark (in one of many ugly Christmas sweaters in his collection) and a Moscow mule in one of our new mugs.

In the evening, we went to my aunt’s house for my family’s Christmas dinner. After dinner, we exchanged gifts too. My family does a Secret Santa swap among all the adults, and we were all really excited to see my dad’s reaction to my brother’s gift. It didn’t disappoint!

clark and dad sweaters

Dad in his Natural Light ugly Christmas sweater, with Clark. You really can find everything on the internet!

It was a long but fun day. I was pretty happy to get home and go to sleep though.

Today, I went out in the middle of the afternoon for a run. I expected it to suck after all the junk I ate and drank over the last three days, but it wasn’t bad at all. I ran a solid lap around the 4.5-mile loop.

It was really cold though, and it’s supposed to get colder still as the week goes on. I am not looking forward to that, but it’s winter, so what do you expect?

When I got home, Clark had gotten his Christmas gift from my dad started:

bob ross

A Bob Ross Chia pet haha.

December 22, 2017

Training for 12/22/17

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Today, I ran a lap around the 7.3-mile loop. I felt just as clunky and out of breath as I had Tuesday. I thought Wednesday’s run had gone better, but I had Pepper with me and we stopped a lot for him to sniff and pee on things, so maybe it would’ve gone just as bad had I been alone. Anyway, whatever it is that’s been mucking up my runs the past few days, I hope it moves along soon.

This is probably the last time I’ll post until after Christmas, so I’ll wish anyone who sees this a Happy Festivus (the holiday for the rest of us) tomorrow, and a Merry Christmas!

You know who else really wanted to make sure I knew they hope I have some happy holidays? Newspapers.com, apparently, because this was in my email yesterday:

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 11.57.18 AM

Why are you so obsessed with me?

OK, I get it! Happy holidays to you too, newspapers.com. Sheesh.

December 21, 2017

Training for 12/21/17

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Well, winter is officially here, which means we’ve got three months of cold weather to look forward to until spring gets here. On the bright side though, the days will now be getting longer.

I was supposed to run today, but I’m just not feeling it. I don’t know. I got dressed and then I thought about how I’m definitely going to have to clean up dog poop when I get home, and based on the last two days’ runs, I’m definitely going to have to go in the woods to take care of business myself at some point, and I just didn’t feel like dealing with any of it.

Instead, I’m trying to tie up some last-minute gift ends before Christmas, now only four freaking days away. We’re also hosting Christmas Eve in three days and I haven’t done a damn thing to get ready for that. And in two days, we’re going to D.C. to see a play and have a nice dinner with Clark’s family (which we’ve been doing in lieu of buying gifts the last couple of years), so that whole day is taken up. So really, I’ve just got tomorrow left. Procrastination strikes again.

December 20, 2017

Training for 12/20/17

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Yesterday, I did something I didn’t really want to do, but I had to.

I got rid of my car.

My 2007 Honda Civic EX coupe in dark blue pearl, with a sunroof, alloy wheels, four-wheel disc brakes, “premium” sound system and a five-speed manual transmission — the first car I bought brand new, exactly how I wanted it, that I drove for more than 10 years and nearly 196,000 miles — is now untagged and homeless, probably headed for an auction somewhere, sitting on a Carmax lot after they offered me what Kelley Blue Book said was a fair trade-in price for a car in its condition (crappy.)

It just made sense to get rid of it. For one, now that Clark has his company car (the Focus ST), we have too many vehicles. His ’06 Nissan Frontier just hit 80,000 miles. It still has way more life in it. Plus, it’s very useful to have a truck around. So it wasn’t going anywhere.

Two, the Civic was finally falling apart. There were a lot of little things going wrong — and one potentially major thing — and the tires and brakes were in need of replacing. It was going to cost more to keep it drivable than it was worth.

Three, I’d been driving it around on an expired tag since February, because of an electrical malfunction in the center-mount brake light that prevented it from passing inspection (in Delaware, the car has to pass a free inspection right at the DMV before every renewal.) If it was just a burned-out bulb, I’d have had it fixed in no time, but electrical problems can get pricey. Again, not worth the cost. And in a couple weeks, it’s going to be 2018, so it’d only be a matter of time before a cop noticed the ’17 on my registration sticker and ticketed me.

Finally, I felt like I’d gotten my money’s worth out of it. When I bought it, I know I got screwed over on the financing. Then, when it wasn’t even two years old, I wrecked it. Not enough to total it, but enough to drive down the value so I was probably upside-down on it until the last payment. After I paid it off, I drove it as long as possible before it started costing money to keep it, which turned out to be a pretty long time, because Hondas are the shit.

So last night, I took it to Carmax, and a little more than an hour later, I walked out with a check in my hand and no Honda to my name for the first time since I was 16.

It was parked right outside the door when I left. I took one last picture of it, then walked with Clark to his car. And cried.

civic last day

It’s so dumb. It’s just a car. A junky old car that needed a lot of work and smelled funky inside because Pepper was usually in it with me. But it was MINE. And now it’s not.

I still have the window sticker, the 2007 Civic dealer brochure and all the warnings I got for speeding in that car. (No tickets though!) Delaware also doesn’t expect you to turn in your plate when you no longer have the car, so I have that too, plus the ones from when I first had it tagged in North Carolina, where I bought it.


Two days after I bought it. So shiny!

Also — I’m really proud that in all the parking jobs over the life of that car, I never curbed the wheels once! They were all as pristinely unblemished as the day I bought it. I notice other people’s banged-up alloy wheels on otherwise nice-looking vehicles all the time and I judge them hard haha.


Probably right after I drove it home for good to Maryland in 2008 — it doesn’t have the fog lights yet, which Clark and I installed that summer.

For now, I’m just going to drive Clark’s truck. Eventually, I’m going to buy another Civic. The check I got last night will go towards a down payment. I’m not ready for a car payment yet though. Also, it’s really hard to find the two I’ve narrowed it down to — either a hatchback in the Sport trim, or a coupe in the EX-T trim, with a 6-speed manual.

So anyway, that’s where I am today. Crying over a freaking Honda Civic haha.

I also took Pepper for a run. He did a lap around the 4.5-mile loop with me. Other than two poop stops — one for each of us — it was a smooth run. I felt way better than I did yesterday.

December 19, 2017

Training for 12/19/17

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Yesterday turned into a rest day. I had some errands to take care of, and didn’t run before them. Then they took longer than expected. So yeah. Rest day.

I stopped at Arby’s to get a sandwich. Of course, Pepper begged for it. I gave him a bite — which he then threw up in the driver’s seat of the truck while I was getting groceries in Walmart. It wasn’t much, but still. It was right where I had to sit. Thanks, Pep! Fortunately, there was a roll of toilet paper in the truck, so I could mostly clean it up and then jam some more toilet paper between my pant leg and the remaining wet spot. Gross.

Today, the weather got really nice. It was probably in the low 60s when I went out to run. I decided I was going to do that long run I skipped over the weekend. I put on shorts and a T-shirt and headed out.

Well, my body had other ideas. I felt like garbage. Just clunky and out of breath, like I hadn’t run in weeks, or maybe ever, and it never got better. I hate runs like today’s.

Around mile 5, I had to run into the woods to use the bathroom. When I came back out, another 9.5 miles sounded horrible. So I took a shortcut. I eventually finished off the 10.1-mile loop. Not the 14.5 I’d gone out to do, but better than nothing. I’ll try 14 again in a few days. Maybe I won’t feel so blah.

I also tried that Tailwind someone left at the house in Rehoboth. It was OK. I mean, the flavor. I can’t really say what it did as far as fueling goes, since I had such a bad run. Anyway, I will definitely use what’s in the bag, but I think I like the GU Roctane better.

December 18, 2017

Training for 12/18/17

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I didn’t get in my runs as planned this weekend. We had a couple of late nights and I just wasn’t feeling up to it.

I could’ve run something at some point Saturday, but I never did. Instead, I went in town and got Christmas cards. While I was writing them, some people Clark had invited over started showing up. Then it was evening. Then it was 4 a.m.

Sunday morning, I didn’t feel great when I woke up, but I knew I’d feel better if I went for a run. So I got dressed and headed out for the 7-miler on the weekend’s schedule.

It turned out to be a decent run once I got through the first mile or so. This is a bad time of year to need to use the bathroom in the woods, however. All the hunters are dropping off their deer carcasses in the woods along my back roads and it smells like death. The spot where I had to stop yesterday is a popular mass dumping site and is regularly picked over by turkey vultures. What I at first thought was a little bit of snow left where the sun hadn’t reached it was actually deer fur, and a couple of times I stepped over what looked like a stick but was really a severed leg with the hoof still attached. Cute!

If I didn’t hate deer so much I might be grossed out by all the dismembered pieces lying around, but every deer those hunters take down is one less pea-brained idiot that will come prancing out in front of my car, so I don’t mind it at all. They’re overpopulated, they cause millions of dollars in damage to crops and vehicles every year and they’re made of delicious venison, so I’m rooting for the hunters on this one.

Anyway, I finished off the 7.3-mile loop, took a shower and then went to my friend’s house to finally celebrate two of our friends’ October birthdays. When I got home, we watched some football and fell asleep pretty early, compared to the previous two nights.

Today, it’s back to the training schedule. I can’t decide if I should just move on with the plan and do the short easy run, or try to make up the long run I skipped this weekend. I also have to get some grocery shopping done and mail all those cards I wrote out Saturday.

December 15, 2017

Training for 12/15/17

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I took yesterday off, as planned. Today, I waited until late in the afternoon to try the run on the schedule. By the time I got outside, a little snow shower was coming down. It still wasn’t anywhere near as cold or windy as it was the last time I ran, on Wednesday, and it wasn’t sticking to the road at all, so I didn’t mind too much.

I ran a lap around the 4.5-mile loop and felt fine the whole way; I never felt short of breath. So I think I’ve pretty much bounced back from the blood donation, and I should be good to go for the two runs on the schedule for the weekend, a 7- and a 14-miler.

Other than those runs, I think the only thing I’ve got planned is lunch with my friends Sunday afternoon to finally celebrate the two October birthdays in our group.

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