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July 15, 2019

Race for the Ribbon 5K race report

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Saturday morning, Clark and Pepper went with me to Rehoboth for the Race for the Ribbon 5K, so we could all then go straight to Fenwick afterwards.

After we parked, I took Pepper with me to the table on the boardwalk to pick up my race bib and T-shirt. In the 30 seconds it took for the volunteers to find my bib, Pepper took a big dump right there in front of the table. Great.

I didn’t have a bag with me because seriously, it was a two-minute walk round trip, what were the odds he’d have to poop? Pretty good, apparently.

I needed to get the poop cleaned up immediately, because people were lining up right there to get their race stuff. The only business that looked open was this little concession stand-type restaurant on the corner. I ran over to ask for some napkins or paper towels or something. The only thing I saw were a few industrial-sized packages of wax paper sheets, like they use to wrap up sandwiches. That would have to do. There was no one in the stand to ask, so I just grabbed a few sheets.

That was when some guy started screaming at me. I guess he worked there, but he was sitting on a bench on the sidewalk outside the restaurant, looking like any random tourist hanging out on the boardwalk. He was PISSED I was taking his precious wax paper without asking him.

I couldn’t believe he was getting so worked up over a few sheets of wax paper, but he would not let me have them. I even offered to go get a freaking quarter out of the truck to pay if it was that big a deal — I just needed to clean up the mess my dog made — but he screamed at me I couldn’t have them anyway. “DON’T TOUCH THEM!!”

This was a level of crazy I didn’t want to engage with any further, so I dropped the stupid paper.

Kelly, who was holding Pepper the whole time this guy was losing his shit over wax paper, said she had some dog poop bags in her car. By the time we got to her car and I sprinted back with a bag, one of the volunteers had already found something to clean it up. I felt pretty bad they had to clean up after my dog like that.

So yeah, great start to the day!

Clark took Pepper, and then I went off to a run a mile to warm up and get in the crowd at the start.

2019 race for the ribbon 5k before start

Richard got this picture of Kelly, Susan and me before the start. I’m already shiny after a single slow mile.

This race was established in memory of a local woman who died of cancer, and the proceeds go toward research and medical expenses for other local people currently battling it. Before the race started, the director introduced this year’s honorees. We also got a lovely live rendition of the national anthem. And then we were off.

It was a pretty warm, humid morning, and much of the course was in full sunlight. I wasn’t sure how I’d hold up.

At the first turn on the course, I saw Clark and Pepper watching for me, and waved at them.

I was so thirsty from the moment I started running. There was a water stop we hit twice, near the end of both the first and second miles. I took water from it both times.

Other than starting off thirsty, the first mile wasn’t too bad. I finished it in 7:21.

I was already getting hot though. Most of the rest of the next mile made a big loop around a little neighborhood, which is kinda boring. I knew I was fading.

Sure enough, mile 2 slowed to 7:37.

The last mile was rough. I wasn’t just hot or tired; I felt like I needed a bathroom or I was going to pull a Pepper! I don’t usually have that issue in 5Ks but I did that day. I had to walk a few steps to let things, uh, settle.

I was able to run the rest of the way from there. Clark got this picture of me in the final stretch:

2019 race for the ribbon 5k finish

I crossed the line in 23:33.

That was 27 seconds faster than my last 5K, and only 10 seconds slower than the one before that, which was on a much cooler morning. I was OK with it.

Clark wanted to do his own run after that, so I took Pepper for my cool down. He did two miles with Susan and me. Fortunately, I still had the dog poop bag Kelly had given me, because Pepper took another massive dump on the median. Where does he store it all?

2019 race for the ribbon 5k cool down

Richard got us again! I’ve got that poop bag that will soon come in handy tucked in under my bra strap.

When Clark finished his run, I handed off Pepper and then went to the post-race party at the Greene Turtle. They have a nice breakfast buffet for the runners, and a silent auction to raise more money.

When they announced the awards, I’d gotten another age group win. Four first place finishes in the series down, two to go!

2019 race for the ribbon 5k awards

With one of the other winners in the F 35-39 age group.

The rest of the day was spent on the beach in Fenwick. It was a pretty good day for it — not as blazing hot as the last time we were out there.

Late in the afternoon, my mom, brother and niece came down. Kaylee didn’t seem to mind the beach when we were able to drive right up to the water’s edge, so I guess it’s all the walking that she finds unappealing when she’s protested any other time someone tries to take her on the beach.

We buried Clark and turned him into a one-armed mermaid.

clark mermaid

clark and kaylee high five

Kaylee high-fiving him.

Sunday morning, I slept in, so it was later in the morning when I went out to run than I’d run the day before. It was also a hotter day.

So nope, I didn’t do a long run. I did three miserable miles along the highway at an 8:56/mile average.

We went out on the beach again in the afternoon. It was a lot hotter out there than the day before, and the wind had shifted so it was blowing out toward the ocean, rather than from it, which always means flies.

Pepper didn’t seem like he was very happy until we buried him in the sand.

pepper buried in sand

We stayed out there until we couldn’t stand the flies any longer, then packed up and went to Dewey to get crab cakes at Woody’s again.

It was pretty late by the time we got back to Fenwick, so we wound up just staying there last night and driving home early this morning.

I don’t think I’ll run today. I have something to cover for work this morning, and then my brother was talking about taking out the boat later this afternoon.

However, I already have a time set up to meet Kelly early tomorrow morning to get in the long run I skipped yesterday.


  1. Congrats on another AG win! 🥳

    Comment by Chris Bouldin — July 15, 2019 @ 8:45 am | Reply

    • Thanks!

      Comment by aschmid3 — July 15, 2019 @ 10:33 am | Reply

  2. Great pics of Clark and Pepper both. It seems like you’re running a 5k (and winning AGs) every week!

    Comment by runeatralph — July 15, 2019 @ 12:26 pm | Reply

    • I’m looking forward to having this coming weekend off from 5Ks!

      Comment by aschmid3 — July 15, 2019 @ 12:53 pm | Reply

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