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June 25, 2018

Training for 6/25/18

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I ran another crappy 5K this weekend. The first two miles were actually quite a bit better than last week’s race, but the third one fell apart so much worse than last week’s I managed to run two seconds slower overall, which was obviously not the goal! I clearly still have a lot of work to do.

Saturday morning, TK picked me up at 6 to go to Rehoboth for this year’s Jungle Jim’s 5K Splash. When we started doing this series in 2010, this immediately became one of our favorites, thanks to the post-race water park access, but we both had to skip it the last couple of years due to travel conflicts. It was good to be back!

After we picked up our bibs and event T-shirts, I had plenty of time to do a warm up, so I ran an easy mile. I didn’t feel too bad, and the weather, while super humid, was overcast and not too hot. Lining up inside the park for the start, I honestly thought the race was going to go a lot better than the last one six days earlier.

We got the commands and we were off!

2018 jungle jims 5k start

I’m in the middle in the bright yellow sports bra and black and white shorts.

The course is nothing exciting, just an out-and-back through a residential neighborhood near the park.

Once again, the first mile seemed to last forever, but I finished it in 7:13, a full 20 seconds faster than the first mile in my last 5K.

Running toward the turnaround at the halfway point, I could already feel the fatigue settling in. Breathing was getting harder and harder. I distracted myself by looking for people I knew coming back from the turnaround, and spotted Kelly and Susan.

I got to the turnaround and tried to cheer myself up by reminding myself that I was now over halfway done and running toward the finish line, rather than away from it. I also looked for people behind me I knew, and saw TK and her sister Kari.

Right after I saw them, I came up on the water stop before mile 2 and stopped to drink a cup. I started running again, and mile 2 was done in 7:37. Slow, but still about 20 seconds faster than the second mile of my last race. All I had to do was hold on for the last mile and I’d have a finish time that was a solid improvement.

Well that didn’t happen. I felt like garbage. Worst of all, I felt almost pukey a couple of times, and had to slow to a walk to get my stomach back in line. Yep, I had to walk in a 5K again!

I saw the weirdest thing while I was struggling through that last mile though. OK, so it’s like mile 2.4 and the field is pretty much spread out. Everyone ahead of me is running on the extreme right shoulder of the road, just about in single file, as we run out of the neighborhood toward the next right turn.

I became aware of a guy running past me on the left shoulder of the road. At first I thought he wasn’t in the race; he was just out for a morning run and happened to wind up on part of the course. Then I realized he was wearing the race shirt. So he was part of the race. Why was he the only one on the opposite side of the road? Didn’t he remember we were making a right turn soon?

After he got past me, he started drifting across the road toward the right shoulder. OK, so it dawned on him and he was moving over to the correct side of the road.

Then the weird part happened. A car came up from behind us. At this point, the guy is right in the middle of the road. No longer moving toward the right shoulder, just running down the very center of the (still open to traffic) road.

The driver of the car slowed and waited for the guy to catch on. After a few seconds, the driver lightly beeped the horn. It was not obnoxious, just a “hey, there’s a car here, can I please get through?”

I expected the guy to jump a little — maybe he really hadn’t heard the car come up behind him — and immediately finish moving over to the right shoulder to let the car pass.

Nope! He glanced over his shoulder at the car with a look like “I’M USING THIS ENTIRE ROAD FOR A 5K AND I AM VERY IMPORTANT SO YOU WILL WAIT” and stayed right in the middle of the road!

So the driver tried to go around on the guy’s left, since all the other runners ahead were on the right side of the road, and the guy MOVED OVER TO THE LEFT TO CONTINUE BLOCKING THE CAR!!

The car finally squeezed between his dumb ass and the left curb, and as it sped away, the guy yelled something at it I didn’t catch. I’m sure it wasn’t “Sorry I’m such a festering asshole!” though!

I was absolutely flabbergasted. The first time I ran this 5K, a guy in a Lincoln Town Car drove very fast, very close, past all us runners near the beginning of the race, to send a message about how much he hated that we use the road in his neighborhood for an hour once a year to hold a 5K. Well now I can see why they hate us!

Anyway, nothing else exciting happened in that mile. I finally finished it in 8:23 (oof!!) and crossed the finish line in 24:17.

2018 jungle jims 5k finish

Coming to the line.

I got a couple bottles of water and found Kelly and Susan, who’d both finished well ahead of me. Eventually I went out and did one more slow mile for a cool down.

I saw TK and Kari on their way to the finish while I was doing my cool down. When I got back, we all changed into swimsuits and got in the lazy river. It wasn’t a hot day but the water still felt pretty good after running in that humidity.

When they announced the awards, I was second in my age group. I remembered getting passed during one of my walk breaks in the third mile by the woman who finished first (sad trombone noise haha.)

2018 jungle jims 5k age group award

Second, third and first in the F 35-39 AG.

I was second of 12 in our age group, ninth of 128 women and 53rd of 257 runners overall.

The park was still open to the runners after the awards, so we rode the water slides and did a couple more laps of the lazy river before it was time for us to vacate ahead of the park’s opening to the public for the day.

We stopped by the Old Navy outlet next. Saturday was $1 flip flop day, so TK bought 50 pairs of varying sizes and colors, to provide for guests at her wedding in November if they want to swap their uncomfortable dress shoes before hitting the dance floor at the reception.

It looked like rain any second, so we didn’t do the beach thing. Instead, we wandered around the rest of the outlets for a while until it was time for Dogfish Head to open for lunch. They just released Fruit-full Fort the day before, a version of their Fort beer brewed with a ton of berries, and I really wanted to try it. Usually the super-high alcohol beers taste like liquor to me, which I don’t like, but this one was just fruity. It was delicious, but one 10-oz. pour was definitely enough!

fruit-full fort

TK took this picture of me so I could send it to Clark, who immediately requested I bring home a crowler of it.

We went home after lunch. Later that afternoon, Clark and I went to his coworker’s house to hang out in his pool, until the rain that had been forecasted all day but never materialized finally showed up.

Sunday, I went out for a run around 7:30 a.m. It was sunny, warmer and just as humid as the day before. I was glad I’d gotten the 5K out of the way Saturday.

I didn’t feel like doing a long run though. I just did a very easy lap around the 5.5-mile loop, and was completely drenched at the end of it.

That afternoon, Clark and I took Pepper to Lewes. First stop was the New Balance store, so I could get a pair of the updated 1400s with my gift certificate. Well, guess what. That store no longer carries the 1400s! And the only pair of Zantes they had in stock were the same color as the ones I already have, because I got them from that store. So I have no idea what I’m going to use that gift certificate on now. Plus, I now have to spend my own money on new 1400s. That was aggravating.

We went to Big Oyster Brewing for lunch, then bought a beach umbrella and went to Cape Henlopen State Park, where dogs are always allowed on the beach. I thought I’d be smart and go to Herring Point, what I thought was the lesser-known beach access compared to the bathhouse area, but it was pretty packed too.

We found a nice spot on the beach though and spent a couple hours there. As much as I’ve been to Fenwick already this year, that was the first time I’ve actually been on the beach or in the ocean.

We had an early dinner at The Wheelhouse and got home around sunset. It was a really nice, relaxing day, other than the lack of 1400s at the New Balance store.

Today, training continues with strength training and a short easy run. I have three weeks until my next 5K, the Race for the Ribbon 5K in Rehoboth. I’m sure it’ll be hot as hell but I still want to make some progress over these first two summer series 5Ks.


  1. …”festering asshole!” HAHAHA!! That sounds like a perfect name for that dickweed. UGH! You amaze me by having “crappy” 5Ks but still getting AG awards! The competition in CO is crazy so it’s been a bit since I’ve received one of those. Plus, I’m not all that fast anymore (for now!). That beer sounds good!

    Comment by Chris Bouldin — June 25, 2018 @ 10:14 am | Reply

    • Believe me, I know I’m just lucky that no one faster is showing up to these things! I would think all the post-race snacks would be gone by the 24-minute mark in a 5K where you are haha.

      Comment by aschmid3 — June 25, 2018 @ 10:20 am | Reply

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