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January 31, 2013

Training for 1/31/13

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It’s the last day of January, and the last day before Clark and I head out to California for nine days!

I intended to run this morning, I really did. But I didn’t get to bed until late last night and I had to be at work early this morning, so my motivation to run took a hit. The death blow was the screaming wind that picked up speed overnight. So I just stayed in bed and snuggled with Pepper a little longer.

Since I had to be at work so early and I only have a few hours left this week, I get to leave early too. I think I’ll take Pepper to the trail when I get home. It’s not the 45-minute tempo run the plan called for today, but I don’t feel like fighting this wind, and this will be my last chance to run with Pepper for a while anyway.

I’m going to go ahead and count those three miles in my January summary (so now I have to do them, or this will be a lie.)


  • Week 1 (Jan. 1-5): 27.2 miles
  • Week 2 (Jan. 6-12): 52.2
  • Week 3 (Jan. 13-19): 42.5
  • Week 4 (Jan. 20-26): 56.5
  • Week 5 (Jan. 27-31): 41

Total: 219.4 miles

Pretty spiffy mileage this month, in my opinion.

There wasn’t much else that went on in January. There aren’t many races around here in the winter. As usual, it was all about Shamrock training, which I feel like is on track. All of my long runs this month went well, except the final 1.5 miles of the 19-miler, and the speed workouts I’ve actually completed have been on pace or better. I do have to do a better job in February of getting in my tempo runs though — the past three weeks, including today, I’ve found an excuse to not do it.

The best part is nothing on me hurts! At this point a year ago, I was still pretending my right foot wasn’t bothering me, and a few days into February, I had to admit something was wrong. This year I got through January unscathed. I’m so glad I talked myself into dropping $9 on a new pair of Zeroes.

I only have one race planned for February, the Surf City Half Marathon in a few days. I’d like to run it like a long tempo run (maybe that will make up for a couple of the ones I skipped this month!) The last tempo run I actually completed was a little more than 5.5 miles at a 7:12/mile pace. I think I’ll shoot for 7:20-7:25/mile for 13.1 miles. That would even be a PR by a smidge; the pace of my current PR is 7:26/mile.

The rest of the month is more marathon training. The week we’re in California is supposed to be the second of three peak mileage weeks in this training plan, including a 20-mile long run next weekend. I’m going to try to get in as many miles as I can while we’re out there, because shorts weather, but I’m also going to be flexible, because staying out late, sleeping in and beer. I will probably end up just moving the second 20-miler to the following weekend.

This is my last post until I have to come back to work Feb. 11. We’re flying out of Salisbury very early tomorrow morning. The first three nights, we’re staying with one of my online running friends, who’s also doing Surf City. There’s going to be several more of my online running friends at Surf City, so that’s going to be fun. Sunday I will obviously be cheering for the Ravens in the Super Bowl. I don’t care if it’s 80 degrees, I have to wear my lucky sweatshirt for the game.

Then next week, we’re spending the first couple of days in L.A., going to a couple of live show tapings (well, at least one, and maybe a second one, if we can get in.) Wednesday, we’re driving down toward San Diego, but staying one night in Escondido, just to eat at Stone Brewery’s restaurant. We’ll spend the last couple of days in San Diego, where we’re planning to try some surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. We leave Saturday, but our flight doesn’t get back to Salisbury until late Sunday morning.

January 30, 2013

Training for 1/30/13

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This morning, it was even warmer than yesterday, and I got to run in shorts and a short-sleeved T-shirt. It was really windy too, which sucked, but hey — shorts! A week ago I was running in single-digit temperatures and wondering if I was doing permanent damage to the nerves in my face.

I did an easy lap around the 5.5-mile loop while Clark was still home, so Pepper didn’t have to come with me, and after breakfast, I went upstairs, where it was also comfortably warm, and did ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting, weights and stretching.

Unfortunately, this nice weather can’t be bothered to hang around just one more day, and it looks like tomorrow’s final pre-vacation run will be in cold wind again. I have a tempo run on the schedule, but since I definitely won’t be running an easy long run pace for Sunday’s half marathon, I’ll probably just take it easy tomorrow.

January 29, 2013

Training for 1/29/13

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This morning, I had a speed workout on the schedule, seven 800-meter repeats.

Since my usual Tuesday morning meeting is in the evening the last week of every month, I didn’t have to get up early to run today. And since I had so much time on my hands, I even drove into town and did the workout on the track, for the first time since Nov. 20.

Clark had just left for work when I was ready to go to the track. Pepper was upset I was leaving him alone, and refused to walk into the utility room. He plopped down defiantly in the dining room. Unfortunately for him, he only weighs about 60 lbs., so I scooped him up and took him to the utility room myself. That clearly didn’t turn out the way he’d expected.

He was howling his face off as I drove away. Maybe I’m totally cold-hearted, but that has no effect on me any longer. If I’d scrapped the track workout and tried to take him running with me on the road, he most likely would have been a complete tool about that too.

As I was pulling into the parking lot across the street from the track, I couldn’t see anyone on the track, and there were no cars parked in the line of parking spots closest to the street. An empty track? Score!

But right as I was parking my car, another car pulled into the spot a couple spots down from mine. Walker. Damn.

Oh well. It was such an amazingly nice day for a speed workout, I didn’t care. After a week of sub-freezing temperatures, it was in the low 40s this morning when I ran. Not quite shorts weather for me, but I did get to wear capri tights and only one light long-sleeved top, and I didn’t need a hat or thick fleece gloves or SmartWool socks. It felt like an early spring morning.

Since it was such a long track workout today (32 laps), I wore my iPod for the whole thing. I got it going and then I started my warm-up mile.

I felt ready to go when the warm-up mile was over. I took off on the first repeat, aiming for a 3:25.

I felt really comfortable for the first 400-meter lap, and when I finished it, I saw why — 1:49, way too slow if I want to run consistent 3:25s for 800 meters. I picked it up, and ran a 1:40 on the second lap, which at least got me in under 3:30 for the first repeat, a 3:29. I always run the first repeat too slow though, so that was normal.

I did a lap of recovery jogging, and then ran the second repeat in 3:23. A little fast that time.

After another recovery lap, I ran the third repeat in 3:24. Just about nailed it.

About that time, a second walker appeared. The first walker, the one who got there when I did, was sticking to the fourth lane. I was using the first, so we were getting along just fine. Then this second guy shows up and, of course, makes a beeline for the first lane.

I had to dodge him at least once on each of the four remaining repeats. Sometimes he was walking, and sometimes he was running. But I had to swing out in the second lane and blow by him every time.

I guess having someone to catch and pass on each of the last four repeats inspired me, because I blasted 3:25 every time — 3:18, 3:17, 3:19 and 3:15, my fastest 800-meter repeat ever.

After the final repeat, I kept running, intending to do a 2-mile cool down. As I came around a bend in the track, the guy who’d been in the first lane was walking toward me on his way out. Since I still had in my earbuds, I couldn’t hear what he said to me, but he had a look on his face like I imagine people used to get back in the 1600s when they saw a woman who could swim and thought that meant she was a witch, haha. I don’t think he was expecting to see a white girl go flying past him lap after lap during his workout!

The other walker left soon after that, and I finally had the place to myself for the last mile or so of my cool down. I did a total of eight miles today.

I felt pretty damn awesome as I walked back to my car. That was one of my best interval workouts in a long time. Was it the nice weather, the iPod, the buffalo steak and chocolate cake we had for Clark’s birthday dinner last night, all of the above or something else? Who knows. I love runs like today’s.

January 28, 2013

Training for 1/28/13

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Today is Clark’s 30th birthday!



I’ve been teasing him about how embarrassing it is to be married to such an old man, but really, 30 looks good on him. I’m treating him to dinner at Stone Brewery’s restaurant while we’re out in California next week. Tonight, his parents are having us over for dinner. Which means there will be cake for dessert, of course!

So, Saturday. I had a 10-mile easy run on the schedule. It snowed a little Friday evening as predicted, maybe an inch at the most. The road we live on was pretty clear by Saturday morning when I was ready to go, but I was confident the rest of the back roads on my 10.5-mile route would still have a solid coating of snow and ice, so I wore my trail shoes.

I was right. After the first mile, the rest of the run was in snow, slush and ice. Once again, the trail shoes worked like a charm, and I had an easy time getting in my miles.

It was sunny too, so I also wore Clark’s Oakley sunglasses, since it was reflecting off the snow.

About 6.5 miles into the run, I passed a Jeep Grand Cherokee parked near the entrance to a random gum tree preserve in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t see inside it, but the headlights were on, so I assumed someone was sitting in it and waved as I ran past.

I saw the driver’s door open and figured the driver was saying something. I stopped and turned around, pulling out my earbuds, and said, “What? I couldn’t hear you.”

“You’re beautiful!” the guy called back at me.

I don’t know how he could know that; all anyone could see of me was the bottom half of my face. The rest of me was completely covered up. But I said “thank you,” stuck my earbuds back in my ears and went on my way.

A few miles later, I was less than a mile from home, when that same Jeep passed me from behind. As it went by, I saw a kid who looked to be about 13 or 14 in the back seat, waving at me from his open window. Um, OK.

I finished up the loop. I didn’t time it because I figured the snow would slow me down, and it was supposed to be an easy run anyway, so time didn’t matter. I felt pretty good after that run.

That afternoon, I went to TK’s house for our friends’ Christmas gift exchange. We had chili, red velvet cupcakes and beer. That evening, Clark and I stayed in and had pizza for dinner. I was feeling sufficiently fueled up for the next morning’s 20-miler.

Yesterday, I had a tough time getting motivated to run. It doesn’t matter how many times I do these marathon training cycles, 20 miles just sounds like such an impossibly long way to run. Plus, I was sick and tired of a week straight of below-freezing temperatures, wind and snow. I ate breakfast and filled up my water bottle, but after that, I laid back down.

Clark reminded me the miles weren’t going to run themselves, and then he said he was planning to run the 7.2-mile loop that afternoon, so by putting off my own run, I was also putting off his.

That finally did the trick. I pulled myself back out of bed and got dressed. Right before I left, Clark suggested we run the final 7.2 miles together, and take Pepper with us. I immediately agreed. Now my solo 20-miler was just a lap around my 12.8-mile loop. Much better!

I wore my trail shoes again, which turned out to be totally unnecessary. Except for a couple of patches, the back roads had cleared up the day before.

Again, I didn’t time this run. The roads were clear enough I could have, but I didn’t want to. I just wanted to get in the miles at a steady pace and not feel like death at the end like I did last week.

It was an uneventful run, until about a half-mile from home. There’s a house on the corner I pass just about every day. Often, there are two dogs in the yard, a Pomeranian and a big boxer-looking dog. They bark at me every time, but they never leave the yard.

Until yesterday! I was passing on the opposite side of the road from the yard. As usual, the little Pomeranian spotted me first and started yapping at me from the edge of the yard. Then the boxer appeared. Instead of stopping at the edge of the yard too, it blasted out into the road, coming right for me.

Being charged by a not very friendly-looking dog is bad enough, but the stupid dog ran out right in front of an oncoming van. I thought it was toast. I stopped where I was and yelled at it to try to scare it back into the yard, but the dog looked like it had one thing on its mind, and that was taking a chunk out of my ass.

Luckily, the woman driving the van was paying attention, and she stopped. The dog ran out to where it was about 2 ft. from me, and then stopped and got this weird look on its face, like it didn’t know what to do now. It turned around and went back to the yard.

The woman in the van asked me if I was OK. I said I was fine. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that dog leave the yard like that. We both went on our way.

I finished up the 12.8-mile loop and went inside. Clark ate some lunch, I had a muffin and some coffee, and then he and Pepper got dressed to join me for the last several miles of my run. I left the trail shoes at home and wore my Zeroes.

There was one point, about a quarter-mile from home, that Pepper got a little over-excited and started leaping on Clark and me, but we got him straightened out. The run went pretty well after that. We stopped and walked a bit when Clark wanted to, but for the most part, it felt like a pretty typical long run pace for me. Pepper was pulling hard on the leash the whole time, but that’s normal.

I felt really good through the whole run. I’m sure having Clark and Pepper there helped, but I definitely felt a lot better around miles 18 and 19 than I did last week.

When we passed that same house on the corner near home, neither dog was in the yard, much to my relief.

When we were back on our road, and close to home, Clark decided to pour on the speed for the final stretch. He went blowing by Pepper and me. Of course, Pepper wanted to play too. He sped up to a full gallop, which meant I had to also. We caught up to Clark but we couldn’t get by him.

And that was the end of 20 miles on the day for me. In total, the three of us ran almost 35 miles yesterday. Clark and I did some stretching and took showers. Last night, we just ordered in for dinner.

This morning, we got a little wintry mix of freezing rain. I had a 4.5-mile recovery run on the schedule. I wore my 890s. It didn’t look like a trail shoes kind of day.

It was mostly just rain by the time I left the house, with a little ice thrown in. The roads were a little slick, but not bad. Traffic was rolling by at its normal pace and school buses were running on time.

I did the 4.5-mile loop. After breakfast, I did some push-ups, ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and a lot of stretching downstairs.

And by the way, today’s run pushed me over the 200-mile mark for a single month for the first time since September.

In six days, Clark and I are running the Surf City Half Marathon. I love finding out my bib number, and when I checked yesterday, they had been posted. I’m No. 5845, and Clark is 5406. It’s almost here!

January 25, 2013

Training for 1/25/13

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This morning was once again very cold, but I made Pepper go with me to the trail for a short run anyway, because I’m so mean.

While much of the little bit of snow we got Wednesday night is already gone, it was still there on the trail. There were only a couple sets of footprints at the most on any given section of the trail, and tracks from what looked like a sled someone had been dragging through part of it.

As soon as he got on the trail, Pepper seemed to forget how miserably cold he was and how unbearably awful I was for making him run. He was sniffing things and making yellow snow left and right.

My favorite part of today’s run was when he found the stick he wanted. He batted one end of it with his paw, causing the previously hidden remaining 3 ft. of it to bounce up out of the snow. It scared the crap out of him, haha.

He carried that thing through the rest of the run though. We did the 3-mile loop and called it a day. At home, I did today’s push-ups workout and some stretching.

The forecast is still calling for snow this afternoon and evening, but it’s been downgraded from up to 6 inches to only a dusting, or a couple of inches at the most. That I can handle.

It looks like tomorrow’s easy 10-miler will most likely be in trail shoes. In the afternoon, I’m meeting my friends so we can finally do our Christmas gift exchange, a month after the fact.

Sunday will be the first of three 20-milers in this training plan, and then I have some house cleaning to do.

January 24, 2013

Training for 1/24/13

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This morning, we woke up to the first accumulation of snow of the year. It was just an inch or two, but it pissed me off.

I hate snow. People can’t drive in it, everything around here shuts down because of it, my feet get wet when I walk through it and Pepper refuses to go out and poop in it, instead doing it in the house when we leave him alone. It is a pain in the butt.

It’s been so cold here this week, there was no question it’d stuck to the roads, which Delaware definitely hadn’t treated or plowed, as usual. I knew my 45-minute tempo run was out the window, but I could still get in the 9.5 miles I planned to run.

I got dressed and tied on my trail shoes. A few years ago, when I went through the screw shoe debacle, I didn’t have trail shoes. Since then, I’ve had a pair every winter, and I’ve found they get pretty good traction in snow. And since they were made for it, they don’t tweak my stride and cause tendon problems.

I stepped out the side door, ready for the most annoying 9.5 miles of the year.

I walked through the undisturbed blanket of snow down our lane and out to the road. Directly ahead of me was an empty field, covered in the same blanket of snow. Across the field was a farm, all the buildings covered in snow too. The red barns and a few outdoor lights stood out against the white ground and the lightening gray sky.

When I got out to the road, I could see the first rays of light from the sun to the east, lending a pink tint to the sky where they were breaking through the clouds. A plume of smoke was curling out of one of the neighbors’ chimney.

What I’m trying to say here is that the whole scene was actually kinda pretty.

My mood lifted a bit, and I took off running. An inch or two of fresh snow isn’t that hard to run through, really. My trail shoes were getting plenty of grip.

I ran an untimed lap around the 9.5-mile loop. It turned out to be a really good run. I didn’t get in the speed work I was supposed to do today, but that’s not that big a deal. There are plenty more workouts and a lot of miles left between now and Shamrock.

I’m hoping we don’t get too much more snow though. While it was pretty today, my patience for it will run out very quickly. We’re supposed to get another 4 to 6 inches tomorrow afternoon or evening, but the weekend should finally get above freezing for the first time since last Sunday, so maybe it will go away soon. I can tolerate Saturday’s 10-miler in trail shoes again, but I hope Sunday’s 20-miler can be run in my regular road shoes.

And of course, I can’t forget, California is one week from tomorrow!

January 23, 2013

Training for 1/23/13

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I wish Canada would take back its air.

Apparently that’s where all this extremely cold air is coming from, according to the local weatherman. A couple of high pressure systems teamed up to bring that crap all the way down here. 

I did something smart for once last night — I brought down the stability ball, the pull-ups bar and a bunch of weight plates from the attic, and did my strength training in the nice, warm downstairs, so I wouldn’t have to do it (or skip it) in the frigid attic after my run today. Last night, I did push-ups, ab exercises and weights, and I got to wear shorts and no shoes, and I didn’t need gloves to touch the weights. What a great idea!

So this morning, all I had to do was my Wednesday easy run, which increased to its maximum distance in this training plan, 5.5 miles. 

I layered up in the same outfit as yesterday and headed out before the sun came up. It’s a little chillier without the benefit of the sunlight, but the wind hadn’t kicked up yet. There was a bit of a breeze, but it wasn’t too bad.

It was a pretty routine run, except for the frozen face. My hands were a lot colder today than they were yesterday too for some reason.

I finished the 5.5-mile loop and then did some stretching at home. I also checked the temperature (I never do before heading out.) It was 15 degrees when I was done. I checked again when I left for work. The temperature had gone up to 22, but the wind had picked up to 15 mph, lowering the feels like temp to 9 freaking degrees.

One week from Friday, we’re flying out to L.A., where it’s supposed to get into the low 70s today. I can’t wait!

January 22, 2013

Training for 1/22/13

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Last night, as I was warming up some leftover chili for dinner, I heard the wind suddenly whip up outside. Of course, my first thought was “Is it still going to be blowing like that when I have to run tomorrow morning?”

Weather.com informed me that yes, winds would be holding steady around 20 mph when I wanted to go out and run, and oh yeah, the temperature would already be well below freezing, so enjoy that feels like temp!

This morning, as Pepper was whining for his breakfast, I was already resigning myself to holding off on my planned 4 miles at goal marathon pace until after my regular early Tuesday meeting, once again on the trails at Tuckahoe. It was so dark and cold and windy outside before 7 a.m. It just did not look appealing.

I fed Pepper and then let him out the back door, expecting him to run out, take a quick pee and come darting back in. But he didn’t. He stayed out there for more than five minutes. Something about seeing my candy-ass dog brave the cold wind so he could take care of business inspired me to put on my running gear and just get it done before work.

I really loathe wind, especially in winter. I hate the uncontrollable drooling when I’m running head-on into it. (I hope I’m not the only one who has to put up with that.) 

I put on a pair of tights, a compression mock neck top, my cold weather running jacket, my SmartWool socks and Zeroes, a beanie and fleece gloves, and stepped outside.

And you know what? It really wasn’t that bad. The way the wind was blowing, it was at my back or coming at me from an angle when I was running the parts of the route surrounded by open fields. (The wind was blowing so hard, I could hear it howling across all those empty fields, which for some reason always makes me feel a little lonely.) When I was running into the wind, there was usually some trees to break it up. No uncontrollable drooling today!

And I really have to give credit to the Brooks Silver Bullet running jacket. I’ve mentioned it before, but today was definitely the coldest, windiest day I’ve worn it, and it held up amazingly well. All I had under it was a thin compression top, and I was never cold, even when running into the wind, but I didn’t get too warm either. It looks and feels like a spring running jacket, but it was absolutely made for 20 mph wind and a feels like temp in the single digits.

At $150, it’s pricey if you buy it in the winter (though it is on sale on the Brooks site right now), but if you wait until summer, you can really get a good deal. I got mine for $34 last June from runningwarehouse.com.

I busted out my 4.5-mile loop in 34:18, a 7:37/mile average pace, and felt pretty good when it was done. Shamrock (and spring!) are now less than two months away!

January 21, 2013

Training for 1/21/13

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I had another awesome weekend!

Friday night, Clark and I went to Lewes for dinner, to satisfy a craving I’d developed the day before, while editing a story on a local barbecue team, haha. I had a half-rack of baby back ribs, baked beans and cornbread. Craving satisfied!

Saturday morning, I had on the schedule 9.5 miles at goal marathon pace, 7:50/mile. It was pretty windy outside, which made it seem colder at first than it really was. I was way overdressed, and sweating my face off by the end of the second mile. That was partly because the wind had been at my back for the beginning of the run — I ran a 7:15 first mile without trying, thanks to the push from the wind.

That evened out in the fifth mile though, when I had to run head-on into it. I didn’t back off my intended pace, but I still could only manage an 8:15.

The rest of the run wasn’t too bad, as far as the wind was concerned, and I finished the loop in 1:13:28, a 7:43/mile average pace. As soon as I got home, I stripped off all my soaking wet layers and hung them up to dry out.

Later that afternoon, Clark headed out to tackle the 13.2-mile loop. According to the training plan I made for him in November, he was supposed to do the 13-miler last weekend, but he was busy. I told him if he didn’t get it done this weekend, to forget about it. He’d run 10.5 miles twice, which is more than most novice half marathon training plans call for anyway, and it was getting too close to the race to be running that long. This is taper time.

He wouldn’t take water with him, and he wouldn’t take his phone so he could call me if he got in trouble (like dehydration!) All he said was “If I’m not back in three hours, come looking for me.”

I noted the time when he left. Pepper and I watched “Across the Universe,” one of my all-time favorite movies. I love all the Beatles music and the whole story so much.

Clark wasn’t back yet when the movie was over, but it’s not anywhere close to three hours long, so there was no need to worry yet.

I found something to watch on TV and waited. I could see the light disappearing outside, as it was starting to get close to sunset. I checked my watch — still not even close to three hours.

I didn’t have to worry at all, it turned out, because Clark finished all 13.2 miles of the loop and made it home safe and sound. Now he knows he’ll be able to finish the Surf City Half Marathon in two weeks.

That night, I went to Walmart to get stuff to make chili for the football game the next day. I got pulled over on the way home by a Seaford cop, for an expired tag. I explained to the cop why the registration was so way past due (it expired back in May — I can’t believe I haven’t gotten pulled over for it before.) The high mount brake light works sometimes, and doesn’t work other times. Whenever I take it to a mechanic, the stupid thing works, and the mechanic looks at me like I’m a moron. But I know if I took the time to drive to the DMV and try to get it past inspection to renew the registration, it wouldn’t be working then.

The cop was actually very helpful. He looked up the code and showed me that the car only has to have two working brake lights. The third one in the center doesn’t matter. He told me to take it to the DMV and if they give me any shit for it, to show them right in the code where it says my car is up to standard.

He did have to give me a ticket for an expired tag though, and since it was so expired I was technically driving an unregistered vehicle, I have to appear in court next month. But he said if I get the registration updated and bring that proof to court, they’ll just drop everything.

That’s the one thing I hate about Delaware. You have to get your car re-inspected every time you renew the registration. It’s not a very in-depth inspection, and they do it for free right there at the DMV, but it’s still a pain in the butt. In Maryland, you just have to get the car inspected once to register it the first time, and you never have to do it again.

And the tint laws annoy me too. For some stupid reason, Delaware allows you to tint your rear windows as dark as you want, but the front windows can’t have anything on them at all. It looks ridiculous on a car. Maryland and North Carolina, the only other two states in which I’ve ever registered a vehicle, both allow 35 percent tint on all windows, which is what is on mine. So I’m also going to have to get the tint stripped to get past inspection, and then pay to get it reapplied. I see so many cars with Delaware plates with tinted windows, and personally I’ve never heard a peep from a cop because my windows are tinted, yet that stupid law stands on the books.

Sunday morning, after breakfast, Clark and I got the chili going in the Crock Pot, and then I did my long run, which crept up to 19 miles this week.

Hal Higdon wrote this training plan with a medium-distance pace run the day before the long run for a reason, to make you run long on tired legs. Mine were even more tired than usual, because I’d had to work against the wind the day before. And it was windy again yesterday too. However, I had learned my lesson concerning overdressing, and I dressed more appropriately, in capri tights, one long-sleeved top, thin gloves and no beanie or earband.

I haven’t mapped out a 19-mile loop, so I planned to do the 14.5-mile and 4.5-mile loops. I took my water bottle with me, as well as a GU and a package of Jelly Belly Sport Beans, and I took one Imodium before I left.

I listened to the “Across the Universe” soundtrack on my iPod for the first 90 minutes of the run. I was slower than the 8:30/mile I’ve been aiming for on long runs in this training cycle, but not much, and I ran a lot of those first 90 minutes against the wind anyway. I ate the GU at about six miles.

By the time that soundtrack was over, I was more than halfway through the run and I felt pretty great. I was humming right along. I ate the sport beans around mile 12.

I finished the 14.5-mile loop in 2:07, an 8:45/mile average pace. When I got back to the house, I used the bathroom and put some more water in my bottle, and then got right back on the road for the last 4.5 miles.

I don’t know what happened on that last loop. I felt fine for the first few miles of it. But then, a mile and a half from home, I just felt… sapped. Like the tank was totally dry. I was suddenly ravenously hungry, I felt a little light-headed and my legs felt like jelly. I had to slow to a walk for a couple of minutes to get myself straight, then started running again.

Up ahead, I could see something moving in the road. As I got closer, it started to look like a whole crowd of people walking down the road toward me. I thought I was hallucinating. I’ve seen a couple people out walking sometimes, but this was a lot.

I finally got close enough to see it wasn’t a hallucination; it was a big family just strolling down the road. I took out my earbuds as I got closer, so I could respond if anyone said anything to me. The dad asked me where my dog was. I told him I was running too far for him today.

By that point, I only had a mile left, but I still had to take one more short walk break. I was just toast.

But I finished the entire 19 miles in about 2:47, about the same 8:45/mile average I’d held for the first loop alone.

I was really glad to have that one behind me. I hate that I lost it there at the end like that, but those runs happen.

I gulped some chocolate milk and scarfed down some food when I got home, and immediately felt better. I ate more during that run than I usually do. I think maybe I didn’t eat enough the day before though.

After I got home, Clark took his Camaro out for a spin. He had to call me from the gas station, where his car refused to restart. I had to drive my puny little Civic out there and give him a jump. He said it was the most embarrassing day of his life, haha.

Clark’s dad picked up Pepper around 3 p.m. (Clark’s mom wanted him back for the Ravens game yesterday, because, since he’d been at their house for the win against the Broncos last week, she figured he was good luck) and then Clark and I went over to Dave and Kasey’s to watch the games.

The 49ers won the first game, and thus the first spot in the Super Bowl. Then it was the Ravens’ turn. Once again, they were the underdogs. They also had the Sports Illustrated cover curse working against them. They pulled it off anyway! This week’s game wasn’t nearly as dramatic as last week’s, but it was still really exciting to see them beat the Patriots and move on to the Super Bowl. Since the 49ers and Ravens head coaches are brothers, Clark renamed it the Harbaugh Brawl.

This means I’ll be running a half marathon in California the morning of the Ravens’ first shot at winning the Super Bowl in 12 years. I have to wear something to support the team!

We stayed at Dave and Kasey’s pretty late again. Not as late as last week though — we got to bed before 1 a.m., since we both had to work today.

I got up this morning to do today’s 4.5-mile easy run. It was dead calm outside again, finally, but the temperature had plummeted. It was in the low 50s when I ran yesterday. This morning was in the mid-20s. I could have used another layer on top today!

When I got home, I ate some breakfast, and then did some push-ups, ab exercises and invisible chair-sitting. Again, I couldn’t send myself up into the frigid attic to handle large metal weight plates.

January 18, 2013

Training for 1/18/13

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Last night, since I hadn’t run yesterday, Clark decided to put me through a short but effective upper-body workout he recently found in his Abs Diet book. (Funny how we’ve had that book for more than seven years, and we’re still finding new stuff in it.) It took less than 20 minutes to finish, but I could definitely feel it in my arms and back.

This morning, I woke up to two things outside that made me happy — sunshine for the first time in a week, and barely a dusting of snow! Several people on Facebook were disappointed we didn’t get the 4 to 6 inches they were predicting at times, but not me. I wouldn’t mind if I never saw snow again.

After breakfast, Pepper and I bundled up and headed out to the trail for a short, easy run.

It was a great day for a run on the trail. There was a little snow on the ground, but not much, so we could still very easily see the trail. We did the 3-mile loop, and then did another little loop, bringing the day’s total to probably four miles or so.

When we got home, I gave Pepper a treat, and then I did today’s push-ups workout and some stretching.

The weather this weekend is supposed to be decent. No chance of rain, plenty of sun and not terribly cold, but it’s supposed to be on the windy side both days. I have 9.5 miles at goal marathon pace planned for tomorrow, and a 19-mile long run Sunday.

Sunday night is the Ravens’ game against the Patriots. Stupid Sports Illustrated put Joe Flacco on the cover this week, so if the Ravens lose, I’m blaming it on the magazine and its stupid cover curse. We’re watching the game at Dave and Kasey’s house again. I’m making chili this time.

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