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February 28, 2019

Training for 2/28/19

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Happy 40th birthday to my (older) sister, Kara! If she ever decides to run another race, she’ll be a masters runner.

Today, I had a couple things to cover for work in the late morning and early afternoon, so I did the smart thing for once and ran before that.

It was breezy and cold enough I wore a buff around my neck and a thick earband, which felt great when I was running into the wind or it was blowing at me from the side. But then I hit a long stretch of road where the wind was squarely at my back, and I got too hot. I took off the earband and pulled up the buff to use a sweatband instead. I love how adaptable those things are.

I finally ran the 8-mile middle distance run I’d been putting off since Tuesday. I finished the 8.4-mile loop in 1:15 on the dot, an 8:56/mile average.

That, of course, finished off February, so now it’s time to sum up the month.


  • Week 1 (Feb. 1-2): 14.5 miles
  • Week 2 (Feb. 3-9): 59.6
  • Week 3 (Feb. 10-16): 19.5
  • Week 4 (Feb. 17-23): 53.7
  • Week 5 (Feb. 24-28): 24

Total: 171.3 miles

Those were some pretty sizable swings in weekly mileage there, but it added up to a decent month. I skipped five extra days in addition to the five off that were scheduled. So there were a lot of days I just couldn’t get up the motivation to run at all, but when I did go out, I averaged more than 9.5 miles.

I did get in every single long run — two 12s (including one that got stretched to 14.5), the Algonquin 50K in place of one 20-miler and the final 20-miler all by my lonesome at home.

However, other than throwing in some short timed intervals during a couple runs, I completely skipped out on the speed work this month.

Well, now it’s on to March. I have three races scheduled — the 8K and the marathon at Shamrock, and then the L.A. Marathon one week later. Should be a fun running month!

February 27, 2019

Training for 2/27/19

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After I got that last 20- and 10-miler done this past weekend, I seem to have gone straight to full-on taper mode, as if Shamrock is this weekend instead of two and a half weeks away. I just haven’t felt like running at all this week.

I had plenty of time this morning before an eye appointment to do the 8-miler I skipped yesterday, but instead, I cleaned out the drawers and cabinet on my bathroom sink, for the first time since we bought this place in 2008, I’m pretty sure.

The top drawer was the worst. Along with all the hair ties, safety pins and extra buttons from unknown shirts and pants (why do I keep those?? I can’t even sew!) that have collected there over the past 11 years, I had 86 tubes of lip balm.

That is not an exaggeration. I counted them.

excessive chapstick

Just the lip balm.

It was easy to pare them down. A lot were crappy ones that had come from races. A lot were pretty much empty. A lot looked like they’d been there since 2008.

I got it down to 17, all but two of which are ChapStick, including four tubes of pumpkin pie ChapStick.

reasonable chapstick

The rest of my stuff fit in the drawer much more easily after I got the lip balm situation under control.

True story — I almost signed up for the Air Force Reserve for the tuition assistance as soon as I graduated from high school, but the thing that held me back was the fear I wouldn’t be allowed to have my ChapStick on me at all times in basic training. This is also not an exaggeration.

Halfway through my freshman year at Salisbury University, during which I lived with my grandparents, I decided I could gnaw on my un-ChapSticked lips for six weeks if it allowed me to transfer from Salisbury to Maryland without having to take out a bunch of loans. I signed the papers over winter break.

Fortunately, when I got to basic later that fall, while we couldn’t have anything in our uniform pockets ever, it turned out we had to carry these leather portfolios with us at all times, and among the personal items allowed in that portfolio was CHAPSTICK. Crisis averted!

If you’re wondering, my lip balm obsession began in fifth grade, when I started playing the French horn and the teeny metal mouthpiece quickly left my lips feeling dry all the time. I started on Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. I’ve tried just about everything since then, but ChapStick is definitely my favorite. I like the consistency (not too thick or thin), the durability (others wear off much more quickly) and every flavor except original.

Anyway, I so enjoyed cleaning out my bathroom sink storage spaces, I also cleaned out a junk drawer in the kitchen. I found 12 more tubes of ChapStick in that kitchen drawer, most of which were used up. Why am I like this.

Over the last week of cleaning out storage spaces, I’ve found five pairs of old prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. I took those with me to my eye appointment. I don’t know if they donate or recycle them or toss them straight in the trash, but they took them all.

The appointment was fine. My eyes are healthy but my prescription needed to be tweaked. I ordered a new pair of regular glasses to replace the ones I’ve been wearing the last six years. They added an anti-glare coating to the lenses after I complained about the blinding LED lights on all the newer SUVs and trucks. I feel like such an old fart for even noticing it but REALLY! I can’t freaking see anything when some bro-dozer is coming at me as it is, and they’re only going to keep getting bigger with more and brighter lights!

My last stop in town was the Rite Aid to send off for development two disposable cameras I’ve found recently. One was a waterproof one I bought to take pictures out in the ocean when we were trying to surf in California in June 2015. I have no idea what’s on the other one or how old it was. In seven to 10 days, I will find out if anything came from either of them.

When I got home, Pepper had been a good boy and not relieved himself in the utility room, so I chose not to run after my appointment either, “for him.” I will try again tomorrow!

February 26, 2019

Training for 2/26/19

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Yesterday, I waited as late as possible to run, hoping the insane wind would die. It didn’t, but I don’t think it was as bad out there as it’d been earlier in the day.

Fortunately, the sun was out, so it really didn’t feel too cold once I got moving. It also just so happened the way the wind was blowing, I was usually in enough tree cover to break it up that it didn’t bother me too much when it was in my face.

I ran an easy lap around the 5.5-mile loop at an 8:58/mile average.

Last night, Clark and I got into some of the high octane beers in the fridge while staying up later than usual watching reruns of The Office. It was a fun combination at the time, but not so much today. I’m pretty tired and running just sounds like too much work right now. So I’m taking this week’s rest day today.

February 25, 2019

Training for 2/25/19

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I didn’t sleep great Friday night, so when the alarm went off at 4 a.m., I turned it off, texted Melissa I wasn’t going to make it and went right back to sleep. No regrets!

Of course, I was starting to regret it when I did finally roll out of bed, several hours later, and realized I could’ve had all 20 miles behind me already if I’d just gotten up when I was supposed to.

Even though I was no longer going to meet anyone for my long run, I still had to get out the door by a certain time, as it was supposed to start raining in the afternoon, and I preferred to be done before that.

I took my time getting ready to go. I ate some cereal, my typical pre-run breakfast, and had a cup of coffee.

Then Clark decided to fry up a package of crappie filets one of his coworkers had given him.


So I also had some fried fish, dipped in cocktail sauce we found in our fridge that had passed its “best by” date two years ago. OK, time to run 20 miles!

I filled my water bottle with Roctane and put three GUs in the pouch. It was on the chilly side that morning, but not too bad, so I put on cropped tights and a mock neck cold weather top, but skipped the ear covering and only wore my thinnest gloves.

The biggest single loop I have plotted out is 17 miles, so usually, for my 19- and 20-milers, I do a couple shorter loops. I just knew there was no way I’d leave the house again to finish that run Saturday if I stopped at 14 or 15 miles, so I decided I wouldn’t give myself the chance, and I’d do a 10-mile out-and-back.

The first few miles weren’t so great. I kept thinking about how much farther I had to go, which is the worst thing to think about. I tried to instead think about how close I was to the next GU (which I was planning to eat every five miles), but even two or three more miles sounded like a lot there at the start.

I plodded along until I got to the ferry at mile 4.75, where I had to use the port-o-potty, as usual. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I am REALLY going to miss that thing when they remove it!

A quarter-mile later, it was time for GU No. 1 of 3. I was already down to just a 15-miler! I felt better as I took off for the next five-mile stretch to the turnaround.

A couple miles later, it started to drizzle, much earlier than forecasted. Crap. I still had 13 miles to go, and I hadn’t worn a hat. I crossed my fingers it didn’t pick up for a while. Like, two more hours would be nice.

I made it to Galestown and turned around at mile 10.2 on my Garmin. I just had to go back the way I came, and I’d be done. I stopped at 10.5 and ate the second GU.

A little over 12 miles in, I had to run into the woods to use the bathroom. Surprisingly, it was the only extra stop I had to make the whole run. (I expected the first one because I hadn’t been able to go before I left.) So add fried fish and old cocktail sauce to the list of things my unpredictable GI tract does not freak out about.

A few miles later, I was almost back to the ferry, where I stopped to eat the third and final GU. Just five more miles.

The last stretch was tough. My feet hurt more than anything. I love those Beacons but they seem to be wearing out faster than the Zantes ever did. To keep them light, New Balance only put thicker rubber on certain spots on the sole, and I apparently land on the non-reinforced places, so they’re wearing thin quicker than I expected. I mean, they’re not so worn out at this point I feel like I’m risking injuring myself, but I don’t think this pair is going to make it to Shamrock.

Anyway, around mile 17, I noticed a pair of shoes someone had thrown over a power line stretching over the road. I run that road a lot in marathon training, but going the other direction, and I’d never noticed those shoes before. They might not have been there that long, but I doubt they’d shown up between when I ran through the first time Saturday and when I came back. For some reason, it just made my day to see that. You take whatever you can get three miles from the end of a 20-miler.

About a mile later, the rain started to pick up. It was annoying, but I was grateful it’d held off as long as it did. I was almost home.

And then I was home. I stopped the Garmin at mile 20.3. Elapsed time was 3:06; overall average pace was 9:12/mile. Pretty much exactly where I’m supposed to be on long runs. I was pleased with the whole thing. I can’t remember the last time I ran 20 miles all by myself!

Saturday evening, Clark and I went to Cambridge for dinner. I wanted to go to the High Spot, but it was dark when we pulled up. A quick Facebook search revealed it is closed for good, along with two other downtown Cambridge restaurants that had been owned by the same group. Well damn.

We tried Bistro Poplar, a little French restaurant, even though we didn’t have a reservation. We got lucky and scored seats at the bar.

It was tapas night. We split a bunch of small plates — spinach sauteed with chickpeas, pine nuts and smoked paprika; saffron risotto; duck leg confit with figs; roasted oysters; and lamb chops. Then we each got our own dessert. It was all delicious!

After dinner, we went to RAR, where one of Clark’s coworkers and his brother were hanging out. We wound up staying there until it closed.

Sunday morning, it was pouring, but it was supposed to stop by early afternoon. We had a nice lazy morning while we waited for the rain to move out.

When it did end, Clark went out first and ran the 6.5-mile loop. When he got back, I wasn’t too excited about running 10 miles, but he wanted to go in town and try out his new basketball shoes (he and his coworkers last week started playing basketball at lunch) so he told me to get my butt out the door and do my run so I could stay home with Pepper while he was gone.

So I did. It had warmed up enough since the day before to just get by with shorts and a long-sleeved top, but it was windy. I wore the 1400s since I didn’t feel like my feet would appreciate another 10 in the Beacons so soon.

The first couple of miles sucked, but then I got into a bit of a rhythm and felt better. I had to run head-on into the wind for a few miles in the middle, which slowed me down a lot, but other than that, I kept up a steady pace and got the 10.1-mile loop done at a 9:14/mile pace, almost exactly the same pace as the day before.

I even ran past the port-o-potty by the ferry without needing to use it! It’s been a while since that happened.

After I got home, Clark left to play basketball. Pepper and I watched Brad Keselowski win the NASCAR race in Atlanta.

That evening, Clark picked up some cheesesteaks for dinner, and we stayed in to watch the Oscars. I have seen exactly zero of the movies that were nominated for any awards, so I had no favorites to pull for and no opinions on who won what. I fell asleep halfway through anyway.

Today, I am officially TAPERING FOR SHAMROCK!! This week still has 41 miles scheduled though, which starts today with another short easy run. It’s extremely windy and got cold again, which is going to suck, but oh well. It’s still February.

Unfortunately, Clark texted me earlier that his foot, the one with the suspected stress fracture, is bothering him again today after he ran yesterday. Not sure what that means for his plans (he’s signed up for the Dolphin Challenge at Shamrock and then the L.A. Marathon a week later) but he will have to make some decisions soon. Shamrock at least has a deferral option, but L.A. does not.

February 22, 2019

Training for 2/22/19

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Today’s run went a bit better than yesterday’s. I went out to just do an easy lap around the 5.5-mile loop, but the first three miles all got progressively faster — 8:54, 8:41 and 8:32 — so I tried to keep that going. I messed up the pattern a little bit, but the fourth and fifth miles were 8:12 and 8:18 (into the wind, my favorite.) Then I eased up back to a 9:00/mile pace for the last half-mile home, finishing the whole loop in just over 47 minutes, an 8:35/mile overall average.

Yesterday, I went through this plastic bin full of stuff I’ve collected over the years. A lot of it was worthless crap I should’ve thrown out years ago (and did throw out yesterday), but there were some fun finds:


My very first cell phone, a Nokia 5150, with a Bobby Labonte case and bonus Tony Stewart case. Unfortunately it looks like I threw away the charger; otherwise I’m sure it’d fire right up.


Two-time middle school science fair PARTICIPANT! I guess I didn’t even qualify for the participant ribbon the third year.

name tags

Name tags from my illustrious retail and food service career in high school and college.

I also found a disposable camera I apparently never finished. It says it still has seven pictures on it, which means there are already 24. How long are those things good? I kinda want to try to get it developed just to see what’s on it.

And here’s a bonus picture from last night, of Pepper huffing directly into my ear, because I was sitting in the spot on the couch he had just decided he wanted, and he was trying to get me to move:

pepper annoyed

Didn’t work!

This weekend, all I have planned is my last 20-miler before Shamrock, and another 10-miler. I’m supposed to meet Melissa and another runner very early tomorrow morning for the 20-miler — as in, we should be at least halfway through it before the sun comes up. Yeesh! But I know I’ve got a much better chance at actually running it if I do it with other people, so it’ll be worth it.

Other than that, it looks like a pretty quiet weekend around here.

February 21, 2019

Training for 2/21/19

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Well, I ran today, but it didn’t go so great. The weather was nice — sunny and warm enough for shorts and a long-sleeved T-shirt — but my stomach was in a snit. I only had to stop to use the bathroom once, in the port-o-potty near the ferry about halfway through. (By the way, it’s going to suck when they get done whatever they’re doing there and I have to go back to using the woods.) But I just kept getting cramps the rest of the way and had to slow down. In the end, I finished the 10.1-mile loop in 1:35, a 9:26/mile average.

February 20, 2019

Training for 2/20/19

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Monday afternoon, I made it outside for the easy run on the schedule. I did a lap of the 5.5-mile loop at an 8:38/mile pace.

The last couple days though, I’ve been slacking. Yesterday was a combination of procrastinating because it was cold and breezy and then having to cover something for work. Today, the weather just flat-out sucked — we at least didn’t get the snow they’d predicted, but it’s been pouring rain all day and the wind dropped the perceived temperature enough it felt like below freezing.

Plus, as usual, I feel guilty thinking about leaving Pepper alone in the back room while I’m out running. Couple that with the crappy weather I don’t really want to be out in anyway and boom — slacker.

I did sign up for another race though. The Crab Run is on again, Saturday, April 20. This is the race in Cambridge with a half marathon, a 5K or the King Crab Challenge, in which we have to finish the half in under two hours, so we can start the 5K on time.

The Cambridge YMCA used to be the race’s sponsor; the course was almost the same as the half marathon leg of Eagleman, but not quite, since it started and ended at the Y.

This year, someone else took it over and now it starts and ends at Great Marsh Park, just like the Eagleman run leg, so it’s now the exact same course.

Anyway, Clark and I signed up for the challenge again.

Which means I need to get back to training. This pouring rain is supposed to clear out and tomorrow’s forecasted high is 60 degrees, so hopefully I can get my butt back on the road again!

February 18, 2019

Training for 2/18/19

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Friday afternoon, Clark sent me a text asking if I had any interest in going to something called a “Rock & Roll Revival” at James M. Bennett High School in Salisbury. A couple of his coworkers had seen it and thought he’d really like it. We didn’t have any other plans, so why not. We got tickets for that night’s show.

I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, being a high school production, but I was blown away. About 60 singers, musicians and dancers — all high school kids — performed 34 songs. This year’s theme was “Rockin’ the Movies;” all of the songs came from the scores for a very wide range of movies, both in terms of genre and age.

The whole show was amazing, but the highlight was definitely when a freshman covered the hell out of “Purple Rain” — he sang it and then melted everyone’s faces with the guitar solo. Clark said, “Where do you even get the confidence at that age to get up in front of your whole school and do that?” Seriously! I thought it was scary enough playing a short solo on the mellophone in the middle of one of our marching band shows haha.

Anyway, I’d never heard of James M. Bennett High School’s Rock & Roll Revival until three days ago, but it’s an annual thing that’s been going on for 20 years now, and it’s brilliant. Who knew there were so many talented kids in that one high school? I hope to get to go back to see next year’s show!

After the show, we went to Specific Gravity for a late dinner. Then we stopped by Clark’s boss’s house — one of the people who’d suggested he see the show — for a drink. We stayed for a couple of hours. It was about 2 a.m. by the time we got home.

I tried to sleep in Saturday, but I just couldn’t, and I can’t nap once I’m up either, so I was exhausted. Running six miles sounded awful and impossible, so I stayed on the couch and watched the Xfinity Series race until it got too dark to go. Darn.

Clark did go for a run — his third of the entire year. (He thinks his suspected stress fracture in his foot is finally healed.) And then he gave me a hard time for being lazy and not running the rest of the evening haha.

We stayed in, and I got to bed at a decent time. I felt much better when I woke up Sunday for my long run.

I got to the parking lot at the Salisbury Zoo around 8 a.m. It had gotten cold again, but at least there was no snow on the ground this time.

Melissa wound up not being able to make it, but Susan joined Kelly and me. We all had different agendas.

The three of us did three laps of the trail loop, which got Susan the 9 miles she wanted, and then Kelly and I did one more loop, which got me to 12 and her to 17, as she’d done five on the treadmill before we all met.

My Garmin reported just under 12.3 miles at a 9:36/mile average. It was a fun time running with those two, as always!

When I got home, Clark went on another short run, and then we both got cleaned up and went to Mike’s to watch the Daytona 500. As usual in these restrictor plate races, most of the excitement came from the huge wrecks near the end, rather than actual racing. After two red-flag stoppages in the last 10 laps, Denny Hamlin held on to win his second Daytona 500. Now that’s out of the way, they can go to Atlanta this coming weekend and get the real racing started. It’s nice to have NASCAR back!

This week is the final peak mileage week for Shamrock Marathon training. I have an easy 5-miler today. It’s annoyingly windy out there, but oh well.

February 15, 2019

Training for 2/15/19

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Today, I continued my post-50K week of short easy runs, with a lap around the 4.5-mile loop.

It was a little gray and windy, but the temperature was in the low 60s, so it felt great out there. So great, in fact, I decided to throw in the pyramid intervals in the middle (30, 45, 60, 90, 60, 45 and 30 seconds of hard running with a minute of recovery between each.) Those bursts of fast paces got the run’s overall average pace to 8:33/mile, the fastest I’ve run all week.

This weekend, I’ve got a 6-miler tomorrow, and then a 12-mile long run Sunday, which I’m going to run with Kelly and Melissa.

Sunday is also the DAYTONA 500!! Clark and I were both out like a light before the second Duel even started last night at 9, so it’s a good thing the 500 is an afternoon race.

Oh, and in other news I keep forgetting to mention, Eagleman sold out a week ago — before I could register our relay team! Eagleman is the hosting the national tri club 70.3 championship this year. I knew the individual race was selling out fast for that reason, but the relay is always such an afterthought, I didn’t think it would be affected. Well, I was wrong. It’s completely sold out too. The last two years, we’ve been able to wait until April, the latest we could register and get our name on our bib, and I don’t think it ever completely sold out before the race.

Anyway, Clark, his dad and my brother are all registered, so Kara and I are still going to go to at least cheer them on, and I might volunteer again too.

February 14, 2019

Training for 2/14/19

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday, I ran an easy 3-miler at an 8:51/mile average in the morning, and then Pepper and I went to my friend Meredith’s house for the day. She and I established a tradition the last three years of going out to lunch and then to see the new terrible “Fifty Shades” movie in the theater and laughing through the whole thing. There aren’t any more of them, however, so instead of going out, we just got some sushi takeout and cackled through all three of them at her house. It was a blast!

This year, for Valentine’s Day, Clark and I are staying in. I made a Crock Pot of jambalaya that’s cooking right now and smells amazing, we’ve got some wine and chocolates and we’re going to watch the Duels (Daytona 500 qualifying races), so yeah, pretty great evening planned here!

I did another short run today, a lap around the 5.5-mile loop. My stomach felt wonky the whole way for some reason and I took it very easy, finishing at a 9:31/mile average.

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