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January 24, 2014

Training for 1/24/14

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Today I did some strength training, downstairs again since it still feels like the single digits upstairs. I did ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and different exercises with the adjustable dumbbells, with four sets of 100 on the jumprope.

Tomorrow we’re leaving this icebox and heading out to California! Our flight isn’t until late afternoon so it’ll be evening, California time, before we get to San Francisco.

Sunday, we’re touring Alcatraz, and I want to see all the other touristy crap in San Francisco, like Lombard Street, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fishermen’s Wharf and, duh, the Painted Ladies, the houses featured in the opening credits of “Full House.”

We’ll head to Sacramento sometime Monday. The wine and grape trade show Clark has to attend for work starts Wednesday, so we’ll be there the rest of the week. Friday morning, we’ll fly down to San Diego. That evening, we have reservations for Stone Brewery in Escondido again. My main goal between now and next Friday night is to not get sick.

Then we’ll spend the rest of the weekend somewhere closer to the coast. I’m coming home the following Monday, but Clark managed to weasel another few days in San Diego on his company’s dime by agreeing to visit one of their customers out there. I’d stay too, but I don’t have that much vacation time left at this point.

I’m hoping to get in some decent running while I’m out there. My leg feels pretty great right now.

January 23, 2014

Training for 1/23/14

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Today, I put on my big girl pants and went out in 2 degrees for some more run/walk intervals.

Actually, I put on my big girl tights, fleece pants, compression mock neck top, long-sleeved shirt, cold weather jacket, fleece hat, fleece scarf wrapped around the bottom half of my face, huge thick fleece gloves, SmartWool socks and trail shoes, because the roads weren’t totally clear but they weren’t consistently snowy or icy enough to use the YakTrax.

It took forever to get dressed! I can’t wait until it’s warm enough again that all I have to find is a pair of shorts, a bra and some socks.

I left Pepper home. All day yesterday, he refused to go out in the snow until he was moments away from crapping his pants, and then as soon as he was done, he would sprint back to the door and stand there with one paw held aloft (always a different one) like it had already been frostbitten and the gangrene was setting in.

I set my Garmin to measure out run/walk intervals for me again. This time, I extended the run intervals from one minute to two, kept the walk intervals at two minutes and planned on stretching the distance from two to three miles.

It really didn’t feel that bad out there with all those clothes on. It was at least sunny, with absolutely no wind. I started the first two-minute run interval and was pretty thrilled to feel absolutely nothing in my left leg. Zero pain.

I did all three miles, and felt nothing the whole way. The running intervals flew by because it felt so damn good to be running again! I stuck to my plan and walked when the watch beeped at me to do so. I did three miles in 33:21, an 11:07/mile average.

Maybe Saturday I’ll try running a few miles straight through. Or I might just wait until we get out to California, since it’ll be so much warmer, with no snow or ice on the ground.

January 22, 2014

Training for 1/22/14

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I’m still here! Still not running except for a little run/walk interval test a couple of days ago, but I think that’s about to change, finally.

I haven’t posted since last Friday. Saturday morning, I went to another 75-minute hot yoga class. I was pretty disappointed when I got in the room and it wasn’t even warm, let alone melt-your-face hot. No one else seemed to be complaining, so I thought maybe I was going crazy for a few minutes, until the teacher finally stepped in and turned on the heat. It warmed up pretty quick, and the class went well.

That evening, Clark and I went with my brother, sister-in-law and cousin to a fundraiser for one of the crop duster pilots who rents the airstrip on my aunt’s farm. My aunts, uncle and dad had bought a total of 17 tickets, at $30 a pop, and we were the only five who went. My brother said my dad’s excuse was it was “too windy” and he needed to be home in case something happened to set off a chicken house alarm haha. My dad is a creature of habit and a homebody.

Sunday morning, I took my new 890s out for a run/walk test. I did two miles of running for one minute and then walking for two. I’m seriously trying to ease back into running slowly this time. I don’t want to aggravate any of the old aches and pains, or inspire something new to start complaining.

It went pretty well. I can’t say there was no pain at all, but it wasn’t much and it felt better as I went along. I counted it as a success.

That afternoon, we went to the beach house to get my wetsuit, for our trip to California next week, and then we did a little shopping in the surf shops in Ocean City, got some beer and went home to watch the football playoff games.

Monday and Tuesday, I had early assignments at work, and then didn’t feel like working out when I got home, so they both turned into rest days.

It snowed yesterday afternoon and last night, and got really bitterly cold again. This was the temperature this morning:


I usually start complaining when the “feels like” temp drops below 20. I didn’t even think about going out for some more run/walk intervals if it felt like -12.

So I did strength training in the comfort of my own climate-controlled living room instead, with the stability ball and adjustable dumbbells again. I did push-ups, ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and the dumbbell routine from the Abs Diet book, with four sets of 100 on the rope thrown in.

Tomorrow shouldn’t be so damn windy, so the “feels like” temp in the morning should get on the positive side of 0, in which case I think I’ll try some more run/walk intervals.

If I wasn’t looking forward to California before, I definitely am now, after seeing it’s going to be close to 70 while we’re out there.

January 17, 2014

Training for 1/17/14

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This morning, I did strength training upstairs — ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weight lifting, again with four sets of 100 on the jump rope.

Something cool happened too. Yesterday, I saw on Facebook the organizers of the Island 2 Island Half Marathon, scheduled for April 26 from Assateague Island to the Ocean City inlet, were still looking for a few pace group leaders. I’ve always wanted to lead a pace group, but never gotten the chance. Before I could talk myself out of it, I contacted the organizers and got the number for the woman in charge of the pace groups.

She called me back this morning, and I’m in! She said I’ll either be leading the 2:30 or 2:45 pace group; she’ll make final assignments in the middle of February.

At first, I was all, “I could practically walk a 2:45 half marathon! This is gonna be a piece of cake.” Then I remembered the 3:35 pace group that flew past me around mile 5 of the Shamrock Marathon last spring, when I was running 3:30 pace, and how many of those runners I passed in the second half, even after I’d slowed down, because they went out too fast and blew up. Now I’m most worried I’m gonna do that to someone, because I’ve never run a 12-minute mile pace. It’s one thing to go out too fast and ruin your own goal race. It’s another to ruin someone else’s.

Plus, I have to worry about what happens when my digestive system is up to its usual tricks an hour into the race. Do I tell everyone to keep running and I’ll catch up to them later as I peel off and head for the woods?

I’m sure I’m over thinking this. I’ll have a pace band showing me the elapsed time I should hit at each mile marker, so I’ll know if I’m reaching them too fast. I’ll also have my Garmin so I can check my pace in between.

Anyway, it’s going to be fun. My cousin Becky is already signed up for the race, which is going to be her first half marathon, and I know a couple other people who are thinking about running it.

Plus, volunteering to pace saved me the $75 registration fee, so there’s that.

UPS’s website says my 890s are out for delivery, so maybe they’ll be waiting for me when I get home. I want to try them out this weekend, even if it’s just for a walk, and I’ll probably go to a hot yoga class either tomorrow morning or Sunday morning.

January 16, 2014

Training for 1/16/14

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I don’t have too much to report today. I just did both routines on my lone yoga DVD, which added up to a little more than an hour. I think tomorrow I’ll just do some more strength training. My new shoes are on schedule to be delivered sometime tomorrow, so maybe I’ll get to try them out this weekend.

January 15, 2014

Training for 1/15/14

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Well, I didn’t have the willpower to stay off the couch last night and do my strength training after all, but I did finally get it done today.

I again did the workout I did downstairs last week, with the adjustable dumbbells. First I did ab exercises, push-ups and invisible chair-sitting. I also threw in another four sets of 100 on the jumprope.

Poor Pepper almost had a heart attack though. He’s been afraid of that jumprope since we got it anyway, and this morning, I hadn’t swung it twice before one of the handles came unscrewed and the weights inside went flying across the kitchen. They didn’t hit anything but the floor, and Pepper wasn’t anywhere close to the line of fire, but it still scared the poop out of him of course. He was shaking so hard, I had to hold him for a minute to calm him down, and any time I’d pick up the rope after that, he’d go scurrying to the couch to take cover haha.

I got something else accomplished today too. A couple of years ago, when I was getting over a foot injury, I found it helpful to put in some miles in the first version of the New Balance 890s, a more supportive shoe than my Zeroes. I really liked those shoes, even though I had to get a yellow and pink pair that looked like they escaped from the circus. New Balance recently released the fourth version of those shoes, so the third ones are on clearance. I just ordered a pair for $55 from Running Warehouse that should be here Friday.

And the best part is I didn’t even have to settle for a horribly ugly color this time!


I’m hoping to maybe finally start running a few miles at a time again this weekend. Maybe.

I also just made a reservation at Stone Brewery’s restaurant for the first night Clark and I are in San Diego in a couple of weeks. Now we just have to not get really sick beforehand this time.

January 14, 2014

Training for 1/14/14

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I haven’t updated this blog since last Friday because I haven’t done a damn thing since last Friday.

I took the whole weekend off. No running, no strength training, nothing. I just let this stupid leg rest. The only productive thing I did was finally putting away the Christmas decorations and cleaning most of the house.

Yesterday, I worked from home, and before I knew it, the whole day had slipped away and I hadn’t done any of the strength training I’d planned on. I thought I’d do it after dinner, but, predictably, instead I just lied down on the couch and went to sleep. This morning, I had to be at work early for my usual Tuesday morning meeting.

I’m planning to do that strength training when I get home, but we’ll see how much willpower I have to resist the couch again.

While the pain in that leg is getting duller, it’s definitely still there. Guess I’ll just keep waiting.

January 10, 2014

Training for 1/10/14

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Yesterday I paid in advance for 10 hot yoga classes at the studio in Salisbury, in which case each class is $5 cheaper than paying for one class at a time. I signed up to take the first one this morning, since I didn’t have to go to work today.

The teacher said the heating system was thrown off a little by the unusually cold weather this week and was overcompensating, which was why it was hotter than the 105 degrees it’s supposed to be. After all the cold air this week, it felt wonderful! The  75-minute class itself went pretty well too. I’m looking forward to the next nine.

Yesterday I also went ahead and dropped to the half at Shamrock. It occurred to me the half sells out, while the full never does, so I should reserve my spot in the half now, and then, if somehow I feel ready for the full, I can switch back. I think I have until Feb. 25 to do so without having to pay any extra fees.

I’m still doing the 8K the day before, no matter which race I wind up running that Sunday.

As was pointed out in the comments on yesterday’s post, running the half will get me to the beer tent a whole lot sooner anyway. The half starts 90 minutes before the full, which means the majority of the half marathoners will be done before the full marathoners are even an hour into their race.

January 9, 2014

Training for 1/9/14

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Today was a day off. I just did strength training yesterday, and I didn’t feel like it was time to give running a try yet.

This morning, the voice of reason, better known to most people as Clark, suggested I drop to the half at Shamrock and stop trying to make the full happen.

I can’t say it hadn’t already crossed my mind. The logical part of me knows I’ve already missed a lot of training and it wouldn’t be such a great idea to jump into the upcoming monster mileage weeks after letting my leg heal. That logical part also remembers what the second half of the Shamrock Marathon was like two years ago, when I got injured during training and hardly ran anything the last month and a half before the race. It sucked.

But the other part of me is stomping its foot (on the right leg, of course, since that one doesn’t hurt) and saying it doesn’t want to drop to the half. I just did that at Indy. This would be two in a row. And I always run the full at Shamrock!

I’ve been bugging some of my other runner friends today to get their opinions. Right now I’m waiting on the decision from Allison’s Magic 8 Ball, even though it was totally wrong when it predicted I would not need to stop in the woods to use the bathroom during the Rehoboth half last month.

Oh wait — I just got the word from the Magic 8 Ball. Allison asked it if I should run the full marathon and it said “Outlook good.” Now we’re doing two out of three… Gah, the other two answers were “It is decidedly so” and “Without a doubt!”

I have to make the decision soon. I can transfer races at any time as long as the one to which I want to move is still open, and the half is about to sell out. This is actually the latest I’ve ever seen it still open; usually it’s sold out before Christmas. Maybe that’s a sign? It’s waiting on me because it knows I’m still a mess and have no business trying to run a full marathon in two months.

Clark also suggested I lay off the full marathon distance for the rest of the year and just focus on half marathons and shorter. I don’t know about that!

January 8, 2014

Training for 1/8/14

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It was still pretty cold outside this morning, which meant it would still be pretty cold in the attic, so I did my strength training downstairs.

We have a set of BowFlex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells that belong to Clark’s brother but are at our house and were already downstairs, and Clark recently bought a jumprope that we’ve been able to use in the house without destroying anything.

I did my usual push-ups, ab exercises and invisible chair-sitting, and then I found a lifting routine using only dumbbells in Clark’s Abs Diet book. I did that twice, and threw in three sets of 100 jumps with the jumprope.

I didn’t run today though. I could still feel my leg, so, I’ll just keep waiting on that.

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