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December 31, 2019

Training for 12/31/19

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2019 is a wrap!

Late yesterday afternoon, I went out and ran 3.1 miles at an 8:51/mile average.

Today, Bart hung out with Pepper so I could do my last run of the year in the sun. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here!

I went back to the river trail. I saw a bunch of skydivers landing at a small airport near the trail.


Unfortunately, I had some digestive distress and had to walk a lot of a couple miles before I could take care of things. Eventually I finished 8.3 miles at a 9:26/mile average. It was supposed to be an easy run anyway.

That finished off December for me, so here’s a monthly summary first:


  • Week 1 (Dec. 1-7): 31.1 miles
  • Week 2 (Dec. 8-14): 16.1
  • Week 3 (Dec. 15-21): 21.5
  • Week 4 (Dec. 22-28) 44.4
  • Week 5 (Dec. 29-31): 18.9

Total: 132 miles

I’m pretty happy with that total for this month. Normally, I’d hope to get in a few more miles than that, with a 50K and a marathon coming up in February and March, but I got in all those miles around packing up and selling our first house and moving across the country, so nothing to complain about there.

The move was definitely the biggest thing that happened to us in 2019, but there were plenty more highlights as well.


As 2019 began, I was training for Shamrock yet again. I ran the PHUNT 25K for the first time in Elkton, Md., with my friend Melissa. It was snowy, hilly and an absolute blast! My quads were trashed for three days after it. That didn’t stop me from signing up for it again for 2020! Then the move happened, but I was able to transfer my registration to my friend Susan, who was on the wait list, so that worked out. I hope I get to run it again another year.


Coming down to the first aid station around mile 3.7 behind Melissa. (MadDogRunning photo.)


This month was all about Shamrock training, as usual. I did the Algonquin 50K in Pocomoke City, Md., for the third time, in place of a 20- and 10-mile training weekend, finishing in 6:13.


Thrilled with the cheese quesadilla I got at mile 19!

I also signed up for this one again in 2020, which I’m flying back for. This is the only race I can say I’ve done every year it’s been run and I want to keep the streak going! Plus, I managed to talk Susan and Kelly both into it, and Melissa is running it again too, so it’s a great excuse to get to see them again.


I ran the Whale Challenge at Shamrock again. It was a total repeat of 2018 — good 8K on Saturday morning, strong first half of the marathon on Sunday, followed by an increasingly slow second half due to bad stomach cramping.


Finishing the 8K in 41:45.


Mile 8 of the marathon, when things were still on track. I finished in 3:49.

After this race, a few running friends suggested I try Huma gels instead of GU, to avoid some of the artificial sweeteners that might have been causing the cramping. I have been using Huma ever since, and it seems to have done the trick! I haven’t had any of the stomach cramping on longer runs since I switched.

Right after Shamrock, I did something I’d never attempted before — another marathon one week later.

It was supposed to be fun, a nice easy pace through the streets of L.A. with Clark and Bart, who hadn’t trained much for it. But it was awful. I think I got a mild case of food poisoning the day before, which didn’t help anything, but only being a week removed from my goal marathon was definitely a factor too. I was so over everything before we even got into double digits, and the only reason I didn’t drop at halfway, like I was seriously considering, was because Clark stayed with me the whole way back to Santa Monica. We finished in 5:29.


With our finisher’s medals on the Santa Monica pier a couple days after the race, when I felt like a person again.

We are going back for this one this year too! I’m not running it though. It’s two weeks before Shamrock and I don’t want to screw up my goal marathon. Instead, Pepper and I will be chauffeuring and cheering on Clark and Bart, who are both signed up for it again, as well as MY BROTHER, who’s taking on his first marathon, and possibly Clark’s dad and brother. Should be a fun weekend!

This trip to L.A. was also when the whole moving-to-California thing started. Clark’s employer in Maryland had been bought by a private equity group the year before, and things had started to go downhill. When we went on this trip, we stayed in Santa Monica for a few days after the race, for a short vacation, but Clark had to spend a lot of time on the phone or his laptop because of work. He was dissatisfied, to put it mildly, and wanted to make a change. When we got home, he started looking for jobs out here, and found, applied for and heard back almost immediately from the job he eventually started in early October.


With my spring marathons behind me, I focused on training for the St. Michaels Half Marathon in May. I ran a few races in April as part of that training.


Finishing the Big Gun Run, a 4.25-mile race in Lewes, in 32:11.

I ran the King Crab Challenge in Cambridge again — a 1:54 half marathon followed immediately by a 33:10 5K — and wound up being the overall female winner based on combined race times.

And then I met a bunch of friends to run the New Jersey Half Marathon, which I also finished in 1:54. I was not impressed with the race itself, particularly the start area organization, but the company was great!


John, me and Chris on course.


I ran two races in May, St. Michaels and then the Masser 5-Miler to kick off my 10th consecutive Seashore Striders summer series. Neither race went like I hoped, thanks to the warming weather.

St. Michaels was only a little miserable. I was nowhere near my 1:45 goal time, finishing in 1:52 after having to take a bathroom break, but I didn’t feel like dying, just slowing down.


In the last mile.

Masser, a week later, was an absolute hellscape. It was 86 degrees at 7:30 a.m. I couldn’t even maintain an 8:00/mile pace when my typical pace for this distance is around 7:30/mile. I wanted to quit so many times!


Finishing… eventually.

The other fun thing that happened this month was going to see Greta Van Fleet in Baltimore with my younger sister.


Julie and me at the Inner Harbor before the show started.


The first weekend of June, Clark and I came out to the San Diego area so he could interview in person with some of the people working in his eventual new office.


Running along the Pacific Coast Highway in Carlsbad.

On the couple of runs we did, I loved the views, but the hills were distressing haha.

Back home, I went to Water Country and then Busch Gardens with my younger sister:


Perfect day at Water Country our first day there…


…not quite as beautiful weather for our day at Busch Gardens.

And then it was Eagleman weekend. Unfortunately, my older sister and I missed the deadline to sign up for the relay again, but my brother finished his first 70.3! Well, almost. The swim had to be cancelled for the first time in Eagleman history due to dangerous conditions in the Choptank, so everyone only biked and ran.

Still, he finished it, as did Clark, Bart and my father-in-law. I also volunteered at the finish line again.


Eagleman finishers at RAR after the race.

I also did the first two of five 5Ks I had to run to qualify again for the summer series. It got hot again by the second one, but I did OK, running the Jungle Jim’s 5K in 23:33 and the Beach Paper Firecracker 5K in 24:00. The best part about the Firecracker 5K was winning the $75 New Balance gift certificate that my age group was randomly chosen to win that day!


Finishing the Firecracker 5K.

And I think we took the Jeep out on the beach to go “fishing” every weekend possible.


Also in June, I hit my 10th blogging anniversary!


Man, July was sweltering. This turned out to be the hottest summer I could remember training through since 2011 or 2012.

I mostly trained for the Steamtown Marathon, coming up in October, my fall goal race, but I did two more summer series 5Ks too. The Dam Mill 5K the last weekend of the month turned out to be my best of the year; I ran it in 22:33.


Finishing the Dam Mill 5K.

Also in July, we took out the Party Barge for what would turn out to be the ONLY water skiing day we’d get in all summer — it broke down five minutes after leaving the marina the second time we tried to go out.


Dave skiing.

It might have been our last time skiing behind that boat, period. Dave got a free “new” (1990 Master Craft) ski boat not long after the Party Barge broke down, which he’s restoring himself right now. I don’t know what he plans to do with the Barge after the Master Craft is up and running.

And I went to another concert with my younger sister and our mom. We saw Jeff Lynne’s ELO in Washington, D.C.



In August, I ran one more summer series 5K, the Race for the Paws 5K. It was blazing hot and I turned in my second-slowest time of the summer, 23:43.


Pretending I’m not melting at mile 2.9.

That qualified me for the summer series for the year. I wound up winning the F 35-39 age group with a total score of 7.

Later in August, I went to another concert, this time with my brother. We saw Breaking Benjamin in Virginia Beach, and I secretly upgraded our lawn seats (farthest from the stage) to the pit. We had the BEST time!


At the end of August, Clark finally got a final official offer from his new employer, which he signed. The California thing was happening!


I ran a couple more races in training for Steamtown. First up was the Bottle & Cork 10-Miler in Dewey Beach. We were lucky to get a gorgeous morning for running — not too hot and not humid — and I easily pulled off a pace a little faster than I hoped to hold for the marathon, even with a bathroom break. I finished in 1:21.


I’m in the middle of this photo, around the 5K mark.

I also ran the inaugural WaterMel Run 5K in Laurel. It was a small turnout — 65 runners — and the ladies took the top four spots! I was third overall in 22:42, my second-fastest 5K of the year.

Robinn, Susan, Gretchen and I really enjoyed the after party. There were watermelons for everyone, and they even pureed some of them to make watermelon crushes for us.


The evening after this race, I went to yet another concert with my younger sister, this time to see Boy & Bear, an indie band she likes, in Washington, D.C.


Then Clark and I flew out to the San Diego area to look for an apartment, so he’d have somewhere to live when he started his new job a few weeks later. We wound up signing a lease the first day we went looking, on a one-bedroom place in a building right near the beach in Oceanside.


Our new home!

The day after we got back from this trip, I drove to Richmond with my brother, to see the NASCAR race, the first one I’d seen at that track in years.


The following Friday, we put our house on the market. This was when shit really got real for me, and I had a few sleepless nights of worrying about how everything was going to get done!

That weekend, my brother and I volunteered for the swim course safety team at Ironman Maryland, and then I ran the Dogfish Dash 8K at the Dogfish Head brewery in Milton. The race went better than I expected and I finished in 37:11.


Running to the line with Melissa.


Things were just getting wound up! The first week of October, Clark finished up at his former job, packed his truck and drove out west to start his new one.


Leaving Delaware for good!

Pepper and I stayed behind to sell the house. At first, I was freaked out by the thought of someone buying the place and then having to pack it up and move out. A week later, when we hadn’t gotten an offer yet, I started freaking out about the thought that no one would ever buy it and I’d be stuck in this weird dual-coast marriage forever haha.

Also, it really really sucked trying to keep the house in showing condition at all times, with an anxious dog who tended to make a mess of the utility room whenever he was home alone, which was often because I still had to do stuff for work and I was the only one living in the house.

There were some fun things though.


Mom and I met Joey Logano, her favorite driver, at an appearance at a new Planet Fitness in Seaford the week of the Dover race.


I rode the Sea Gull Century for the second time. It wasn’t as much fun as the first time, thanks to a headwind.

In the middle of all this, I ran the Steamtown Marathon, my big goal race for the fall.

I had to stop twice to use the bathroom — expected — and I got blisters on both feet by halfway — unexpected! — but I still finished in 3:44, one of my fastest marathons.


With Liz and Melissa after the race.

About a week later, we signed a contract on our house! Closing was set for Dec. 5.


The first weekend in November, we did our annual destination NASCAR race trip. This year, we went to the Dallas-Fort Worth area to see a race at Texas Motor Speedway. My younger sister and mom went with me, and Clark met us there. It was a fun weekend, capped off by another win for Kevin Harvick.


After the race ended.

The weekend after that, I went dancing at Fager’s Island with my sisters. We took this picture and texted it to our Aunt Helen. We all three got a framed print of it for Christmas haha.


Dave and I went to a Ravens game.


Then it was all about getting the house ready to pack up and move. Clark came home for Thanksgiving and stayed the rest of the next week. We gave away anything anyone we knew wanted. We sold the stuff no one wanted on Facebook. We also donated a ton, threw away a ton more and stored a lot that we wanted to keep in Bart’s attic. Turns out downsizing from a huge house and garage you’ve lived in for more than a decade to a small apartment is a challenge!

Meanwhile, I didn’t run any races, just trained for a good effort at the Rehoboth Half Marathon the first weekend of December, my last race as a Delaware resident for the foreseeable future.


The first week of December was nuts. We closed on the house Dec. 5 and packed everything we were taking with us into a rented Suburban and my car, which we towed.


Empty former home.


Our ride to California.

Two days later, we both ran Rehoboth. I didn’t feel quite as strong as I’d hoped, after a stressful week of packing, barely sleeping and eating crap food, but all the speed workouts I’d actually done in November paid off and I ran my fastest half marathon in two years, finishing in 1:43.

Image 12-26-19 at 11.34 AM (2)

At the finish line.

We stayed in Rehoboth the night after the race to party with our friends who’d come to town, but we left early the next day so we could see both of our families before leaving for California that evening.

The next few days were a marathon driving trip across the country. We made it to our new place late in the afternoon Wednesday, Dec. 11.


Just in time to see the sunset over the Pacific.

In the nearly three weeks since I got here, we finished furnishing the apartment and celebrated Christmas without our families.


On the beach Christmas Day.

I’ve also been keeping up with training for Shamrock. Clark and I are both going back for that one in March.

To wrap up this 2019 summary, my mileage:

  • January: 162.3 miles
  • February: 171.3
  • March: 124.8
  • April: 135.7
  • May: 144.2
  • June: 121.6
  • July: 134.7
  • August: 174.4
  • September: 164.1
  • October: 115.9
  • November: 148.3
  • December: 132

Total: 1,729.3 miles

In years I don’t get injured, I usually land in the 1,700-1,800 mile range, and I did it again this year.

I also rode 295 miles on my bike.

I might not have set any PRs in 2019, but this will be remembered as the year I found out how useful running is for keeping me grounded! We went through a lot of changes, and a lot of time when things were up in the air; you might have noticed it was months between when Clark initially applied for that job in March and when he signed the final offer at the end of August. There were a few times over the summer he hadn’t heard anything for weeks and we weren’t sure it was even happening. That got frustrating. And then I had to deal with all the mixed emotions that came with selling our first house and leaving all our friends and family on the East Coast to move 3,000 miles away.

Running always made me feel better though, and like myself again when things started to get overwhelming. I am grateful for all the people I’ve met because of it too.

Today, I signed up for two races in 2020, the Carlsbad Half Marathon on Jan. 19 and the Rehoboth Half Marathon in December, which will be my 10th time running it. I’m also signed up for the Algonquin 50K on Feb. 8 and the Whale Challenge at Shamrock on March 21 and 22.

The rest of my running year is up in the air right now though. It’s weird to think there are a lot of races I’ve run for years that I won’t be at this year, but it’s also exciting to see what I run instead. I’ve started looking at West Coast fall marathons, and the Carlsbad half is part of a “triple crown” series that includes half marathons in La Jolla in April and San Diego in August that we might complete, but other than that, it’s a big unknown. So I don’t know what my running goals are in 2020. Stay healthy and see what happens, I guess!

Outside of running, I have three big goals:

  1. Get a job I like!
  2. Learn to surf.
  3. Send in an audition tape with my friend Julie to appear on “Wheel of Fortune” during one of its Best Friends Week.

Happy New Year’s, everyone!

December 30, 2019

Training for 12/30/19

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I had a few aggravating runs this weekend, for different reasons, but they all got done.

Friday evening, I went out to do the five 800s I’d put off the day before. I went back to the Strand since the sun was setting and the river trail is unlit.

Well, that also meant the Strand was absolutely packed with people who wanted to watch the sunset over the ocean, both on foot and in cars creeping down the street, so it was pretty hard to get into a rhythm for the intervals as I had to dodge them all. After a 1.5-mile warm up, I tried to run the intervals in 3:30 each, a 7:00/mile pace, but none of them were that fast. They were all between 3:33 and 3:42. Oh well, I tried! I did a short cool down and wound up running 6.3 miles total.

Saturday, Clark went for a run first, and then I decided to do the 10-mile long run on the weekend’s schedule, instead of the 7-mile pace run, so I didn’t do speed workouts on back to back days.

It was almost noon by the time I went out for my run. As soon as I stepped outside, I regretted wearing long sleeves. I almost went back in to get a short-sleeved shirt, but I didn’t feel like it.

I ran along the river trail. By mile 2.8, I couldn’t stand the shirt anymore. I was sweating my face off, so I stopped and stripped it off. Felt weird to run shirtless in late December, but man did I feel a million times better!

I turned around on the trail when my Garmin hit five miles. Up til then, I’d been feeling sluggish, but I was keeping a decent long run pace.

On the way back, however, my guts started rumbling. I didn’t know if there was anywhere to go along that trail so I just walked when I had to and tried to keep everything in check. There was one point, things were feeling dire and I was scanning the vegetation along the base of the trail for a spot to take care of business, but I realized there were tents down there. Homeless people have enough problems without some jerk pooping in their tent city, so I kept walking.

I wound up having to walk a lot of the last two miles in particular, but I finally made it home, finishing 10 miles at a 9:15/mile average and not pooping my pants.

That was the first time since I got to California that I’d needed a bathroom that bad in the middle of a run. Pretty sure it had a lot to do with the huge chunk of brie I ate just before I left!

Sunday, I had 7 miles at goal marathon pace, 8:12/mile. It took me a while, but I finally went out to run them.

It was a really nice afternoon for a run. I felt a lot better than the day before as I ran out along the river trail. The first few miles were all between 7:47 and 8:00.

When I turned around at mile 3.75, my guts started rumbling again. And I didn’t even eat any brie! Dammit.

There was a skate park right off the trail there, so I looked for a bathroom. Good news, they had one! Bad news, it looked like something out of a horror movie. There were three unlocked padlocks on the OUTSIDE of the door, but no locks on the inside. The door didn’t even close at all! And the toilet was too far from the door to reach to hold it shut.

Not that I wanted to sit on that toilet anyway. It was one of those permanent public bathrooms that was basically a glorified port-o-potty, with no plumbing. The toilet was covered in rust (at least I hope that was rust streaked all over it) and graffiti. I think. I didn’t look at it very long because it took all of about 1.5 seconds for my body to forget it ever had to use the bathroom in the first place so I could nope the hell out of there.

I got back on the trail to head back. I ran another mile under goal pace, but then I REALLY had to go. I still had 2.5 miles to get home. There was no way I was going to make it.

I had to walk a little, but I made it to a dirt trail that went off the main paved trail. I tried to look as nonchalant as possible as I walked down it — just exploring, nothing to see here! I found what I hoped was a spot no one passing by on the main trail could see and took care of business.

I felt a lot better after that, and resumed my run. The sixth mile was obviously way over goal pace, 9:26, but I got one more good mile after that, running the seventh in 8:07.

I had a half-mile left to get home, but I felt like I had to go again, so it was a slow run-walk to get there. I made it, finishing 7.5 miles at an 8:22/mile overall average. A little slow, but not too bad.

So those were three annoying runs, but they’re miles in the books.

Outside of running, we had a pretty quiet weekend. Clark’s parents sent us a couple large packages that got here Friday night. Inside were presents for all three of us, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas! My first one was a Mark Andrews Ravens jersey. I’ve also gotten some ChapSticks, another pair of Goodrs, running socks and a Grub Hub gift card so far. Pepper has gotten some treats and a lot more poop bags haha.

Anyway, today, Bart came out here for the week, so Pepper and I picked him up at the airport this morning after Clark went to work. Later, I’ve got a 3-mile easy run to do.

December 27, 2019

Training for 12/27/19

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Yesterday, I spent most of the morning reformatting all the pictures on my blog that I’d posted from my phone since I gave back my old work laptop. They’d looked right on my phone but were absolutely gigantic when viewed on my computer. That took forever but it’s done and I feel much better!

Then we took a nap, then it was raining in the afternoon, then I ate some leftover brie and salami from Christmas… eventually I decided to just swap the speed workout I was supposed to do yesterday with the short easy run I had on the schedule for today.

It had stopped raining by the time I went out for my run. The run itself was fine, but everything I’d eaten and drank since my last run caught up to me, and I had to GO by the time I got back. I was really glad I hadn’t done the longer run after all. I wound up running 3.3 miles at an 8:48/mile pace.

Then I got cleaned up and we took Pepper to Encinitas to hit a couple breweries there and get some Mexican food to go, and we came home.

Today, when Clark gets back from work, I’ll go out and do those 800s for real. This weekend is a cutback on the long run, to 10 miles, and I’m also supposed to do another 7-miler.

Other than running, I don’t know what our plans are. We don’t have to go to IKEA to get another truckload of furniture that then needs to be put together, so we’re wide open.

December 26, 2019

Training for 12/26/19

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Christmas Eve, Clark got home early enough that I could just get in my 7-miler before sunset. Since I still had daylight, I ran on the river trail. I got rained on around mile 4, but as I was running back toward the coast, I could see the clouds had parted just enough to let through a little bit of the sunset, so I ran out to the beach to see it.



Christmas lights coming on.

I wound up running 7.7 miles at an 8:36/mile average.

That night, we stayed in and got Thai takeout for dinner.

Christmas morning, we opened gifts first. Clark gave me a new MacBook Pro, which I’m blogging on now, and I got him a double Belgian waffle maker, which we put to use right away.

After breakfast, we took Pepper down to the beach to throw his ball for him.


Distracted by the camera…


Finally focused on the ball.


Got it!



Clark leading Pepper out into the ocean.

I don’t know if it’s because the waves don’t crash right on shore like they did at the beaches in Delaware or what, but Pepper didn’t mind walking out into the ocean here. I mean, he wasn’t splashing through the waves to fetch his ball or anything, but he didn’t react like hot lava was coming for him.

I tried to get someone to take a nice photo of all three of us. Clark and I are trying to keep Pepper in position here, so at least he looks good haha.


Then we took Pepper for a nice long walk along the beach. When we got back, he was tuckered out.


We spent the rest of the day eating, drinking and FaceTiming our families. It was weird not being with everyone on Christmas Day this year, but at least we had technology that let us see them.

I capped off the day with “A Christmas Story” and some cookies.


This morning, we broke out the waffle maker again, and later I’m going for a run, five 800-meter repeats. Clark is off today too so we might try surfing later.

December 24, 2019

Training for 12/24/19

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Merry Christmas Eve!

Last night, as soon as Clark got home, I did an easy 3-miler. It was drizzling and the sidewalks seemed slick, so I took it super easy and ran a 9:26/mile average.

When I got back, we took Pepper down to the fitness center and did some strength training. We both did some ab exercises and then one set each with the weights. I could tell it’d been a looooong time since I’d done anything to try to strengthen my upper body. I’m gonna be feeling that for a few days.

Today, I’m glad I went yesterday afternoon to get all the last-minute things I wanted for Christmas, because it was insanely packed everywhere (especially Trader Joe’s — that was a new level of retail hell!) and now all I have to do today is relax and then go for this week’s middle distance run, a 7-miler, when Clark gets back.

Tomorrow is a day off running so I can spend all of Christmas Day with Clark and Pepper. I’ll miss being with both of our families, but I’m sure we’ll get to talk to everyone at some point.

Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2019

Training for 12/23/19

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Happy Festivus! It’s the holiday for the rest of us.

Image 12-26-19 at 10.27 AM

Friday, I did not do an extra easy run. Instead, Pepper and I went to Clark’s office Christmas party, which had run over into the evening. I got to meet some of his coworkers and impress them with my beer pong skills. Pretty sure a lot of my “skill” was mostly attributable to the fact they all had a few hours of drinking on me, but whatever! It was fun.

I left my car there and drove Clark home in his truck, with a stop at Pizza Port in Carlsbad on the way for dinner. They brew their own beer on site and make some pretty bangin’ pizzas, and dogs are allowed. It’s quickly become one of our favorite spots.

Saturday, I slept in, and then I did a pace run.

It was a gorgeous day for a run here. I went back to the river trail. I also listened to my iPod for the first time on a run since I got here, so I guess I’m getting comfortable.

I was supposed to do seven miles at pace. I think I’ll shoot for 3:35 again at Shamrock, 8:12/mile pace.

I thought the first mile was an easy warm up but it was 8:10. The next six were all just under 8:00.

I eased up to a 9:47 pace for the last half-mile home for a cool down, and finished 7.5 miles total in 1:00:43, an 8:06/mile overall average.

Clark and I went back to IKEA later that day, to get the last bit of furniture we needed — a bed frame, one more small chest of drawers, two fold-up mattresses for guests and a coffee table. We stopped at Ale Smith after and then came home to put the bed frame together and finally get the mattress off the floor.

It took way longer than expected! It was 3:30 am by the time it was all done.

I’d been planning to meet the run club for their long run Sunday morning, with a few miles before and after it to get the total distance I was supposed to run, but that would have meant getting up two hours after I finally got to go to bed. So yeah, that didn’t happen.

Instead, I slept in again and went out on my own later that afternoon.

It was another beautiful day for a run, but I could tell in the first mile my legs were still feeling the fast run the day before.

I ran south to Carlsbad and onto the Pacific Coast Highway, and that’s when the hills started.

To a flat lander like myself, it felt like climbing absolute mountains! I kept reminding myself hills are good for me. Also, the only truly flat route here is a treadmill, so I have to get used to them anyway.

At least the scenery was nice!

Image 12-26-19 at 10.22 AM

Decorated tree along the coast.

I brought my car key with me so I could drive it home from Clark’s office after the run. It was only a little more than six miles to get to though, so I had to run past it a few miles and then turn around.

By the time I got to the turnaround in Leucadia, about 10 miles in, I really thought about just taking an Uber back to the car haha. My legs were toast!

I turned around and ran the last four miles back though. They were significantly slower than the beginning of the run, but they got done.

Image 12-26-19 2 at 10.22 AM

The end of the run.

I finished 14.1 miles in 2:07, a 9:01/mile average.

I really think the numbers along the vertical axis on this elevation chart are missing a zero at the end:

Image 12-26-19 at 10.26 AM

Anyway, I drove my car home, took a nice long hot shower and was on the couch with Clark and Pepper in time to watch the Sunday night football game. We just got takeout from the deli in the building for dinner and had a few beers.

This morning, Pepper started our day off on a bad foot by peeing all over the floor just inside the apartment, because it’s raining outside and he didn’t want to go out to pee on his Porch Potty. Sigh. At least I got him outside for a walk before he took a dump.

Tonight, I have a short easy run to do, and Clark and I are going to try to do some strength training. There’s a small gym on the floor below us, connected to the common area outdoor patio, so Pepper can hang out there with us too.

December 20, 2019

Training for 12/20/19

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Last night, I had a 35-minute tempo run on the schedule.

As usual, I waited until Clark got home so he could stay with Pepper, so it was after sunset when I got to go.

I’d been hoping to use that river trail I ran last weekend, since it doesn’t have traffic or intersections to deal with, but it turns out it also doesn’t have any street lights at all, and that doesn’t seem like the best place to be alone after dark.

So I went down to The Strand instead, the well-lit public road that runs directly along the beach. It’s only 1.25 miles end to end in Oceanside, which meant I’d have to make a few U-turns, but it was better than trying to run fast on city streets with an intersection every couple of blocks.

Clark bought us each a Noxgear Tracer360 visibility vest at the suggestion of one of the run club members.


Stock image.

I had mine set to cycle through all the colors. Plus I was wearing my headlamp. I probably looked like a walking Christmas decoration haha. As soon as I walked out the gate of our building in this thing, someone in a passing group yelled he liked my vest in a way I think was supposed to make fun of me, but you know what? I’ve run twice in it now at night and haven’t been run over, so I like it too! I just cheerily yelled back “Thank you!”

Anyway, I ran to one end of The Strand for a warm up, which was about a mile, and then I started my tempo miles.

There was still enough traffic on that road to be annoying, and the shoulder meant for bikes and pedestrians was a little chewed up in places, but other than that I could cruise. I ran three miles in 7:37, 7:30 and 7:24.

I took a different route home, which was a little shorter, and finished 4.8 miles in 39:something, an 8:11/mile average.

Today I am finally writing Christmas cards and mailing them out, along with a couple gifts.

And yesterday, I drove 30 minutes to get a holiday 12-pack of Dogfish Head IPAs for a white elephant gift exchange at Clark’s office today, so I went ahead and drove another 30 minutes beyond that just to get to a Dunkin’ Donuts and use a free drink coupon before it was set to expire next week.

Image 12-26-19 at 10.30 AM

I miss having a Dunkin’ on every corner!

Tonight, I want to get in another short run because it’s bugging me I only ran 2.5 on Tuesday when I was supposed to do 7!

This weekend, I’ve got another 7-miler and 14-mile long run on the schedule, and we’re picking up a couple more things at IKEA, which should finish off furnishing this apartment.

December 19, 2019

Training for 12/19/19

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Last night, Clark, Pepper and I met the running club at a brewpub in Vista for the weekly neighborhood run.

We ran a 3.3-mile route through hilly neighborhoods and some construction where they’re expanding the shopping/restaurant area. I had no idea where I was going and I was worried about tripping over a curb or pothole in the dark anyway, so I hung with the rest of the group and ran the route at a 10:32/mile average.

It was about 55 degrees, perfect shorts and long-sleeve shirt weather, but most of the other runners were bundled up like it was 20 degrees colder. I was always the relatively overdressed one back East, but now I’m the “weirdo” wearing shorts in the “cold” haha. The one guy said he’s originally from Maryland too, but he’s been here 25 years, so if we stay long I guess my perception of cold will adjust accordingly as well.

When we got home, Clark and I finally got the rest of our clothes put away or sorted for laundry, which I’m doing today, so our bedroom is no longer full of random piles of clothes and we can actually find things, which is nice.

Tonight I want to do a tempo run after Clark gets home.

December 18, 2019

Training for 12/18/19

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Christmas is a week from today. I haven’t sent any cards and the name I got in our family’s Secret Santa gift exchange won’t get his gift on time because I just ordered it. I’m very much not on the ball this year!

At least the tree is up and decorated.

Image 12-26-19 at 10.38 AM

I only needed half the strings of lights we used to put on the big ol’ trees we got for our old house, and a lot of our ornaments didn’t fit either, but it’s here.

Last night, I went to my first track workout with the running club Clark signed us up for. Dogs weren’t allowed at the track, and Clark was feeling cruddy anyway, so he stayed in the car with Pepper while I ran.

We met at a high school about 25 minutes from our apartment. As usual, I was a little late getting there. I had about 30 seconds to meet the coworker who’d gotten Clark to join and the coach before we took off for the first interval.

We weren’t the only ones there either. There were what looked like high school girls’ soccer games going on too. We had to dodge soccer players doing drills or walking on the track the whole time, but I thought that was kinda fun. The woman who got beaned in the head by a soccer ball right as we were about to take off one time probably didn’t think it was fun though.

I missed any kind of warm up they did, so I went straight into the first 400-meter interval. The coach had told us to take that one easy anyway, and I ran it in 1:46.

We did another 400, which I ran in 1:43, and then we did three 800s, which got faster for me every time — 3:27, 3:22 and 3:17!

I don’t know if it was having people to run with, the fact we rested for one or two minutes between each rep instead of running a recovery lap like I do on my own, or that I could pretend the parents there to watch their kids play soccer were really there to watch me run, but I haven’t run 800s that fast in a long time.

It felt great to run fast, so much so I was actually disappointed when the coach said he was just joking after he said there would be a mile to top it all off.

After the last 800, I did a final lap to cool down with one other runner, but that was the end of the workout. We’d run 2.5 miles total.

I almost wanted to go run another few easy miles when we got back home, but by the time we made it, I just wanted a hot shower and comfy clothes.

Tonight is the weekly neighborhood run, an easy 3- to 5-miler that ends at a brewery or restaurant that sponsors the club. Clark is still feeling a little under the weather so I’m going to run this one with the group too.

In Pepper news, we got the Porch Potty set up yesterday, but so far it has proven to be the one piece of grass he won’t pee on. Sigh. I think he peed on it a little this morning, but other than that, he’s just peed on the patio itself or held it until he was about to explode. He also pooped a little in the apartment this morning, but that was at least only on the hard floor surface and easy to clean up. We will keep working with him!

December 17, 2019

Training for 12/17/19

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Last night, Clark got home from work at sunset, so this was my view when I went out for an easy run:

Image 12-26-19 at 10.34 AM

Oceanside pier at sunset.

Image 12-26-19 at 10.34 AM (1)

I do miss the un-busy-ness of the back roads I used to run, but the scenery here can’t be beat.

I did the same out and back route I did last week, but I ran a little farther where I’d been turning around so I could run up a hill Clark had rightfully called “a beast.” I wound up finishing 3.4 miles at an 8:35/mile average.

Last night, Clark put together the other dresser we bought over the weekend while I decorated the Christmas tree I picked up yesterday afternoon. I still need to finish hanging ornaments and go get a little hacksaw so I can remove some of the excess branches on the bottom, but it looks (and smells) very Christmas-y in here now.

In other news, Pepper has experienced a bit of a regression. Clark was trying to take him out to go to the bathroom this morning, but first Pepper refused to go, then he peed in the hallway and then he ran back in the apartment and peed on the one rug in the whole place. This was after Clark and I both had to clean up dog pee in the hallway or on the elevator in two separate incidents yesterday. Pepper had been doing well for the first few days with going out to use the bathroom, but it seems like he’s tired of the whole process already.

Well, his Porch Potty should be delivered today, so hopefully that will put an end to this.

Now Pepper and I are off to Ace Hardware to pick up that hacksaw and a couple other things. I called them to make sure Pepper was allowed in there, and the guy sounded surprised I even had to ask. If there’s a good place to be with a dog who can’t stand to be alone for a single minute, this is it.

Tonight I will meet Clark’s and my new running club for the first time, and do a speed workout on the track with them!

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