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May 29, 2018

Masser 5-Miler recap

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Running didn’t go so hot this weekend — I ran my worst 5-miler in years!! — but I got in a lot of good miles on the bike, so it wasn’t all terrible.

Saturday was the only day of the long weekend that wasn’t supposed to be rainy and gross, so Bart picked up Clark and me early in the morning and we went to Cambridge to train in the heat.

Those two went out for a swim in the river first. When they got back, we all left for the bike ride.

Clark had stayed out late the night before, drinking with some coworkers, and he was dragging ass on that bike ride. It was the first time I’d ever had to wait up for him; usually it’s the other way around.

We rode out to Ragged Point.

ragged point

Abandoned house on the water.

We took a longer way back, for a total of 36.5 miles at a 17 mph average.

By the time we got back from the bike ride, it was past noon and the day had really warmed up, into the low 90s.

We all ran a loop that turned out to be 2.6 miles. Clark and I did a few pick-ups — we’d shoot for a landmark in the distance, like the next corner, and run hard until we got to it. But there was plenty of walking too. We finished that loop at about a 10:13/mile average pace.

When we got back to our house, it turned out Pepper had been home alone all morning and he hadn’t pooped! What a good boy!

We all showered, I packed some stuff for the race the next morning, and then we went down to the beach.

Saturday night, we went to Papa Grande’s for dinner. While we were waiting for a table, I got a panicked text from my brother — he thought Eagleman was in July and had somehow just figured out he only has two weeks left to train, not six! And no, he wasn’t joking!

I’m not really sure how he forgot when the race is, considering he did it last year, but he said he’s still shooting for 1:45 or better. He’ll just have to make do with about 20 total miles of running outside, instead of the 25 he was planning on haha.

It started raining Saturday night. I know this because Pepper was being an absolute pain in the ass all night and I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. We were trying to sleep on the pull-out couch at Clark’s parents’ place, and Pepper kept getting up to pace all over the house, his nails click-click-clicking on the laminate floors.

I was already awake when my alarm went off at 6. It was still raining in Fenwick, but lightly, and a half hour later, when we left to drive to the race site in Lewes, it had stopped completely.

But as we drove north to Lewes, the rain picked up, and by the time we got to Cape Henlopen High School, it was coming down pretty hard. Oh well. I got my race bib and T-shirt, hit the bathroom, then ran about a mile in the rain to warm up. The rain actually felt pretty good once I got moving.

The advertised race start was 7:30. We all gathered under an overhang inside the high school’s stadium, where the race would start and finish on the track, but the race director held off on sending us to the start line until the rain moved out. It wound up pushing back the start by about 17 minutes.

So we weren’t getting rained on anymore, but the air was still thick with 100 percent humidity. Honestly, I’d have preferred to be rained on!

We got the start commands and we were off.

The course was the exact same as last year — a little more than a half-lap on the track, leave the stadium, run behind the school, leave campus, get on the paved biking/walking trail through Lewes until about mile 4, get on Kings Highway, run back to campus and straight back to the stadium, retrace that partial lap around the track the opposite direction, done.

The first mile wasn’t too bad. It felt like it was taking forever to end, but when I heard my Garmin beep, it reported a 7:09 split.

I definitely went out too fast. However, in spite of my total lack of any kind of speed workouts in months, I still briefly thought “maybe I can hold this for four more miles!”

Ha! Nope.

I slowed down in the second mile to 7:26, close to the 7:30/mile average pace I’d gone into the race thinking I could manage. Just three miles to go.

But I was absolutely gasping for air already. I ran until I got to the first water stop around mile 2.3, and slowed to down a cup of water. I knew I was toast.

I started running again, but not anywhere near the speed of the first two miles. And even though I had eased up on the pace, my breathing kept getting so out of control, I had to take a few more walk breaks in the third and fourth miles to calm it down. I’m sure the humidity had something to do with it, but I’ve lived on Delmarva every summer since I started seriously running, so it’s hardly new to me. It was just lack of conditioning due to slacking on hard training, pure and simple.

My splits for miles 3 and 4 were 8:05 and 8:30 — I ran that pace in a half marathon the weekend before! It was getting ugly. I was trying to figure out if I could even still finish under 40 minutes, an 8:00/mile average pace.

I took one last walk break to get my breathing back under control after the mile 4 marker. A group of three or four women passed me and I started running again, determined to just keep up with them and at least run the rest of the way.

We ran back onto the school campus, through the parking lot toward the stadium. I saw Clark and Pepper cheering for me from the edge of the lot. I yelled out “This sucks!” to Clark as I passed.

One last turn into the stadium. Back on the track, and I could see the finish line a little more than a half-lap away, but it looked so far! I had no kick left. Everyone I’d been running with pulled away from me, and a few more people passed me from behind.

I finally made it to the final turn.

2018 masser 5 miler finish

That guy behind me had taken a few walk breaks during the race too and we kept leapfrogging each other in the third and fourth miles — appropriate that we finished together!

I crossed the line in 39:31, a 7:52/mile average pace. Other than 2010, after being injured and unable to run all spring, this was my worst time in nine years of running this race! I was two minutes faster last year.

At that moment though, I was just glad to be done. Just past the finish line, I saw Kelly and Susan. Kelly said she’d had a good run. I later found out how good it was — she was the overall women’s winner!

I did another slooooooow mile to cool down, then went back to the car to change into my flip-flops. Clark and Pepper were there. Clark said I had just missed Michael Wardian, a pro runner who was in town with his family for the holiday weekend and dropped in on the race, and his wife, Jennifer, gushing over Pepper. They have a vizsla, which are closely related to weimaraners, so they know crazy.

Side note — Wardian got beat again by Austen Cave, a local high school runner, who ran 5:22/mile pace to win by a full minute! That kid is already such an impressive runner.

I took Pepper with me to the awards ceremony. I hadn’t been able to find the results anywhere before they announced the winners, so I was pretty surprised when I found out my painful run-walk had been good enough to win my new F 35-39 age group. (There were only five us though.)

This is important because the summer series overall age group winners are determined by adding up everyone’s best 5-miler and five best 5K finishes within the age group. Lowest score wins. So far, I’ve got the lowest possible score.

I was also the 11th of 98 women and 44th of 196 overall in the open division (there’s also a Clydesdale and Filly category at this race.)

The awards this year were different, and pretty cool:

masser age group award

So now I’ve got five series 5Ks to look forward to. The first one I’m signed up for isn’t until June 17, so I’ve got time to do some intervals and tempo runs so maybe I won’t die such a terrible death after the first mile marker again!

Anyway, once the awards were wrapped up, Clark, Pepper and I went home, where we stayed the rest of Sunday, watching the Indy 500 and then the Coca-Cola 600.

We got some more heavy rain Sunday night, but by yesterday morning, it had mostly moved out, so Bart picked us up again and we went to Cambridge for some more training.

Bart was trying to impress this new woman he’s been talking to, who’s the president of a local tri club, so he rode the whole 56-mile bike course with her and one of her friends.

Meanwhile, Clark went for a swim, and then he and I rode a shorter loop. The natural order of the universe had been restored since Saturday, and Clark was the one who kept having to wait for me to catch up, but the pace was quicker than Saturday’s ride — I did 37.1 miles at an 18.2 mph average.

It’d been a long time since I did two rides that close to each other, so it kinda hurt sitting on the saddle from the get-go, and then it REALLY hurt by the halfway mark. Other than that though, it was a solid ride.

Clark and I then went for a run. We did 6.2 miles at a 9:15/mile average. It went much better than Saturday’s post-ride run, probably because it was at least 20 degrees cooler and overcast. It was still super humid though.

About 2.3 miles into our run, we saw Bart headed toward the park near the end of his ride. He’d ridden the course at a 20.5 mph average — by far his fastest ever — trying to keep up with that woman! Sometimes a little pride is a good thing haha.

Bart went for his own shorter run and met us back at the truck. We packed up, had lunch at Snapper’s and a couple beers at RAR, and went home.

We hadn’t gotten so lucky with the dog poop that time, unfortunately. It was everywhere!

Today, Clark was able to get his truck all the way to Federalsburg so a mechanic can hopefully finally get it running right again. It’s been more than a month since I last tried to drive it and it conked out before it even made it out of the driveway. This has been a particularly inconvenient time to not have it, since it’s the only vehicle we own that can carry both of our bikes at once, so we’ve had to bum a ride from either Bart or Clark’s dad every time we’ve wanted to take the bikes anywhere.

My next race is the bike leg for the relay event at Eagleman. I think we’re going to try to ride the course once more, later this week.

Today, however, I’m going to start easing back into speed work — four 400s — so these upcoming 5Ks don’t suck so bad. Sunday’s race made it painfully clear just how much I’ve been slacking and it’s time to stop!


  1. That’s still an incredible time for being your second slowest!! Great job in that new AG!!

    Comment by Chris Bouldin — May 29, 2018 @ 11:22 am | Reply

    • Thanks! I’m more irritated with all the walking than the time though. I slowed down enough, I should’ve been able to at least get through those last three stinking miles without walking!

      Comment by aschmid3 — May 29, 2018 @ 12:44 pm | Reply

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