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September 30, 2009

Training for 9/30/09

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Though I still have the marathon relay next weekend, I’m considering myself in training for my next half, Nov. 21 in Rehoboth, now that I’ve definitely recovered from my first half and I ran that 5K last weekend.

I’m using Hal Higdon’s intermediate half marathon training program, with one difference; I like Sunday as a rest day, but he’s got Friday as the rest day, so I’ll be doing Saturday’s scheduled runs on Friday and Sunday’s on Saturday. Got that?

OK, so this morning, per the new plan, I went to the high school track for a new speed workout: seven 400-meter repeats (one lap around a quarter-mile track) at 5K pace, with a lap of recovery in between each repeat.

Dummy me left the watch at home, but I have a good idea of what a lap at 5K pace feels like (about 1:45/lap), so I did it anyway. It was tough, but I think I did well.

Also, yesterday I plugged in my recent 5K time in a training calculator at the Runner’s World Web site, and it said based on that I should run a half marathon in 1:42, which is 12 minutes faster than I did a few weeks ago. So I’m setting my goal time in Rehoboth to anything between 1:42 and 1:54. It’s a nice, wide range, so I don’t think I’ll let myself down.

Finally, today is the last day of the month, so here is a recap of what was a pretty freaking awesome September:


  • Week 1 (Sept. 1-5): 12
  • Week 2 (Sept. 6-12): 27.5
  • Week 3 (Sept. 13-19): 20
  • Week 4 (Sept. 20-26): 14
  • Week 5 (Sept. 27-30): 9

Total: 82.5

That’s a large drop-off from August, but I didn’t run any races in August and I was at the end of a training cycle for my first half, which I ran Sept. 6. After that race, I’ve been¬†rebuilding my long runs, and I cut back again in the fourth week to run the 5K on Sept. 26.

The best part of September, running-wise, was the races. I ran my first half in 1:54:10, and I set a big PR in the 5K with a 22:21 (which was also the first race in which I ran a sub-7:00 mile). That was also the first race I’ve ever been the women’s overall champ.

Outside of running, this month was notable in that I got to go to two NASCAR races, in Richmond and Dover, and I got married. It was a pretty good month.

September 29, 2009

Training for 9/29/09

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This morning, my calf muscles still felt really tight after the 5K I ran Saturday morning, which surprised me, because my calves didn’t really hurt anymore even one day after the half marathon a few weeks ago. But I went out and did 4.5 miles anyway, including speed intervals over the first half of the run, then drank some chocolate milk when I got home, and my legs feel 100 percent better. I guess all I needed was a good run.

September 28, 2009

Training for 9/28/09

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This morning was weight training.

And here’s the race report from the 5K in Federalsburg on Saturday morning:

  • Time: 22:21 (big, big PR)
  • Overall finish: 8th
  • Women’s finish: 1ST

Yup, that’s right, I shaved nearly 90 seconds off my previous 5K PR and was the women’s champ for the first time. That much improvement just since May has me really encouraged and determined to someday run a sub-20 5K. More speed work and tempo runs to come.

I could really feel a difference in this run this year. Last year, when I ran this race, I was dying through the whole thing and finished in 24:01. This year, I felt strong through the whole thing. Yes, I was dead tired at the end, but at every point during the race when I was starting to feel the fatigue, I concentrated on running efficiently and smoothly, which is all stuff I have worked on very hard in my tempo runs and speed intervals. And it all paid off. I’ve also run a lot more miles this year than I did last year, so 3.1 miles was like, “pssssshhhht, nothing.”

Anyway, the actual race: I found TK and Kari, who were both running their first-ever 5Ks, and we walked out to the starting line near the entrance to the marina. There were probably 200 runners in the crowd, and we started near the front. After a rather informal start (the race director just yelled “Go!”) we took off. Two women started out much faster than me, but I settled into a fast, smooth pace and overtook them before we got halfway through the first mile.

I spent most of the rest of the race pacing off of two boys who looked like they were maybe 13 or 14 years old. Whatever, pacers are pacers. A guy was yelling out our split times at the first mile marker, and mine was 6:55. I have never, ever run a sub-7 mile in a race before. That was cool.

The rest of the race was fairly unremarkable. I don’t know my splits for the second or third miles, but they clearly slowed down a bit from the first.

At the turn back into the marina, just before the three-mile mark, a woman and her two daughters were cheering on the runners. They spotted me and started yelling for the “first lady runner.” The mom yelled “Girl power!” which made me laugh and I waved at them.

I love crossing finish lines. Just before the finish line, another guy yelled at me that I was the first female runner and I tried my best to sprint to the line.

The director of Caroline County Tourism took this picture of me:

 0930_tr_5K abby

Now, my ultimate goal in this race was to break 22 minutes, and obviously finishing in 22:21 didn’t quite meet that, but I was still really pleased with my time. My run in this race was a world apart from my run in that same race a year ago. I just feel like a stronger, smarter runner, and that I’ve still got a lot of potential with training.

After gulping down two bottles of water and waving off any food because my stomach always feels iffy after a race, I walked back to the finish line so I could see TK and Kari finish. And they did, in 36 minutes, which is awesome.

I accepted my little trophy for winning the women’s race and we hung around for the door prizes, when I won a pumpkin and Kari won a cassette tape organizer of all things.

Here I am with (left to right) the women’s masters champ, the men’s champ and the men’s masters champ:

0930_tr_hospice 5K winners

Then I went home, where Clark chided me for not breaking 22 minutes and put me to work painting the shed door. Back to reality, haha.

September 25, 2009

Training for 9/25/09

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I did nothing this morning. It was a rest day as planned in preparation for the 5K in Federalsburg tomorrow morning. The weather is supposed to be rather cool but dry, so it should be great running conditions.

It’s recommended to set three goals for a race: A is your best case scenario, B is a good but not great day scenario and C is your doomsday scenario. That way, if you don’t make your top goal, you can still pat yourself on the back for meeting at least one of the others. So here are my A, B and C goals for the race:

  • A: Finish in less than 22 minutes (at least a 7:00/mile pace)
  • B: Just beat my PR (23:41 or faster)
  • C: Meet my PW (personal worst) of 24:56 that I set in June, but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem

I’ll have a race report Monday. Unless the NASCAR race is rained out Sunday, in which case I will be playing hooky from work and the race report will be posted Tuesday.

September 24, 2009

Training for 9/24/09

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This morning was just weight training, as planned. But I was pretty late to work because Sports Illustrated came in the mail yesterday and there was this great feature on Bonnie Richardson, a Texas high school girl who won the state 1A TEAM track and field championship all by herself — twice.

September 23, 2009

Training for 9/23/09

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Three days until the 5K in Federalsburg, so I moved up my tempo run by a day so I could have two days off from running before the race. It went pretty well; did a slow mile to warm up, then a fast mile at 6:51, then a slow 1.5 miles, then a fast half-mile in 3:29, and cooled down with another slow half mile, for a grand total of 4.5 miles. It’s like a game with me in these tempo runs, to see how many different configurations I can come up with to add up to 4.5 miles.

Anyhow… I then went to the social security office, where I officially changed my name. No more Abby Schmidt. Then I came to work, where I saw my new byline on the front page of the paper for the first time. It looks so weird.

Next week, the name change should have gone through in social security’s system and I can go to the DMV and get a new driver license.

September 22, 2009

Training for 9/22/09

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Happy first day of autumn! Even though I hate seeing summer end.

This morning, I did 4.5 miles of speed intervals. It was another extremely pleasant run. I felt really good, and I covered more ground during the intervals than before.

In light of the 5K on Saturday morning, I’m going to do my tempo run at the high school track tomorrow, lift weights Thursday and rest Friday. My goal for the 5K on Saturday is simply to beat my PR of 23:42.

September 21, 2009

Training for 9/21/09

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This morning was weight training upstairs. I think we screwed up something in our stereo at the reception Saturday night, because every time I plugged in my iPod and turned it on, the stereo would turn off. The iPod still works, though.

Saturday morning, I ran a fast 6.5 miles. It was the best run I’ve had since the half, and very enjoyable. I was ready to get married after that.

And get married we did. There was a lot of hugging people, taking pictures, drinking alcohol, eating great food and dancing. You know how people always say their wedding day was the best day of their life? Mine was. Everything was exactly how I had hoped, and at the end of the day, I was hitched to my best friend.

Next up: Hospice 5K on Saturday morning, and Dover on Sunday.

September 18, 2009

Training for 9/18/09

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Gah! My last day as a single woman!

This morning was weight training, and there was no post yesterday because I took the day off of work to attend a friend’s wedding in Virginia.

Before leaving, I went to the high school track and did a speed workout. It was supposed to be two 7-minute miles with a half-mile of recovery in between, but the second mile was, uh, interrupted by the ghosts of a piece of way too sugary sheet cake I ate the day before. My coworkers bought me the cake as part of a little “congratulations on your wedding” party and, even though I know excessive sugar can disrupt my stomach like nothing else, I ate a big piece anyway.

September 16, 2009

Training for 9/16/09

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This morning I did 4.5 lazy miles. I didn’t have a plan for them, so there was some walking, some running, some faster running, some meandering along aimlessly. Good times.

And, in case you’re wondering, only three days until my wedding.

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