A Simple Running Log

November 11, 2019

Training for 11/11/19

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Saturday, after a looooooong wait at the Budget rental car counter in Baltimore, Clark finally got home around 4:30 a.m. I got up an hour and a half later to meet Kelly and Susan in Salisbury for this week’s long run.

It was colder than the day before — 25 degrees by my car’s thermometer when I parked — but thankfully the howling wind had died.

Kelly and I were both wearing tights, but then Susan rolled up in shorts. There’s always one haha.

We did laps of the trail loop around the park. Corey met us after we’d finished two and did the next two with us.

We kept the pace nice and easy, but my legs were dead. I guess from the tempo run the afternoon before? They didn’t feel sore when I woke up, but once I started running, they just had no go.

Running with the group pulled me through. I ran 13 miles in 2:03, a 9:31/mile average.

On my way home, I stopped by Bart’s house to pick up a chainsaw he let Clark borrow to cut down a pine tree in our back yard the septic inspector said was in our tank’s drain field. Clark had intended to do that Saturday, but then he decided to put it off until Sunday, and we went to Analog-a-Go-Go at Dogfish Head’s brewery in Milton instead.

By that time, the afternoon had warmed up enough that it wasn’t miserably cold. Good thing, because we took Pepper with us, and he hates being even a little chilly.

This year, we each got a total of nine samples. My favorites were Goldenmilk Latte, an oat cream ale brewed with turmeric, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, star anise and vanilla beans; and Smoovie Fixins, a beer that tasted like a fruit smoothie. I also liked Autumn Rose, an apple brandy that was served warm.

Near the end of the afternoon, Clark and I were admiring a very clean Jeep Wagoneer parked outside the brewery, when the owner came out and drove it away — Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head founder. Over the years, we have seen him at so many Dogfish Head events, or even just hanging out at the brewpub in Rehoboth. I love that he seems like he still genuinely loves beer!

We went to Lewes next and met Paul, one of Clark’s former coworkers, at Big Oyster. Then we all headed to Fenwick.

Julie, Kara and Huey met us there. I went with them to Papa Grande’s for dinner, and then we all went down to Fager’s Island in Ocean City.

When we first got there, it wasn’t exactly hopping haha.

packed dance floor

Julie all alone on the dance floor.

But more people showed up as it got later. We had a pretty good time dancing, mostly to the live band in the other room, but also to the DJ when the band was on a break.

Around midnight, we’d had enough to drink to take selfies.


funny faces

Which we then sent to Aunt Helen. She never responded haha.

It wasn’t long after this I’d hit my limit. The bars in Ocean City close at 2 a.m. and I knew I wasn’t going to make it. So I got an Uber back to Fenwick and went to bed.

Sunday morning, I got breakfast at Bayside Skillet with Julie, Kara and Huey, which helped, but I was still absolutely exhausted from the day before. When Clark and I got home, he went out to cut down that tree while I took a nap.

I helped him drag all the pieces of the tree out of the yard and into an overgrown lot behind it. Then he went for a run while I stayed on the couch with Pepper and watched the NASCAR race in Phoenix.

We got a pizza for dinner and turned on a new Hallmark Christmas movie. I fell asleep before the end, but I can guess how it ended. The couple who’d butted heads when they first met at the beginning had fallen in love and then kissed 30 seconds before the credits started rolling.

Clark had to leave around 3 a.m. today to make his flight back to San Diego. It was the last time he’ll go back to California without Pepper and me! He’s coming back for Thanksgiving and staying that week after to help clean out the house and go to closing. Then we’re going to Rehoboth for the half marathon that weekend, and leaving the Monday after it to drive back to Oceanside.

Today, I woke up thinking I had a relatively light day of work. Then I opened my email and got a couple texts, and now I’ve got a lot to pack in, so I better get back to it. I’ve also got an easy 3-miler to squeeze in somewhere.

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