A Simple Running Log

August 11, 2017

Training for 8/11/17

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I haven’t run yet today. No real reason, just being lazy. I would like to go out and run the 5.5-mile loop at some point.

Yesterday, Clark and I went to Ocean City and met Bart and Marybeth at the weigh-in for the White Marlin Open, a huge weeklong ocean fishing tournament they hold every August. This was its 44th year, but I’d never seen any part of it in person.

It calls itself the “world’s largest and richest billfish tournament,” this year with $4.75 million in prize money up for grabs. There are different categories in which to win money, but the biggest prize — $2.6 million — is for whoever catches the biggest white marlin. So it attracts some very fancy fishing boats.

Registered boats can fish three of the five days. Monday and Tuesday were crap days, so most of the boats waited until Wednesday to go out for the first time, meaning yesterday was also pretty busy.

We got to the official weigh-in site at Harbour Island, at 14th Street and the bay, a little before 4 p.m., when the scales opened.

The day before, we’d seen a pretty snazzy-looking orange and black boat cruise by the condo out in the ocean. It wasn’t a fishing boat, but it was docked in that marina, so we had to go look it over. It has five 400-hp engines. I’m no math whiz but I can figure out that adds up to 2,000 hp. I sent Dave a pic of it and told him this should be our next ski boat.

midnight express

Right after 4 p.m., the first boat came in with a white marlin to be weighed. It didn’t unseat the current leader, but it was big enough — 72.5 lbs. — to take over third place and the $40,000 prize.

We hung around long enough to see another white marlin hit the scales. It’s hard to see in this picture, but it’s dangling on the scale, alongside the big screen display. It wasn’t big enough to land in the prize money.

white marlin

None of us were really that into watching fish get weighed, and we were getting hungry, so we went to De Lazy Lizard for dinner. Corey met us there too.

Bart and Marybeth left after we ate, but Clark, Corey and I hung around there until we left to meet Aunt Helen and Uncle John for a dinner reservation at The Sunset Grille in West Ocean City.

I’ve only been there once before, in the middle of the day in November, so I didn’t know how popular it was during the White Marlin Open. It was packed, and the marina was full of the huge fishing boats competing in the tournament. A lot of them were lit up, which looked pretty cool.

boats at night

It was after 11 when we left. Clark’s parents had Pepper for the evening, so we didn’t need to drive home. Instead, we just drove to Fenwick and crashed at the beach house, then got up this morning and drove home.

I had this really weird dream last night. (I’ve been having a lot of really weird dreams lately.) In this one, I was signed up for my first triathlon. The open water swim went great (I couldn’t tell if it was a river or a very calm ocean) and I was one of the first ones in transition, but when I got there, I couldn’t find my bike. I finally found it, but then it took me forever to get ready to go out on it — I was the last one to leave. And on the way out (of the building??), this woman stopped me to ask for help finding an administrative office or something. She wouldn’t let me go. I never made it to the bike course, just pushed my bike around this building trying to help this woman. There was a sandwich involved too but the details have escaped me haha. And that was the end.

Clark said it was a sign I should sign up for a tri in real life, because I survived the swim, the part I really don’t want to do. There are three short-distance tris in the area in September. One is the same day as the Dogfish Dash, which I’m already registered for, but the other two are open days on my schedule. I said I’d consider Dewey Beach, because there’s an option to do a half-mile run in the sand instead of the half-mile ocean swim before biking 15 miles and running a 5K on pavement. But Clark is working on me to just bite the bullet and do the tri. Eh, we’ll see.

My only plans for the weekend are a middle distance run tomorrow, probably the 7.3-mile loop again, and then the rescheduled Dam Mill 5K on Sunday morning. It’s supposed to storm again tomorrow, hopefully not so much this time it washes out that race again. And then I’ll do the 14-mile long run early next week.


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