A Simple Running Log

May 22, 2019

Training for 5/22/19

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Monday evening, I waited out a brief rain shower and then ignored the thunder rumbling overhead (never saw any lightning) to run an easy 3-miler at an 8:45/mile pace. It was hot and muggy and generally an unpleasant evening for a run, but it got done.

Sometime overnight, the humidity and the temperatures dropped, and yesterday and today have been absolutely gorgeous.

So naturally, I’ve been lazy and haven’t been able to get my butt outside to run in it! I guess I just needed a couple rest days.

I did do something fun last night though. A few months ago, my younger sister asked if I’d go to a concert with her. Her exact words were, “Will you do me a favor?” A band she really wanted to see had announced a tour last fall, and she’d bought two tickets on a whim and wanted someone to go with her.

That band was Greta Van Fleet. I’ve  been a fan since I first heard “Highway Tune” on the radio and thought it was a Led Zeppelin song I’d somehow never heard. They are one of about three currently touring bands I want to see. Yes, of course I will do that favor!

The concert was at the MECU Pavilion in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. It’s a big open-air venue. The weather could not have been more perfect for an outdoor concert last night.

julie and me at mecu pavilion

Julie and me behind the pavilion, overlooking the harbor at sunset.

Our seats for the show were pretty far back, and there was a giant pole blocking a lot of what we could see of the stage, so I didn’t take any of the obligatory blurry/heavily zoomed in concert pics from there.

But I did get one of everyone near me breaking out their phones to record a video when the band played one of their bigger hits.


When the band went off stage the first time, having not played two of their most popular songs, Julie and I took advantage of some closer seats abandoned by a couple people who apparently don’t know how encores work.

That got the giant pole out of the way, so I did get a blurry long distance shot of the stage after all.


There. That’s better.

Anyway, it was about 1:30 a.m. by the time I got home and went to bed. That probably had something to do with my laziness today.

I will try again tomorrow!

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