A Simple Running Log

August 2, 2017

Training for 8/2/17

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Yesterday was pretty awesome. First, I ran a lap around the 6.5-mile loop, this week’s middle distance run. I waited a little late in the morning to go out, so it was already getting hot, but it didn’t bother me much, for once, and I sailed right through the run.

I hadn’t been home from that long when Dave called and said the Party Barge was set to go! He thought he had everything fixed that had caused the break-down on the river the last time we went out.

I met him at our parents’ farm. This year, they leased the land to another farmer who grew watermelons, and melon-picking was in full swing yesterday. My dad and uncle grew melons in the summer on that farm when I was really little, but they got out of it because it was so labor-intensive and they were sick of dealing with the high school kids they had to hire. As a former teenage farm worker, I totally understand haha.

Anyway, we grabbed a melon on our way down the lane and took the boat to Choptank.

It was an absolutely perfect day on the river. There was hardly any wind, so the water was relatively smooth everywhere, but it was like glass when we got to our usual skiing spot.

One problem though — we hadn’t been able to find a third person to go on the boat with us, which meant we technically couldn’t ski (you’re supposed to have at least one person in the boat in addition to the driver, watching whoever’s out behind the boat.)

At first, Dave and I said OK, no skiing, this is just a test run of the boat to make sure it’s actually fixed. We rode under both Dover Bridges:

dover bridges

Old swing-span bridge, dwarfed by the new fixed-span bridge that’s replacing it.

We found an only-slightly rusty knife on the boat to cut open the watermelon, which was delicious.

And then we just couldn’t help ourselves — the water was too perfect! — so we went back up the river to our favorite spot to ski.

I went out first. I got up on the first try (no broken ski handles this time) and it already felt a little easier than a couple of weeks ago. I’ve now skied more this summer than the last three combined.

Then Dave wanted to ski. There was one more problem though — I’ve never driven the boat. I’m sure Uncle Lee let me steer it a couple times, but I’d never worked the throttle, and I’d definitely never pulled up a skier.

So Dave gave me a quick lesson, and then he went out in the water. Much to my surprise, I didn’t screw up trying to pull him up, and he shot right up out of the water on his first try, his first time skiing in four years.

Dave skied until he got tired and dropped off. When he got back in the boat, we rode up to Suicide, and then finally went back to the marina.

It was a pretty awesome afternoon. And the best part was the boat ran absolutely perfectly!

I’m really glad the Party Barge was fixable. If we’d had to junk it, and get a newer boat, that would’ve been fine, I guess, but it would’ve never been the same. Uncle Lee bought that ugly old boat before I was born, and we all spent so many summer days on it growing up. It’s definitely one of those things that isn’t actually worth anything, but to us, it’s priceless.

Anyway, Dave and his family are leaving for a two-week vacation next Tuesday, so the plan is to get the boat out as much as possible before that. I think we’re going out again this afternoon, and Aunt Debbie and Rick are joining us.

Before that though, I need to go out and run the easy 3-miler on today’s schedule.


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