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June 18, 2018

Training for 6/18/18

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I’m REALLY hoping I was still feeling the effects of the blood donation this weekend, because I ran a couple of terrible 5Ks! I was still glad I’d showed up for both though.

Saturday morning, I ran a lap of the 5.5-mile loop at home. I definitely felt better than I had two days earlier; I could at least run an easy pace for more than a mile without needing to slow down to catch my breath. I finished at an 8:45/mile average pace.

Later that morning, we went to Fenwick. We took our bikes. The plan was to go for a ride with Clark’s family in the early afternoon, but Chad and Samira got there late due to beach traffic, and by the time we’d had lunch, it was about time for me to leave for Delmar for the 3rd Wave Brewing Co. 5K. So I had to skip out on the group ride.

I got to the brewery about 45 minutes before the 5 p.m. race time. It was a warm day, in the low 80s, but the humidity wasn’t too bad. Really nothing to complain about in June.

Melissa was running late and got there with just enough time to get her bib and use the bathroom before we had to get to the starting line, so we didn’t run a warm up.

We got the start commands and took off.

So I never intended to run that race hard, since I had a summer series 5K the next morning, but I didn’t expect it to feel SO bad to run even a little faster than an easy pace! I felt like absolute garbage from the first step, like I couldn’t get a breath.

I finished the first mile in 7:43.

2018 3rd wave 5k mile 1

Fake it ’til you make it! Or until no one is taking pictures haha.

I managed to make it the turnaround of the out-and-back course and slowed for a few seconds to drink some water. That was the other thing — I was so thirsty from the second I started running, even though I felt like I’d drank plenty of water that day before the race.

Anyway, after the turnaround, things just got worse. I had to walk a couple times to catch my breath. Mile 2 was 7:52 and mile 3 slowed all the way to 8:20.

I finished in 24:46, one of my worst 5K times ever.

When the results were posted, I was first of 20 in the F 30-39 age group, fourth woman overall of 82 and 15th overall of 127 finishers.

30-39 winners 3rd wave 5k 2018

Top three in the male and female 30-39 age groups.

The last two years I’ve run this race, the age group awards were half-size growlers. This year they mixed it up and gave us stainless steel pints.

Melissa was third woman overall and won her age group too. We had a pretty good time after the race, drinking out of our new age group awards.

melissa and me after 3rd wave 5K 2018

All’s well that ends with beer.

By the time I got back to Fenwick, it was after sunset, and we all had a 5K to run in the morning, so we got carryout from the Crabcake Factory and called it a night.

The next morning, Clark got up at 4:30. If you think tri training is over because Eagleman is done, you’re wrong. Last week, he signed up for another 70.3 in Wilmington, N.C., in October, and there’s a bunch of shorter tris in the area in September he’s planning on too. So he got up that early to first swim in the ocean, then ride his bike to the race site in Rehoboth.

I, on the other hand, stayed in bed until 6 and drove a vehicle to Rehoboth like a normal person haha.

No one else swam with Clark, but his brother and dad both rode their bikes with him. Samira rode with me in the truck, so we could rack the bikes and drive everyone home after.

We all made it to Rehoboth in time to pick up our bibs and be ready for the start of the Father’s Day 5K. TK was there too. Once again, I skipped doing a warm up.

andrews before the fathers day 5k 2018

Clark, me, Samira, my father-in-law and Chad before the race.

It was another decent June day for a run, warm but not super humid.

We took off and I didn’t feel as bad from the first step as I had the evening before, so that was a plus. The first mile felt like it took forever to end, but I ran it in 7:33. Not smoking fast by any means, but I really thought I’d be able to hang on to that pace.

Ugh, nope. As the next mile wore on, I started feeling worse. I stopped at the water stop just before mile 2 to drink a little and throw the rest over my head. I started running again and passed the second mile marker — 7:59. Yikes!

The third mile sucked. There was a turnaround at about mile 2.3 and Clark was right behind me. He told me to not let him catch me.

Well that didn’t last long haha. Once again, I had to slow to a walk in a freaking 5K to catch my breath, and he went trotting by.

I started running again not long after that and caught back up with him. He kept prodding me to pick it up and beat him, but it felt like all I could do just to keep running at all.

We finally made the last turn and could see the finish line ahead at the boardwalk. Once again, Clark told me to go, so I tried. I wound up pulling away from him by a few seconds. Mile 3 was 7:56 and I finished in 24:15.

2018 fathers day 5k finish

No pretending I didn’t feel like crap for this one!

Clark was right behind me. He ran his best 5K in years. Chad later said he won the trisuit division haha.

clark finish of 2018 fathers day 5k

Speaking of Chad — that’s him to the right of Clark in that picture. He’d finished two and a half minutes earlier, in 21:40. Later that day he was asking me how to do intervals, and I told him about tempo runs too. He’s running 7:00 miles without speedwork. He’ll be even faster if he starts doing it!

Their dad wasn’t far behind us. He also ran a 5K PR. Maybe the key is a nice long bike ride just before the race to really loosen up the legs? It seemed to work for all three of them!

Samira finished too, as did TK.

Right after I finished, I was standing in the shade with Clark and his dad, and two people walked by — I assume a father and son — and I heard the older one say to the younger, “You can’t improve if you don’t do your cool down.”

He was right. I used to be diligent about warm ups and cool downs for short fast races. I also used to be diligent about strength training and speedwork. And I used to be a lot faster.

So I went and ran another mile really easy to cool down, and thought about all the crap I used to do that I’ve gotten super lazy about.

Speed is all relative — I am by no means saying a 24-minute 5K is horrible, and there are plenty of runners who could beat my 20:38 PR with a bum leg. But I am tired of the downward trend in my race times, especially the short fast ones.

So, I’m looking at this 24:15 as a starting point. I have four more 5Ks in the summer series and I want to improve with each one. It’s summer, so these aren’t going to be my fastest 5Ks regardless, but they can get better.

The next one is this coming Saturday, so I’m not expecting any big miracles by then, but then I have a three-week break until the third one.

Anyway, there was a post-race party at Zogg’s, where we could get free beer.

The results were taking forever. Turned out something had gone wrong with the timing chips and they’d had to resort to the tags they pull off our bibs as we finish. (Which they do as a back up, just in case this happens with the chips.)

Imagine my surprise when I was eventually called up as the winner of the F 35-39 age group.

Even more surprising: Every year, the local New Balance store donates two $75 gift certificates for each race in the summer series, to go to the male and female winners of a random age group. I’ve won my age group at a lot of summer series races over the last eight years, but NEVER on a day when my age group was the lucky gift certificate winner.


age group gift certificate


This is perfect! I wanted to replace the 1400s I got in January. Now I can for nearly free!

They say half of winning is showing up. I may have felt like crap most of the 24 minutes and 15 seconds it took me to run that course, but lucky for me, no one faster showed up and I got FREE SHOES. Worth it!

I was also the 11th of 168 women to finish, and 65th overall of 375 total runners.

We all loaded up in the truck to go back to Fenwick. Chad and Samira were riding in the back with the bikes. They later said as we were driving through Dewey, someone yelled to them, “You get more exercise if you ride the bikes!” haha.

When we got back to the beach house, Clark’s grandmother was there, and his mom had made us all a nice big breakfast. (Pepper had been hanging out with her and Snoopy all morning while we were at the race.)

After breakfast, I took my bike for a ride, since we’d gone to the trouble of bringing it down there and I hadn’t ridden it the day before. I did the 24-mile round trip to the Indian River inlet bridge and back.

There was a lot more traffic in the middle of the day, but the only issues I had the whole ride were with another biker and then some stupid pedestrians, both within the first few miles, between Fenwick and Bethany.

The biker was the first one. He was riding right in the middle of the shoulder when I caught him. I loudly said “On your left” as I went to pass him on the left. Which was when he inexplicably turned to his left and almost ran right into me! I had to swerve into the road to avoid him. Thankfully there was a break in the traffic at the moment and no one ran me over!

He said something I didn’t understand at first, but I think it was “no signal,” as in, I didn’t signal I was there. What the fuck do you think “ON YOUR LEFT” means?

I also can’t figure out why he was making a hard left turn there anyway. There was nowhere to go other than into traffic. It was so weird.

Then, a mile later, I could see a family, two parents and three little kids, waiting for traffic to clear to cross Route 1. Well, I guess the bike didn’t count as “traffic” for the dad and two of the kids, because they moseyed right out in front of me. I had to slam my brakes to keep from running into one of them. The mom at least looked bewildered too.

I mean, for a few minutes there, I felt like I was in a real life version of Paperboy.

That was the last of it and the rest of the ride was fine. I finished 24.1 miles in 1:20, an 18 mph average.

When I got back to the house, I took a shower, and then I went to the grocery store and got stuff to grill burgers for dinner for everyone.

After dinner, we all headed home. Well, we didn’t go straight home. We went to my parents’ house first, so I could see my dad for Father’s Day.

We got home a little after 9:30 p.m. We always park the truck close to the front door to unload it when we’ve got the bikes. What I was not counting on was the mosquito herd that descended on us! I’ve run into mosquitos this year, but only in the woods, not in the middle of our yard.

And that brings me to today. It’s the last day of my wear test with the 880s. I will take one last run in them, distance to be determined, and ship them back.


  1. You had one heck of a day! Winning your AG when you felt like crap is a pretty awesome thing. Then you won another one AND GOT PAID.

    +1 for the Paperboy reference. I know the feeling. 🙂

    Comment by runeatralph — June 18, 2018 @ 9:31 am | Reply

    • The whole time I was riding up on that family waiting to cross the road I was thinking “They’re gonna do it, they’re gonna do it,” just like every time I saw a lawn mower in a yard on Paperboy haha. Sure enough, they came for me!

      Comment by aschmid3 — June 18, 2018 @ 10:13 am | Reply

  2. Damn girl! Congrats on all the winning! It seems to me that a 5pm 5K would suck regardless, especially after you’d already ran 5.5 miles that morning and trying to run fast.

    Comment by Chris Bouldin — June 18, 2018 @ 9:39 am | Reply

    • Yep, that was my third time running that particular 5K and it’s always hot — because it’s June, duh — but that was by far my worst showing!

      Comment by aschmid3 — June 18, 2018 @ 10:11 am | Reply

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