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September 29, 2017

Training for 9/29/17

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Even though yesterday’s 10-miler went so poorly, I decided to get this weekend’s long run out of the way today. It’s a cutback week, so it was just a 12-miler.

It should’ve been a piece of cake. Fall finally arrived overnight, and it was a perfect morning for a run today. Cool air, low humidity and the stupid wind that had been blowing the last few days also died.

Well, even though I had all that going for me, it still wasn’t a very good run. Today, it was my stomach that was plaguing me the whole way. I never had to stop to use the bathroom, but it just felt unsettled. No idea what the deal was there. I ran when I could and walked when I had to.

Another slow run, this time around the 12.3-mile loop. Oh well. Hopefully next week will go better.

When I got home, I found I was the only one who hadn’t had to use the bathroom while I was running. Cleaning up a few piles of dog poop was the perfect cherry on top of my shitty run. Thanks, Pep!

I wanted to get that done today because I have plans both days this weekend that will make getting in a long run unlikely. Tomorrow morning, I’m going with Clark to spectate his sprint tri. I don’t know why I was thinking it was in Berlin; it’s in Snow Hill. And Sunday is the NASCAR race in Dover!

I might try to get in one more short run tomorrow afternoon, so I won’t do my monthly summary today.

Sunday, I will definitely have time for a short run before the race. Normally, I’d be leaving early to tailgate, but Clark and Mike are being losers and skipping out on the race to go to the Steelers-Ravens game in Baltimore instead. So I’m just going to ride up there with my family, and they don’t leave until later in the morning.

September 28, 2017

Training for 9/28/17

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Well, I’ve run almost 16 miles since I last posted, and they’ve all sucked!

Yesterday, I finally went out a little before 6 p.m. to do a lap around the 5.5-mile loop. It was still hot and humid and felt like almost 90. Absolutely miserable. And to top it all off, the swarms of gnats were out in force. So I was sweating my face off, and then getting coated top to bottom in those disgusting gnats. As soon as I got home, I got right in the shower to rinse them all off.

Today, I went out earlier. It wasn’t quite as hot and not nearly as humid, and the bugs weren’t really out either. It should’ve been a much better run, but it just wasn’t. I had zero energy. It was a total slog. I dragged myself around the 10.1-mile loop.

It’s supposed to get down into the low 50s tonight. Tomorrow should finally be a decent day for a run. I am so ready for better running weather!

September 27, 2017

Training for 9/27/17

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Yesterday turned into a rest day. There’s pretty much no good time of day to run right now, as this stupid July weather continues to hang around. First thing in the morning, the temp is in the low to mid 70s, which is already kinda warm, but the humidity is nearly 100 percent. As the morning wears on, the humidity goes down a tick, but the temp climbs. Then it feels like 90 or more. It’s gross and I’m tired of it.

It’d been more than a week since my last rest day anyway, so I didn’t feel bad about taking off yesterday. But it’s 2:30 in the afternoon today and I still haven’t ran. I don’t think I need two rest days in a row. That’s just lazy! I will get out there later. But it sucks in the evening too, because that’s when all the bugs are out. Also, the sun sets earlier all the time, so I can’t even wait for it to cool off much if I want to finish while there’s still a little daylight left.

Wah wah wah. Anyway…

On a positive note, I got a new pair of shoes Monday! A second pair of New Balance 1400 v5s. They’re just like the purple ones I’ve been doing all my races in since April, just a different color — a very fast-looking bright green. I took them out for the lap around the 4.5-mile loop I did late Monday afternoon. Feel just as good as the first pair did.


I think I will wear the NB Zante v3s for the two marathons I’ve got coming up though. They have just a touch more cushioning, and the pair I wore for Shamrock worked out perfectly. I’ll probably wear my current ones for Baltimore and then get a new pair before Richmond.

Also, they posted today the professional photos from the Dogfish Dash.

2017 dogfish dash beginning

Dave and me at the beginning. I obeyed the big sign in front of the photographer that said SMILE. Dave did not.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 2.24.37 PM

Almost to the line. I doubt there were any signs telling us to smile here, but I can tell you I wouldn’t have noticed or cared even if there was.

September 25, 2017

Dogfish Dash recap

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Saturday morning, I ran an easy 3-miler on the road at home. It was late in the morning by the time I went out, which shouldn’t be an issue this time of year, but for whatever reason it’s still hitting the mid 80s around here. It was pretty warm. I wanted to take it slow anyway, so it worked out.

We got some laundry done, and then Clark and I packed up for our races the next morning.

Our first stop was the Dogfish Head brewery in Milton. I got Dave’s and my race packets. We didn’t hang around any longer than that though. The tasting room looked like it was swarming with people.

We drove up to Bethany next, where Clark got his race packet for his triathlon, and then we drove to the beach house in Fenwick.

One of Clark’s coworkers, who was also doing the tri, and his wife stopped by the beach house for a bit. They left right around when Clark’s parents got back from dinner. So we left Pepper with Clark’s parents and got our own dinner at Our Harvest.

I really like this place. The menu is mostly a ton of small plates, so instead of picking one thing to eat each, we get to pick a bunch of different things and share them. We had uni (sea urchin), roasted broccoli, tuna tartare, shiitake mushrooms, Wagyu flank steak, soft shell crab, this ridiculously good cheese that was served with an equally ridiculously good peach chutney and, to top it off, toasted pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting.

We went straight to bed when we got back.

I slept fine. My race didn’t start until 9 a.m., so I didn’t really need to leave the house too early, unless I didn’t want to have to park half a mile away from the race site at the brewery. But Clark had to get up early, since his race started at 7:30 and he had to set up his transition area beforehand. So I decided to just get up early too and snag a premium parking spot.

I had a text from my brother already when I got up. It was a picture of a half-dozen Dunkin Donuts — he ate three of them for breakfast, the capstone to his rigorous training plan of a single run a few weeks ago haha.

Clark (and his dad, who also did the tri) left the house around 6, and I wasn’t far behind them. Pepper stayed in Fenwick with Clark’s mom. No cute race pictures of my dog this year, but, on the other hand, I also never had to apologize to other runners because my idiot dog almost ran them over!

The only on-site parking at the brewery opened at 7 a.m. I got there about 15 minutes after that and got a spot. Score! And my brother had gotten there right before I did.

We had an hour and 45 minutes to hang around before the start. I’d planned to run a couple miles to warm up, since I’d have so much time, but Dave convinced me to just stand around with him and run our mouths instead.

At one point, we were talking about when we used to go to Williamsburg every single year for vacation. The first year we went, when Dave was almost 8, he got lost twice; once at the Governor’s Palace in Colonial Williamsburg, because he followed the wrong tour group out of the last room on the tour, and again at Busch Gardens, when he got sidetracked by a gift shop when we were all on our way to get in line for the Big Bad Wolf.

I never knew this before, but after those two near-miss experiences, Dave was convinced the only reason Mom and Dad took us to Virginia every summer — the only time we ever left the Eastern Shore — was to TRY to lose one or all of us! Every year after that, Dave made sure at least one of us kids was with Mom and Dad at all times, so they couldn’t run away haha. It sounds so dumb now, but I guess I can kind of see how he came up with that at that age!

Anyway, at about 8:45, they called us all over to the start corral. It was another warm day, definitely the hottest it’s been of the four times I’ve run this race. I went with my standard summer racing outfit of shorts and a sports bra.

I told Dave I didn’t feel like running too hard. He said that was fine, he’d just run my pace.

We got the starting gun and we were off!

The first mile of the race was a little crowed, as usual, as everyone tried to sort themselves out by pace. I could feel the lack of a warm up in my legs, as well as those 23 miles I’d run over the previous two days. We finished that mile in 7:43.

The second mile had a little elevation change, a couple small up- and downhills. We also ran that one in 7:43.

By the third mile, we started passing people who’d passed us at the beginning. My legs felt like they’d loosened up too. (That’s what the warm up is for haha.) We sped up a hair, running that one in 7:37.

The fourth mile was more of the same. We just kept picking people off. Right near the end of that mile, we made a turn and started climbing the only substantial uphill on the course. We passed the mile marker on that hill — 7:28 for mile 4.

Less than a mile to go, but that hill KILLED me. I’d felt pretty good up to that point, like I was running hard but not uncomfortably so. I was gasping for air by the time we finally got that hill behind us.

We kept it moving though. There was a long straightaway, and then, with about a half-mile to go, we turned onto a bike path. Another short stretch of road after the bike path led us to the brewery entrance, and we could hear the cheering at the finish line, just around one more corner.

As we made that last turn, Dave decided to try to push me to pass a woman we’d been closing in on for the entire final mile. I never have much of a sprint at the end of a race though, so in the end, that woman beat me — and so did Dave haha. After running the whole race together, he beat me by a freaking second!

2017 dogfish dash finish

I’m all the way to the right, Dave is next to me, and the woman in the purple tank top is the one I’m (unsuccessfully) trying to catch.

My chip time was 37:25. Dave’s was 37:24. (Our final 0.97 mile was 6:52.) His winning streak continues!

That time placed me 19th of 511 in the F 30-39 age group, 41st of 1,237 women and 159th of 2,439 overall.

I was pretty happy with the effort. It was a few seconds slower than last year, but I liked that we’d started off easy and gotten progressively faster. It was also definitely hotter than last year.

As soon as we finished, volunteers handed us a small towel and a Purist water bottle full of water.

I only really wanted one thing though — a port-o-potty! About a half-mile from the end, my guts had started rumbling. Fortunately, there was a whole line of them right there around the corner from the finish line, and one was open. I felt much better after that!

Past the port-o-potties, we got our first beer, a can of Sea Quench Ale. Since the car was right there, I traded my running shoes for flip flops, and then Dave and I went back to the finish line to watch for TK.

After TK, her mom, her sister and her sister’s fiance all finished, we hung out at the post-race party. Once we finished the can, we got our second and third beers in a stainless steel pint. We could pick Sea Quench Ale or 60 Minute IPA. There was also a filtered water station where we could refill the bottle or pint in between beers if we wanted.

tumbler and bottle

Finishers pint and water bottle.

It was a great time. I love this race so much! Definitely worth setting an alarm for noon on April Fools Day every year to sign up the moment registration opens.

When I got back to Fenwick, Clark and his dad had made it back too. The tri had gone well. Due to the conditions (big waves and a hefty current), the ocean swim had to be replaced by a half-mile beach run for everyone but the elites. The bike and the final run went on as advertised. Running a half-mile, even in sand, is easier than swimming one, so Clark’s overall finish time was quite a bit faster than when he did the same tri last year. He’s got one more sprint coming up next weekend in Berlin.

Oh, guess what — we just happened to have the same bib number in our races.

58 bibs

We spent the rest of the day at the beach house. In the evening, we went with Clark’s parents to the Dogfish Head brewpub in Rehoboth for dinner. They went back to the beach house after, but we came home.

Pepper was exhausted after waking up at 5 a.m. and worrying about both of us for hours while we were at our races. He slept with his chin on my right arm the whole drive home, barely bothered by the shifting, and then as soon as we got in the house, he climbed right into bed and collapsed haha. Poor guy!

Today, Richmond Marathon training continues with an easy 4-miler.

September 22, 2017

Training for 9/22/17

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Happy first day of fall!

I actually ran 20 miles today. I’m pretty shocked.

I was home alone with Pepper, since it’s Friday and all, so I did what I could to minimize the amount of time he’d have to be alone in the house (and, I hoped, the amount of dog poop I’d have to clean up.)

I went out early-ish this morning to do the majority of the miles on my own. It wasn’t as hot as it was the last couple of days, though it’s still pretty humid, so I figured I could get in the 15.5-mile loop with one water bottle full of Roctane and one GU.

The first half of that loop flew by. Then, around mile 8, I had to poop. I ran into the woods to take care of that, ate my GU and continued on my way.

Unfortunately, my digestive system stayed in a bad mood the entire remaining 7.5 miles home. I kept having to slow to a walk to settle my stomach, and I had to stop in a corn field for another bathroom break around mile 11. Then I was getting bad side stitches the last couple of miles. Very frustrating!

I finished the 15.5-mile loop with about a 9:30/mile overall average pace. Meh. And I got to clean up a pretty healthy pile of dog poop when I got back to the house. To Pepper’s credit though, he at least kept it all in one spot for once.

I admit I really took my time before I went out to finish the final few miles of the run. I drank a ton of water, ate some leftover spaghetti, did some crap for work. Finally, I decided I felt up to finishing it.

But, I didn’t feel like running any more on the roads, and I didn’t want to leave Pepper a second time. So I did something I haven’t done in months — I put his harness on him, and we went to Trap Pond to run the 4.5-mile boundary trail loop together.

He did great! We made a very leisurely lap around that loop. He peed on everything and picked up, ran with and dropped off sticks as he pleased. He actually seemed like he’d missed running a little!

I definitely missed running with him. He is such a great running buddy.

When we finished that loop, I’d completed a 20-mile training run for the first time in who knows how many marathon training cycles, so I was happy, and Pepper got a post-run treat for the first time in a very long time, so he was happy.

So it wasn’t 20 miles the “right” way, but it was still 20 miles. I’m calling it a win.

Now my weekend is free to be relatively slack. I think I’ll do a slow recovery-paced 3-miler tomorrow morning. Then I have to go to the Dogfish Head brewery to pick up Dave’s and my packets for the race the next morning. And Sunday morning is the Dogfish Dash 8K, one of my favorite races of the year!

As far as a time goal goes, I’d just like to be faster than the 37:13 I ran last year. I won’t have Pepper with me this time, taking dumps, running into people, wrapping his leash around posts or freaking out about everything, so that should be doable.

Dave said he’s only run once since he did the half marathon as part of our Eagleman relay team in June. Once! I’m sure he’ll still beat me though. What a jerk.

Clark, meanwhile, is doing the Bethany Beach tri he did last year.

September 21, 2017

Training for 9/21/17

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Today’s run wasn’t a very exciting one. I technically had a tempo run on the schedule, but since I’m doing this week’s long run tomorrow and an 8K race Sunday, I just did another easy lap around the 5.5-mile loop. It was sunny and close to 90 when I went out, so I don’t think any attempt at a speed workout would’ve gone well anyway.

September 20, 2017

Training for 9/20/17

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Today, I just had an easy 5-miler on the schedule. It’s still getting pretty warm here, so of course I put it off until late morning. It wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t the best lap around the 5.5-mile loop I’ve ever run.

September 19, 2017

Training for 9/19/17

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Happy eighth anniversary to US!


This year, Sept. 19 isn’t quite as beautiful as it was for Clark’s and my wedding day in 2009.

I had this week’s middle distance run on the schedule, which increased to 10 miles, the highest it’ll get.

When I went out to run a lap around the 10.1-mile loop, it was warm, humid and windy, and drizzling just a bit. About four miles into the run, I had to go to the bathroom (shocking, I know), but I just happened to be running past what used to be a small golf course and is now a park — with a clean port-o-potty right near the entrance. So that worked out.

The rest of the run was OK. The rain really picked up about halfway through, but I didn’t care at that point. A little less than two miles from the end, I felt like I might have to use the bathroom again, but I refused to stop a second time, so I stuck it out until I got home.

Unfortunately, as I was walking up to the back door, I could already smell what Pepper had done in the utility room. (It’s BAD when I can smell it before I even open the freaking door.) Yep, he’d left me a big ol’ pile of dog poop to clean up, along with a few bonus smaller splats sprinkled around the floor. What a jerk.

That was, however, less annoying than an email I got earlier. Last week, I had to go to a town meeting. At the meeting, a guy stood up and described an incident that happened a couple weeks ago, when someone randomly shot at his house, hitting it and a truck parked out front. No one got hurt, but still. That’s pretty obnoxious. So I wrote an article that mentioned the shooting incident, but was mostly about the conversation at the meeting about disrespectful youths and how to address them.

I got an email from this guy’s wife, about “several inaccuracies” in the article that she is now “getting bombarded about.” First, he mentioned the town and state police responded, but he didn’t mention the county police, and she was upset the county police didn’t get recognized. Well, that’s an omission, not an inaccuracy. Also, the shot that hit the truck didn’t hit the windshield, it hit another part of the truck.

That was it. Those were the “several inaccuracies.”

If that was it, I’d have just responded with a basic “OK, we’ll run a clarification,” but it was the end of the email that got me: I should have gotten accurate information if I was going to write about it, and if I’m interested in accurate information, I should call her, because that night is burned into her memory.

Well gee lady, I guess I was wrong, but I really thought the guy whose house got shot, then signed up to speak specifically about it at the town meeting was A PRETTY RELIABLE SOURCE OF INFORMATION. I didn’t know I was supposed to fact check his statements with his wife first.

And for what it’s worth, I did try to get an actual incident report from the town police, but they claimed they’d already sent it to the county paper, and when I asked the people who work for that paper if they’d gotten it, they said no.

So anyway, I can’t think of anything to write back to her that doesn’t sound super condescending, so I think I’ll just delete it.

Oh, and last night, after Clark got home from work, I did go out and run an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop.

September 18, 2017

Training for 9/18/17

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I pretty much dropped the ball on following the ol’ training plan this weekend.

The original plan was: 9 miles Friday, rest Saturday, 19 miles Sunday.

Actual: Took the rest day Friday and ran 9 miles Saturday — which was fine — but completely skipped out on the long run Sunday (the important part), and I don’t think I’ll be making it up.

At least I can say I skipped the long run because something much more interesting came up, and not purely because I’m lazy. Clark was going to the Ravens-Browns game in Baltimore with Mike, who has season tickets, while I was staying home with Pepper. But then, before I’d even started to think about doing my long run, Mike said he couldn’t go, and I could have the other ticket if I liked.

That was an easy decision. I went from feeling bad about leaving Pepper for a few hours to run to not feeling (that) bad about leaving him for several more to go to a football game.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a Ravens game. Yesterday was a nice day for it. A little warm when the sun wasn’t behind a cloud, but other than that, no complaints. The Ravens scored early and held a comfortable lead through the whole game, so there wasn’t too much whining and armchair-coaching from the fans around us either.

And I got to see the Baltimore Marching Ravens’ halftime show, which is always a highlight for a band geek like myself. Go mellophones!

pro band geeks

I guess if we’d gone straight home, I could’ve gotten in a short easy run before sunset. But we didn’t. Since we’d parked on the sixth level of a parking garage connected to the nearby casino, and said casino had one of Aaron Sanchez’s restaurants (we watch a lot of MasterChef around here), we decided to go there after the game, order some tacos, say “TACOS!” the way he does a few dozen times and let traffic thin out. So it was after sunset when we got back, and thus too late to do anything except fall asleep in front of the TV halfway through the late game.

Today, I had a ton of work to do, because I always put it off as long as possible, so I didn’t have three hours or so to spare to run.

I also have the next long run, a 20-miler, scheduled for Friday, because I have a race Sunday morning. So at this point, I’m considering the 19-miler skipped for good. Moving on.

There’s a short easy run on the schedule for today that I still hope to get in.

September 14, 2017

Training for 9/14/17

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Labor Day may have come and gone, but summer is reminding us it’s still technically here for another week.

Running the last couple of days has suuuuccckkeed. It’s not even that hot or humid compared to July, but after the previous week or so of really nice running weather, I am not welcoming back the heat.

Yesterday, I put off my run until the evening. It still felt like it was in the mid-80s at 6 p.m. There were also a ton of bugs swarming around where they’ve started cutting down the corn fields. I only did a 3-miler.

Late this morning, I did a lap around the 9.1-mile loop. It felt hotter and more humid than the weather app on my phone said it was when I looked at it, once I finally made it back home. It was a slow, miserable slog. In fact, the only positive thing about it was that Pepper had managed to not poop in the house, so at least I didn’t have to clean anything up.

I’d thought about doing this weekend’s long run, a 19-miler, tomorrow, but after today’s crappy run, I’ve decided I’m just going to do the shorter run tomorrow, another 9-miler, take off Saturday — which will be my first rest day since last Thursday — and hope the weather is a little more agreeable for the long run Sunday.

Also, yesterday I paid the money to register for the Seagull Century in Salisbury, exactly one month from today, so I am definitely doing my first 100-miler on my bike. Clark registered too. It sounds like a lot, but I accidentally rode 65 miles like the fifth time I ever took the bike out, so what’s another 35?

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