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November 27, 2017

Training for 11/27/17

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I had a productive weekend of running!

Friday afternoon, after Clark got home from an abbreviated work day, I went out and ran a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. I’d done a little strength training after my run the day before, including some weighted squats and lunges, and my legs were embarrassingly sore. I didn’t even do that many! It made for a clunky run that left me a little worried about how the 5K I was supposed to run the next morning would go.

Saturday, I got up early to drive to Rehoboth for the Huffin’ for Pumpkin Pie 5K. It was below freezing when I left home, but it started warming up quickly, and by the time the race started at 9 a.m., it was somewhere in the 40s in Rehoboth. It was a clear, sunny day with just a little breeze — perfect racing conditions.

The race is on the course that starts and ends at Grove Park, the same one I run so many times throughout the year.

After I got my bib and event shirt, I did a short warm up, a little over a half-mile. My legs felt a lot better than they had the day before, which was a relief.

Back at the park, I got in the large (for this area) starting pack:

2017 huffin for pumpkin pie 5k in starting pack

We got the starting commands and we were off!

The start was dicey as always, as we had to make a right turn almost immediately after crossing the line. It got better after that though. We had a nice long straightaway that made up almost the rest of the first mile.

It didn’t take too long for everyone to get sorted out, and I could stop weaving around people and just settle into a comfortably hard pace.

My Garmin reported a 7:03 first mile, which I was happy with. I hoped I could maintain that, and not fall off by 30 seconds in the second mile, which I’ve done a lot.

The course took us past the ocean and then back into the residential neighborhood near the park. We hit the second mile marker and my watch beeped — 7:02! Look at me, maintaining a pace in a 5K!

If I could run one more mile at that pace, I’d get a sub-22 finish. I really tried to hang on to it, but my lack of speed work was catching up with me and I was getting tired.

We turned back onto that long straightaway, now headed back to the finish line. It always feels so much longer at the end of a 5K than at the beginning! I was steadily passing other runners as I chugged along though, which was encouraging.

I heard my watch beep the end of the third mile — 7:08. Damn, fell off a few seconds. I made that last turn and saw the race clock closing in on 22 minutes, and tried to sprint it in to squeak in under it.

2017 huffin for pumpkin pie 5k finish

This is my sprinting face.

I made it, and I didn’t! There are two results lists on the Seashore Striders’ website. One shows my time was 21:59.1. The other one rounded it up to an even 22:00. I’m going with 21:59!

I did a slow, easy 1.5-mile cool down. Back at the park, I checked the results. I was surprised to see my time had been good enough to win my age group (out of 11 runners), which meant I got a pumpkin pie!

It’s been several years since I’ve won the age group pie at this race. I was happy to bring it home with me again.

2017 huffin for pumpkin pie 5k awards

Shockingly, two days later, it’s still intact. My mom brought me a loaf of her homemade pumpkin bread when she came here for Thanksgiving, so I’m still working on that. I’ll get to the pie next.

Anyway, I was also the seventh woman of 180 to finish, and 35th of 339 total finishers.

Usually, TK and I make a whole day out of this race and go to the outlets to start our Christmas shopping. She couldn’t make it this year, but I did a little shopping anyway. It didn’t take long before I was completely fed up with the traffic in the parking lots and all the people in the stores, but I did score a few good deals before I gave up and went home.

Clark and I hung around home the rest of Saturday. We got some laundry done, but other than that, we just watched a bunch of movies on TV.

Sunday, I checked my email first thing when I woke up, which I don’t normally do. I’m glad I did though, because I had a notification for a comment on this blog.

It was from Kelly, another local runner, asking if I wanted some company for most of my long run. Of course! I emailed her my phone number and we quickly got a time set up.

Kelly met me at my house and we set off down the road for a lap around my 8.4-mile loop. She’s a faster runner than I am (she ran Richmond in 3:28 and beat me by more than 30 seconds in the 5K the day before), but we easily settled into a steady pace that let us both talk the whole way.

About a half-mile into the run, we passed a house I pass every single run, no matter the distance. I don’t think anyone actually lives in the house, as it’s missing some windows and has some holes in the roof, but there’s a workshop behind it that someone uses just about every day. Sometimes there are a couple of dogs in a fenced area behind the house. They always bark at me when they see me, but they stay behind that fence.

Yesterday, I heard barking and assumed the dogs were behind the fence, as always, but then we turned and looked and there were two huge black Labs, barking their heads off and coming right for us from the front yard. What the hell!

Kelly was bitten by a German shepherd when she was out running earlier this summer. Fortunately, both of these dogs only came within a few feet of us and just barked. But it was obviously still a little scary.

I couldn’t believe that happened. In 8.5 YEARS of running by that house, I’ve never seen an unrestrained dog, but the one time I run by it with someone who was recently attacked by a dog, TWO of them coming running at us! What are the odds!

The rest of the run was dog-free. And it went by so fast! It was a nice change of pace yesterday, talking the whole way.

Kelly left after we finished the 8.4-mile loop. After I drank some water and used the bathroom, I went out and did my 3-mile out-and-back on my own to get in all 11 miles I’d had on my schedule. I passed that house twice and those dogs were nowhere to be seen.

I was pleased to get in 11.4 miles the day after a fast 5K. I think I’ll be OK for the half marathon in Rehoboth this coming Saturday.

We spent the rest of yesterday watching football and getting rid of all the leftovers and beer in our fridge.

Today, I’ve got another short easy run and strength training on the schedule.

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