A Simple Running Log

January 22, 2018

Training for 1/22/18

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Well, I had another slacker weekend. I did the 5K I signed up for Saturday morning, but I completely skipped my long run again.

Saturday was the Frosty Paws 5K in St. Michaels. Since Clark and I were both signed up for it, I took Pepper with us. He hasn’t been running much lately, of course, but he could handle a 5K, and I’d rather deal with him in a race than deal with the guilt trip for leaving him home alone.

The race was free but they always ask for a donation. This month, they asked for supplies for the local humane society. I was going to give them all the dog treats Pepper won’t eat, but when I pulled them out of the closet the night before, it turned out every single bag had been opened and they’d all expired years ago anyway, some as long ago as 2012! So those went in the trash and I made a quick stop at a Walgreens on the way for fresher bags of dog and cat food.

We got to the race site about a half hour before the 9 a.m. start. TK ran this one too and met us in the parking lot.

Pepper took a dump just walking to the tri shop to pick up our race bibs, so the shopping bag I’d gotten from Walgreens came in handy. I hoped that meant I wouldn’t have to pick up poop during the race, but just in case he had round two brewing, I got another plastic bag from the tri shop. Usually, if I’m prepared, he doesn’t do it.

We got our bibs, got some pre-race directions and then all walked down to the start line. Same course they use for all these free 5Ks — two short out-and-backs in a subdivision, then two more on the paved bike path.

Clark and I started at the front. I figured the fewer people Pepper had in front of him, the better.

We got the start command and took off. Except for Pepper. He immediately darted into the crowd. Off to a great start!

Pretty much the whole 3.1 miles was Pepper running along for about 10 steps, then wanting to see where Clark was, slowing to look behind or running back, getting passed by Clark, then sprinting ahead to be in front again. Plus copious pee stops (but no more pooping, at least.)

He also had some run-ins with other runners, unfortunately. About halfway through the race, we were running past what would be the turn for the finish line when we came back. Pepper decided he wanted to be done NOW, so he darted to make the turn, nearly tripping the poor woman who happened to be running next to us. I apologized to her and we went on our way.

Then, coming back, there was a large group coming toward us, and Pepper chose that very moment to look behind him at Clark; he drifted toward the group just as we all met on the path and got kneed right in the side of the head by another runner. I apologized to her too.

We didn’t finish anywhere close to my 23:42 prediction. Our actual finish time was 25:58. No gift card for me! Clark was right behind us in 26:02, also too far off his 25:00 prediction for a gift card. Overall, we were the 12th and 13th runners to finish out of about 50. I think Pepper was the first dog to finish though.

We hung around a bit after TK finished. Then we all had to leave — we had my niece’s birthday party, and TK, who’s a CPA, is already in tax season and had to go to work.

The birthday party was fun. We got to see Dave and Kasey’s new house for the first time, that they moved in to just before Thanksgiving. It’s huge!

When Kaylee opened her gifts, I got the feeling I’d been tricked by Dave into buying mac and cheese for him:

what is this

That is not the face of a happy 3-year-old! She walked right over to Grandmom and handed them off to her haha.

grandmom with mac and cheese

Then Kasey brought out the cake, with Kaylee’s two favorite things in the world — Daniel Tiger and traffic lights.

birthday cake

Dave made that traffic light behind them for her last birthday. Those lights are meant to be used for uplighting, so they’re blindingly bright to look at head-on.

Then we all whispered “Happy Birthday” because Kaylee hates loud noises and started to freak out when she realized we were about to sing.

kaylee third birthday

Kids are so weird haha. But it’s fun weird, mostly.

After the party, Clark and I went to Cambridge. We had a few beers at RAR, then went to this French restaurant, Bistro Poplar, for dinner.

It’s small and popular, so we really shouldn’t have tried to go without a reservation, but the staff were accommodating and let us squeeze in at the bar. We got two appetizers — poached scallops, which is a WEIRD way to prepare scallops (they were so squishy they were almost foamy), and ravioli with escargot, which I liked better. Then we each got a fish entree. I had dorado (more commonly known around here as mahi mahi) and Clark had monkfish, which I didn’t believe was a species of those creepy deep water anglerfishes until he Googled it.


Looks appetizing!

After dinner, we went to Easton to hang out at Kara’s house. Julie was also there, and they were watching “North and South,” a TV mini-series that aired in the mid ’80s. The mullets and teased hair were out in force haha.

Clark and I fell asleep and wound up staying the night. We both woke up at 5 a.m., when my nephew’s alarm first started going off. Apparently no one else in that house notices it anymore, because it went off for almost two hours straight — I don’t mean he kept hitting snooze, I mean it went off nonstop for two hours — until Huey went in his room for the third time and made him finally get up.

We left not long after the alarm was turned off. We got Pepper from Clark’s parents’ house. He looked pretty mad at us for not coming home the night before and asking Clark’s parents to pick him up instead, but he got over it. When we got home, I went to Walmart to do the much-needed grocery shopping I’d been putting off, before the after-church crowds hit.

I got stuff to make chili. When I got home, I immediately got that going in the Crock Pot. I had no intention of doing the long run on the schedule, but I really meant to at least run something short — it was such a nice day for January — but it hit me right about then how exhausted I was, and I wound up staying home the rest of the day. We watched football and I went to bed early-ish.

Today, I feel much better after getting some sleep last night! I’m kinda pissed at myself for whiffing on the long run, again, but I can’t change that now. Today has a short easy run and strength training on the schedule.

Also, Clark and I this morning booked flights to and from San Diego, leaving next Wednesday and coming home the following Monday. He has to go for work and I’m tagging along. I haven’t been to Southern California since we ran the L.A. Marathon two years ago and I can’t wait to go back for a few days!

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