A Simple Running Log

July 17, 2017

Training for 7/17/17

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Friday afternoon, Clark and I went to the beach house. Clark’s mom had a gift for Pepper — his very own lifejacket. He looks ridiculous in it and I love it haha.

pep in lifejacket

pep in lifejacket 2

No, he didn’t let us throw him in the canal to try it out.

I guess Clark’s mom bought it specifically for when they take Pepper in the kayak (she got a matching one for Snoopy too), but it could also come in handy if Clark’s dad buys a boat like he’s talked about off and on since they got done fixing up the house.

Speaking of boats… Dave came down to the beach house too. He said he should have the party barge up and running again very soon, after he gets one more part he needs this week.

It was a beautiful afternoon Friday. Clark bought a beach cruiser from the bike shop near the house. He also got a carbon fiber fin to replace the plastic one I broke on my paddleboard last summer, so we spent the afternoon trying out the beach cruiser and paddleboarding.

Then, out of nowhere, a huge bank of black clouds rolled in and the wind really picked up. We rushed around to get everything put away before what looked like a massive storm hit.

Clark, Dave and I sat on the screen porch to watch the storm. First, the lightning and thunder started. Then the rain started pouring. Then the wind suddenly shifted and it was blowing right into the porch — it felt like someone had turned a fire hose on us.

It rained like that for hours. Dave went home after we ate dinner. Not long after he left, Clark’s parents came back from their anniversary celebration dinner. I went to bed, since I had another 5K in the morning, but Clark and his parents stayed up, listening to music and playing games.

That wouldn’t have been a problem, except for Pepper. I couldn’t keep the bedroom door shut, because he hates not being able to go in and out of any room whenever he feels like it, especially since Clark and I weren’t in the same room. I didn’t get much sleep while they were still up, because of the music.

I didn’t get much when Clark came to bed either, because we just had a twin bed, and that’s not really enough room for two people and a dog. So I went out to the now-empty living room and fell asleep on the couch. Until Clark came out there too and woke me up with his snoring haha. I went back to the bedroom and finally got maybe a couple of hours of sleep before the alarm went off at 6. Not a very restful night, to say the least.

I was hoping all the storms the night before had cooled things off a little for the race, but nope! It was in the mid 70s and, worse, the humidity was at 100 percent when I left the house at 6:30. Ugh.

I got to the race site in Rehoboth, the same course on which we ran the Father’s Day 5K a month ago. After I got my bib and race T-shirt, I did an easy mile to warm up. I was already sweaty halfway through the warm up, and it wasn’t going anywhere in that damp air. This was going to suck.

I found TK after I finished my warm up, right as we were all being called to get in the starting pack. There was a pretty decent turnout for the race — 394 registered, 368 finishers. I started a few rows back from the front.

We got the start commands and we were off. I was a little boxed in at the beginning, but it didn’t take long for everyone to spread out.

The first mile was OK. I ran it in 7:18 though — nearly 30 seconds slower than my first mile in the last 5K I ran two weeks earlier.

I was hoping maybe that meant I hadn’t gone out too fast and I’d be able to run a more even race, but that hope faded as I slogged through the second mile. I walked for a few seconds at the water stop just before the end of that mile, to swallow half a cup of water and throw the other half over my head. It was so freaking hot! Mile 2 slowed to 7:40.

The last mile was awful. I wanted to stop running so bad. I tried to concentrate on anything else — the dude just in front of me bouncing a tennis ball the whole way (???), the lady about 30 seconds behind me who whoops through every single race she runs — but really, all I could think about how much I wanted to stop running.

We made one last turn and the finish line was in sight. I passed mile 3 in 7:24. At least I sped up a little in that last mile.

Here’s the tennis ball guy coming to the finish:

tennis ball guy

Oh, who’s that right behind him? Yep, that’s me, getting beat by a guy bouncing a tennis ball haha.

2017 race for the ribbon 5k finish

This picture is a very accurate representation of how I felt at this point. Blergle.

Anyway, I crossed the line in 23:07. Slower than my last 5K, but 20 seconds faster than the last time I ran this course a month ago, which was on a similarly nasty day. So that’s a positive.

Just past the line was a fan blowing mist. I stopped to enjoy that and commiserate with Susan and Kelly, a couple of faster runners who’d finished before me. Then I went down the boardwalk to do a very slow cool down mile.

I got back to the finish area just as TK was finishing. She’d also not had a very fun race. We swapped our running shoes for flip flops and went to the post-race party hosted by the Greene Turtle. They always put on a really nice breakfast buffet for this race.

We sat out on the second-floor balcony to eat. We were both still pouring sweat. I’d grabbed a stack of napkins, which I plowed through trying to stem the flow from my face alone. It was just gross.

When they announced the awards, I’d won my age group again, so there’s another positive.

race for the ribbon age group winners

Sorry the pic is so tiny.

I was also the sixth woman of 187, and 45th of 364 total finishers.

TK and I got iced coffees from Dunkin’ Donuts and went back to Fenwick, where we spent a couple hours on the beach.

That afternoon, Clark and I went home, got cleaned up and then went to his co-worker’s house for a party. We wound up having such a good time neither of us could drive home, so we stayed there overnight.

Not surprisingly, when we did get home yesterday morning, I wasn’t in any shape for a long run, so I just did a slow 3-miler.

We spent the rest of the day lounging around and watching the NASCAR race from New Hampshire. Last night, we took Pepper to Abbott’s Grill in Laurel for dinner. I went straight to bed as soon as we got home.

This morning, I feel much better. I’m about to head out and make up the 10-miler I didn’t do yesterday.

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