A Simple Running Log

August 8, 2017

Training for 8/8/17

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I did not run yesterday. We didn’t just get some rain and wind. We got some pretty heavy duty storms; an actual tornado touched down in Salisbury. (Right across the street from our favorite beer store! The beer store was fine though.) I didn’t want a repeat of that time in June I had to hitch a ride from a passerby when I got caught out in a severe storm, so I just stayed home.

Today, it wasn’t raining anymore, but it was still cloudy all day and not terribly hot (though still humid) so I finally went out and did that 13-miler I’d been putting off.

It was OK, I guess. I ate all this jambalaya yesterday, leftover from dinner the night before, and it was… not a great decision. I had to stop in a corn field just over two miles into the run, and while I didn’t have to use the bathroom again the rest of the way, my stomach felt unsettled the entire remaining 11 miles.

I almost let myself take a shortcut but I forced myself to run the whole 13.2-mile loop. I’d worn the Garmin to see exactly how long that loop was, and the mile splits were all well under 9:00 the first half of the run, then 10:00 or over the second half when I really started to feel bad. The whole run’s overall average pace was 9:28/mile. Meh.

There was a bright spot though. Back in January and February, when I was doing long runs training for Shamrock, I found some graffiti on the road that made me laugh. Today was the first time I’d run that way since then. I was worried they’d gotten paved over, as a lot of that road has been resurfaced, but not only was the original graffiti still there, a LOT of rebuttals have been added since then. I had a pretty good time reading everything.


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