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August 6, 2018

Training for 8/6/18

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I hit all my goals at the Run for the Paws 5K on Saturday morning — got my time back into the 22-minute range (by a few seconds), won my age group and thus finished the summer series with a single-digit total and an overall age group win.

We spent the night in Fenwick. As usual, I did not have a very restful night there. Clark went out in Ocean City with a couple coworkers and some of my family who were at the condo. The whole time he was gone, Pepper paced around the house looking for him and worrying. When Clark finally got back at 3 a.m., he fell asleep in the bathroom floor, with the door shut, so Pepper kept going back and forth between the bed and the bathroom door. I doubt I got more than an hour total all night. I was not happy.

After my alarm went off at 6:15, I fed Pepper his breakfast and let him out. It was already pretty warm, and very humid thanks to the chance of storms all day. That didn’t help my mood.

I got dressed and got Clark out of the bathroom floor and into the bed, which was when Pepper FINALLY lied down. Of course.

The race was in Dewey Beach, just south of Rehoboth. Registration/packet pick-up before the race and the party after it were all at The Starboard, but the race start/finish line was a few blocks south, so I got there a bit earlier than normal to allow for all the walking back and forth, and parked right by the 3-mile marker. I got my race stuff, took it back to the truck and then ran an easy mile to warm up.

And warm up I did. I used the bathroom in The Starboard right after I finished that single 9:00 mile, and when I glanced in the mirror, I looked like I’d already run the entire race, I was already so sweaty. This was going to be a tough one.

I took another short walk to get back to the start line, where we heard from Craig of “Craig & Fred: A Marine, A Stray Dog and How They Rescued Each Other” (Fred was there too), a Delaware state representative and one of the race organizers (the race benefits a local SPCA chapter), and then got a pretty good live performance of the Star-Spangled Banner from a guy who then did the race with his dog.

By the time we got through all that, it was a few minutes past the 8 a.m. advertised start time. But then we got the commands and we were off!

The course is an out-and-back. Except for the very beginning and end, it sticks to a couple residential neighborhoods in Dewey.

2018 race for the paws 5k start

I look like I’m leading the pack here but there were probably 60 runners ahead of me who’d already gone by.

I started a little farther back than I should have and got a little boxed in for the first quarter-mile or so, but after a couple quick turns, we were in the residential part of the course and we could spread out.

I finished the first mile in 7:04, my best opening mile of any of the 5Ks I ran this summer. But then came the hard part — trying to maintain speed past that first mile. That’s definitely been my weakness this summer!

A few more turns and we were at the U-turn to head back to the finish. Halfway done!

It felt so much longer running back. As you can see from the picture above, not only was it not raining on us as forecasted, it wasn’t even cloudy. The sun and humidity were brutal.

I passed the second mile marker in 7:21. I fell off, but I was still running faster two-thirds of the way through a 5K than I had all summer. One more decent mile!

The last mile felt pretty bad. I just concentrated on landmarks in the distance and kept my legs moving.

I made the last couple of turns and got back on the final straightaway to the finish line. My watch beeped the end of the third mile — 7:22!

Those three miles should’ve put me comfortably under 23:00, but unfortunately, I wasn’t even close to the third mile marker yet when my watch said I was. (My Garmin is never perfect but it’s not usually that far off in 5Ks.) So as I was closing in on the finish, I could see the race clock was closing in on 23 minutes. I gave it the last little bit I had left in the tank.

2018 race for the paws 5k finish

And I finished in 22:56!

By the official race distance, that’s a 7:24/mile pace. But my Garmin measured 3.16 miles, which makes it a 7:15/mile pace. I like that better!

At any rate, I’d had a good race. I hit all my goals on a day that seemed to take a toll on a lot of other runners — I beat several women who’d been kicking my ass all summer.

Kelly and Susan were already there (they were not among the women I beat haha) and after we got done bitching about how hot the race had been, we did a slow mile together to cool down.

I got back to the truck and was exchanging my shoes for my flip-flops as TK was walking by, having already finished the race. We stopped by her car, then made our way to The Starboard for the after party.

We each got one drink ticket, and we could either get a Magic Hat #9 or any mixed drink made with Tito’s. I asked for a screwdriver and basically got a cup of vodka with a splash of OJ. One drink ticket was definitely more than enough!

When they announced the awards, I’d won the F 35-39 age group, which meant I finished the summer series with three second-place and three first-place age group finishes, for a grand total of 9 and a low enough score to win my age group again. They hand out the series awards after the Last Blast Prediction 5K on Labor Day weekend.

2018 race for the paws awards

With the second place winner in my age group.

In addition to being first of 13 in my age group, I was 10th of 157 women and 40th of 288 overall.

Back in Fenwick, Clark and I decided it was a good day to finally try to drive the Jeep out on a beach. There are several public access points between Fenwick and Bethany to drive out directly onto the beach, and we’d gotten the surf fishing tag for the Jeep three years ago specifically to do exactly that, but we’d never tried it.

Technically, you have to be fishing when you’re parked on the beach, so you have to have a line in the water the whole time. We did what it looked like almost everyone else was doing — bought a cheap rod and a plastic pipe to stick it in the sand.

We turned into the first access point, Clark deflated the tires a bit, I put the Jeep in four-wheel drive and what do you know, that thing powered right up and over all the loose sand on the dunes, no problem!

jeep on the beach

It was so convenient! We just backed right up to the water line and boom, we were there. No dragging all our crap across the parking lot and over the dunes.

We had an umbrella, and the rear hatch created even more shade, so we took Pepper with us too. He didn’t like the beach any more than he ever did haha.

clark surf fishing

Clark “fishing” (we didn’t even have bait.)

Not long after we got back to the house, Chad and Samira got there. We went to dinner with them at Papa Grande’s, which took absolutely forever. I was ready to go to bed when we finally got done there, but Clark insisted we go back to Ocean City to hang out with the same coworkers from the night before, who are all in their early 20s. We also picked up my cousin Corey on the way there. Clark tried to make it to last call but he had to admit he was too old for two nights in a row of that crap haha. Still, it was almost 2 a.m. by the time we got back to Fenwick and I got to go to bed.

I slept in Sunday. I really meant to get up and do a short run, but after I fed Pepper his breakfast, I was just too freaking tired. By the time I did get up, it was too hot.

Later in the morning, I went on a bike ride with Chad and Samira, but we turned around because it was later than we’d realized and Clark and Chad’s grandmother was supposed to be arriving to have breakfast there with us all. We rode about 8.5 miles in less than a half hour, and I was completely drenched when I got back.

After breakfast, we loaded up the Jeep again and went back to the beach. This time we took two paddleboards too. The ocean was pretty calm yesterday so I took one out there for the first time in probably a couple of years.

Clark’s parents made us another really great dinner, and then we eventually all headed home. We got ice cream from Dumpser’s before we left the beach.

It was after midnight when we got home. Again, I wanted to get up early and get my run done before it got really hot, but I was just too tired. I can’t stay up that late anymore!

So I’m not sure what the plan is for today. I’ve got a short run and strength training on the schedule so I might just do that, but I skipped a long run yesterday. It’s also a million degrees outside today. We’ll see what happens.


  1. Congrats on the summer series win and great pics! You’re looking FAST these days.

    Comment by runeatralph — August 6, 2018 @ 11:02 am | Reply

    • Thanks! I’m slowly inching my way back down to the times I used to run!

      Comment by aschmid3 — August 6, 2018 @ 2:56 pm | Reply

  2. CONGRATS! You have the best stride EVER! #stridegoals
    How about that photobomber checkin’ y’all out in your age group win shot! HAHA!
    Tell Clark not to wear out before Rehoboth! That picture of him “fishing” cracked me up! You two would be fun to hang out on the beach with.

    Comment by Chris Bouldin — August 6, 2018 @ 3:17 pm | Reply

    • Haha that guy definitely looks like he’s getting an eyeful!
      And if you asked Clark he’d probably say training for the after party at Rehoboth is every bit as important as training for the race, so he’s just being responsible!

      Comment by aschmid3 — August 6, 2018 @ 3:19 pm | Reply

      • Ain’t that the troof! Since I’m doing the full this year, it makes me confident about not having a repeat of my first time when I passed out early! That sucked!

        Comment by Chris Bouldin — August 6, 2018 @ 3:21 pm

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