A Simple Running Log

July 21, 2017

Training for 7/21/17

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This morning, I went out early and did an easy 3-miler. Since I’ve got a bike ride tomorrow morning and a race Sunday morning, I’d thought about doing this week’s 11-mile long run today, but decided I’d be better off doing like this past week and putting it off until Monday. So I swapped it with Monday’s short easy run. Stay tuned to see if I actually do the long run Monday haha.

Anyway, it was just another gross, sweaty run, thanks to the humidity, which had the ‘feels like’ temp up to 87 degrees already at 7 a.m.

So, this weekend. Tomorrow morning is the Heart of the Chesapeake bike tour in Cambridge. We’re doing the 32-mile route. It starts at 8, so we should be finished before too late in the morning.

In the afternoon, we’re going to the Hyatt to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday, which is July 27. Fun fact: Grandmom’s legal birthday is two days later than she was actually born, because the doctor who delivered her was drunk and wrote down the wrong date on the paperwork for her birth certificate! Different times, man. So all of her official documents have had the wrong birthdate her whole life. Mom just found that out very recently, when she went with Grandmom to pick up her prescription, and she gave the “wrong” date when they asked for her birthdate. Apparently Grandmom could’ve paid $5 when she turned 16 to get it corrected, but she didn’t feel like it.

Sunday morning is the Run for J.J. 5K in Rehoboth. I’ve only run this one once before, six years ago. From what I remember, it’s an appreciably shady course with the only small, rolling “hills” in the entire Rehoboth Beach ZIP code. It’s going to be another hot, nasty morning though, so I’m not expecting any spectacular finish time.

And Sunday afternoon is the Brickyard 400.


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