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August 31, 2016

Training for 8/31/16

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Well, today’s run sucked! When I woke up, it was pretty foggy out, so I waited until the fog had burned off enough that I wouldn’t have to worry too much about getting run over. It was still a little hazy for the first couple of miles, but when that finally dissolved completely, it was sunny and about two hours later than I wanted to be out there running on a day forecast to get up into the 90s.

Poor Pepper was miserable. (I was going to leave him home, but decided to take him with me because he pooped during our run yesterday, which meant he’d probably poop during it today, and I’d rather he do it on the side of the road than in the utility room. And I was right — less than 1.5 miles in, he took a dump.) By the halfway point, I was miserable too. We trudged home and both guzzled gallons of fluids as soon as we made it in the house.

Oh well. Runs like that happen.

I was glad I made us run the 9.1-mile loop, even though it was awful, because that was my last run of August, and I said at the beginning of the month I should run about 160 miles. I ran just far enough today to make that a true statement.

So here’s my monthly summary.


  • Week 1 (Aug. 1-6): 21.5 miles
  • Week 2 (Aug. 7-13): 32.9
  • Week 3 (Aug. 14-20): 35.6
  • Week 4 (Aug. 21-27): 46.8
  • Week 5 (Aug. 28-31): 23.5

Total: 160.3 miles

I’m pretty happy with that total, considering the gross heat the first three weeks. The cooler temperatures at the end of the month really helped me bump up my mileage.

I still slacked on long runs though. The only one I finished was the 8-miler at the beginning of the month. I need to get on those in September! It shouldn’t be so hot anymore, knock on wood.

I didn’t race at all in August.

Looking ahead to September, I’ve got about 190 miles on the training schedule. Right now my only definite races are the Last Blast Prediction 5K this coming Saturday and the Dogfish Dash 8K on Sept. 25, but I might do another 5K a couple weeks before Dogfish. We’ll see.

August 30, 2016

Training for 8/30/16

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This morning, I took Pepper out for this week’s middle distance run, which increased to 8 miles.

The fun started within the first half-mile. An irrigation system was spraying out into the road. Pepper tried to turn around and run back to the house at least five times as we approached it. Of course, he was wearing a harness with a leash attached to it, and he’s a shrimp, so he wasn’t getting his way. It took a while, but I dragged him through it.

There was a lot of traffic out this morning, even on parts of the route where I never see a vehicle. As we ran down one particular road, I was thinking how I could count on one hand the number of vehicles I’ve seen on it in seven years. Naturally, we got passed a minute later by a school bus, and then we came around a bend to see a Ford C-MAX parked on the side of the road, the driver standing outside of it, fixing her hair (??) like that was a normal thing people do.

Anyway, we made it home, finishing off the 8.4-mile loop. Turns out today is the first day of school around here, which explains all the school buses. But not that lady doing her hair in the middle of nowhere!

August 29, 2016

Training for 8/29/16

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This weekend didn’t go quite as planned, as far as running goes, but overall I had a good time.

Friday evening, we went down to the beach. We picked crabs and had chocolate cake for Clark’s grandmother’s birthday.

Saturday morning, Clark and I both wanted to get in some training, so we took turns staying at the house with Pepper while the other one was out. Clark went for a run first, and then I went for one.

Instead of running up Route 1 toward Bethany like I usually do, I ran up Route 54, toward Selbyville. Traffic coming into Fenwick wasn’t heavy yet at 7 a.m., and I got to run over a few bridges crossing the bay, so it made for a pretty route.

I was on my way back when dinner from the night before hit me. There are no woods along that route! I was starting to get nervous when I came up on an RV campground called Treasure Beach. Luckily, there was an open public bathhouse just off the road. Crisis averted!

The last two miles home were much more pleasant. I cut the run short since Clark was waiting on me. I did 6.1 miles.

When I got back, he left to ride his bike, so I took Pepper for a walk. First we went across the street to see the beach.

fenwick saturday morning

Not many people out yet at 8 a.m.

pepper on fenwick

“I hate it here!”

And then we walked down to Dunkin Donuts so I could get an iced coffee. Two women offered to hold onto Pepper while I went inside to order. I warned them he might get a little panicky, but every time I glanced out the window while I was in line, he was happy as could be, letting his two new best friends pet him and tell him how pretty he is haha. He didn’t look worried at all!

We spent the rest of Saturday at the house or on the beach. It was a pretty nice day for that.

gulls on fenwick

I kept trying to get a good picture of that seagull on the left, because it had its feather all fluffed up and was huffing at any other bird that came near it, but this was the best I got.

dogs chilling

Pepper and Snoopy hanging out in the house.

pepper and me as a dog

Fun with Samira’s Snapchat. I was hoping it’d put a dog face on Pepper too but it wouldn’t cooperate.

family portrait

Accurate haha.

canal at sunset

Looking up the canal at sunset.

Later, Chad, Samira, Clark and I went to Papa Grande’s. We had a couple drinks and split a huge plate of nachos. Then Clark decided to turn things up a notch, and ordered a round of shots of Don Julio Real — $49 a pop! I had to get a picture of $196 worth of tequila before it went down the hatch.

don julio real shots


Clark said it was very smooth, but it tasted like tequila to me.

Our next stop was Harpoon Hanna’s. The next thing I knew, it was Sunday morning and I definitely did not feel like running. So I didn’t.

Instead, I slept in until 10 a.m., and then Clark’s mom made us a huge breakfast of pancakes, French toast, eggs, bacon and fresh pineapple. That hit the spot.

After breakfast, we loaded two surfboards and both paddleboards on top of the Jeep and put a third surfboard in it, and then Chad, Samira, Clark and I drove down to Assateague to see what the waves were like there.

What the waves were like was rough! It was very choppy. I didn’t have a great time on my paddleboard. After a half hour of getting knocked around, I gave up, dragged the thing back to shore and took a nap.

I figured out why it felt so squirrely when I was standing though — the damn fin got ripped off. Again. I think it’s time to invest in one made of something tougher than plastic.

It was another nice day for laying on the beach, at least.


boards on assateague

All the crap we dragged down there… and then had to drag back.

clark on assateague

Clark avoiding as much sun exposure as possible.

clark and me at assateague

Man, these pictures were not capturing the surf conditions haha.

We loaded the Jeep back up and drove back to Fenwick. We had salad, steak and lemon meringue pie for dinner, before everyone but Clark and me (and Pepper, of course) went home. We stayed an extra night because supposedly there would be good surfing conditions at Indian River this morning.

Low tide, which is usually when the surfing is best, wasn’t until 11 a.m. today, so Clark wasn’t in a big hurry to get to the beach at dawn. I went for a run first thing.

I ran on Route 1 toward Bethany today. It was a good morning for a run, not too hot. And since it’s a weekday morning in late summer, there wasn’t too much traffic on the highway.

I did 6 miles that got progressively faster as I went along. I think my first mile was just under 9:00 and the last couple were around 8:00. I finished the whole run at an average pace of 8:16/mile, not too shabby.

When I got back from running, we headed up to Indian River.

The surf conditions weren’t quite what Clark was expecting. We sat on the beach for a while, hoping it would improve.

clark and pepper at indian river

It didn’t look like it was getting any better, but we’d driven all the way down there, so Clark went out anyway. He managed to catch a couple waves while Pepper and I sat in the sand.

pepper and me at indian river

So, kind of a bust for surfing, but still, not a bad way to spend a Monday morning.

We went back and straightened up the beach house, and now we’re home.

Hard to believe there’s only two days of August left, and this coming weekend is Labor Day already. The summer really flew by, just like it always does.

August 26, 2016

Training for 8/26/16

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This morning, Pepper got the day off from running. He was curled up at the foot of the bed, close to Clark, when I was leaving to run. I asked him if he wanted to go with me and he gave me a very pointed “you must be joking” look haha. OK then!

It was the warmest morning we’ve had all week. I went from short sleeves Tuesday, to a tank top the last two days, back to the standard sports bra today. It was sunny, about 73 and humid at 6:45. Gonna be a warm one today.

I did a lap around the 5.5-mile loop that got progressively faster as I got closer to home. I guess running with Pepper all week rubbed off on me. Definitely the sweatiest run I’ve had in a few days, but nothing close to the worst it’s been.

Anyway, later today, we’re heading down to the beach for the weekend. We’re celebrating Clark’s grandmother’s birthday tonight. As far as my running schedule goes, I’m supposed to do a 10-mile long run and another 7-miler.

August 25, 2016

Training for 8/25/16

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This morning had warmed up just slightly compared to the last couple, but it was still more than nice enough to take Pepper with me for my run again.

We did a lap around the 6.5-mile loop. I let him set the pace the whole way. The first mile was slow as molasses, but as usual, it sped up the closer we got to home. Another enjoyable run.

Pepper has run 18.5 miles with me over the last three days. Clark will be home from his business trip this afternoon though, so Pepper will get tomorrow off, much to his relief, I’m sure.

August 24, 2016

Training for 8/24/16

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It was another gorgeous morning for a run here! I had plenty of time for this week’s middle distance run. Pepper got to go too.

It took him a couple miles to get into it, but then we got into a groove and sailed the whole way home. Except for one point — my guts started rumbling and I needed the woods, but we were about to run into what passes for a residential area around here, so I made Pepper turn around and backtrack with me to a less populated part of the route. We got a weird look from a cow in a field that had watched us run by, make a U-turn, run back the way we’d came and then, a few minutes later, run by a third time haha. But I’m pretty sure it was the only living thing that noticed.

We finished off the 7.3-mile loop, which was really more like 7.5 miles with the small detour. I checked my watch at the one-mile-to-go point and then the end. We ran that last mile in 7:30, and it felt like nothing. I love this weather!

August 23, 2016

Training for 8/23/16

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This morning, Clark had to leave early to go to the airport for another business trip. He left right about when it was time to feed Pepper his breakfast anyway, so I did that and then got dressed to go for a run. When Pepper came back in, I put him in his harness and we headed out.

It was 57 degrees at 6:30 this morning! I wore a short-sleeved SHIRT! And didn’t immediately break out into a sweat just stepping out the door!

Since I had somewhere to be early for work, I didn’t have time for this week’s middle distance run, a 7-miler, so I swapped it with the short easy run on tomorrow’s schedule, a lap around the 4.5-mile loop.

It was a spectacular run! I couldn’t stop smiling. Pepper was zipping along for once too.

It doesn’t look like this cool weather will hang around very long — it’s supposed to be 95 on Friday again — but we both definitely enjoyed it this morning.

August 22, 2016

Training for 8/22/16

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Friday afternoon, the UPS truck dropped off these for me:


A brand new pair of New Balance 1400v4s! The first thing I do with a new pair of running shoes is stick my face right in one of them and take a huge whiff. They only smell that good before they’ve gone for a run!

While I had my face in one of them, I noticed this printed on the insole:

silent hunter

Silent hunter, eh? I googled it and it has something to do with peregrine falcons inspiring the latest New Balance racing shoes. Pretty sure anyone being “hunted” by me in a running race can hear me coming, what with the gasping for air and everything.

Anyway, Saturday morning, Clark left early to help his brother do some work on his house’s back yard, which left me at home with Pepper. I decided to do the shorter run on the weekend’s schedule, a 7-miler. By the time I left the house to run, it was too hot to take him, but that would at least cut in half the amount of time he had to be alone. And, since I was running the shorter run, I could take my new shoes out for their first run.

Well, I really liked the new 1400s, but that’s the only good thing I have to say about the run. It was hot and sunny and I was just not into it. Also, I’d been having trouble getting my stupid iPod to charge, and the battery had finally died, so I didn’t even have anything to listen to. I made it all the way around the 7.3-mile loop.

When I got home, Pepper hadn’t pooped in the house, but he had gotten himself so upset he puked. Yay. On the bright side though, I finally got my iPod to respond to being plugged into the charger.

Later, when Clark got home, we went over to Mike’s house to pick some crabs. I turned on the race when we got home but it was rain delayed. They wound up postponing it to Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning, Clark didn’t have to get up and go anywhere, so I didn’t have to feel bad about leaving Pepper to do my long run. I did want to get home to see the men’s Olympic marathon, which was to start at 8:30.

I was supposed to do 14 miles, but I was already talking myself into lower mileage before I’d even made it to the end of the lane. Three miles in, I was so completely drenched in sweat (where was this cooler weather we were supposed to get?) that I decided I was only doing 10. I took my GU and a salt cap around five miles.

But then a weird thing happened. When I got to where I should’ve turned right to get home in 10 miles, I turned left to stretch it out to the 12.2-mile loop. And I almost made the turn to stretch it out even further to the 14.5-mile loop I was supposed to do in the first place, but I was almost out of fluids already, so I went straight to get home as soon as possible. I finished 12.2 miles with a massive side stitch.

The men were about seven miles into their race when I got home. The lead pack was still huge. It was cool watching the pack get whittled down, while Galen Rupp of the U.S. hung in there. He didn’t lose touch with the lead until the two men who’d go on to win gold and silver, Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya and Feyisa Lilesa of Ethiopia, finally dropped him. Rupp held on to win bronze, the first U.S. medal in the marathon since Meb won silver 12 years ago.

A couple hours after the marathon was over, the postponed race coverage was supposed to start. Unfortunately, it was still freaking raining in Bristol! They had to put it on hold even longer.

So Clark and I took Pepper to this place in Salisbury called Hopper’s Tap House. There’s this sort of enclosed atrium, and around it are a bar with 34 beers on tap and several restaurants. You can just order your food and beers and bring them out to a table in the atrium yourself, or there are servers.

I was starving when we got there, so I got a pulled pork sandwich from a barbecue restaurant. For an extra dollar, they gave me a big chunk of bone from one of the pigs for Pepper to gnaw on.

He loved it!


He also did that thing where he thinks he’s human and sits on the bench next to Clark:

pepper and clark at hoppers

We stayed there long enough to have a few beers. Then we picked up some more beers across the street at Cheers and went home. We just happened to leave right as this massive thunderstorm rolled through, the kind where the rain is coming down so hard you can’t see anything out of the windshield other than the taillights of the car in front of you, so you just follow it and hope it doesn’t lead you into a ditch. It let up enough I could see again soon, and we made it home fine.

We got home in time to see the end of the Bristol race, which Kevin Harvick won. Clark’s parents came over and we watched the Olympics closing ceremony.

This morning, I got up early enough to get in a short easy run before an assignment. It had cooled off a teeny bit, but just that small drop in temperature was enough to make for a very enjoyable lap around the 4.5-mile loop. And it’s supposed to get even cooler in the mornings for the rest of this week. I can’t wait!

My stupid iPod died though. For good this time, I’m pretty sure. It’s not just a dead battery. The little light, which usually comes on red, yellow or green to indicate battery life when you first turn on the iPod, doesn’t light up at all now.

This is the third iPod I’ve killed, most likely with the torrential downpour of sweat I produce this time of year. I looked into a new shuffle. They’re $49 at Walmart. I also looked up waterproof shuffles, for swimming. Those are $139. Geez. I think I’ll go fiddle with mine one more time, just to make sure it really is dead.

August 19, 2016

Training for 8/19/16

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This morning, as soon as Pepper had eaten his breakfast, I put him in his harness and we went for a run.

It was a pretty decent morning, low 70s and the ever present 97 percent humidity. Pepper seemed to be in a better mood than yesterday.

He and I were cruising along, about four miles into the 6.5-mile loop, when he had to stop to take a dump. No problem. I stood and waited for him. He was taking forever though, and he kept moving while still in his squat. Then he turned around and I saw the problem — he had a poop ball dangling from his butthole that he just couldn’t get to drop off.

I busted out laughing! I mean, it looked like a turd ornament and his butt was a Christmas tree. It was not going anywhere!

Then it dawned on me I was going to have to… help him. The problem was that he’d somehow eaten a bunch of my hair (probably from licking the couch, the carpets, the bedspread, even though I’m constantly yelling at him to stop licking EVERYTHING) and the hair was stuck in his butthole, and the poop was stuck on the hair. It was like cleaning out a vacuum cleaner attachment after vacuuming a room with a ton of hair on the floor.

I don’t care if that’s too gross to share here. I had to live it.

Anyway, we got through that and finished the run, which was otherwise a good one.

This weekend, I WILL run the 14-mile long run and the 7-mile easy run on the schedule! Other than that, I’m not sure what we’re doing. The Bristol night race is tomorrow and the men’s Olympic marathon is Sunday, which I’d like to see.

August 18, 2016

Training for 8/18/16

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This morning, I was on the couch, trying to drum up the motivation to go out for my run before the clouds cleared out, when I heard a loud THUMP on the solid-glass back door. I looked over just in time to see a couple small feathers drifting toward the ground.

Yup, a bird flew into the door hard enough to, it turned out, kill itself on contact.


Aw. Poor thing!

Since I was off the couch at that point anyway, I got dressed, put Pepper in his harness and went out for today’s run, a lap around the 5.5-mile loop.

It wasn’t as hot as yesterday morning, and we still had some lingering cloud cover after strong storms came through last night, but it was just so damn HUMID. Again.

It was a sluggish run. Mostly because of Pepper. Honestly. He just was not in the mood. He kept stopping to sniff random spots of grass, drink from ditches (even though he’d had a full bowl of nice clean water he didn’t drink at home, but whatever) and poop. Three times haha. It was like he’d been holding it all week.

The sun came out too when we had about 2.5 miles left to run. Fortunately we were in a mostly-shaded part of the route at that point, but still, it made it feel just that much hotter.

Anyway, we made it home, Pepper got an ice cube and some treats and now he’s asleep on the floor again.

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