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February 27, 2018

Training for 2/27/18

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Yesterday, I ran the 10-miler I was supposed to do Sunday. It was a nearly perfect afternoon for a run. I managed an even, easy pace around the 10.1-mile loop, finishing it in 1:27:08, an 8:38/mile average.

I had to stop in the woods halfway through to use the bathroom. It sounded like the coast was clear as I came back out of the woods, but there was some random guy walking two greyhounds in sweaters a little ways down the road, far enough away there’s no way I could’ve heard them, but close enough he definitely saw me come out. Busted haha.

When I got home and checked the mail, I found something exciting!

Six years ago, I was going through a bunch of my NASCAR collectibles still in my old room at my parents’ house when I found a hat pin I bought after Bobby Labonte won the championship in 2000. I put it on my current Shamrock hat and it made its race debut at that year’s Shamrock Marathon.


Cussing out my cramping calf muscles just after finishing haha.

For the next two years, that pin was always on my running hat.


With Jen in the beer tent after the 2013 Shamrock Marathon.


After finishing the 2014 Shamrock Half Marathon.

Unfortunately, in 2014, I got injured while training for the full at Shamrock, and dropped to the half. I’d never done the half there before. At that time, it started 90 minutes before the full, and it obviously didn’t take me nearly as long to run it, so I got to the beer tent a LOT earlier than I was used to.

Somewhere in the resulting drunken melee, I lost that pin. I know I’d moved it to the new finisher’s hat, but somehow it got removed and went missing. I was pretty pissed.

(And then I lost the hat itself somewhere during Hood to Coast later that year, so I’d have lost the pin anyway.)

Over the last four years, I periodically checked online for a replacement pin, and always came up empty.

Last week, I was looking over old Shamrock race reports, and there was the pin again. I checked eBay one more time. And guess what — this time, there was one up for bid, exactly like the one I lost!

I had to set up a new account, because I’d let jefflosergordonsucks lapse years ago, but soon I was the high bidder on a Bobby Labonte 2000 championship hat pin. Lo and behold, I was the only bidder, and a few days later, the auction ended, I paid for it and it went in the mail.

And THAT is what showed up in my mailbox yesterday!

new pin

On my current hat, ready for Shamrock 2018.

Today, I was supposed to do another lap around the 5.5-mile loop, but as I was getting ready, Pepper was trembling like he was starring in an ASPCA commercial. I knew he was going to have to sit home alone tonight while I cover a meeting for work, so I cut it down to just a 3-miler and took him with me.

I’d have just skipped it altogether, but it had warmed up just enough from yesterday, and the sun had finally come out, to make it a totally perfect day for a run.

Pepper was slow. I expected that on the way out, as he has always dawdled and really taken his time the first half of that out and back, but even on the way back, when he knew we were headed home, he was still only managing a 9:07/mile pace. My old man is slowing down.

We ran the whole thing in just over 30 minutes, a roughly 10:00/mile average, and he got a bunch of treats when we got back in the house.



  1. That’s awesome that you got to replace your pin! I’m sure I’d seen it before and didn’t even know it! I’ve told you before that I grew up watching Nascar and that my family was huge Bill Elliot fans, right? Awesome Bill from Dawsonville! I’ll never ever forget that. My great grandfather had a Bill Elliot clock that I think one of my great uncles has now. I have some great Nascar Sunday childhood memories. We’d go to church, my grandpaw and I would take a walk to the creek with the dogs, and then we’d sit down and watch Nascar while eating popcorn. EVERY Sunday during the season. Those are some damn good memories. Tony Stewart isn’t racing anymore, is he? That was my mom’s “man” but I’m not sure who she roots for these days. She even named one of her dogs “Stewart” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by Chris Bouldin — February 28, 2018 @ 10:18 am | Reply

    • NASCAR memories are the best memories! I know you’ve told me about your family’s Bill Elliott fandom before! Are they big fans of his son now?
      I probably told you about my own family’s connection to the Elliotts. My uncle somehow got to know Bill’s brothers when they were just getting into racing in the early ’80s — I think through selling some car parts — and they invited my dad, aunt and uncle to hang out when they were racing in Dover a couple times in those very early years. My dad said they were more friends with Bill’s brothers, but once Bill offered to buy my dad’s 1970 Ford Torino off him. He turned him down, and my dad has been telling that story for YEARS haha.
      Also, once my dad was taking a piss in the bathroom at this teeny regional airport just north of Dover, on a race weekend, when Darrell Waltrip came in and took a piss right next to him. That’s the whole story but that was another one I’ve heard my whole life!
      Aw, that’s so cute your mom named her dog Stewart! I once had a pet rabbit in middle school I named Bobby ๐Ÿ™‚

      Comment by aschmid3 — February 28, 2018 @ 11:12 am | Reply

      • I didn’t know Bill’s son raced! If I ever end up watching a race I’ll automatically pull for him now!

        Comment by Chris Bouldin — February 28, 2018 @ 1:56 pm

      • Yep, Chase Elliott is in his third year in Cup! He had taken over the No. 24 after Gordon retired, but now another guy is driving the 24 and Chase is in the 9, since Bill drove that number for so long. He hasn’t won yet but he looks like he’s on the verge. I think he’s going to have a pretty successful career!

        Comment by aschmid3 — February 28, 2018 @ 2:04 pm

  2. I believe we covered the topic of NASCAR and so you know my feelings (or lack thereof), but I’m SUPER HAPPY for you! I know what it’s like to lose something like that and then replace it. Mine was a favorite St. Louis Cardinals ball cap that I drunkenly left somewhere. I found a replacement years later in the mecca of baseball, Cooperstown, NY.

    Comment by runeatralph — February 28, 2018 @ 4:41 pm | Reply

    • Funny how there’s always booze involved! Happy for your hat replacement too!

      Comment by aschmid3 — February 28, 2018 @ 5:18 pm | Reply

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