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October 1, 2018

Osprey Sprint Tri, Dogfish Dash 8K recaps

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The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect and I had a couple of great races out in it!

Saturday started off on a bad foot. Literally, in Clark’s case. He got up way before I did to start packing. He came back in the still-dark bedroom, and yelped when he stepped on something. I thought Pepper had left his rawhide chew on the floor there, but nope! It was a TURD. The freaking dog had already pooped in the dining room (which Clark had cleaned up), been outside and then pooped again in the bedroom! Amazing way to start the day by the way, scrubbing ground-in dog poop out of carpet. Highly recommended.

Anyway, it got better after that, fortunately. We got the truck loaded up and then drove to a gas station on the way to Snow Hill, to meet Clark’s parents. We gave Pepper to Clark’s mom, and Clark’s dad went with us to also do the tri.

We got to the public landing on the Chincoteague Bay outside Snow Hill about an hour before the 9 a.m. race start.

It was a VERY small race; there were 77 finishers. We could pick whatever spot we wanted in the transition area.

Clark and I were bike rack neighbors.

transition area

My very first transition area. Aw!

Then I checked out the water situation. It was pretty much perfect. Totally calm and still warm enough I didn’t wish I had a wetsuit instead of a swim skin.

swim course

This pier here is the end of the swim course. We swam along those buoys to that gazebo at the end, climbed up some steps and then ran down to the pier back to the transition area.

I’m getting ahead of myself. About 10 minutes before the first swim wave, we all walked a half-mile up the beach to the swim start. Men under 50 were in the first wave, so Clark was among them. Someone counted them down and sent them on their way, and then my wave, women under 50, got in the water and waited.

Two and a half minutes later, we were off!

The water was pretty shallow. Most everyone in my wave ran forward a little toward the buoys before they got down and started swimming, so I just followed their lead.

Not gonna lie, I hated the swim. I couldn’t bring myself to put my face fully in the water for three strokes and then turn my head to breathe, like Kara has tried to teach me, so I kinda did a flailing freestyle stroke while keeping my head up. I’m sure it’d be much easier to get into a rhythm if I could do the stroke properly.

My goggles fogged up immediately and I just followed the splashing sounds of two other women who were alternating between backstroke and freestyle. Near the end, the faster swimmers in the final wave (men and women 50 and older) started catching me.

Then I saw one of those guys stand up in the water, when we were about 10 feet from the steps, and I put my feet down and realized we were in about 3.5 feet of water. It might’ve been that shallow the whole way, I don’t know. I never stopped to check.

I was so happy to have the swim done and over with. It felt like I’d been out there for hours but my watch said 13:09 when I got out haha. (Clark, who has a Garmin that tracks distance in open water, said that swim was much shorter than the advertised half-mile.) And I didn’t get punched or kicked!

Anyway, the official chip-recorded swim split included the run up the pier back to the transition area, so mine was 13:56.

It took me just under three minutes to peel off the swim skin, put on my helmet, socks, sunglasses and bike shoes, and run out the bike to the start of the bike course.

The course was advertised as 15.2 miles. I brought my bike Garmin with me, so that was the only leg of the race I tracked myself.

It was a pretty nice course, all smooth back roads, with a surprising amount of rolling hills for being so close to the beach. Nothing big, just enough to make you shift gears and break up the monotony of cruising at one speed.

I passed a lot of people on the bike. Officially, my chip-timed split was 47:43, a 19.1 mph average for 15.2 miles, but my Garmin said I’d ridden almost 15.4 in 47:07, a 19.6 mph average, so I like that one better obviously.

It took me another two minutes and 16 seconds in transition to take off my bike shoes, put on my running shoes, swap my helmet for my running hat and run out for the final leg, a 5K run.

Man did it feel weird to run! I always feel like I’m running knock-kneed right after biking. It also always feels soooo sloooooow, no matter how fast I’m going.

I wasn’t trying to run fast, but I don’t think I could’ve run much faster if I wanted to. I just kept up a steady pace and picked off several more people on the course, which was a simple out-and-back.

I saw Clark on his way back not long before I got to the turnaround, and gave him a high five.

The results said I finished the 5K in 25:58, an 8:23/mile pace, which is faster than I normally do my easy runs, even though it felt a lot slower. Weird.

I came across the line in 1:32:49.

Clark was waiting there for me, but it turned out, since he’d started in the swim wave before mine, my total chip time was 50 seconds faster. I beat him!

Looking at the results, my weaknesses are exactly what I thought they would be. My swim split was 55th fastest out of 77, and both of my transitions were slow (53rd and 72nd!) But my bike split was 16th fastest and my run was 10th.

Since it was such a small race, I managed to finish third overall woman and first in my age group (and I was 23rd overall.) They didn’t remove the overall winners from the age group awards like they normally do, so I got a little extra medal for both wins.

me after my first tri

With all my hardware.

Osprey was a great first triathlon experience. The perfect weather helped, but I really liked the small field, and it was a much more laid-back atmosphere than a huge half Ironman like Eagleman.

sprint tri swag

Bib and medals, with the long-sleeved race T-shirt.

From Snow Hill, we drove to Fenwick and unloaded the truck, and then Clark and I went up to Milton, to the Dogfish Head brewery, to pick up race packets for the 8K the next morning.

There were so many people hanging out at the brewery, we were just going to leave after we got our stuff, but then one of Clark’s coworkers, who was also running the race, and his family pulled in. They’d never been to the brewery, so we had a couple beers and some lunch from the kitchen with them.

When we got back to Fenwick, Clark’s grandmother, his brother and his wife had all arrived. We had dinner that night at the house to celebrate Clark’s mom’s birthday, which was that day.

I was fighting the urge to fall asleep where I was sitting by 9 p.m., and I was in bed and asleep by 10:30.

I slept decent that night. Pepper woke me up a couple times to let him out. I was so worried he’d do a repeat performance of that surprise floor turd in someone else’s house that I didn’t hesitate to get up haha. But I definitely bitched about it to myself while I was standing out on the porch in the middle of the night, waiting for him to come back from peeing on things.

I got up a little after 6 a.m. Sunday, and Clark and I were on the road back to Milton around 7, and parked at the brewery by 7:45, an hour and 15 minutes before race time. Normally I don’t try to get to a race site that early, but the parking situation for this one sucks if you wait too late. Once the brewery lots are full, cars get sent to a school that’s about a half-mile away.

Dave found us right after we parked, to get his race packet that we’d picked up for him the day before. Then I saw Melissa walking past, so after we got ourselves together, she, Dave and I did a little warm up.

Melissa and I wound up tacking even more onto our warmup after we got back to the brewery and saw the lines for the port-o-potties at the start. We’d passed one on the way out of the brewery, so we ran back to it, used it and then ran back to the start. All in all we probably did two miles to warm up.

I didn’t feel sore from the race the day before, other than my neck and upper back, from my shitty swimming “technique,” I’m sure.

We got in the starting corral about 10 minutes before the gun. There were a few more people at this race than the one the day before — the results show nearly 2,500 finishers.

Clark started a little behind us, but Dave, Melissa and I all started in about the same spot. We got the gun and a few seconds later, we were across the mats and on our way!

2018 dogfish dash 8K start susan melissa and me

I see Susan in the bottom right corner (who ran even though she’s supposed to have surgery on a torn meniscus soon??), Melissa a few steps behind her in the red and black tank top, me just over her left shoulder, in the black tank top and white and black shorts, and my brother right behind me.

The start was super crowded, as usual, but by the time we were past the warehouse and on the way out of the brewery, it had spread out enough to run without nearly tripping on five other people with every step.

I like this course. It’s also surprisingly hilly for this area. The uphills suck, but there are enough sweet downhills to even it out.

I ran the first mile in 7:24, a few seconds faster than my goal pace of 7:30 per mile.

The next mile, I slowed for a couple seconds to gulp down some water at the first water stop. I finished it in 7:32, just about right.

The third mile, it started to suck. I finished that one in 7:36. I was really wishing it was just a 5K when we crossed a timing mat at that distance! But we still had nearly two miles to go.

The fourth mile got hard. That mile marker is about halfway up the worst hill on the course. That split slowed all the way to 7:50.

Less than a mile to go! I mean, not much less, only a few hundredths short of a full mile, but still, less than a mile!

It got louder as we made the last couple of turns through the brewery’s front entrance and then back to the start/finish line. More spectators come out for this race every year, which is awesome. They were going nuts for everyone running by.

2018 dogfish dash 8K coming to the line

I heard Dave yelling at me from the sideline to out-sprint these two to the line but I honestly can’t even tell you now if I got either of them.

2018 dogfish dash 8K finish

I ran the final 0.97 in 7:00, and I crossed the line in 37:23, a 7:31/mile average, just a few seconds slower than my goal time.

I was pretty happy with that! Had that been a 5-miler, my time would’ve been 37:36, nearly two minutes faster than that awful 5-miler I ran back in May. Felt good to redeem myself at that distance!

It’s also on par with my typical time for this distance. I beat last year’s time by two seconds.

Just past the line, they gave us a microfiber towel with the race logo. It did a great job mopping up sweat, but it’s also a cooling towel. You wet it, wring it out and wave it in the air to activate it, and it can be reused over and over.

They also gave us a Purist water bottle with the race logo, full of water, that we could refill as many times as we wanted at coolers all over the after-party area.

I ran into Kelly, who wound up winning our 10-year age group in 33:59, Susan and Melissa, who finished in 36:38 and 36:53, respectively, and then my brother, who’d finished in 34:01. Clark wasn’t far behind, finishing in 41:27. I know some fast runners!

Melissa talked me into running a cool down before we got our first beers. The SeaQuench Ale they give you first was calling my name, but I did another easy mile with her, put on a dry shirt and exchanged my running shoes for flip flops. Then we went to the after party.

We had a great time, as always. It’d gotten a little warm for running, but the temperature was perfect for standing around on the lawn and drinking beer. This year, instead of giving us another steel tumbler and filling them with draft beers, they just brought out cases of cans, of Lupu Luau, Flesh & Blood IPA, Namaste and SeaQuench Ale, which we could all pick from for our second and third beers. The beer lines went MUCH faster this year, since the volunteers didn’t have to pour. That was a great idea.

I also saw TK, her mom, sister and sister’s fiancé, and Clark’s coworker and his family again. Such a fun time!

Later, when they posted the results, I was 12th of 539 in the F 30-39 age group, 30th of 1,284 women and 154th of 2,442 total finishers. Not bad!

dogfish dash swag

Drawstring bag, long-sleeved T-shirt, bib and finisher’s water bottle and microfiber towel.

The only bummer this weekend was that my friend Erin, from New York, couldn’t make it. She’s always wanted to do this one and finally registered for it back in April, but since then has been dealing with an injury that just won’t go away. I got all her stuff for her (though we used her beer tickets haha) and I’ll send it to her this week. At least she’s still planning on coming down for Rehoboth in December, even if she’s still not running by then.

Anyway, after we left the brewery, Clark and I stopped by the Dogfish Head brewpub in Rehoboth, and then went back to Fenwick. We stayed at the beach house until the evening. His parents came to our house last night, since we get NBC, so they could watch the Ravens and Steelers in the Sunday night game. There aren’t many things in this world that make me happier than when Ben Roethlisberger’s stupid potato face is sad, and it was definitely sad last night when the Ravens beat the Steelers at home haha.

And finally, September ended yesterday, which means it’s time for a monthly summary.


  • Week 1 (Sept. 1-8): 40.6
  • Week 2 (Sept. 9-15): 30.2
  • Week 3 (Sept. 16-22): 65.5
  • Week 4 (Sept. 23-30): 34.9

Total: 171.1 miles

That’s 50 more miles than last month. Finally looks like someone is training for a marathon here! I did skip a 17-mile long run, but I got in the 19- and 20-milers.

I ran four races this month — a prediction 5K in which I was too slow to make my predicted time; a 10-miler that was just OK; my first sprint tri, which went well other than the swim; and an 8K that I was pretty happy with.

And I put in 15.3 miles on my bike the one time I rode it.

I’m mostly just training for Richmond in October. I have the Baltimore Marathon on Oct. 20, but that’ll be run slower, in place of the last 20-miler. The only other race I’m considering is a 5K Melissa mentioned yesterday, the weekend after next. Clark and I were supposed to be in Wilmington, N.C., for his next half Ironman that weekend, but it just got cancelled because there’s still so much flooding and damage in the area from Hurricane Florence.

Today, October kicks off with the start of the second of three peak mileage weeks in Richmond Marathon training. I’ve got a short easy run and strength training on the schedule.


  1. Awesome job in the tri! I’ve only ever done one sprint triathlon and the swim was in a pool. I was getting passed by kids! It was pretty embarrassing 🙂
    That’s a great finish time for the 8K considering what you did the day before! Too bad Corc wasn’t able to come! I sure hope she is able to come to Rehoboth, although I think I remember her saying she’d be coming either way. I may have to start considering dropping to the half, ugh.

    Comment by Chris Bouldin — October 2, 2018 @ 11:28 am | Reply

    • Lol! You should swim with me then — you’ll feel much better about yourself!
      Ugh, sorry you’re still dealing with the shin crap! Rehoboth is still two months away though so I think you’ve got time before you have to make that decision. Fingers crossed for you!

      Comment by aschmid3 — October 2, 2018 @ 12:08 pm | Reply

      • I think I would make YOU feel much better, seriously! I took swim lessons once but they didn’t stick because I deployed right after. I think I swam backwards during most of mine! I do hope I can still run the full at Rehoboth but I’ll be there either way!

        Comment by Chris Bouldin — October 2, 2018 @ 2:18 pm

      • Haha! The one time my sister, who’s a really good swimmer, tried to work with me, she had me swim one length of the pool and told me she had no idea how I’d made it! She said I look like I’m trying to run through the water.
        Glad you’re coming back out here no matter what your dumb shin is doing!

        Comment by aschmid3 — October 2, 2018 @ 2:45 pm

      • Haha!

        Comment by Chris Bouldin — October 2, 2018 @ 5:08 pm

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