A Simple Running Log

November 30, 2010

Training for 11/30/10

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This morning was another track workout. I was to do six 800-meter repeats with 400 meters of recovery between each, and a mile to warmup and 1.25 miles to cooldown, for a total of 6.5 miles.

I was expecting it to be as cold as yesterday morning, so I put on a long-sleeved technical shirt, a short-sleeved cotton shirt over that and my tights. I even wore a sweatshirt for the drive to the track. Of course, it randomly warmed up AGAIN, and I was too lazy to go inside and change my clothes AGAIN, so yeah, I sweated my ass off today.

The workout itself went really well. I was supposed to run these repeats at 10K pace. I decided to try to run them faster, and aimed for splits of 3:45 each (7:30/mile pace, compared to the 7:43/mile average pace I ran in my 10K PR last week.)

Actual splits were 3:37, 3:36, 3:37, 3:38, 3:37 and 3:31. And honestly, I was concentrating more on feeling comfortable than running all-out, so they didn’t feel as hard as the five 800-meter repeats I did two weeks ago.

It was a good workout to cap off November, which brings me to this month’s summary.


  • Week 1 (Nov. 1-6): 11.7
  • Week 2 (Nov. 7-13): 31.2
  • Week 3 (Nov. 14-20): 40.2
  • Week 4 (Nov. 21-27): 28.2
  • Week 5 (Nov. 28-30): 10.5

Total: 121.8 miles

The month started off slow, as I recovered from the marathon I ran Oct. 31, but it picked up speed pretty quickly and I wound up with a decent mileage total.

After concentrating so hard on endurance for the marathon for the four previous months, it was nice to work on speed for shorter distances in November, and it paid off. I set a new 10K PR and ran my best 5K time all year. I also ran a 7-mile trail race at a decent pace.

In December, I’m working on speed for the first two weeks in an effort to PR in my last race of the year, a 5K on Dec. 11. Then I get back into marathon training, to get ready for my vengeance on the Shamrock Marathon in March.

November 29, 2010

Training for 11/29/10

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This morning was weight training and a shortened easy run. I was supposed to run three miles, but I took Pepper with me and cut it short at two because he was just being a complete tool on the leash this morning. He kept trying to dart in front of me and come to a complete immediate stop to sniff some random spot. It was pretty frustrating. I ran him on the leash at the cross country trail again yesterday and he didn’t do so bad. I guess there’s just a lot more interesting things to see on the road. I’ll keep working with him.

Saturday was the first annual Huff, Puff and Race for Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving 5K Run in Rehoboth. Last year, the same race was the 16th annual Run for the Rose. I don’t know why the name changed, but whatever.

TK and her mom picked me up at my house around 7:30 a.m. for the 9 a.m. start. We got there around 8:30 and it was COLD. Had I really comfortably run a 10K the morning before in shorts and a T-shirt? I was freezing in my tights, long-sleeved tech shirt and short-sleeved tech shirt. I ran two warm-up miles and didn’t come close to breaking a sweat.

I made it back to the start line with time to spare. It was a pretty big crowd for a local 5K — turns out 331 finished the 5K, and about another 30 did the one-mile walk. Last year, I had taken it kinda easy in this race because I’d run the 10K the day before, but this year, I decided to just run it all-out and see what happened.

We got the start command and I took off. Some people streamed by me, but I also overtook several in the first mile. I hit the marker at 7:09. I was feeling strong and pulled past a couple of more women. Then we rounded a bend and suddenly we were running head-on into a stiff wind. Crap! That took some out of me before we made it back into a neighborhood and out of the wind, and I hit mile 2 at 14:36 (7:27 mile, damn.)

A short way into the third mile, I was passed by a woman, but she was wearing a Ngata jersey (Ravens player) so I let her go. Ha. I then passed a 13-year-old boy who sounded like he had gone out way too fast and was just trying to hang on until the end. He was wheezing and gasping and lurching forward with each step so badly I almost asked if he was OK. But seeing me pass him seemed to motivate him, and he sprinted past me about a half mile before the finish. Then he realized how much farther we had to go and he went back to lurching and gasping and wheezing. However, he managed to hold me off and finished three seconds ahead of me. I gave him a pat on the back and told him “good race” as he collapsed over a fence to catch his breath.

I hit the third mile marker at 21:59 — a 7:23 third mile — and the finish line at 22:41. My best time of the year and 20 seconds off my PR. I was 54th overall out of 331, 13th out of 170 women and first out of 32 women in the 20-29 age group.

I was happy with the effort, especially considering I had run a PR in the 10K the day before. I was even happier when I found out I placed first in my age group (actually, second, but the first place runner was the first female overall so we all moved up a spot) and the age group winners got pumpkin pies in addition to the little plastic “medals.” Best age group award ever! It was a small pie, but Clark doesn’t like it, so I get it all to myself. There’s still about a third of it left today.

It took forever for them to get the award ceremony going, and TK, her sister and I were freezing our butts off waiting, but the pie was worth it.

Women's 20-29 age group winners. I love that the girl next to me is like, "WHERE IS MY PIE."

After that was taken care of, we went to the outlets for some shopping, where I bought… nothing. Not one thing. I didn’t see any gifts I liked for anyone on my list, and I stuck to my resolution to not buy a single thing for myself while Christmas shopping this year. I think I’m going to do pretty much all of my shopping online from here to Christmas anyway, so that should help ease the temptation.

Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day, but I took Pepper out to the trail and we did at least three miles of running, walking, sniffing and freaking out at every little noise. OK, Pepper was the only one doing the last two, but I was letting him set the pace.

November 26, 2010

Training for 11/26/10

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This morning, I ran the Run for Hospice 10K in Easton. While the weather had cooled significantly over the last two days since my topless run Tuesday morning, it warmed up again enough by this morning that I was totally comfortable in shorts and a short-sleeved tech shirt. However, there was a lot of rain in the area, so I took a hat in case it was raining when the race was to start.

It turned out we dodged the rain showers and the entire race was rain-free. The sky was also overcast, so there was no glaring sun. There was a little breeze, but no stiff headwinds to run into. In other words, it was spectacular running weather.

The race didn’t start until 10 a.m. I picked up a small black coffee on the way to the race site. TK got there before me and picked up my race packet. I met her at her car and pinned on my bib and attached my timing chip, then went to hit the bathrooms before the race started.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the race. All speed workouts since the marathon indicated I should be able to set a PR, but there was the Thanksgiving dinner factor, the one that did me in last year. I didn’t exactly restrain myself yesterday. I really ate quite a bit at the first dinner, at Clark’s parents’ house, including two desserts (out of three available!) I was still pretty full when we got to my grandmother’s house for dinner No. 2, but I managed to put away a normal-sized plate of food and, of course, a slice of cheesecake. I held off on the alcohol though, only drinking one glass of red wine at the first dinner and a Michelob Ultra at the second, so dehydration was definitely not a concern.

Anyway, I, uh, managed to empty out things this morning when I woke up, but I ate A LOT yesterday, so for all I knew, there was a still a lot in there to digest and thus make things pretty miserable for me while trying to run.

I didn’t warm up at all for the race. This year, the race organizers had a moment of clarity and decided to start the 10K before the 5K, since our course has a little loop to the right of the parking lot, while the 5K runners/walkers immediately turn left out of the parking lot. Last year, that meant all the 10K runners caught up with the back-of-the-pack 5K’ers on a very narrow part of the course, making it difficult. This year, the 5K’ers were still standing in the parking lot, waiting to start, when all the 10K’ers ran by. Much better.

I could really feel the caffeine in that coffee in that first mile. I felt jittery almost. It probably didn’t help that I had not warmed up at all, so I went from zero to race pace immediately.

I fell into a comfortable pace and hit the first mile in 7:38, which was exactly the pace I wanted to run for the whole race. I felt like that was a pace I could maintain.

I hit the 3-mile marker, or almost halfway, in 22:56, an exact 7:38/mile pace. Sweet, still right on track.

I fell off a bit in the fourth mile though. In every 10K I have run, when I hit the halfway marker, I stupidly remind myself I would be a tenth of a mile from the finish line if I had just signed up for the 5K instead, and then I notice how tired I am and running another 3.2 miles sounds impossible.

But I got my stride back when a guy passed me around the 3.5-mile mark and I decided I was going to hang with him. I let him get a little ahead of me and I did just that.

We passed the fourth mile marker and the water station, and I remembered how last year, I’d had to stop and walk there for about 30 seconds to gather my stomach. This year, I had no stomach pains and I ran right past it at full speed. Just a couple more miles. However, I had just run an 8:00 mile. Time to pick it the hell up again.

And I did! I actually got over the mental hump and ran faster at the end of the race. Something just clicked and I was skimming along the shoulder of the road, keeping my rabbit in sight. I felt strong and happy to be running. It was awesome.

I ran up on the end of the 5K walkers, coming out of the Easton Club, where the 5K and 10K courses  rejoined for the last bit of the race. I managed to hit the intersection just right and didn’t have to wait for the police officer directing traffic to let us through. Once through the intersection, I was back on the sidewalk and then the narrow lane to the parking lot to get to the finish, and I had to dodge packs of walkers. I was losing steam.

But, I held on and crossed the line in 47:53 (officially — my chip actually registered a time this year!), beating my previous 10K best time by more than a minute! My average pace was 7:43/mile, only a few seconds off my first mile, and probably due a lot to the slow fourth mile. I figured out that if I had let myself stay at the 8:00/mile pace for the last 3.2 miles of the race, I would have finished in 48:31, so I was proud of myself for pushing through and picking up the pace again in the last miles.

It turned out my time was good for second among 15 finishers in the female 16-29 age group, and I was only about 90 seconds off the time of the woman who was first in my age group. However, only the age group winners won anything, so I guess I’ll just have to make do with the satisfaction of a job well done, haha.

I was also the 19th finisher overall out of 72 finishers.

I showered at TK’s house and now I’m at work for the rest of the afternoon by myself. Nothing is going on here today. The other reporter worked the first half of the day and I’m here for the second half in case anything catches fire or blows up and I need to take a picture of it, pretty much. The only work I’ve done is give some old guy a copy of this week’s paper since his wasn’t delivered.

Tonight, we’re going to yet another sort-of Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house, and tomorrow morning is a 5K in Rehoboth followed by Christmas shopping at the outlets. I’ll probably spend the rest of the afternoon trying to think up inexpensive but amazing gifts for everyone.

November 24, 2010

Training for 11/24/10

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This morning was weight training and a 3-mile easy run. Pepper seems to be getting more accustomed to my exercise routines. He waited patiently upstairs while I lifted, keeping a safe distance from the weights (didn’t want a repeat of Monday morning’s 5-lb. plate to the face, I guess.) Then he even went with me on my run.

Clark took him on a run last night and said he did well. He did do a lot better this morning than Saturday morning, but he insists on running in the road. So I ran without my iPod, so I could hear any approaching vehicles and move him completely off the road until they passed. It was a decent run, except for when we passed the farm with at least seven hunting dogs in a large outdoor pen. I had to pretty much drag Pepper past that place.

Today was a happy one for Pepper; he didn’t have to stay home alone. He was so happy not to be alone, in fact, he was very well-behaved at the vet’s office. They said he looks healthy overall, but he appears to have some kind of allergic reaction near his back legs, and Pepper wouldn’t let the vet take a really good look in his ears, so the vet wants me to bring Pepper in again sometime so he can sedate him and do that.  Pepper got updated on all of his vaccinations.

We ran a couple more errands and now we’re at work, where Pepper, who weighed 55.5 lbs at the vet’s office this morning, has climbed into my lap while I sit on a desk chair. It’s not working out well.

Also, we seem to have possibly solved our problem with how we’ll keep Pepper by himself. Clark put him in the utility room when he went home for lunch yesterday and took the handle off the door so Pepper couldn’t get out. When Clark came back home, not only was Pepper still contained in the utility room, he hadn’t peed once in the entire four hours he was in there. I guess the room is small enough, and has a laminate floor, that Pepper realizes he can’t get away from it if he pees, so he held it like a good dog.

I’m sure he was still having a heart attack the whole time, though.

Tomorrow, we’re taking Pepper on a nice long walk on the cross country trail and then eating Thanksgiving dinner twice, first at Clark’s parents’ house and then later at Grandmom’s house. I see a repeat of last year’s miserable 10K in my future. How I am supposed to hold myself to a reasonable amount of food at TWO dinners?

November 23, 2010

Training for 11/23/10

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This morning was unusually warm for late November. I had four mile repeats at 10K pace on the schedule for today, so I headed out to the track in shorts and a long-sleeved warm weather shirt.

I decided to do a mile of warmup, four repeats with a half-mile of recovery in between each and a mile to cool down, for a total of 7.5 miles.

I was aiming to run each mile in 7:30. While it was warm (warm enough even that I took off my shirt halfway through the workout and was running in shorts and a sports bra) it was pretty windy, and it was head-on coming down the front stretch of the track. I hate running into wind. It makes it feel that much harder.

Anyway, my four splits were 7:37, 7:27, 7:38 and 7:30. Annoyingly inconsistent and, in half the cases, slow. Oh well. But overall it was a decent workout.

I got home to find Pepper had, once again, gone completely insane while I was away.

Last night, I got home to find he has figured out how to open the interior doors in the house, which have handles he can bump with his nose, instead of knobs. He got out of the bedroom and, judging by the millions of paw prints in the carpet I had vacummed the day before, ran about 10 miles throughout the house yesterday. He had opened every single door in the house. While he had clearly nosed through all of our shoes near the back door and searched any piece of clothing he could reach, he hadn’t chewed anything. I guess he thinks we’re hiding from him in the house and he spends the day searching for us.

If the worst he did yesterday was drag one of my running shoes into the hallway, I wouldn’t care. But he peed six times on the dining room carpet. So this morning, we brought the crate in the house and set it up on the laminate floor in the foyer. Clark and I left the house and could hear Pepper barking and whining. We hadn’t been outside two minutes when we heard scratching at the back door and saw Pepper’s big head peering through the window. The little escape artist had gotten out.

Turned out he had shaken the crate so hard the doors popped open. So we put locks near the top of both doors to hold them shut, and a little duct tape near the bottom. Clark went to work and I went to the track.

When I got home, 90 minutes later, Pepper again met me at the door. This time, the locks at the top of the doors held, but the duct tape let go and he managed to squeeze himself through the tiny wedge of an opening created at the bottom of the door. He had also removed his own collar and peed on the dining room carpet three more times.

I vacummed up the fresh pee with a shop vac and scrubbed the stains with carpet cleaner. After showering and dressing for work, I put him back in the crate, put the locks near the middle of the doors and duct taped the hell out of the top and bottom of the doors.

Clark is going to get Pepper at lunch time and take him to his parents’ house, and put Pepper in the pen there. If Pepper is actually contained by the pen, we’ll bring the pen to our house.

Ideally though, I would like Pepper to be able to stay inside the house when we’re gone. I don’t care if he whines and barks and runs circles like a mad dog. I just want him to learn to hold his pee until one of us gets home to let him out.

Oh well. Tomorrow should be a better day for Pepper. I got him an appointment with the vet in the morning, and after that, I’ll just bring him to work with me, so he won’t have to be alone.

November 22, 2010

Training for 11/22/10

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This morning was weight training and 3 easy miles.

Friday was the big day — we got to bring Pepper home! We picked him up after we got off work. His owners told him to “load up” in Clark’s truck, and he hopped right in. Then he got really confused when Clark and I got in the truck and drove off with him while his owners waved goodbye. He whimpered and whined the whole way to Denton.

In Denton, I stayed in Clark’s truck (I was driving) and Clark got in my car at my office to drive it home. Pepper started whimpering again, looking for Clark this time. Eventually he started to calm down. Then he started climbing in my lap while I was driving and positioning his big head right in front of mine. It was hard to see for a large portion of the drive home, haha.

We got him to our house, and he seemed to take to it pretty quickly once we fed him and gave him a couple of new toys to chew on. Then Chad brought over Snoopy, his hyperactive beagle, to meet Pepper.

Even though Pepper is twice Snoopy’s size, he was a little terrified of Snoopy at first. He had lived with another big dog at his previous home, so he’d likely never seen a little dog darting and zipping around like Snoopy. He kinda froze. I don’t know if it was due to how nervous Snoopy was making him, or if his digestive system was reacting poorly to the new food, or if it was a combination of both, but he dropped the biggest steaming pile of dog diarhhea I have ever seen, right there in our dining room floor.

It was so big, Clark went outside to get a shovel. Yes, a shovel. While he was doing that, Pepper had a second diarhhea attack in the hallway. The smell at this point was horrendous. Chad started gagging. I thought we were going to have puke on top of the dog poop.

Clark brought in the shovel and moved the piles into the toilet, and we set to work scrubbing the carpets. I guess Snoopy was feeling inspired, because he even pooped in our house.

It was a bad start, but Pepper seemed to feel a lot better after he got that out of his system, and eventually he started playing with Snoopy. Those two were funny together. Snoopy is short and fat (compared to Pepper, who looks like a little deer) but he is fast. Pepper couldn’t quite keep up, but he could just throw out one of his long front legs and catch Snoopy right in the face.

Chad and Snoopy went home, and Clark and I turned on the TV to see what Pepper would do if we just sat down. He calmed down and laid there in the floor until we went to bed.

His owners had warned us he liked to sleep in bed with them. We turned out the lights and got in bed. We could hear Pepper running back and forth around the bed, whimpering. Finally, he stopped on my side and hauled himself up on the bed. He’s not the kind of dog who likes to just sleep at the foot of the bed. Nope, he likes to cuddle. He scooted up right next to me, laid his head on my chest and was snoring in no time. I have never met a dog who cuddles. He stayed like that all night.

Saturday, he started off the day with two more puddles and a third pile of poop (though not diarrhea) in the dining room floor. Thankfully, that turned out to be the last of the in-house accidents, because we were burning through paper towels, carpet cleaner and Yankee candles at an alarming rate.

Clark and I stayed home all weekend with Pepper. It turns out he listens very well, and he likes to stay close to us anyway, so we can let him run loose in the yard, which is nice. He likes chasing sticks and he likes it even more when we chase him to try to take back the stick. Saturday morning, I tried him on the leash. He didn’t like it. First, he was clearly confused about why I was walking him away from the house, because he kept looking back at it and whimpering. Then he wouldn’t walk in a straight line and he kept weaving in and out of the road. I think we covered less than a mile total before we got back to the yard.

I left for my long run at that point, and did about 11 miles. The rest of the day, I hung out with Pepper. That night, he slept between Clark and me, like a little kid who had a bad dream.

Sunday I pretty much spent all day with Pepper. He followed me around while I cleaned the house. We went outside every now and then so he could pee and see Clark, who was working on the garage. We watched the NASCAR race (I don’t want to talk about it) and the Ravens game (at least they won.) Chad and Snoopy came over again last night, and this time Pepper just played with Snoopy; he didn’t poop on the floor first. Again, last night, Pepper slept between Clark and me.

This morning was rough on Pepper. First Clark left. He started crying, looking for Clark. Then he went upstairs with me while I did my weight training, and I managed to hit him in the face with a 5-lb. weight. Then I left him for a half hour to do my easy run. I could hear him howling and crying as soon as I shut the back door. When I came back in, you would have thought I’d been gone for weeks, that dog was so excited.

So of course I felt like the worst person in the world when I shut him in the bedroom to leave for work. He immediately started whimpering his head off. Poor thing. Clark’s going to stop by and see him at lunch today.

I’m really happy we got Pepper. He’s a wonderful dog. I just hope he adjusts to being on the leash and being home alone during the day quickly.

Pepper's favorite place -- lying in the sun on our bed.

He listens so well!

Looking for Clark, no doubt.

He likes lying next to the couch right there -- he can see me sitting on it, and he can keep an eye out for Clark walking in from the back of the house.

November 19, 2010

Training for 11/19/10

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This morning I ran 5.5 very easy miles.

I wasn’t sure I should do it, and I almost didn’t. Late yesterday afternoon, I was sitting at work when all of a sudden I started getting these very sharp stomach pains. It felt like gas, but I had no idea what I had eaten that would have given me gas like that. Plus, it had been a few hours since I’d eaten lunch, so if that was the culprit, I think it would have started earlier.

Anyway, usually I can lie on my stomach for a little and the gas will work itself out and I’ll feel all better. So I went out to my car and lied face-down on the reclined driver’s seat (thank God my windows are tinted; lots of people walk through that parking lot for some reason and I would have felt pretty dumb if someone had seen that.) This time, lying like that made it much worse. Every time I did anything that required my ab muscles at all, even raising my legs just a little to reposition myself in my seat, it felt like someone was stabbing me from the inside. It hurt so freaking bad.

I made it through the rest of work, and I got my boss to let me skip the town meeting I was supposed to cover last night so I could go straight home. It was a very uncomfortable drive. I was sitting straight up, trying not to put any pressure at all on my stomach, and moving my legs to work the clutch or the gas or brake pedals was painful.

When I got home, I immediately climbed in bed, again thinking it would go away eventually and then I could get up. Actually, it got worse. No position alleviated the pain. There were a few times I actually thought I was going to puke, for the first time since March 2008. I really didn’t want to break that streak.

I finally got up the nerve to get out of bed and take a couple of ibuprofen, and I must have dozed off eventually, because Clark got home and was surprised to find me in bed. I never got out of bed the rest of the night. I just felt like total shit.

However, this morning, when I woke up, I felt much better. There was still some lingering tightness in my stomach, but I was able to eat breakfast. I put on my running clothes, found the Christmas music on my iPod and promised myself I would turn around and cut short the run if my stomach started hurting again, but it didn’t. I didn’t feel very strong overall though, probably due to the fact I skipped out on two snacks and dinner yesterday. But I took it easy enough that I made it the whole way without any problems.

I’m glad it’s gone, whatever it was, because tonight, we’re picking up Pepper after work! I’m taking him out for a short bit of my long run tomorrow morning, to see how he does on the leash, and then running the rest of it solo.

I’m sure Pepper will occupy much of the rest of the weekend, but it’s also house cleaning/laundry weekend, and Sunday is the Ravens game and the big NASCAR finale. Go Denny Hamlin and/or Kevin Harvick!

November 18, 2010

Training for 11/18/10

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Long tempo runs sure are easier when you’re not hungover.

Last Thursday, I was supposed to do a 50-minute tempo run, 35 minutes of which should have been at tempo pace. It was interrupted by walk breaks several times because I was pretty hungover from drinking a bunch of beer, doing some shots and eating greasy pizza the night before.

Today, I did a longer tempo run and cruised through the whole thing because last night I had spaghetti at home and only drank water.

I was a little anxious about this week’s 55-minute tempo run because last week’s run went so poorly, and this would be the longest tempo run I’ve done to date. And as I was walking out the door, my damn iPod battery died. I don’t have deep thoughts when I run. I get cheesy songs stuck in my head. That’s why I need my iPod.

Anyway, I finally hauled myself outside to run it. It was chillier this morning than yesterday morning. The 10-minute warmup went OK. Then I started running my tempo pace. I was supposed to do 40 minutes at that pace. Not having my iPod blaring in my ears actually turned out to be a good thing. I could hear my breathing and my footstrikes, which helped me maintain my form. How come I never remember that from races, when I never wear an iPod? I don’t know.

I also heard for the first time the weirdest dog bark/howl coming from the backyard of a house just past the ferry. There was this episode of “Home Improvement” where, on “Tool Time,” they had a band that played music on construction equipment, and one of the musicians “played” a saw, which made this high-pitched warbling sound when she dragged a bow across it. That’s exactly what that dog howl sounded like. And it just kept getting higher and higher. It was really odd.

I finished the 40 minutes at pace and jogged the rest of the way home to cool down, for a total of 7.2 miles. Then I ate one of the 19,000 oranges in our refrigerator, since the orange and grapefruit sampler I ordered to support my little sister’s senior class fundraiser came in yesterday.

November 17, 2010

Training for 11/17/10

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This morning, I did 4.5 easy miles and some weight training. It’s windy but warm today and I definitely overdressed, thinking it would be colder than it is and then not feeling like going inside and changing. I was drenched in sweat by the end of that run. Clark already commented my tights were starting to get ripe before the run, so I don’t think that helped.

Definitely asking for a second pair of tights for Christmas.

Yesterday, something pretty exciting happened. Clark and I have been trying to adopt a weimaraner from a rescue foundation in Washington, D.C., for weeks, without much luck. We finally got them to e-mail us an application, which we filled out and e-mailed back immediately the next day, but we haven’t really heard anything since.

Meanwhile, Clark’s brother found a craigslist posting for a weimaraner, free to a good home, available immediately.

I responded to that posting Monday afternoon and had a response when I got to work yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon, I got to go meet him. His owners are running out of money quick and are trying to find homes for their animals — two dogs and three horses — because they’re moving to Florida. Wherever they’re moving is much cheaper than here, but apparently they’re renting, and they can’t have pets. At least no pets heavier than 30 lbs.

And that’s how I found Pepper. When I pulled up to his owners’ house yesterday, he came bounding out. He is adorable. He’s a little on the small side for a weimaraner, and whoever cut his tail cut it pretty short, but he has the short-haired silver-gray coat, big floppy ears, light green eyes, lean build and long legs clearly meant for running. He was buzzing all over the place yesterday.

When he first saw me in the yard, he looked a little unsure. He ran over and woofed at me, then ran away, then ran at me and woofed again, then stopped and kinda scooted toward me. I let him sniff my hand and he let me pet him, and he took to me pretty quickly. Within a couple of minutes he was leaning on me and begging me to throw his stick for him.

I loved him! I feel terrible for the owners; it’s obviously tearing them up that they have to get rid of their pets. But the woman kept saying while she was sad to see him go, she was glad he is going to a good home.

We’re picking him up and bringing him home Friday. I can’t wait. Last night, we stocked up on dog food samples, chew toys, a collar and a retractable leash. I’m planning on taking him out for a short bit of my long run Saturday, to see how he likes the leash. His owners said he has no leash training, so I’m expecting it to be a little rough.

He seems like a very sweet, smart dog though, so I don’t think it will be long before he’s used to the leash and running with me on a regular basis.

I’m so happy we found him!

November 16, 2010

Training for 11/16/10

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This morning, I went out to the track for a speed workout, and I saw the sweetest sight possible when pulling in the parking lot: an empty track.

All mine. Thanks, threatening skies (that never actually rained while I was there.)

Anyway, I was supposed to do five 800-meter repeats at 10K pace, so, goal splits of 3:45 (7:30/mile.) I don’t know how much recovery I was supposed to do between repeats, but I decided to make it interesting and just do 400 meters.

After a mile of warmup jogging, I did the first repeat in 3:40. Splits two through five were 3:42, 3:40, 3:40 and 3:38. I did another mile to cooldown, bringing today to 5.5 miles total.

In the middle of I think the third repeat, a walker showed up. Guess which lane she picked? Exactly. The only one of the six on the track being used, by the only other person on the track, who was there first. So I had to dodge a walker after all. But I guess she was using the lane numbers to keep track of her laps, because she moved over into the second lane after she walked around the track once. She didn’t get in my way anymore.

I enjoyed this workout… when it was over. That’s how speed workouts usually go though.

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