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October 30, 2019

Training for 10/30/19

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Today, I got to meet TK’s 4-day-old daughter! She’s the tiniest baby I’ve seen in a while — 5 lbs. 3 oz. at birth — but other than a little jaundice they think will clear up soon, she’s perfect. TK and Brad seem to be pretty thrilled with her!

I just did a short easy run late this afternoon, a 3-mile out-and-back at an 8:41/mile average.

Tomorrow, I plan to do one more run in the morning, so I’ll hold off summarizing October until after it. But that won’t be posted for a while, because later tomorrow I’m flying to Texas for the NASCAR race Sunday!

The track is in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In addition to checking off the 16th of 23 tracks, we’ve got tickets to see Charlie Daniels at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth, a huge honkytonk, and I want to get in a couple runs on some of the paved trails I’ve found near our hotel.

My mom and younger sister are flying there with me tomorrow, and Clark gets there Friday night. I’ll be back Monday.

October 29, 2019

Training for 10/29/19

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Yesterday evening, I went out and ran an easy lap around the 5.5-mile loop at an 8:38/mile average.

Today, I had this week’s intervals on the schedule, four 800-meter repeats at 10K pace, so I programmed four half-mile intervals into the Garmin, with a quarter-mile of recovery between each.

It’s been a while since I ran a 10K, but the last 8K I ran was a 7:29/mile average, so I aimed for 3:45 (7:30/mile pace) for each interval.

I ran a 1.5-mile warm up, ran the intervals in 3:45, 3:37, 3:41 and 3:38, and finally ran a mile to cool down, finishing the 5.5-mile loop in 46:23, an 8:27/mile average.

Once again, the first interval felt a lot harder than I wanted that pace to feel, but then it got a little easier to run a little faster for the rest of them.

October 28, 2019

Training for 10/28/19

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Saturday morning, I met Susan at the park in Salisbury for my first double-digit run since Steamtown. I was supposed to do 90 minutes, according to my abbreviated training plan for the upcoming Rehoboth half marathon, so we set out to do 10 miles.

It was a really nice day, but warmer than I expected. I wished I’d worn short sleeves by the end of the first mile. At least I didn’t break out the capri-length tights, like I’d been considering.

Something about that trail surface always slows down our runs (or maybe it’s because we like to be able to talk through the whole thing) but we had some fast-ish miles, for us on a long run anyway, and finished 10.1 miles in 1:34:something, a 9:20/mile average.

Later that afternoon, Kara, Mom and I went first to Millie’s Roadhouse in Vienna for lunch, and then to Layton’s Chance for wine.

We were sitting outside at Layton’s Chance and I noticed someone with a St. Bernard, which made me think of Kelly’s St. Bernard, Lily.

It took me a while, but eventually I realized that WAS Lily, and the person holding her leash was Kelly haha. In my defense, I normally see her in running clothes, so I didn’t recognize her! She was there with her friend Celie and her dog Elsa, who I’d also met before, at a 5K this summer.

Anyway, it was a nice afternoon. Kara, Mom and I stayed about until the winery closed. Pepper had been picked up by Clark’s parents on their way home from the beach house that afternoon, so I stopped by their house to get him on my way home.

Saturday night, TK had her baby! It’s a little girl, and they named her Olivia June. I’m not sure when I’ll get to meet her but I hope it’s soon! We did not think TK would feel up to visitors in the hospital, having just gone through 48-plus hours of prep and then labor.

Sunday, I was supposed to do another short easy run, but it was pouring rain in the morning and early afternoon, and then it got unseasonably hot and muggy after the sun came out. I felt sorry for everyone running the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. No one expects 80 degrees and humid at the end of October!

So I stayed on the couch with Pepper and watched the NASCAR race. Martin Truex dominated it, to the point the only semi-exciting thing they had to talk about was Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano’s little slap-fight afterwards.

I did leave the house to get some more food for Pep. The lone tree in our front yard was lit up by the sunset and it looked pretty.

tree in fall

Today, I have another easy run. I might tack on some mileage since I didn’t run yesterday.

October 25, 2019

Training for 10/25/19

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First, a baby update on my friend. TK apparently hasn’t made much progress yet. Hopefully there will be some news soon.

Second, it was chilly in the house this morning, so I brought out Pepper’s favorite blanket. He was so happy!

pepper blanket 2

pepper blanket

Finally, I ran a tempo run today. Two speed workouts in one week! I’m pleased with myself. Now if I can just keep this up five more weeks, I might run a fast half in Rehoboth.

I plugged in my Dogfish Dash 8K time into a training pace calculator about two minutes before I headed out the door, and it said I should run tempos at 7:42/mile, so that’s what I aimed for.

I did a mile to warm up in 9:00 on the dot.

The first tempo mile felt pretty freaking hard, and it was only a 7:55. Sheesh.

The second one didn’t feel any faster but it was — 7:40.

The third one felt the same but also got faster — 7:24.

If you average them out, that’s 7:39/mile, which is close!

I did another half mile at an 8:44/mile pace and finished the whole 4.5-mile loop in 36:23, an 8:06/mile overall average.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another decent weather day, so I’m doing the 90-minute long run on the weekend’s schedule in the morning, with Susan, and then later I’m meeting my mom and older sister to do something fun, probably go to a corn maze and then a winery.

Sunday is supposed to be a nasty rainy day. I’ve got another 4-miler on the schedule, but other than that, I expect I’ll just stay home with Pepper.

October 24, 2019

Training for 10/24/19

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The most exciting thing that happened today is that TK got induced! She should be somewhere in the process of having a baby right now. Fingers crossed everything goes well and we all get to meet him or her soon!

The other sorta exciting thing that happened was I got an email that I won an autographed hat in the raffle Mom and I entered at Planet Fitness a couple weeks ago after we met Joey Logano. He’s Mom’s favorite driver, so I told her she can have it. She can wear it to the Texas race next weekend.

logano hat

That’s his charitable foundation’s logo.

Not so exciting was when I tried to clean out all the empty Christmas gift boxes we’ve amassed over the years in the attic, but I realized there are waaaay too many up there to fit in the car to take to the recycling center in one trip. Seriously, why do we have so many freaking boxes up there? I need someone’s truck.

And I thought that was going to be a nice simple task to ease myself into cleaning out this house!

I also ran today. I had a 3-miler on the schedule, but I extended it to the 4.5-mile loop since I cut short yesterday’s run due to road work. It was a perfect evening for it, and I ran it in just over 38 minutes, an 8:29/mile average.

October 23, 2019

Training for 10/23/19

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I was working at home this afternoon when I heard a car pull in the driveway. I looked out the window and it was Aunt Helen, of all people!

A few years ago this wouldn’t have been such a surprise, but Aunt Helen spends the majority of her time now “visiting” her “friend” Bill in Kentucky, even though she technically still lives here.

She and Bill were here for a few days to attend a couple funerals, as old people tend to do a lot, so she decided to drop in on a few people while she was here, and I made the cut this time. It was fun to see her for the first time since last Thanksgiving.

Later in the afternoon, I went out to run this week’s intervals workout, eight 400-meter repeats at 5K pace. I haven’t run a 5K at 7:00/mile pace in a couple years now, but that’s what I was aiming for anyway, which would be 1:45 per interval.

I did a mile to warm up, then ran the first five repeats in 1:44, 1:45, 1:46, 1:42 and 1:42.

As I was finishing up that fifth interval, I saw “one lane road ahead” signs and noticed a state roads crew truck near a bridge on the 6.5-mile loop I wanted to run. I didn’t feel like dealing with that so I turned early to continue on the 5.5-mile loop, and thought I’d tack on that final missing mile on the road by my house.

I ran the last three in 1:48, 1:43 and 1:48. By that time, I only had the final quarter-mile recovery left before I got to the end of the 5.5-mile loop, and I was glad — I really had to use the bathroom all of a sudden! Turned out that crew working on the road did me a major favor, because all the fields have been cut down and I have no idea what I’d have done if that had hit me when I was still a mile from home on the loop I set out to do!

I finished 5.5 miles in 46:54, an 8:32/mile average.

October 22, 2019

Training for 10/22/19

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Yesterday, I went ahead and wrote the second half of Hal Higdon’s advanced half marathon training plan in my planner. It’s a 12-week plan but Rehoboth is less than seven weeks away at this point.

So that made yesterday a short easy run day. I went out late in the afternoon and did a 3-mile out-and-back at an 8:25/mile average.

Today was supposed to be intervals, eight 400-meter repeats to be exact, but I ran some errands this morning and I have to leave Pepper home tonight to cover something for work, so I pushed them off until tomorrow and made today a rest day. I did get the first batch of pumpkin muffins of the season made.

Also, something else happened today. Clark and I signed a contract on our house!

Those people who came last Monday to look at it a second time wanted to put in an offer, but their mortgage lender said they had to sell off a piece of land before they’d loan them the money. Fortunately for us, someone else snapped up that land very quickly, and we got the official offer last night, which we signed today.

The best part is they want the house as is. They don’t even want the utility room fixed. So I don’t have to worry about scheduling a bunch of contractors between now and closing. Of course, that knocked some money off the selling price, but that’s fine with us. All we have to do is get the septic system inspected between now and closing, per state law, which has been scheduled.

Closing is Dec. 5, two days before the Rehoboth half. Then I’ll be on my way to California to train for Shamrock in much better winter weather!

October 21, 2019

Training for 10/21/19

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Saturday morning started very early, 40 minutes before my 4:30 alarm, when Pepper woke me up with his incessant licking. If it’s not one of his paws, it’s the blanket on the bed. I cannot stand that sound!

We were out of the house by 5. There is plenty of free parking for the Baltimore Running Festival in lots all around the football stadium, but I got there early enough to park in the one most convenient to the start area, between the stadium and the ballpark.

That also allowed Pepper and me to see Clark before he had to be on one of the buses to the first relay exchange. It was so good to see him for the first time in 18 days! Pepper was really excited. But then he just got confused when Clark left again to get on one of the buses.

After that, Pepper kept running to random white guys, checking to see if they were Clark — and we were at a marathon start line, so there was no shortage of options haha.

Anyway, Pepper and I found the rest of Clark’s relay teammates at the start line, and then we went down the street a little bit to watch everyone go by.

It was a gorgeous day for a marathon! If the weather in Scranton six days earlier hadn’t been so perfect too, I’d have been jealous.

First, they sent off the hand crank wheelchair athletes:

handcrank athletes

Then the assisted wheelchair athletes started:

wheelchair athletes

Finally, the runners got to go:

lead runners at start

I watched every single marathoner go by. Then Pepper and I headed over to the Inner Harbor, where Clark would eventually hand off to his team’s third runner.

On the way, Pepper made a little kid cry when he pulled off onto a patch of grass to take a dump haha. The kid’s mom told her to “just turn your head and look the other way.” I cleaned that up and we went on our way without traumatizing anyone else.

We found a spot on the curb of Key Highway and waited. It’s not the most scenic part of the course anyway, as it takes runners to a turnaround at the Under Armour headquarters, but it was especially rough this year because they’re doing road work there.

Anyway, we saw the lead runner go by around mile 9.3:

marathon winner

He won in 2:27. I read he ran this same marathon two years ago — his first marathon ever — in 4:45! A 2:20 improvement in two years is pretty amazing.

I immediately recognized the second-place runner:

michael wardian

Michael Wardian is a pro runner based in northern Virginia. He runs several races in the Rehoboth area each year when he vacations there with his family. He’s fawned over Pepper before because he has a vizsla. Seems like a genuinely nice guy who supports other runners of all abilities.

Speaking of Pepper, he was not impressed with the runners.

pepper bored by runners

I kept an eye out for Clark, but I managed to miss him. I did catch when he came back and handed off to his teammate Austin:

clark and austin handoff

Clark was pretty happy with his run, having averaged 8:32/mile for his roughly 7-mile segment. The second leg is definitely the best one to run. The first few miles are all downhill, and then the last four are flat.

The rest of his teammates weren’t feeling quite as spiffy haha. They’d gotten to Baltimore the night before long before Clark’s flight got in, and they’d had a lot more to drink than he had. Eventually, the fourth teammate got to the finish line in 4:22.

By that time, Clark and I had gone back to his hotel so he could shower (and Pepper could ride in an elevator for the first time — he hated it! Which is bad, because our apartment is on the third floor haha), taken his stuff to our car and walked back to the finish line party.

It’d warmed up, so I took off Pepper’s coat. He’s definitely put some weight back on. NO ONE asked why he looked skinny. He only got compliments all day for being such a pretty boy! It was so nice not having to explain about the kidney thing. I don’t know why he’s suddenly regained a little weight, but I’m glad!

pepper at after party

Pepper was worn out by the time we got to the after party though, after walking more than five miles. Been a long time since he had to go that far.

Clark’s teammates were all feeling even rougher after running and didn’t even want the free Dogfish Head beers that came with their race bibs. So we wound up leaving pretty early.

At home, we took a much-needed nap, and then we went to Cambridge. A bunch of our friends met at RAR Brewing for a going-away party for us, even though Clark is already gone away and I’m still here for an undetermined amount of time based on when this house sells.

Also, TK’s doctors moved up her induction date to this coming Thursday, so she’s less than a week away from having her first kid, which is pretty exciting!

The party moved to Johnny’s Tavern in East New Market, which has never been my favorite place, but we did get to see Mike, who was there “sobering up” from a bachelor party so he could come to RAR. (He would have never made it to RAR haha.)

Clark and I picked up Pepper from Clark’s parents’ house and then came home and crashed.

Sunday, I’d intended to run. But it was pouring rain when I woke up, and Clark was there for one morning only, so it didn’t take me long to pick not running over running. There’s always tomorrow!

Later, we went to his parents’ house again for lunch, but we left so we could get on the road early to get Clark to the airport. The stupid Bay Bridge is undergoing a major repair on the westbound span and the backups trying to get across it are terrible.

I think we hit it at the absolute worst time. It seriously took us two hours to go about 15 miles.

Google Maps had told us to get off the highway and try an alternate road, a two-lane (one way in each direction) road that ran through the towns between Queenstown and the bridge. Predictably, it was just as jammed up.

At one point, there was a jerk in a Lincoln Navigator (clearly a more important person than those of us who didn’t have an $80,000 SUV) who’d decided he’d had enough and was driving the WRONG WAY in the oncoming lane just to get around us plebs! The thing was — there was still traffic coming from the other direction! He’d try to squeeze back in line in the correct lane real quick when a car was coming at him, but once, the line wasn’t moving at all so he couldn’t get in. The other car stopped nose-to-nose with the Lincoln and the driver just laid on the horn until our line finally started moving and the Lincoln could move.

Then ANOTHER car started following the Lincoln, pulling the same shit, until a county sheriff’s deputy pulled it over and I hope gave that driver a huge ticket for being such an asshole. Somehow the Lincoln avoided getting caught doing that by police.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such entitlement from someone caught in a traffic jam. Yes, it’s extremely aggravating to move a few inches every few minutes for a couple hours, but we’re all stuck so don’t make it worse.

That stupid backup turned what’s usually a 1.5- to 2-hour drive into nearly four hours, which put Clark very close to missing his flight. He made it though.

Then Pepper and I had to drive back home in the pouring rain. We got home nearly six hours after we’d left.

I watched the NASCAR race that I’d DVR’d that afternoon, and then I went to bed.

I would like to go for a run today, but I’m not sure what I’m doing. I guess I’m training for the Rehoboth half marathon on Dec. 7.

October 18, 2019

Training for 10/18/19

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Today, I ran for the first time since Sunday’s marathon.

It was still breezier than I liked, but it was otherwise perfect weather — sunny, not humid and just warm enough for shorts and a T-shirt.

I ran a lap of the 4.5-mile loop at an 8:38/mile average. I felt OK other than a blister that apparently was still festering under the surface on my left foot, that didn’t make itself known until about mile 3. WTF. Go away!

Anyway, it felt good to run again, but I’m really glad we didn’t manage to put together a second marathon relay team for tomorrow’s race in Baltimore. I would not want to try to run 6 or 7 hilly miles hard tomorrow.

I’m still going to Baltimore though, to watch Clark’s relay team run it. Pepper’s going with me. I think we’re both pretty excited to see Clark for the first time in more than two weeks, though Pepper doesn’t know it yet.

October 17, 2019

Training for 10/17/19

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Not much training to report on here. I’ve been making the most of recovering since I finished the marathon Sunday.

My left calf was super tight Monday, probably from running funny for a few miles to try to prevent a blister from popping. I did a little yoga Tuesday evening and that calf felt totally fine again yesterday. Funny how much stretching helps! Maybe I should do that more often.

Anyway, I thought about doing a short run yesterday, but it was pouring rain and very windy. Today, it isn’t raining anymore, but it’s still really windy out there, so I’m giving myself one more rest day. I think I’ve earned a couple days of being a weenie about less-than-ideal weather.

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