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July 23, 2018

Training for 7/23/18

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It’s here — the date that has always felt to me like summer is almost over, for no specific reason. I’m not sure what it is about July 23 but it just feels like the beginning of the end.

I had a pretty good weekend though. We avoided most of the heavy rain to get in the bike ride and a short run Saturday morning, and while Sunday’s 5K was not an improvement on my time from the previous weekend’s race, it was on a more challenging course (as in, there were actually some hills) and I felt like I put in an honest effort.

Friday, we went back out on the boat in the afternoon. The weather was just as nice as the day before, but unfortunately, the wind had picked up and the water was choppy. There was one very short stretch with halfway smooth water, but when I was trying to ski on it, other boats just kept coming through one after the other, churning it up with their wakes. Then Corey’s hat flew out of the back of the boat, so I dropped off to retrieve it, and that was the end of that.

Corey skied too, and Dave knee-boarded for a bit, but other than that, we just beached the boat so Kaylee could look for seashells again (smooth ones only.)

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early for the Heart of the Chesapeake bike tour in Cambridge. Dave was, in fact, riding it too, so Clark and I picked up him and his bike on our way.

It’d rained on us a bit while we were loading up the truck at home, and then some more on the way to Cambridge, but when we got to the YMCA to pick up our bibs and T-shirts, it was dry.

The ride began and ended there at the Y, but we went to Great Marsh Park, so Clark and Dave could go for a swim first. The Choptank was even choppier than the day before — the wind had picked up quite a bit — so it didn’t go so great.

Then we got the bikes ready and took off to ride the 32-mile Ragged Point route.

The first half of the ride, the wind was mostly at our backs. We were rolling right along at 20 mph or faster every time I glanced down at my Garmin.

Dave and Clark were riding next to each other and I was right behind them. Dave had “readjusted” his bike after he’d gotten it back from getting it fit for him earlier that week, because he thought the seat was way too high. Well, it was pretty clear he should’ve left it the way the professional had set it haha. His knees were flying out to the side with every pedal stroke, and he even said they were sometimes hitting his elbows! Clark, on the other hand, had a very fluid pedal stroke.

Clark noticed the same thing when he was riding behind Dave. When he told him, Dave was like, “Huh, I guess that guy knew what he was doing!” He said he’s gonna put the seat back.

I will say, the proper position on one of these bikes feels pretty weird for the first time, but it’s definitely much more efficient.

Anyway, we got to the turnaround at about mile 17 and took some food from the rest stop. We didn’t hang around too long because it’d already rained on us a bit on the way there and it looked like it could start again any second.

The way back was not as much fun, with the wind in our faces. I lost the other two pretty quick, as I slowed down because I thought I felt my tires slipping on the wet pavement on some of the tighter turns in the road.

When I got back to the truck, the Garmin said I’d ridden 32.9 miles in 1:43, an 18.5 mph average speed.

It’d started raining on us a couple miles from the end. By the time we’d re-racked the bikes and were ready to run, it was coming down pretty steadily.

We ran a 5K out-and-back. I always feel like I’m running on two peg legs after riding my bike, but I seem to always manage a good pace. My splits picked up from 8:29 to 8:02 and I finished with an 8:14/mile average.

It was really pouring as we were leaving Cambridge. I was so glad we’d gotten out early enough to finish the bike ride before it hit.

Clark and I took some naps when we got home. In the evening, we went to 3rd Wave. I like that place anyway, but I wanted to go that night specifically to pick up my T-shirt from the 5K I ran there last month. (They’d already run out of my size by the time I got to packet pick-up.) The shirt wasn’t there, but Kelly was, so we got to hang out with her and her boyfriend. We went to the Greene Turtle with them after so Clark and I could finally get some dinner.

I didn’t want to stay out too late, since I was signed up for my next summer series 5K the next morning. It was a little after 11 p.m. when I got to bed.

I slept OK, but I was pretty tired when Pepper woke me up five minutes before my 5:30 a.m. alarm. I got up and got my stuff together. TK picked me up at 6.

We got to the race site in Rehoboth around 7 and quickly picked up our bibs and T-shirts. Then I ran an easy mile to warm up. I didn’t feel sore from riding my bike the day before for the first time in a month, but I didn’t feel too peppy either. A 9:00/mile pace felt like a chore. I’m sure the 96 percent humidity wasn’t helping.

I joined the crowd at the start and we were off!

2018 run for jj 5k start

I’m to the left in the orange shorts. (Fredman photo)

2018 run for jj start close up

Coming around one of the turns in a little loop at the beginning.

By the way, this second shot was taken by Richard, who does just about all the Seashore Striders races and takes nonstop pictures the whole time, before, during and after the race — like this one, for instance, he just stopped running, stood here at this turn and snapped photos of everyone trotting past. I finally asked him yesterday what he does with them all and he said he posts them on Facebook. So now we’re Facebook friends and I can look through the past several years of photos.

Anyway, after running this little loop at the start, we ran into a residential neighborhood, turned onto Surf Avenue, running along the beach, and then ran into Henlopen Acres, one of the fancier neighborhoods in Rehoboth.

For some reason, there are rolling hills in this neighborhood near the otherwise pancake-flat beach. About halfway through the race, I decided they must have been built artificially, so some of the homeowners could feel they were literally on a higher level than their neighbors.

We passed the first mile marker not far into Henlopen Acres, which I ran in 7:15. I was pleased with that.

The rolling hills got to me in the second mile though. I mean, the uphills were nothing spectacular, but any extra effort is going to feel worse than it really is halfway through a 5K.

Mile 2 slowed to a 7:28. I was hurting but I was still running.

We came up to a water stop around mile 2.2 and I slowed for a few steps to gulp down a cup of water, then started running again.

There was one last uphill as we ran out of Henlopen Acres (why didn’t that feel like much of a downhill on the way in??) and back onto Surf Avenue. I was dying! I wanted to walk so bad.

It was a straight shot back to the finish line. I finished mile 3 in 7:38 and made the last turn for the line.

2018 run for jj finish

Almost there!

I was done in 23:30.

So I was 17 seconds slower than last week, instead of faster, but I still happy with my race. I kept pushing when the hills and humidity were making it hurt, which is a big improvement over the first few races of the series this summer. I still have work to do to get my speed back, and maintain it, since I don’t see them shortening 5Ks to only two miles anytime soon.

I did another slow mile to cool down and got back to the finish line in time to see TK finish. We walked back to her car to get our flip-flops, then back to the finish area to wait for results.

When they posted them, I didn’t see my name in the list at all. Then TK found me — it had me finishing in 42:08, even though I’d gotten a text immediately after finishing saying 23:30.

I know I didn’t walk over the timing mat a second time, but I guess I walked close enough to it after TK’s finish that it picked up my chip again. Anyway, the race director got it sorted out and the results were correct by the time they announced the awards.

They pull out the top five overall men and women, which helped me, because the fourth overall woman was in my age group, moving me from second to first in our group.

2018 run for jj 5k awards

With one of the other two winners in the F 35-39 age group.

Now I’ve only got one more 5K to run to qualify for this year’s overall awards in the summer series. We’re taking next weekend off and running the Race for the Paws 5K on Aug. 4 in Dewey Beach.

Then Richard took this nice photo of TK and me:

2018 run for jj after race with tk

TK and I had not brought swimsuits for the beach after the race, since the forecast was for thunderstorms. There were no storms though. In fact, it was a gorgeous day there at the beach. Blue skies all around.

We got breakfast at Egg. I’d not tried it yet but I’d heard good things about it. I had an Eastern Shore Benedict (poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce on an English muffin with crab meat instead of the traditional Canadian bacon) and fresh fruit. It was delicious! We got there early enough we didn’t have to wait to be seated, but by the time we left, there were a lot of people hanging around outside waiting for a table.

Then we got to the New Balance store just as it opened, and I used a coupon and my gift certificate on a new pair of 890s, which are going to be my long run shoe for now, instead of the Zantes I’ve been wearing. The only color available in the store was gray and hot pink. Not my favorite, but for $26 (instead of the original price of $120), I didn’t care.

When I got home, I spent the afternoon on the couch with Pepper. Clark had to go to his office to get some stuff done before he flew out this morning for a short business trip. He got back home in time for the end of the NASCAR race in New Hampshire, which had gotten rain delayed.

And now it’s Monday! I have to move some things around in my training schedule, as I told Kelly I’d do a 14-miler with her Thursday, so I’m not sure what’s on my agenda for today.


  1. Great race, yummy sounding food and $26 shoes? Sounds like things are going well.

    Comment by runeatralph — July 23, 2018 @ 11:31 am | Reply

    • Nothing to complain about, that’s for sure!

      Comment by aschmid3 — July 23, 2018 @ 12:04 pm | Reply

  2. Sweet race pics! You’re lookin’ ripped! I looooove eggs benedict and those sound delish…

    Comment by Chris Bouldin — July 24, 2018 @ 2:35 pm | Reply

    • Aw, thanks! I love eggs benedict too and order them 99 percent of the time if they’re on the menu, because I’m too lazy to learn how to poach an egg or make hollandaise sauce myself. There’s another restaurant in Lewes that uses a thin piece of cornbread instead of an English muffin and that might be my favorite version yet!

      Comment by aschmid3 — July 24, 2018 @ 2:55 pm | Reply

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