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February 8, 2018

Training for 2/8/17

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I forgot to mention yesterday that I did go out and run the day before. Tuesday afternoon, I did an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. My overall pace was fine, 8:33/mile, but I didn’t want to go any farther than I did. I was still feeling sluggish.

As previously noted, I took yesterday off, and today, I finally had a great run for the first time since before I left for California.

I was supposed to do the middle distance run I’d been putting off all week, a 10-miler. I feel like I’ve gotten over the little bit of jet lag from coming home, but I really was not excited about it anyway. The sun was out, but it was well below freezing with the wind chill. Stupid February.

I got dressed and went out anyway. The first couple of miles, I still didn’t feel like being out there, but my pace was OK. Then I got into a groove and the rest of the run just flew by. I wound up doing the 10.1-mile loop in just over 1:24, an 8:19/mile average. My fastest mile was the ninth one, an 8:09. I love runs like today’s!

It was also nice to get in a solid double-digit run before the 50K this weekend. I hadn’t been feeling like a much of a runner for the past week or so, but that took care of that.


February 7, 2018

Training for 2/7/18

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I guess the time difference after flying back Monday had a bit of a delayed effect, because I feel a lot more tired today than I did yesterday. I kept putting off my run, and then it started pouring rain. I never did it. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow. The rain is supposed to clear up, though it’s also supposed to get about 20 degrees colder.

February 6, 2018

Training for 2/6/18

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WELL. That did not go at all like I’d hoped! I’m back from San Diego, which was not the fun little vacation with a 10K in the middle I’d expected. Instead, I ripped up the hell out of several parts of my body and then came down with a stomach virus that caused a DNS on the race.

Warning: This post contains some gross pictures of the aftermath of my first running wipeout on pavement. If you’re squeamish about blood, you might want to scroll on by. I didn’t take any pictures of the aftermath of the stomach virus though haha. You’re welcome.

It wasn’t all a disaster. The flight out Wednesday morning was smooth and we were at our hotel by 1 p.m. local time. They didn’t have our room ready yet, so we left our luggage behind the front desk and walked to the nearest place for lunch, Kansas City Barbecue — filming location of the “sleazy bar scene” in Top Gun.

Clark’s coworker Bart flew in from Atlanta, arriving a couple hours after we did. We stopped by a Stone Brewing tasting room, then went back to the hotel so Clark and I could get into our room. After a shower and a change of clothes, we went back out to try some more local breweries Clark picked out: Societie Brewing Company (where I met a Pomeranian named Yoda who was about to celebrate his ninth birthday — happy birthday, Yoda!); Mikkeller Brewing; and finally… well, damn. I can’t remember now ha. I know there was another one.

me at mikkeller

Me at Mikkeller. No wonder I can’t remember where we went next.

Thursday morning, I didn’t feel too good. Don’t worry, it wasn’t the stomach virus yet. Just a good old-fashioned hangover. I ate some breakfast in the hotel lobby with Clark and Bart before they left for the customer meeting that qualified it as a business trip. I felt a little worse after I ate though, so instead of going out for my long run when they left, I went back to bed for a bit.

After my nap, I decided to knock out what was left of the hangover with a run. By that time, it was late enough in the morning that the Embarcadero along the bay was teeming with tourists, so I had to dodge a lot of walkers. But it was a perfect day and a beautiful place to run.

thursday run

Marina Park.

After 4.6 miles at just under a 9:00/mile average pace, I called it good. Dunkin’ Donuts is relatively new in California, but we happened to be staying in a hotel with one in the lobby, so I got my favorite iced coffee on the way back up to our room.

Clark and Bart got back from their meeting and we walked down to the Gaslamp Quarter, where we spent the afternoon. I still wasn’t feeling quite up to drinking — plus I didn’t want to wind up feeling the next morning like I had that morning — so I eased back into it. We started at Searsucker, then Half Door Brewing Company and finally went to the rooftop bar at a hotel to watch the sunset over Point Loma.

thursday sunset

Clark had a whole itinerary in Little Italy planned for the evening, but when we stopped by the hotel after the sunset, he went to sleep and could not be woken up for anything haha. So I just went across the street to what used to be the San Diego Police Headquarters, but is now full of restaurants and shops, and had my first Hawaiian poke bowl (pretty similar to sushi, just not wrapped up into rolls.)

Friday morning, I felt fine when I woke up. Bart had left early that morning to fly home, so it was just Clark and me for the rest of the weekend. We had breakfast in the hotel again. He had some work to do on his laptop, so I left him there and went out to do my long run for the week, a 12-miler.

FYI — this is where the kinda gross pictures come in.

The run went just fine for the most part. It was slow, because I kept having to stop to check the map on my phone to see where I was, wait to cross streets or, when I got to Balboa Park, basically hike up a cliffside, but I was steadily moving along and seeing a lot of the city.

Then, I was heading back toward the bay, when I came up on a section of the sidewalk that was randomly replaced by a planter with a couple of trees in it. The road there was really busy, so instead of stepping into the road to go around the planter, I went through the gas station parking lot on the other side of it.

And that was when it happened. I did not see a random speed bump in the parking lot, but I sure felt my right foot catch it, and the next thing I knew I was hurtling face-first to the pavement.

I managed to catch myself before I busted out all my teeth at least. My water bottle, which had been in my left hand, and my phone, which had been in my right, went flying. I blurted out “WOW,” grabbed my stuff and hopped right up and started running again. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. A guy standing right next to where I fell didn’t even seem to notice haha. A woman walking through the intersection I’d been running toward asked if I was OK. I said I was, I just didn’t see the… thing. She said, “The speed bump?” Sure.

I ran a couple minutes further before the adrenaline wore off and I realized how bad both of my palms and my right leg hurt. I stopped to survey the damage. Blood and dirt. Great!

Once I made it back to the bay, I was back on the Embarcadero. There was a public bathroom, so I stopped in there to clean out the wounds on my hands at least. When I came out of the bathroom, I recognized the T-shirt of the runner passing. It was Clark, so I joined him.

I wasn’t at 12 miles yet but I’d had enough. We ran back to the hotel. I’d done 10 miles at a 10:23/mile average (told you it was slow.)

Back in the room, I surveyed the damage.

My right leg, which I’d basically just skidded on:

leg injury

There was another patch of road rash up near my butt cheek.

My right hand wasn’t too bad, but my left one definitely took the brunt of the fall:

hand wound

Boy did that one hurt! The shower was awful, but I had to get everything cleaned out. Then we went to a CVS to get some Neosporin and Band-Aids.

Bart had extended his car rental for a few hours so Clark and I could take it up to Carlsbad that afternoon to pick up our race shirts and bibs for the Cardiff Kook Run 10K on Sunday morning.

We drove up there next, first stopping at Barrel Republic for lunch. It’s a self-serve taphouse with 52 beers on tap. They give you a little wristband with a chip, and you wave it over a sensor near the tap before you pour to track how much you get. Then you pay when you leave. It was a pretty cool place.

Packet pick-up was at a Road Runner Sports, and took no time.

It was getting close to time to return the car, so we headed back down to San Diego. We stopped at a gas station to fill it up first. It turned out to be the same gas station where I’d tripped and wiped out earlier haha.

speed bumps

Random planter blocking the sidewalk, pointless speed bumps.

After we turned in the car, we walked to Little Italy to hit a couple of the places we hadn’t made it to the night before.

We always have to go to Ballast Point.

Clark and me at ballast point

And then we had dinner at Bencotto Italian Kitchen, which was as good as Clark made it out to be. We had fried squash blossoms and a cheese plate, and I got squid ink gnocchi with shrimp. Then we split an Italian flan.

We were both full after that, and called it a night.

Saturday morning, I didn’t feel great when I woke up, but I didn’t feel as bad as I had Thursday morning. I thought I was just a little hungover.

We went downstairs for breakfast and I had a normal breakfast. But when we got back to the room, I started feeling worse and worse.

Long story short, I spent the next nearly nine hours throwing up every 45 minutes to an hour thanks to a stomach bug. Of course, after I’d gotten rid of breakfast, it was just dry heaving, or what little bit of liquids I’d swallowed.

It was pretty awful. I sent Clark out because No. 1, I didn’t want him to get sick too, and No. 2, it’s boring sitting around listening to someone retch. So I spent the whole afternoon lying in bed waiting for the next round to strike.

Around 3:30 p.m., I did the adult thing and called my mommy to complain haha. I also threw in the story of my wipeout the day before. She was every bit as sympathetic as you need your mom to be in that situation. Thanks, Mom!

I think I finally puked for the last time around 4:30. By that time, I knew there was no way I was running that stupid race in the morning. At least we’d picked up what were essentially $60 T-shirts beforehand. (P.S. I’d never pay that much for a 10K around here, but that’s kinda the norm in that area.)

Clark came back and said I was looking much better. I’d stopped puking and was finally keeping water down again, but I still didn’t feel great. I stayed in that night. All I ate was some of the mint chocolate chip ice cream Clark brought me from the Baskin Robbins attached to the Dunkin’ Donuts downstairs.

Sunday morning, I ate a little raisin bran and a banana for breakfast. That stayed settled, so Clark and I went out to try to enjoy our last day in San Diego.

We went to Old Town State Park first and walked around a bit. Then we went to the North Park section of town. There were breweries and restaurants serving more beer EVERYWHERE. We went to Tiger!Tiger! first, where we watched some of the Puppy Bowl (which needed a weimaraner haha.) Then we stopped by Rip Current Brewing. They had a collection of old beer cans. This was my favorite:

schmidt slalom skiing

A Schmidt on a water ski. How appropriate.

We had lunch at Crazee Burger, where Clark had an ostrich burger and I had about half of a camel burger. I still hadn’t gotten my appetite back, but where else am I gonna get a chance to eat a freaking camel? By the way, it tasted like beef.

Our next stop was the San Diego Coin-Op, a bar with a bunch of old arcade games.

Then we went to Mike Hess Brewing, where we saw the first half of the Super Bowl (it’s so weird to watch it on the West Coast, where it starts at 3:30 in the afternoon.) At halftime, we made our way to Waypoint Public.

By the time we got to the last place, I wasn’t feeling so good. Not like I was going to puke again or anything, but I did not have an appetite, beer didn’t sound good and I did not feel like sitting in public smelling other people’s fried food and booze. I had to tap out.

We headed back to the hotel and watched the end of the game there, then wound up falling asleep, which was probably for the best, as we had a very early flight out the next morning.

Yesterday, we were up at 4:30 a.m. Pacific time and back in Baltimore by 2:30 p.m. Eastern time. It felt really good to get home and see Pepper again! Even when he farted non-stop all night haha.

So vacation is over and it’s time to get back on track. I still didn’t have much of an appetite yesterday, but I felt a little more like eating today, and I think I’ll be OK to do a short easy run. Technically, I’m supposed to do 10 today, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

I need to get my butt back on track — I’ve got a 50K in FOUR days!

Speaking of Pepper — our mail carrier just stopped up here to ask if there’s a reason he’s so skinny, because she saw him earlier today when she dropped off our mail (for some reason he was drinking from a puddle at the end of the lane, instead of from his bowl of clean water in the house??) and she wanted to check before she called animal control to report neglect! I told her about his kidney disease. He really is looking skinnier and skinnier lately. I was hoping it was just my imagination but I guess not.

January 30, 2018

Training for 1/30/18

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Today was my last run in Delaware for a few days, and it was a frigid one.

Since I’m 99 percent sure tomorrow will be a day off running, as our flight out is pretty early and I doubt I’ll feel like running once we get to San Diego, I decided to run a little longer than the training plan called for today.

It’d been flurrying all day, though nothing was accumulating. It was also really windy. I layered up and hit the road.

It wasn’t bad except for the parts I had to run into the wind. Otherwise, it was a decent run. I finished a lap around the 9.1-mile loop in 1:17:15, an 8:29/mile average.

When I got home, I found out the feels like temperature was 20 degrees. Then I checked the current weather in San Diego — 77 degrees and sunny. I cannot WAIT.

As far as training while I’m out there goes, I’ve got a 12-mile long run and another shorter run Thursday and Friday. I’ll probably take Saturday off running, and then we’re running that 10K Sunday morning.

January 29, 2018

Training for 1/29/18

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Friday night, Clark and I went to Rehoboth to start celebrating his birthday. There are so many great restaurants there, but we always seem to wind up at one of a small handful, so I wanted to try something new. My suggestion was Salt Air, a block off the main drag on a 5K course I usually run a couple of times a year. (Those 5Ks are both in the summer, so I’m usually looking for anything to distract myself from how terrible it feels to try to run hard in the heat by the time I get to that point haha.) But when we got there, there was a sign on the door that it was closed for a two-week period that just happened to include this past weekend.

Right next door was Henlopen City Oyster House, so we went there instead. We started by sharing two of my favorite things — raw oysters and a cheese board — and then we both got the roasted goose breast entree. I still want to try Salt Air sometime, but I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest we’d been rerouted to Henlopen City instead. It was all delicious and has definitely been added to my personal list of favorites.

From there, we went to Dogfish Head. As Mug Club members, we get a free beer on our birthdays. We wound up staying much longer than Clark’s one free beer though. The live band that night was The Trongone Band, out of Richmond, and they were incredible. We wound up closing down Dogfish Head.

So it was pretty late (2:30 a.m.) when we got home, and therefore pretty late when I got up and got around to running Saturday. I decided to just do the shorter run on the schedule, the 10-miler.

By the time I went out, the weather had warmed up nicely, and I could wear shorts and a T-shirt. I did a lap around the 10.1-mile loop. Unfortunately, the beer and rich food from the night before wasn’t being very kind to my insides. I had to stop halfway through and then kinda felt like I might have to go again the entire way home. I managed a 9:07/mile average pace in the end.

For lunch, I had the leftover goose breast from the night before. I gave a piece to Pepper. He liked it so much, as soon as I sat down on the couch, he climbed up next to me and gave me a hug. At least, that’s what I like to think he was doing.

pepper hugging me

That night, Mike came over. I hung out with him and Clark for a while, but since I had 20 miles on the schedule the next day, I decided to be a good little runner for once and go to bed. It wasn’t early by any means, after midnight, but it was early enough I could get in a solid eight hours and be all set for a nice long run the next day before we were supposed to be at Clark’s parents’ house for another birthday dinner.

Well, not so much. Those two stayed up until 6:30 in the freaking morning, listening to music and, in Mike’s case, loudly “talking” (yelling) the whole time. And I couldn’t shut the bedroom door because Pepper freaks out when he doesn’t have in-out privileges to the room at all times. I did go out at 3:30 to ask them to turn down the music but that still didn’t let me get any sleep.

So I felt like ass yesterday since I hadn’t slept at all. I didn’t run anything. Yes, another skipped long run.

My parents stopped by in the afternoon to give Clark a birthday card (actually two cards — a real one and a funny one that made fun of him for being hairy haha) and then we went to his parents’ house for dinner. His mom made oysters Rockefeller, shrimp po’ boys, beans, roasted broccoli and a flourless chocolate cake with pureed raspberries. It was all delicious too, but the highlight of the meal had to be halfway through it, when something Pepper had eaten decided to make a reappearance and he took a puking tour of three separate rooms of the house. Thanks, bud!

Today, I had a lot of crap to get done for work, and I got up pretty late since I was behind on sleep, so I only had a small window in the early afternoon to get a run done. Luckily, it happened to coincide with a brief break in the rain too. I did the short easy run on the schedule, a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. I actually felt pretty good, surprisingly, and ran each mile progressively faster. The final full mile was a 7:41 and I ran the last half-mile at a 7:32 pace, finishing the whole loop with an 8:09/mile average. I even did some ab exercises when I got home.

January 26, 2018

Training for 1/26/18

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I finally had a good, stomach issue-free run today!

It doesn’t make any sense that today’s run was so nice either. The last two days, I didn’t eat anything before running that should’ve caused all the trouble I had. Before my run today, I had two reheated chalupas from Taco Bell, leftover from dinner last night. There is nothing about a chalupa that should make for a good run, but here we are. My intestines confuse me.

Maybe it was the weather. It warmed up just a hair, and while it was still breezy, it wasn’t as annoyingly windy as it’s seemed to be all week.

Or maybe it was my newest pair of 1400v5s!

blue 1400v5

I like how the aglets (shoelace caps) are different colors.

Whatever it was, I ran the 5.5-mile loop at a progressively faster pace. I ran the first two miles in 8:26, then continued to speed up, running the fifth in 7:49 and the last half-mile at a 7:30 pace. Overall, I ran the whole loop in just under 45 minutes, an 8:11/mile average.

I’m glad I had such a good run today; it was a little confidence boost heading into the first of the three biggest mileage weekends before Shamrock. I’m supposed to run 10 miles tomorrow and 20 miles Sunday, though I might try to switch those. Tomorrow’s weather looks better.

Other than that, Sunday is Clark’s birthday, so we will be celebrating that.

January 25, 2018

Training for 1/25/18

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If yesterday’s run was unpleasant, today’s was downright miserable.

I do not know what the hell I ate before I ran today, but it was not agreeing at all with my digestive tract by a mile and a half into the run. I made it to the next wooded section along the route and made an extended pit stop. I had gone out planning to do the 5.5-mile loop, but cut it short to the 4.5-mile loop, and felt like I had to go again the rest of the way. I did make it home before round two hit me at least.

In the end, I finished 4.5 miles in just over 42 minutes, a 9:23/mile average. Woof.

When I got home, there was a nice surprise waiting. My newest 1400s got dropped off while I was out. So there’s something to look forward to for tomorrow’s run. I think I’ll also try to get out for it earlier, before I can eat anything that causes all the problems I’ve had the last two days.

Also, Clark and I registered for another race today. Big Oyster Brewery in Lewes, one of our favorite new local breweries, is hosting an inaugural 4-mile race in April. As one of the first 60 to sign up, we get a Big Oyster T-shirt and a 4-pack of beer in addition to the race shirt and after-party at the brewery everyone gets. Sounds like a good deal to me.

I found the race because I was looking for one on my birthday. I’m turning 35 on April 1, which is a Sunday, so I thought it’d be cool to run my first race in the 35-39 age group the very day I moved up to it. Well, I forgot April 1 is also Easter Sunday this year, so there are no races, which means that’s not gonna happen. Womp womp. Better luck in five years when I turn 40.

January 24, 2018

Training for 1/24/18

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Well, today’s run was… unpleasant.

I had the middle distance run on the schedule, which this week increased to 10 miles. It was quite a bit chillier than the last two days, and still breezy, but not bad.

The first half of the run, I had side stitches everywhere and I just felt gassy, but I managed to maintain a decent pace in the 8:30/mile range.

The second half of the run, however, the side stitches and gas turned into stomach cramping and almost a touch of nausea at times. I kept having to slow to a walk to settle my stomach, and my pace fell off a cliff. The last five miles were all in the 10-minute range.

I finally finished the 10.1-mile loop in just over 1:35, a 9:25/mile overall average.

January 23, 2018

Training for 1/23/18

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I got myself back on my training schedule and I’ve had a couple of nice runs the past two days.

Yesterday was warm enough for shorts and a T-shirt, and breezy. I did an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. The overall average pace was 8:21/mile, but the individual splits varied a lot depending on which way the wind was blowing.

The green 1400s I got back in September are starting to cause twinges around my ankles, so I ordered a replacement pair when I got home. I really hope they’re planning on updating them soon — I’ll buy multiple pairs of the same shoe, but I don’t like repeating colors, and I’m on the third of three color schemes for this particular version.

This morning it rained its ass off, but by the afternoon, it’d cleared up. It was even warmer than yesterday — tank top weather — but windier too.

I did a lap around the 5.5-mile loop in 46:00 on the dot, an 8:20/mile average.

Also, Clark and I signed up for a 10K while we’re out in California. We’re running the Cardiff Kook Run in Encinitas.

It’s on Super Bowl Sunday. The last time I ran a race in Southern California on Super Bowl Sunday, I ran a surprise PR. That was the Surf City Half Marathon in 2013. I’m definitely not expecting any surprise PRs this time.

I think 10Ks are the worst. All the pain of a 5K for double the distance. That’s probably why I haven’t signed up for one in almost two years. Can’t wait!

January 22, 2018

Training for 1/22/18

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Well, I had another slacker weekend. I did the 5K I signed up for Saturday morning, but I completely skipped my long run again.

Saturday was the Frosty Paws 5K in St. Michaels. Since Clark and I were both signed up for it, I took Pepper with us. He hasn’t been running much lately, of course, but he could handle a 5K, and I’d rather deal with him in a race than deal with the guilt trip for leaving him home alone.

The race was free but they always ask for a donation. This month, they asked for supplies for the local humane society. I was going to give them all the dog treats Pepper won’t eat, but when I pulled them out of the closet the night before, it turned out every single bag had been opened and they’d all expired years ago anyway, some as long ago as 2012! So those went in the trash and I made a quick stop at a Walgreens on the way for fresher bags of dog and cat food.

We got to the race site about a half hour before the 9 a.m. start. TK ran this one too and met us in the parking lot.

Pepper took a dump just walking to the tri shop to pick up our race bibs, so the shopping bag I’d gotten from Walgreens came in handy. I hoped that meant I wouldn’t have to pick up poop during the race, but just in case he had round two brewing, I got another plastic bag from the tri shop. Usually, if I’m prepared, he doesn’t do it.

We got our bibs, got some pre-race directions and then all walked down to the start line. Same course they use for all these free 5Ks — two short out-and-backs in a subdivision, then two more on the paved bike path.

Clark and I started at the front. I figured the fewer people Pepper had in front of him, the better.

We got the start command and took off. Except for Pepper. He immediately darted into the crowd. Off to a great start!

Pretty much the whole 3.1 miles was Pepper running along for about 10 steps, then wanting to see where Clark was, slowing to look behind or running back, getting passed by Clark, then sprinting ahead to be in front again. Plus copious pee stops (but no more pooping, at least.)

He also had some run-ins with other runners, unfortunately. About halfway through the race, we were running past what would be the turn for the finish line when we came back. Pepper decided he wanted to be done NOW, so he darted to make the turn, nearly tripping the poor woman who happened to be running next to us. I apologized to her and we went on our way.

Then, coming back, there was a large group coming toward us, and Pepper chose that very moment to look behind him at Clark; he drifted toward the group just as we all met on the path and got kneed right in the side of the head by another runner. I apologized to her too.

We didn’t finish anywhere close to my 23:42 prediction. Our actual finish time was 25:58. No gift card for me! Clark was right behind us in 26:02, also too far off his 25:00 prediction for a gift card. Overall, we were the 12th and 13th runners to finish out of about 50. I think Pepper was the first dog to finish though.

We hung around a bit after TK finished. Then we all had to leave — we had my niece’s birthday party, and TK, who’s a CPA, is already in tax season and had to go to work.

The birthday party was fun. We got to see Dave and Kasey’s new house for the first time, that they moved in to just before Thanksgiving. It’s huge!

When Kaylee opened her gifts, I got the feeling I’d been tricked by Dave into buying mac and cheese for him:

what is this

That is not the face of a happy 3-year-old! She walked right over to Grandmom and handed them off to her haha.

grandmom with mac and cheese

Then Kasey brought out the cake, with Kaylee’s two favorite things in the world — Daniel Tiger and traffic lights.

birthday cake

Dave made that traffic light behind them for her last birthday. Those lights are meant to be used for uplighting, so they’re blindingly bright to look at head-on.

Then we all whispered “Happy Birthday” because Kaylee hates loud noises and started to freak out when she realized we were about to sing.

kaylee third birthday

Kids are so weird haha. But it’s fun weird, mostly.

After the party, Clark and I went to Cambridge. We had a few beers at RAR, then went to this French restaurant, Bistro Poplar, for dinner.

It’s small and popular, so we really shouldn’t have tried to go without a reservation, but the staff were accommodating and let us squeeze in at the bar. We got two appetizers — poached scallops, which is a WEIRD way to prepare scallops (they were so squishy they were almost foamy), and ravioli with escargot, which I liked better. Then we each got a fish entree. I had dorado (more commonly known around here as mahi mahi) and Clark had monkfish, which I didn’t believe was a species of those creepy deep water anglerfishes until he Googled it.


Looks appetizing!

After dinner, we went to Easton to hang out at Kara’s house. Julie was also there, and they were watching “North and South,” a TV mini-series that aired in the mid ’80s. The mullets and teased hair were out in force haha.

Clark and I fell asleep and wound up staying the night. We both woke up at 5 a.m., when my nephew’s alarm first started going off. Apparently no one else in that house notices it anymore, because it went off for almost two hours straight — I don’t mean he kept hitting snooze, I mean it went off nonstop for two hours — until Huey went in his room for the third time and made him finally get up.

We left not long after the alarm was turned off. We got Pepper from Clark’s parents’ house. He looked pretty mad at us for not coming home the night before and asking Clark’s parents to pick him up instead, but he got over it. When we got home, I went to Walmart to do the much-needed grocery shopping I’d been putting off, before the after-church crowds hit.

I got stuff to make chili. When I got home, I immediately got that going in the Crock Pot. I had no intention of doing the long run on the schedule, but I really meant to at least run something short — it was such a nice day for January — but it hit me right about then how exhausted I was, and I wound up staying home the rest of the day. We watched football and I went to bed early-ish.

Today, I feel much better after getting some sleep last night! I’m kinda pissed at myself for whiffing on the long run, again, but I can’t change that now. Today has a short easy run and strength training on the schedule.

Also, Clark and I this morning booked flights to and from San Diego, leaving next Wednesday and coming home the following Monday. He has to go for work and I’m tagging along. I haven’t been to Southern California since we ran the L.A. Marathon two years ago and I can’t wait to go back for a few days!

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