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June 14, 2018

Training for 6/14/18

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I took a rest day yesterday. By the time I had a chance to run, it was pretty hot. Between that and the blood donation the day before, I figured it would be a pointless, crappy run.

This morning, however, I met Kelly early at the park to knock out six miles.

It was as cool as it’s going to be all day, but it was super humid. And I’m still down some blood. It wasn’t the greatest run. I kept having to slow us down to catch my breath.

But we finished 6.3 miles in a little over an hour, and it was nice to have it out of the way by 7 a.m. for once!

June 12, 2018

Training for 6/12/18

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I had an appointment to donate blood today, so my run had to be done this morning or it wasn’t going to happen.

Not only did I run before 4 p.m. for once, I did a speed workout, four half-mile intervals, aiming for 3:30 (7:00/mile pace) on each.

I did a mile to warm up, all four intervals with a quarter-mile of rest after each, then a mile and a half to cool down, for a total of 5.5 miles.

The weather was really nice, low 70s with hardly any humidity, so the workout went better than the last time I tried to do speedwork, even though the intervals were twice as long.

My actual paces were 3:38 (first one is always slow), 3:28, 3:30 and 3:23.

I will say, I was pretty gassed at the end of each and had to walk a bit of the recoveries to catch my breath, so I don’t think I’ll be running any consistent 7:00 miles yet in my upcoming 5Ks. But it was a start!

Then I went to donate blood for the first time since March. After I made the appointment last week, I got a couple calls from the blood bank confirming I was actually planning on showing up, because apparently my blood has some particular antigen they needed for a specific patient’s treatment. I’ve been donating for more than 15 years and this was the first I’d heard of that. I felt a little important haha.

My younger sister, who works in a hospital lab, really wanted to know what the antigen was, so I asked the tech who took my blood. She wasn’t sure what the antigen was, but she said there are two kids at a children’s hospital in the area with sickle cell anemia, and they’ve received so many transfusions already they need more exact matches beyond just a certain type to avoid reactions. My blood just happened to match one of them. Running is probably going to suck the next couple of days, but it’ll be worth it.

June 11, 2018

Eagleman recap

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We got extremely lucky with the weather this weekend, and IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman was a blast as always!

I was pretty anxious about it, honestly. All last week, I had this feeling like something was going to go really wrong during my ride. I’ve ridden about 1,000 miles on my bike since I got it last year, and I haven’t had a flat tire or wiped out on it yet. I haven’t even tipped over while still clipped in. I’m due! The weather forecast was calling for heavy rain, so I was certain I was going to hit a slick spot on a turn and lose it. Or I was definitely going to get my first flat.

Saturday morning, I went for a short run, a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. All that beautiful low humidity from last week was long gone. It was back to suffocating. Ugh.

Later that morning, Clark and I went to Cambridge for the first time that day. My relay team had to check in as a team, so Clark went and checked in too. While he was there, he went for one last practice swim.

We went home and got the bikes ready. I rode mine a couple miles, just to make sure the gears were where I’d want them when I took off the next morning, and watched two YouTube videos — one on how to change a flat, and one on how to remove a bike’s rear wheel. I felt a little better after I had something of an idea of what to do in case of a flat.

We loaded up our bikes, picked up Clark’s dad and his bike, and went back to Cambridge for the second time that day, to check the bikes into the transition area. Storms had moved into the area, and we ran into some torrential downpours on the way there, but it wasn’t raining when we got to the park.

We were just about the last ones to rack our bikes.


Mine on the relay team rack.

We went home, got all our stuff packed, had chicken and spaghetti for dinner and hit the hay with a 4 a.m. alarm set.

I slept OK. Pepper woke me up around 2:30, and I was able to get back to sleep, but I had some super weird dreams until my alarm finally went off.

Since Bart no longer lives in Cambridge, we were going to use the race shuttle Sunday morning, but then he got permission from someone he knows who lives really close to the park to park in his driveway. The guy’s driveway wasn’t big enough for all of our vehicles though, so Kara and Dave met Clark, his dad and me in a retail parking lot on Rt. 50, and the five of us took Dave’s truck to Bart’s friend’s house.

Dave was the last one to get to the parking lot where we met. He was hungover! One of his Navy friends was in town the night before. I really didn’t think he was going to be the one to pull a Clark haha. Well, since he was running, he still had several hours to bounce back before he had to go.

We made it to the transition area around 6 a.m. and got our bib numbers and an ‘R’ for relay written on our arms and calves. Next, I got my bike ready to go. This was where I had the biggest brain fart of my day. I was trying to pump air into my front tire, but it was only deflating it. I thought the valve stem was messed up. THIS WAS IT! THIS WAS MY DISASTER! I was on the verge of panic when I realized I wasn’t opening the connector on the bike pump, the same pump I’d been using to inflate my tires before every single ride on that bike haha. When I did open it, lo and behold, the tire pumped right up and everything was fine. PHEW. I told myself to calm down.

This year, the swim start was different. Rather than send everyone off by age groups, they asked people to line up by expected finish time, like every road race I’ve ever done. It made a lot more sense. Kara was shooting for 32 to 34 minutes and was in the water about 25 minutes after the pros went out first.

After she took off, I found Clark, his dad and Bart and wished them good luck, and then I headed to the transition area to get my bike shoes and helmet on, like I did last year, so I’d be ready to go when Kara finished.

Well, unlike last year, when I tried to get to my bike to grab my stuff, I was cut off by two volunteers who said I wasn’t allowed to touch anything in the transition area until I’d gotten the timing chip from Kara. I didn’t argue with them too much, since they were just following orders, but someone needs to make a note of that in the incredibly detailed rule book. I mean, there are rules about how far down you’re allowed to unzip the zipper on your shirt, but there was no mention of that.

2018 eagleman kara swim out

Kara finishing the swim.

Kara came running into transition, having finished the swim in 34:54, and got the timing chip on my ankle. I ran to my bike, clipped on the Garmin, put on my helmet, socks and bike shoes — on the clock — and began the very looooong run out of transition to the mount/dismount line. The whole transition area was set up differently this year too. I had to run a lot more before and after my bike ride than last year.

Anyway, I got clipped in, remembered to hit ‘start’ on my Garmin and took off.

My pie-in-the-sky goal was 2:48, a 20 mph average. Anything faster than the 2:58 (18.9 mph average) I did last year would be acceptable though.

The weather was humid, but it was overcast and totally dry. There was a bit of a breeze, but not what anyone would call windy. In other words, a pretty great day for a 56-mile bike ride.

Since Kara swam fast, I was leaving on the bike with a lot of fast cyclists, most of whom had nice triathlon bikes. (Nothing against my bike, because I really love it, but it gets way more attention for being pretty than it does for being fast haha.) I guess I was trying to keep up with them, because I glanced down at my Garmin a couple of times in the first couple of miles and saw 21 and 22 mph. For the second time that day, I told myself to calm down. I had a ways to go.

2018 eagleman in town

Just getting started.

The Garmin shows my split at every five-mile interval. A 20 mph average would be a 15:00 interval. The first one, at mile 5, was 15:04. A good start!

The next five miles wound along a back road. My split at mile 10 was 15:00. Right on it. And it didn’t feel like I was working too hard either.

Since everyone else around me seemed to be faster (I got passed a lot more than I passed others), I think it helped. I was trying to stick to the drafting rule that required me to fall back six bike lengths as soon as I got passed, but I’m sure those faster bikes were sucking mine along as they zoomed by. Not a lot, but it added up.

The first aid station was just before mile 15. I rode right through it. I’d brought two bottles, one filled with Roctane and one with plain water, plus two GUs, thinking that would be enough to get through my ride without stopping at any of the three aid stations.

My mile 15 split was 14:16. Nice! Just past that, I ate my first GU and washed it down with some water.

Mile 20 was 14:10, my best of the day and probably my best 5-mile split ever. Mile 25 was 14:24, and when I hit mile 28 — halfway — I was at 1:21 total elapsed time, on track for a 2:42 finish if I could keep it up.

2018 eagleman halfway

Feeling good halfway through.

2018 eagleman halfway head on

I even smiled for the camera.

I was pretty sure, however, that, much like when I rode the course at Six Pillars, the little bit of wind out there had been helping me to that point, and the second half was going to be slower. I had flashbacks to seeing 12 mph current speed on Egypt Road at Six Pillars and hoped it didn’t get THAT bad!

I rode through the mile 30 aid station too, then slowed a bit to eat my own GU and wash it down with my own water. That split was 15:04. Still doing good.

The stretch to the final aid station at mile 47ish is my least favorite part of the course. It’s the longest between aid stations, and it’s late enough in the ride that you just want to be done, but far enough away from the end it still feels like a very long way to go. I have always struggled keeping up my energy on that segment. Plus, Key Wallace and Egypt roads SUCK. They’re bumpy and that really doesn’t feel good after you’ve been on a bike that long.

Mile 35’s split was 15:18, 40’s was 16:09 and 45’s was 15:56. I was giving back the time I’d saved on the way out, but I was still on track to meet my goal.

When I got to the last aid station, I had to stop. Both of my bottles were completely empty and I knew I wasn’t going to make it the last nine miles without any fluids. I grabbed a Clif Shot gel and a bottle of Gatorade, then stopped by the last-chance trash cans to eat the gel and pour the Gatorade into one of my bottles, so I could throw away the Gatorade bottle.

I think next year I will just take one of my own bottles, and leave the other cage open to carry the water or Gatorade bottles they give away at the aid stations, then throw away the empties at the next aid stations.

So that ate up a couple minutes, but when I took off for the last stretch, I felt much better. We backtracked part of the route from the beginning, and once again I was consistently around 21 mph whenever I glanced at my current speed. The mile 50 split was 15:31 (the Garmin auto-paused when I stopped at the aid station.)

Then we turned onto Rt. 343 and there was just the slightest hint of a headwind, and my energy levels absolutely plummeted. I was not prepared for any adversity at that point haha.

The last few miles were a struggle. My mile 55 split was 16:24, slowest of the day. But then I only had a mile to go!

2018 eagleman at the end

Approaching the dismount line.

I finished that last mile in 3:36 and officially finished 56 miles in 2:53:08, a nearly 19.5 mph average and five minutes faster than last year.

I was a little pissed at myself for losing it at the end, but I really didn’t have time to worry about that, because I still had a loooong way to go before I could give that damn timing chip to Dave and be done!

Unlike last year, my calf did not cramp when I unclipped and I did not struggle to hold my bike upright to get it back to its rack, so that was good. But the way they had everything set up this year, I had to run quite a distance to get to the rack — I got passed by a couple final fellow bikers on the run in haha — and then, once I got it racked, I had to run even farther to get to the separate pen for the relay runners (also totally different from last year’s set up, when we all used the same pen right next to the rack.)

I didn’t waste time taking off my helmet or shoes, so I was clomping along still wearing both. This woman yelled “You still have your helmet on,” assuming I was doing the whole triathlon and had forgotten to take it off for the run. I wanted to tell her I was a relay member so it didn’t matter, but I couldn’t find the right words and just yelled back “I’M LEAVING” haha!

I finally made it to the runners’ pen and handed off the chip to Dave. I was DONE.

The sun had come out by that point (no hint of the storms that were supposed to be there by 11 a.m.!) and it was hot. I was really glad I was heading to the river to soak and then change into dry clothes instead of going out to try to run a half marathon.

Dave overcame his hangover and finished in 1:56:53, just slightly faster than last year.

2018 eagleman dave finish

Dave at the finish line.

Our total team time was 5:34:27. Even though we all covered our legs faster than last year, our net time was only five minutes faster because the transitions took so much longer. I really did not appreciate all that running with the bike! I hope they go back to last year’s set up. And I will remember to take my shoes and helmet with me after I set up my area next year!

We were 14th overall of 40 relay teams, and 477th overall of 1,628 total finishers.

The three of us found a shady spot under a tree to relax, eat and drink beer while we waited for the triathletes to finish. Mom and Julie came out and hung out too.

Clark’s bike split was 2:50. He beat me by three minutes this year! When I plugged in my Garmin, it said my total moving time — my time minus that stop at the last aid station — was 2:50. Gah!

Clark had crushed it on the swim and the bike, but then the run crushed him. It got HOT out there. He wound up finishing in 6:47:19, a few minutes slower than last year.

Clark’s dad made the swim cutoff this time around and got an official finishing time, 7:58:53, and Bart finished in 7:26:53. All in all, another successful day.

after eagleman 2018

The Swim-Bike-Runny Schmidts, plus the Clarks, after the race.

After being one of the last to rack my bike Saturday afternoon, I was the absolute last one to take it off the relay teams’ rack after the race.

We got the truck loaded up, took very quick showers at the Y just as they were closing, had dinner with Bart and his daughters at Snapper’s, a couple more beers at RAR and drove back to Clark’s parents’ house, where Pepper had been hanging out with Clark’s mom all day.

On the way there, the rain started. It was the kind of downpour I could barely see the lines painted on the road. I was really glad we hadn’t had to deal with that during the race!

Today, I feel good. A little tired, but not too sore. For all that worrying I did last week, Eagleman turned out to be a lot of fun. I’m pretty sure our relay team will be back in 2019.

eagleman bibs and medals

Clark’s and my medals, bibs and finisher’s hats. I like how Clark’s medal’s ribbon says “Anything is possible,” while mine just says “relay finisher” haha.

Next up for me: A bunch of 5Ks!

June 8, 2018

Training for 6/8/18

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It’s Eagleman race weekend!

I haven’t run yet today because I had a lot of work to get done instead of putting it off until Monday for once, and in the middle of it I ran some errands. Most important was taking Clark’s and my bikes to the bike shop in Delmar to get them tuned up ahead of the race. As I told the guy who sold them to us, no one who really knows what they’re looking at has seen mine since he last saw it last year.

He tightened up something on mine, took it for a ride and said it’s good to go. Clark’s didn’t even need any minor adjustments. He rode it and said it’s good too. So the bikes are all set.

This evening, I’m going to do a short run, and I might do a slightly longer one tomorrow morning, maybe 9 miles if I can get up in time before I’m supposed to be in Cambridge to check in as a team with Kara and Dave.

Then we’ll check the bikes into transition sometime tomorrow afternoon, and Sunday is race day! The weather forecast is different every time I look, even if it’s only been a half-hour, so I’m trying to just ignore it and hope for no rain for the (hopefully less than) three hours I’m on the bike Sunday morning.

June 7, 2018

Training for 6/7/18

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I haven’t been as lazy about running the past couple of days as I have been about updating this blog.

Tuesday afternoon, I did a very slow lap around the 4.5-mile loop. It was pokey because I took Pepper with me, since he was going to have to stay home alone a little bit that evening.

About halfway through, I had to use the bathroom. I ran into the woods with Pepper, and it was like we’d stepped in a mosquito nest. We both got absolutely swarmed. It was so bad I forgot all about my butt and we both high-tailed it back out of there. The rest of the run, I kept having to stop to swat the mosquitos off of Pepper. And I never even felt like I to use the bathroom again until we got home, so that was completely unnecessary. Sorry, Pep!

Yesterday was National Running Day. Kelly invited me to do a couple laps of the park in Salisbury in the afternoon, so that’s what I did. We ran a very pleasant 6.3 miles at about a 9:07/mile average pace.

And today, I did another 5.5 miles on my own at home, a little faster, 8:51/mile average.

June 5, 2018

Training for 6/5/18

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Yesterday, Kelly invited me to join her and Susan at a local high school track early this morning for their weekly interval workout. I really, really intended to go. I even set my alarm for 4 freaking a.m. and figured out the workout I was going to do.

And then… Pepper happened.

He was fine all day. Ten minutes after I went to bed, he got out of bed and started making this sound that usually means he’s about to puke his guts out. I got him outside in time for him to throw up all over the back yard.

And so it went, for the rest of the night. It’s been months since he had an episode like that. I have no idea what he did or ate to bring it on.

Around 1:30 a.m., Clark finally got home from a one-day business trip to North Carolina that took waaaay longer than it should have because of American Airlines and/or the airport in Charlotte. He said he was planning to get up early to go for a swim in Cambridge. We were still a one-vehicle household as of this morning, so that was the nail in the coffin on my early-morning interval plans. I texted Kelly there was no way I could make it.

It was just as well, because I had to get up every 45 minutes to an hour for the next few hours to keep letting Pepper out to puke. After the third or fourth time, I decided to just stay on the couch near the back door for the next time. Pepper climbed up on the couch and practically laid on my head in an effort to cuddle enough haha. He couldn’t get comfortable though, so he paced around the room until I got up and went back to bed, so he could lay on top of me there.

The cherry on top of the whole night, however, was definitely around 6:30 this morning, when I got up to feed him — and found poop in the hallway carpet! He’d been out nine times since the night before but it never occurred to him he had to poop until I finally fell asleep for a minute! C’mon, man!

Anyway, things are looking up. Pepper hasn’t puked again all day, Clark got the truck back this afternoon and I’m about to go for a short easy run before I have to leave for an assignment this evening.

June 4, 2018

Training for 6/4/18

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Friday night, we went out with my little sister and a guy Clark works with. I drove, so I didn’t get drunk, but it was still after 2 a.m. by the time I got to go to bed… with a 4:45 alarm set so I could meet Kelly at Trap Pond at 6 to run 12 miles in the heat and humidity.

My alarm went off and I snoozed it twice. I was *thisclose* to just texting her and telling her I wasn’t going to make it, but I knew if I didn’t get up then and meet her to run, I’d never run, because it was just going to get hotter and stickier as the day went on.

I turned into the front entrance at Trap Pond just as Kelly was coming in from the other direction. Turned out we were too early — it doesn’t open until 8? — so we parked at the boat ramp, where a lot of fishermen were launching their boats. Worked for me, because there’s no one collecting the entrance fee at the boat ramp.

Our plan was to do two loops of the 4.5-mile boundary trail, plus an out-and-back on a paved road that would add another 1.5 miles to each loop.

We ran the out-and-back first (after which I had to make the first of two bathroom breaks in the bath house at a campground), then started the first loop of the trail. We didn’t make it far before we ran into standing water that covered the trail as far as we could see. I’ve never seen any standing water on that trail, let alone so much I couldn’t get around it.

So we turned around, ran the out-and-back a second time (during which I had to make the second bathroom break at a port-o-potty — finally done after that one though!) then ran the trail loop the other way until we hit the water again, turned around and ran back to the boat ramp.

I did feel a little better after the first couple of miles or so, but I was dragging ass the whole way. The humidity was not helping; this was the first run of the year my socks got so sweat-soaked I could feel them sloshing around inside my shoes. The bug spray we coated ourselves in was definitely wearing off too during the second half of that run — every time I had to slow us down to a walk, flies and mosquitos swooped in on us.

In spite of all that, I had a good time running with Kelly, and we had all 12 miles done by a little after 8 a.m. My Garmin reported a 10:28/mile overall average pace. I was glad I’d gotten out of bed when it was over!

When I got home, I took a little nap, and then Clark and I loaded up the truck he’d borrowed from work (his truck is STILL in the shop, but they at least think they know what’s wrong, and it’s a part that’s under recall, so it should be fixed at no cost) so we could go to the beach and do some training there.

We got to Fenwick and unloaded the truck. It started raining a little just as Clark was about to go for a swim in the canal. Not gonna lie, I kind of had my fingers crossed the rain would pick up while he was swimming and we could skip the bike ride haha. But the little shower had passed by the time he got done swimming. We’d gone to all that trouble to bring my bike, so I changed into biking clothes and went for a ride after all.

We rode to the Indian River inlet bridge and back, a little over 24 miles. It wasn’t super windy Saturday afternoon, but it was windy enough to be a bit of a nuisance on the way out, when it was in our faces. I was still maintaining a decent speed though (except when I was riding through Bethany, and I hit just about every single light when it was red.)

The climb up the bridge was tough too, but the trip down the other side was a lot of fun!

Once we turned around, we had the wind at our backs, and the ride back was faster (though I still hit the majority of those stupid lights when they were red.)

In the end, I covered 24.1 miles at a 19.2 mph average speed, my best ride of the year.

That was enough training for me for one day. I took a much-needed shower.

That evening, Clark’s parents watched Pepper for us, and we went to Our Harvest for dinner, then stopped at Nantucket’s for dessert.

Yesterday, it wasn’t raining yet when we woke up, but it looked like it was going to start soon. Clark got everything loaded up in the truck while it was still dry.

Not long after that, the bottom dropped out. It absolutely poured there in Fenwick for quite a while. Clark’s mom made us all a big breakfast of eggs, pancakes and bacon, so we weren’t planning on leaving just yet anyway.

After breakfast, the rain had eased up enough we could at least get to the truck without getting completely drenched, so we went home. We spent the rest of the day on the couch, watching the NASCAR race in Pocono. I wound up taking a rest day.

Last night, Clark’s parents stopped by on their way home, to drop off my wetsuit. Kara had texted yesterday afternoon asking to borrow it for the Eagleman relay this coming Sunday. It’d been so hot lately, it looked like there was no way the river temperature was going to stay low enough to be wetsuit legal, but this week is supposed to be considerably cooler, so it might be legal after all. (Everyone swims faster in a buoyant wetsuit, but if the water’s too warm, people can overheat, so there’s a cutoff water temperature.)

And that brings me to today! Eagleman is six days away. Right now the weather forecast is for rain and temperatures in the upper 70s, which is definitely not what we expect for that race. I don’t care about rain while running, but it makes me nervous on my bike, with its skinny slick tires.

Today, I’ve got a short easy run and strength training on the schedule.

June 1, 2018

Training for 6/1/18

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This morning, I did something smart for once, and went out and ran first thing. It was as humid as ever, but not quite as hot as it is late in the afternoon. Also, I hadn’t eaten anything yet since dinner the night before, so I managed to avoid needing a bathroom break in the mosquito-infested woods.

I did a very easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop at a 9:18/mile average pace. I even got to move a turtle out of the road before it got run over by a line of oncoming traffic. I’ve seen a lot of turtles on the roads this spring, but almost all of them have been squished already.

Tomorrow morning, I’m meeting Kelly for a 12-mile long run. I’d like to get in a long bike ride sometime too, but it looks like it’s going to be raining for much of the weekend. Hopefully there’s enough of a break in the weather at some point.

Other than that, it looks like a pretty quiet weekend around here.

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