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June 29, 2012

Training for 6/29/12

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I didn’t do anything this morning. I had a short trail run planned, but sleep sounded better. I’m racing another 5K tomorrow morning and running this week’s 13-mile long run Sunday morning, so a rest day was probably a good idea anyway.

Speaking of 5Ks, yesterday I figured out our DirecTV package has NBC Sports Network, which is airing all the Olympic track and field trials. Last night just happened to be the men’s and women’s 5K finals.

I watched a bunch of sprinting and hurdles heats and the men’s steeplechase final, but what I was really waiting for were the 5Ks, for obvious reasons.

They did not disappoint! The women ran first. On the final lap, Julia Lucas, who had been leading much of the last few laps of the race, seemed to run out of gas. Two women passed her in the final lap, but if she could just hold on to third, she would get the final spot on the team going to the Olympics.

Meanwhile, Kim Conley was closing on her hard as they came to the line. Conley did not only have to beat Lucas to the line, she had to run at least a 15:20, the Olympic ‘A’ standard. Lucas already had an ‘A’ standard time to her credit, so even if Conley finished third in the race, if she didn’t make that time, the third spot would default to Lucas.

The lead women crossed in 15:13, well ahead of the drama for the third spot. Lucas was visibly struggling as she came to the line, just completely spent and practically stumbling. The seconds were ticking up to 15:20. Conley was sprinting for it with all she had.

She and Lucas got to the line at the same moment, but Conley just barely leaned forward, giving her the edge over Lucas and a 15:19:79 official time, earning her the third and final spot on the team, with winner Julie Culley and second-place Molly Huddle.

Conley, left, leaning across the line for both the Olympic ‘A’ standard time and a hair’s width win over Lucas, right.

Not that I’ll ever be in a position to race for a chance to run in the Olympics, but the lesson here was to never give up. It was a pretty awesome finish to watch.

Then the men came out. Their race wasn’t quite as dramatic, but the winner, Galen Rupp, who won the men’s 10K final last weekend, broke the Olympic trials 5K record set 40 years ago by the legendary Steve Prefontaine, running a freaking 13:22.

Rupp, far right, beating Bernard Lagat, center, for the first time in 13 meetings and setting a new trials 5K record in the process.

Now I’m pumped to go run my 21-minute 5K tomorrow morning, haha.

After the race tomorrow, I’m heading straight back home to finish getting ready for our Fourth of July party. So far all we’ve done is buy all the food, and the keg is chilling in the kegerator in the garage.

Sunday, I have the aforementioned long run, and then I’m going to Julie’s house in the afternoon with the rest of our friends to celebrate her birthday.

June 28, 2012

Training for 6/28/12

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Today was a much better day for a tempo run.

A week ago, I attempted a 30-minute tempo run on a ridiculously hot morning. It didn’t go so well. Today is supposed to be hot, though not as hot as last Thursday, so I expected it to already be uncomfortably warm when I went out to run today.

I was pleasantly surprised. It was a little warmer than the last two mornings, but it wasn’t anything like the inferno that was last Thursday morning.

So, no excuses for stinking it up today, haha.

I did a mile to warm up, and then started the 30-minute segment of hard running. I was aiming for about 7:25 to 7:30 per mile. Comfortably hard, but not all-out.

I hit the first mile in 7:21-ish and felt pretty good. I ran that same time for the second mile, passing the ferry and the two-mile point in 14:42.

I started to wear out a little in the third mile. Near the end of that mile, I ran the only real uphill of the route. I also had to side step out into the tall weeds along the road when some guy backed his truck out of his lane just as I was running by, and apparently didn’t see me at all. I passed the third mile marker in 22:11, a 7:29 mile and my slowest of the run.

I kept pushing it in the fourth mile. I wanted to finish it strong, since last week’s attempt was so crappy. I ran until the watch hit 30 minutes. According to my online route-mapping skills, I ran a little over four miles, 4.15 to be exact, which put my overall average pace at 7:14/mile.

I walked a little to catch my breath, jogged a five-minute recovery and did four 30-second sprints. I then ran the final mile-ish home at an easy pace for a cool down, for a total of 7.2 miles today.

I did some stretching when I got home.

June 27, 2012

Training for 6/27/12

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This morning, the temperature was still nice, so I had a pretty good workout.

I started upstairs with ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and weights, and then I went out and did an easy 3-miler. Pepper looked like he wanted to go with me until we actually got outside. Before we even got to the end of our lane, he started trying to go back to the house, so I let him and did the run alone.

Yesterday, I got in the mail a pair of Nike running shorts I found on clearance online. They’re split shorts and have extra pockets, so they’re good for races. I think I’d be able to get enough salt caps for a marathon in the little zippered pocket on the back, so I wouldn’t have to wear that Amphipod pouch I’ve used in my last two marathons.

I ran in them for the first time today. They are… breezy, haha. They’re maybe a little shorter than the style of Nike shorts I prefer, but the split is pretty severe. I’ll just say I’m glad there’s a liner.

Anyway, I felt a little over exposed when I was doing my strength training upstairs, but when I ran in them, they felt really good. Obviously there wasn’t anything restricting my legs, and the extra ventilation felt nice. I like them.

I also got in the mail a pair of Balega socks to replace the ones that got destroyed by that muddy trail marathon a few weeks ago.

June 26, 2012

Training for 6/26/12

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This morning was just about perfect, and I was glad I had a middle distance run on the schedule so I could enjoy it, since we probably won’t get another one like it for a while.

It was in the 60s, low humidity, sunny with a just a few white fluffy clouds in the sky. I did a lap around my 6.5-mile loop and felt great the whole way through. My only minor quibble was the strong wind coming at me head-on for the final mile and a half. Other than that though, it couldn’t have been better.

It’s supposed to get really hot here by the weekend, just in time for our annual Fourth of July party Saturday, unfortunately. I have a lot to do between now and then, but all I can think about is how miserably hot it’s supposed to be. The party’s not supposed to start before 4 p.m., but that means I’ll be standing over a charcoal grill barbecuing chicken right in the hottest part of the day. Yay.

June 25, 2012

Training for 6/25/12

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This morning, I ran my planned 4.5 easy miles first. It was overcast and a little cooler than the past weekend, and it was pretty early, so I thought Pepper might want to come along. He hasn’t gotten to do much running outside of the occasional trail run since it’s gotten hot here.

This morning was also Clark’s return to work after three weeks of recuperating at home, where Pepper got to sit by his side 24 hours a day, and somehow, Pepper knew it. That’s the only explanation for his reaction to my attempt to take him running with me.

We were leaving with plenty of time to make it back before Clark left for work. But when I asked Pepper if he wanted to go for a run, instead of bounding after me, he just laid in the bedroom floor and cowered. He was shaking like he thought I was asking if he wanted to go out in the back yard and get beaten.

Usually, when I pull his leash off the shelf in the utility room, he goes nuts and bolts for the door. It had no effect on him today. More cowering and shaking.

Clark even got out of bed and walked to the door, which at least got Pepper in the utility room. I clipped the leash to his collar and we went outside. As soon as the door shut behind us, Pepper turned around and realized Clark wasn’t coming outside too, and he wanted back in.

I got him down the lane and past the neighbor’s house, but at that point, he just started leaping on me and yelping, and trying to run back to our house. I gave up and let him go back home. He sprinted back to the house.

Oh well. I’m sure he’s getting plenty of exercise right now, since he’s in the utility room at home alone again, where he is most likely climbing the walls.

I ran the 4.5-mile loop alone. It was a pretty easy run. It was a lot more humid than I’d realized though. I wasn’t too hot, but I was sweating my face off.

When I got home, I ate some breakfast, said goodbye to Clark and went upstairs to do some strength training. It’s an off week for push-ups, so I just did my ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting, weights and barefoot exercises. I did some stretching to finish up.

This weekend, I had a couple of good runs.

Friday afternoon, I hit my hours limit for the week early and got to go home, so Clark and I went to Dogfish Head in Rehoboth. During happy hour on Mondays and Fridays, they infuse beer with any flavor they want, using this machine they invented. They pretty much just use it to infuse more hops though.

We took Pepper with us, planning to sit outside on their deck. But it started pouring before we got to Rehoboth, and the deck wasn’t very well covered. Clark wanted to sit out there in the rain and drink his super hoppy beer, but I didn’t want to sit there with a dog having a rain-induced panic attack, so we left. Clark was insistent though, so I finally gave in and bought a rain running jacket at the Nike outlet and agreed to go back to Dogfish Head.

Of course, when we got there, it had stopped raining. The staff let us dry off a table and chairs and sit out there. Clark got his super hoppy beer, and I had a strawberry beer. The rain held off and Pepper was fine, so we got more beers and food. Eventually the staff dried off the rest of the tables and chairs, and several more customers were seated on the deck.

We’d been out there for about an hour when a very brief, light rain shower passed over. About two minutes later, the bottom dropped out of the sky.

It was an absolute downpour, and there was thunder and lightning to go with it. Very close lightning too, judging by how soon the deafeningly loud cracks of thunder came after the lightning bolts appeared. We all stood against the back wall, trying to stay dry under a very small overhang. Pepper didn’t care about the thunder, but he was shaking like a leaf and pinning himself against my legs as soon as it started raining, haha.

No one else had a dog with them, so they all grabbed their food and beers and found tables inside. We were pretty much done anyway, so Clark and I finished off our last beers, and Pepper and I ran for the car while Clark went inside and paid the bill. It took a while because the lightning had screwed up the restaurant’s computer system.

We drove into Ocean City to deposit checks at the Bank of America, since the only branch convenient to either of us closed three months ago. (I’m still annoyed about that, but I don’t feel like changing banks because I like my NASCAR debit card, credit card and checks. Yes, I know that’s stupid.) We got some more Dogfish Head and went to Clark’s parents’ house in Fenwick and hung out with them for the night. I had enough beer that I fell asleep at their house, and slept the whole way home, too.

I wrote out that long-winded story to explain why, for the second week in a row, I woke up feeling a little hungover and tired the morning of a 5K. Sigh.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as last week; I definitely got a lot more sleep than last Saturday night, and there had been no tequila involved. But 5:30 a.m. never feels good to me, no matter what time I went to bed or how much I drank the night before.

I guzzled some Gatorade, ate some breakfast and wasn’t feeling too bad actually when TK picked me up at 6 for the drive back to Rehoboth, for this year’s Jungle Jim’s 5K Splash.

We got to Jungle Jim’s before 7 a.m., and got our bibs and T-shirts pretty quickly, which left me plenty of time to do a proper warm-up.

I ran to the first mile marker on the course and back, throwing in a few short strides halfway through. It was an overcast morning, but still pretty warm and very humid, after those storms had passed through overnight. It was definitely not as miserably hot as Thursday and Friday morning had been though.

When I got back to the water park, I saw Allison and Steve, the two runners from Easton I first met online and then met in person a few weeks ago at the St. Michaels Running Festival. We chatted a bit and then got in the pack at the start.

The race director reminded us to be considerate of the homeowners in the residential area through which the race course ran. I remember a couple of years ago, the first time I ran this race, we were all running down the side of the road somewhere in the first mile of the race, and this green Lincoln went flying past us, and pretty close to us too. Runners were yelling at the driver to slow down. The worst part was when the car drew up on a runner ahead of me who was, admittedly, running way too far off the shoulder, and the driver got the car as close to the runner as possible, and then laid on the horn. That runner almost tripped and fell right in front of the car, he was so startled.

I’ve always thought that was just some nutjob who happened to be driving by, but apparently, the driver was a pissed off homeowner who was teaching us all a lesson.

Finally, the race director got the all-clear that the state police who would be controlling traffic were in place, and we were off.

The start of this race has always been a cluster, and this year was no different. It was probably the biggest cluster to date, because 422 people ran this year, a new record.

I survived the crowded start inside the water park, and got up to speed as we ran down the road outside the park and everyone got to spread out.

I didn’t feel too bad. I thought I had a shot at beating my time from two weeks ago.

Somewhere in the first mile, Mary Beth caught up with me. Mary Beth is in her late 40s, owns a local running store and is really into running and triathlons. She runs similar paces to mine, so I see her a lot in local races. She always wears Zoot shoes, a running skirt, a visor and sunglasses. She also has some of the most well-sculpted legs and back of any runner around here, male or female.

I wound up running right behind or next to Mary Beth for much of the next mile and a half of the race. I passed the first mile marker in 6:42. I really wanted to hang on to that pace, but I figured I’d gone out too fast, yet again. Mary Beth was setting a strong pace, so I just kept up with her.

We hit the U-turn of the out-and-back course. I was hurting. As expected, that too-fast first mile was biting me right in the ass. But I kept up with Mary Beth. I passed the second mile marker in 13:41. Really? I had slowed down 17 seconds? Grrr.

The last mile of this race was really tough. The humidity was suffocating me, but I kept up with Mary Beth, and even passed her somewhere in that mile. I became aware another woman was catching us, because as we passed the back-of-the-packers on their way toward the turnaround, I heard a lot of them yell, “Go get ’em, Cheryl!” right as we passed.

I was really, really hurting, but I kept reminding myself that’s what a 5K is supposed to feel like.

I used to think the best runners were just naturally that fast, that it was a piece of cake for them to run the paces they do. I thought that training would make it feel that easy for me.

After getting a lot more serious about running and racing, and thus learning about both elite runners and everyday runners who are much faster than me, I have learned it hurts just as bad for them to run their best times. Worse, maybe.

There are definitely runners out there who are just simply faster than me, but for anyone to really run a distance, any distance, to the best of their ability, they have to be willing to accept the pain that comes with it, and keep pushing it when their head is screaming at them to back off. Training is as much for the physical benefit as it is the mental. You have to convince your own brain to let you run that hard for that long.

So I just kept pushing, ignoring my brain’s pleas to not blow up the body carrying it. I could hear Mary Beth and Cheryl pounding away right behind me. We approached the last turn of the course, just before the 3-mile marker, where a Delaware state cop was barking at the runners to hurry up. It took me right back to Air Force basic training — if only he had called me Trainee Schmidt as I passed, it would have been perfect — and it was exactly the push I needed.

I pulled away from Mary Beth just a little as we got to the entrance to Jungle Jim’s, mere steps from the finish line. I could hear footsteps quicken behind me — I didn’t know if it was Mary Beth or Cheryl — and somewhere I found just a little bit more and turned it up to a sprint for the finish. I held off whoever had been charging.

One of my all-time worst running photos, haha. The only redeeming quality is the look on the guy’s face as he realizes he’s getting chicked right at the finish line.

I finally got to stop running, much to my delight. I had survived another one.

I stopped my watch and was even happier to see a 21:32 (6:57/mile average) — not only 13 seconds faster than the 5K I ran two weeks ago, but also 8 seconds faster than I ran this same race a year ago. I remembered my time was still 54 seconds off my PR, but I quickly also reminded myself I ran that PR on a 40-degree day in November. Heat is an undeniable factor, so compared to last summer, I’m doing just fine. Better, even.

I grabbed a water bottle, walked a bit, resisted the urge to just jump right in the lazy river and did another mile to cool down, for a total of 6.1 miles. When I passed that cop on my way back, who was still out there barking at the last few runners, I told him he’d taken me back to basic training. I think I saw him smile.

By the time I finished my cool down, TK had finished the race, so we changed into our swimsuits and got into the lazy river, and then went down the water slide that was open for the runners. We found Allison and Steve after that, who had also both run good races in the heat.

When they announced the awards, I got first in my age group. The overall female winner was in my age group though, so I was actually second. They don’t double up awards for overall winners.

The F 25-29 age group winners. Too bad it’s so blurry.

In the final standings, I was second of 24 runners in the F 25-29 age group, seventh female overall (I can’t remember how many there were total now; somehow the online results have disappeared since Saturday), and 46th of 422 total runners.

TK and I went to Fenwick after that, and parked at Clark’s parents’ house. We said hi to them and then went across the street to the beach, where we spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon. Once the breeze picked up, it was one of the most perfect beach days I’ve seen in a while. I took this picture with my iPhone just so I could use it as the wallpaper on it:

There were a few waves that day; it was just especially calm the moment I took this.

That evening, Kara and Kasey asked me to go to dinner with them in Oxford, so I went along. We got to sit right outside right on the water. Kasey took this picture of the sunset, over where the mouth of the Choptank River meets the Chesapeake Bay:

I had a caprese salad and fish tacos, and we had a great conversation about my uncle’s old habit of wearing Speedos when he waterskied, haha, as well as habits he still has, including ice skating at the beach on summer vacation and nude tanning in his back yard.

Sunday morning, I had my long run planned. It was just an 8-miler though, so I wasn’t too motivated to get outside before it warmed up again.

It was well past 8:30 when I finally went out. It was getting hot, and it was pretty sunny and humid again. I was glad I had my water bottle with me. I took a swig every mile and a half. I was still really hot and wishing the run would end. Then I made a turn on to Line Road, and saw the best sight — a huge irrigation in a corn field, spraying the road. I know my pace picked up as I ran toward it.

When I got to it, I followed the spray back and forth a couple of times. I got completely soaked by the cold water, and it felt amazing. I felt like I was just starting my run again as I ran the final mile.

I ran 8.2 miles in 1:12:10, about an 8:47/mile pace. After the run, I lazed about the rest of the day, finishing off “Fifty Shades of Grey” (and starting the second one even though I could barely stand the first one, because it ended in a damn cliffhanger) and watching the NASCAR race. In the evening, Clark, Mike and I went to Five Guys in Salisbury for burgers and fries.

June 22, 2012

Training for 6/22/12

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This morning, I got up early to take Pepper for a trail run. It was already muggy and hot outside, but I figured it was early enough, and the trail would be shaded enough, that Pepper would be able to handle a few miles without overheating and puking up his breakfast.

We were the only ones on the trail. I expected to have to scrape off spider webs the whole time, but I guess it was too hot even for the spiders, because that wasn’t a problem.

The problem was those damn horse flies again. I had to keep Pepper moving when he’d try to stop to sniff or pee on something, because those flies would dive in any chance they got. I’m sure I looked like a tasty target; it was so thick and humid out there I had sweated through my shorts and sports bra by the end of the first mile, and I kept having to wipe sweat out of my eyes. There was so much pouring into them it was stinging them.

In spite of all of the above complaining, I actually enjoyed the run. Someone has put a lot of time into cleaning up that trail recently. I noticed last week all the fallen trees we used to have to jump over had been cut up and removed, and today, all the little twigs, branches and leaves had been scraped from the trail. Someone also trimmed a lot of weeds in some places and cut down some other tiny trees that had sprouted up close to the trail.

When we got back to my car, I guzzled half a water bottle and let Pepper have the other half. We drove back home with all the windows and the sunroof wide open, while Pepper slobbered all over the interior (but he didn’t puke!) I did some push-ups and stretching at home.

Tomorrow, I’m running the Jungle Jim’s 5K Splash. This is one of my favorite races, because we get to play in Jungle Jim’s, a water park, for an hour and a half after the race. That lazy river is going to feel really good after a 5K tomorrow.

I’m hoping to run faster than my 5K time from a couple of weeks ago, since I should get more than three hours of sleep tonight, but with the heat, who knows.¬†After we leave the water park, TK and I are going to the beach for the afternoon.

Sunday, I’ll do this week’s long run. It’s a cutback week, so it’s only an 8-miler.

Speaking of TK, she lent me her copy of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” If you’ve not heard of this book, you’ve been living under a rock. I’m maybe a third of the way through it, and I’ve found the hilariously bad writing has taken away from any of the sexiness of this book. I keep losing my place on the page because I involuntarily roll my eyes so often.

I’m no literary critic or anything, but the two lead characters are just ridiculous. Especially the woman. She’s supposed to be a 21-year-old independent woman about to graduate from college, and at one point she’s getting heart palpitations because the guy sent her an e-mail with a “winky smile.” You know, this emoticon — ūüėČ Really? Are we sure she’s not actually in seventh grade?

I won’t go into the sex scenes, but while reading one last night, I kept feeling compelled to read things aloud to Clark. Not because it was exciting, but because it was hilarious. I just… don’t believe there are people out there who have actually said some of the crap written. Especially the guy, who’s supposed to be Mr. Suave and Sophisticated.

I’m far enough into it I will finish it, but I’m not sure I’ll read the second or third ones, which TK also has.

June 21, 2012

Training for 6/21/12

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Boy did today’s run SUCK.

But, it’s done. Well, the miles got done anyway, just not all at the intended pace.

Yesterday, we got a little bit of a warm up. Today, it’s supposed to get hotter. We’re under a heat advisory until early tomorrow morning. It should be close to 100, the hottest day of the year so far, and with the humidity, it should feel like it’s well into the triple digits.

Naturally, I had my speed workout planned for this morning, a tempo run. I got up early to try to get it done before it got too terribly hot outside.

At 6:30 a.m., after my warm up mile, it was already pretty warm, probably close to 80 degrees, but bearable. I intended to run 30 minutes at tempo pace, dialed back to a 7:30 mile, which would be about four miles.

I passed my first mile marker around 7:23 and felt like I could keep up the pace another three miles. But as I approached the ferry and the second mile marker, it was like someone pulled a plug and all the energy just drained out of me. I paused the watch at 14:50 when I finished the second mile and walked a little.

I figured I’d jog to about the next half-mile point and then do the other half of the tempo run. But when I got there and started running fast again, I knew it wasn’t happening. I made it about another minute and a half before I paused the watch again at 16:25 and jogged up the incline out of the swamp.

Oh, and the whole time I was running through this section, which is wooded and swampy, I was getting a nice bonus arm workout from constantly waving away the enormous horse flies buzzing around me.

I got up the incline and out of the swamp and was back on flat road, nothing but fields around me. No horse flies, but now I was in full sunlight. I started my watch again, determined to finish off this stupid tempo run.

I pushed myself to keep running hard until the watch hit 20:00. I decided I was done. I still had about 2.5 miles of my 7.2-mile loop left to run home at an easy pace.

Of course, a minute later, I was berating myself for being such a pansy just because it was a little warm, and I started the watch again, fully expecting to push myself through 10 more minutes at tempo pace.

I made it less than two more minutes, haha. That time I really WAS done trying to run hard in that heat.

I ran the final 2.2 miles home at my easy pace, still stopping to walk to get my breathing back under control a couple of times. My shorts were so saturated with sweat they were making that sound like a plastic bag whipping in the wind. When I got home, there was enough sweat in them I could wring them out. I like those shorts because they usually stay pretty dry, even on long runs. They didn’t stand a chance today.

Every year, it gets really hot for the first time, and I think “Pssshhh, heat shmeat. I can do this.”¬†Then I try to run in it and get my ass handed to me. It’s been warm here this year, obviously, since it’s June 21, but not to this extent, and not when I was trying to run a speed workout.

Luckily, 100-degree days aren’t the summer norm around here; this is a little hotter than we typically get. This weekend is supposed to “cool off” to highs in the upper 80s, and next Wednesday’s forecasted high is only 75 right now. Back in March, running on a 75-degree day felt like an oven. After today, it’s going to feel like fall.

In a twisted way, I kind of like running on days like this. Everyone is talking about the heat, but most people will only feel it when they’re walking from one air-conditioned building to another, or to their air-conditioned vehicle. I ran in it for an hour.

Not that I want to run in this weather every day, of course.

And now, on a completely unrelated note, I just wanted to post a couple of pictures I’ve gotten of Pepper in the last couple of days.

The whole time Clark has been home recovering from surgery, Pepper has watched him like a hawk. It’s like he knows Clark isn’t moving too fast right now, and Pepper feels like he has to be there to protect him if needed. Pepper lies on the couch with him during the day, sleeps on the floor next to Clark’s side of the bed at night and follows him wherever he goes.

Clark has been taking walks as he’s been getting back his strength. He can’t take Pepper with him though, because Pepper would have to be on the leash, and since he’s used to only running while on the leash, he’d be pulling on it, which isn’t good for Clark’s incisions.

A couple of days ago, Clark took his longest walk since the surgery, two miles. He was gone for quite a while. This was the look on Pepper’s face the entire time Clark was out:

Worry wart.

You can’t hear the high-pitched whining sounds Pepper was making, but trust me, he did that the whole time too.

This other picture was taken last night. Clark got Pepper another antler to chew on from the pet store yesterday, and he was holding it in the air so Pepper would leap for it:

Landshark attack.


June 20, 2012

Training for 6/20/12

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Happy first day of summer!

The weather was seasonably appropriate for my workout this morning. I knew it was going to get hot today, and therefore would get unbearably hot upstairs, so I made sure to get up in time to do my strength training before work, instead of waiting until after.

I went upstairs and did my ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weight lifting, and then I went outside for 3 easy miles.

It was already pushing 80 degrees and was pretty humid. It wasn’t a particularly enjoyable run. I was hot and couldn’t seem to get my breathing where it should be for an easy run.

Three miles was more than enough today. I did some stretching and barefoot exercises at home to finish up.

June 19, 2012

Training for 6/19/12

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This morning, I did an easy lap around my 6.5-mile loop by myself. It was pretty humid. There’s not much else to say about it. I didn’t even time it.

Last night, I did my strength training as planned, eventually. I did some ab exercises and the hardest workout of the 100 push-up challenge with my feet on that stupid Swiss ball. I was a little proud of myself for getting through it with the added difficulty. It doesn’t actually make the push-ups that much harder, but it works the core because you have to balance to keep from sliding off the ball, and that just makes it feel harder. Then I did a couple of minutes in the invisible chair and some weight lifting and finished up with stretching.

Over the last few days, I have figured out a few more things regarding my upcoming race schedule.

  • I registered for the Twin Cities Marathon in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minn., in October. It’s the same weekend as Steamtown was last year, so I’m on the same timeline as far as marathon training goes. For some reason I enjoy punishing myself with all those really long runs while it’s still steamy and gross around here. But most of the same group that went to Philly last fall had already registered for Twin Cities, so I couldn’t pass it up. This will be the first time I’ve flown somewhere specifically to run a race. Clark might go too, since Minnesota is one of the few states he has never visited. He hasn’t decided yet though.
  • I had been considering running my first 50K (31 miles) in July, but, since I’m more concerned with training for the half marathon in September and the full in October, I just simply won’t have the training miles under my belt for a 50K next month. My longest run to that point will only be 14 miles. A couple of my friends are running it though, so I still want to go, but run the 25K distance instead. That’s 15.5 miles, and it just so happens my marathon training plan is calling for a 15- or 16-miler that weekend, so it fits much better. There a couple of good 50Ks around here in November, including a free one. I’ll have all that marathon training mileage to my credit at that point, so I think that’s a better goal date.
  • Finally, Dave has decided he IS running the half marathon in Virginia Beach! Since I’m going for a sub-1:35, which is four minutes faster than the time he ran three years ago, and he’s not planning on really training again, he’s just hoping to keep up with me. I understand it could easily still be a really hot and humid day, since the race is on Labor Day weekend, so sub-1:35 might not happen. But it will still be really fun to actually run the race with Dave. Plus, Kasey said she wants to run the 5K they’re offering for the first time this year.

So that’s what I’m up to right now.

June 18, 2012

Training for 6/18/12

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This morning, I slept in a little so I could hold off on the strength training and just do my run. I made Pepper leave Clark’s side to run with me. He’s been lying around so much the past couple of weeks, between Clark being home recovering and that allergic rash Pepper got on his paws, that he actually started to get a little fat around his neck. We started calling him Jelly Roll, haha.

He wasn’t happy at first, but by the end of the first mile, he started to enjoy himself. Then he found a stick to carry in his mouth about three miles in and he really took off. The last 1.5 miles were a lot faster than I should have been running an easy run, but Pepper was happy, so I just went with it.

I did a little stretching when I got home. Tonight, when I get home from work, I’ll have to do my strength training.

Anyway, this weekend went OK. I pretty much screwed myself over for the race yesterday morning, but my long run went really well at least.

Saturday morning, I did 12 miles. First I ran nine on the road by myself at about an 8:36/mile pace. Then I took Pepper to the trail to do three more. It wasn’t a terribly warm day Saturday, but it was sunny, and I’d waited until late in the morning to run, so I figured Pepper would overheat if I made him run on the road.

After my run, I lounged around for a while. When Clark was eating his lunch, which was a leftover chicken breast, Pepper showed us his advanced interpretation of the “sit” command, in the hopes he would be rewarded with some of Clark’s chicken:

Notice he even threw in a paw shake for good measure.

I finally cleaned the house after lunch, and then it was time to get ready to go out with Julie for her birthday. I met Julie and two of her co-workers at one of her co-worker’s house in Federalsburg, and we all rode to the Preston fire hall for a live band they had playing that night.

Julie and me riding to Preston.

When we got there, there weren’t many people at the fire hall, but we paid to go in anyway. Our entry fees included two free drinks. I was excited until I found out the only beers available were Bud Light and Michelob Ultra.

One of Julie’s co-workers bought a tray of JELL-O shots, which the four of us shared. Eventually we wandered out to the dance floor. There were times we were literally the only people out there dancing, but we had a good time.

Near the end of the night, after a handful of weak JELL-O shots and a few even weaker Michelob Ultras, I didn’t even have a buzz, which was a good thing since I still had to run a 5K in the morning.

Then came a couple of bad decisions. First, I accepted a tequila shot from a friend who bought one each for Julie and me, and there was enough in there it was at least two, maybe three shots. I also hate tequila, but it would have been rude to turn it down, you know? Next, when the band finished at midnight, instead of going back to Julie’s co-worker’s house, we went to a bar that didn’t close until 2 a.m. I only had one more beer at the bar, but I was just getting really, really tired. I think we stayed until close to closing time.

I slept in a chair in Julie’s co-worker’s living room, and just happened to wake up around¬†5 a.m. I had just enough time to drive home, change into my running clothes, eat some breakfast and be ready to go when TK got to my house at 6 for the drive to Rehoboth.

I wasn’t hungover, I was just completely exhausted, having only gotten three hours of sleep in a chair. My head felt fuzzy and I just wanted to go to sleep.

We got to the race site a little later than usual. We had plenty of time to get our race bibs, which had timing chips again, and T-shirts, but there was no time for my usual warm up mile or two. Not that I was too devastated about it. I just wanted to get these 3.1 miles over with so I could go back to bed.

There were more than 400 runners for this race. Since the bibs had timing chips, I assumed gun time wouldn’t matter, and I was feeling like crap anyway, so I lined up pretty far off the start line. When they let us go, it took me seven or eight seconds to get over the start line.

I don’t think I’ve ever run on so little sleep before. It was a weird feeling; I felt a little disconnected from my own legs. But I was flying past a lot of the runners I’d started behind, and my legs didn’t feel too bad in spite of the long run the day before.

The race actually went really fast. I wasn’t concerned about time at all, so the mile markers came quickly, even though I wasn’t running as fast as last week. It was also a perfect morning to run a race, very cool and overcast, so it was a shame I’d botched it by staying out so late the night before.

Anyway, I passed the first mile marker in 7:02. I fell off a bit in the second mile, passing the second marker in 14:18. But I picked it back up for the final mile, passing the third marker in 21:18. I crossed the line in 22:05 by my watch, but 22:12 by the race clock, since I’d started so far off the start line.

Crossing the line. I’m curious about why one of the runners who finished right in front of me is patting the other one on the head.

Well. That certainly went better than I’d expected. Not a particularly spectacular 5K time for me by any means, but it was only 20 seconds off my time from last week.

I walked a little down the boardwalk to cool down, but I didn’t even entertain the thought of running any farther. I’d had enough. I walked straight to my car, put my shirt back on and exchanged my running shoes for my flip flops. I got back to the finish line in time to see TK finish.

Rita’s Italian Ice was ¬†back for this race, so we got in line to get our free ice. We went to the Rehoboth Ale House after that for the post-race party and awards.

TK and me in the Rehoboth Ale House. I would like to point out that right behind me is an autographed picture of Terrell Suggs sacking Ben Roethlisberger while forcing a fumble.

There was another snafu with the timing chips, just like at the Masser 5-Miler a few weeks ago, but this time, they’d also pulled our bib tags and video taped the finish as a backup. It took quite a while for them to get the awards figured out, and they wound up having to use gun times to set the finishing order, but I still managed to get first in my age group, out of 10 runners.

Accepting my award.

I was also ninth female, out of 175, and 63rd overall out of 409 runners.

I later noticed something odd about my age group award:

I won the men’s 25-29 age group, haha.

I know I’m not that well endowed up top, but no one’s ever mistaken me for a dude before!

It was not a good beach day, so TK and I just got hot coffee from the Dunkin Donuts on the boardwalk and went home. Clark and Pepper had already left to go spend Fathers Day at the beach house when I got home, so I just snoozed on the couch much of the afternoon.

I finally got up, showered, went to Dairy Queen to get my dad a gift card and then went to my parents’ house to see my dad. My brother and older sister were there too, and it turned out we had all gotten our dad DQ gift cards, haha. He loves their burgers and Blizzards.

We watched Dale Earnhardt Jr. break his four-year losing streak in the race. When I got in my car to go home, the radio was still tuned to the NASCAR station on Sirius, and there was already some stupid fan spouting off about how NASCAR had fixed the race so Jr. would win on Fathers Day. The woman hosting the show pointed out if NASCAR was going to fix a race so Jr. would win, it would have done it a long time ago. I hate those stupid conspiracy theorists. There is always someone out there who thinks the race or the championship was fixed, no matter who won it.

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