A Simple Running Log

July 5, 2017

Training for 7/5/17

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Monday afternoon, I drove up to Wilkes-Barre, where I finally got to see Clark for the first time in almost a week. A short drive away, Scranton was holding its big Fourth of July celebration that night, so we headed over there.

We got dinner at a very nice little pizza restaurant and then found a spot on top of the parking garage we’d parked in to watch the fireworks display, overlooking the street where the Steamtown Marathon finishes. It’s been almost six years since I ran that one and it’s still my favorite marathon other than Shamrock. Nothing but fond memories of that whole race!

Anyway, the fireworks looked a lot better than this crappy picture suggests:

shitty firework photo

Getting out of the parking garage afterwards took forever. I hate that about leaving the house — sometimes you have to, like, deal with other people.

When we got back to the hotel in Wilkes-Barre, Clark’s coworkers were hanging out around the fire pit out back, so we had a couple beers with them before we all went to bed.

Yesterday, I slept in until almost 8. Clark had told me about a track right next to the hotel, so I figured I’d go do a short speed workout. Unfortunately, when I drove over there, it was locked.

So I drove around town looking for somewhere to do a short run. There was nothing! It was all either retail areas with “no pedestrian” signs, or residential areas with no sidewalks and very narrow streets.

I wound up back at the hotel, on the freaking treadmill, for the second time in the past week and a half. I did a 4.5-mile progression run, bumping up the pace from 9:00/mile to 7:45/mile. Better than nothing. I also met a woman who played the bassoon in the philharmonic that had performed at Scranton’s celebration the night before, and were playing at Wilkes-Barre’s that afternoon.

Clark got to leave work early that afternoon. We went to Wegman’s, probably the most exciting place in that whole town, to get stuff for a cookout with his coworkers.

That evening, we fired up the little tailgate grill I’d brought and had a nice little party behind the hotel. Not how we usually celebrate Fourth of July, but it was fun anyway.

I got up really early this morning and drove home. It wasn’t that late when I got here, but it was already hot out, so I put off running until this evening. I think I’m just going to do three miles tonight.


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