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June 19, 2017

Father’s Day 5K recap

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I wrote out this whole blog post yesterday so I could just copy and paste it here this morning, and then some moron emailed me a corrupted file that seems to have completely broken Libre Office on this computer, so I can’t get to it. Thanks, moron!

Anyway, the general gist of what I wrote was that it was a hot and nasty weekend here and as result, running was very “character-building,” in the way Calvin’s dad constantly referred to it.

calvin and hobbes character

I had a couple of slow, crappy runs, including one that was on the clock and thus will live on the internet forever.

The first one was Saturday. I decided I was going to run the 11.2-mile loop — first double-digit run since the St. Michaels half a month ago, first solo double-digit training run since April.

I’m not sure this can really be counted as a “run,” per se. It was almost 10 a.m. when I finally left the house, and the humidity was like a blanket. I let myself take a walk break whenever necessary, which was a LOT, since not being able to breathe at all makes it so hard to maintain any kind of pace. It took me almost as long to finish 11.2 miles as it’d taken Dave to finish 13.1 last Sunday.

When I did make it home, I was absolutely sopping wet, and no, it hadn’t rained at all, and I didn’t come across any running irrigation systems. It had all come from within my own body. I was leaving wet footprints across the floor and I could wring out a substantial amount of water from my shorts and bra before I rinsed them out. Gross!

There was one bright spot though — I never had to use the bathroom, in spite of the heat and the junk food (specifically, hot wings) I’d eaten the day before, a combination that usually guarantees trouble. The only thing I did differently was to carry Roctane, instead of plain water, in my handheld. Maybe I just found the key. I will definitely be trying that again!

That afternoon, I helped Clark finish up pulling all the weeds from the “flower beds” (patches of dirt around our house that aren’t technically part of the yard, in which most people would probably plant something) and then we spent the rest of the evening at home in the air conditioning.

Sunday, my alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. for the Father’s Day 5K. It got off to a great start — when I went outside to get my shoes, not only did it feel every bit as hot and humid already as it had the day before, my shoes were still damp from Saturday’s run. Great!

TK is on vacation right now and therefore wasn’t meeting me at my house at 6. Since I didn’t have someone counting on me to be on time, I was late leaving the house, and then I realized a mile and a half down the road I’d forgotten my running hat, so I had to go back. As a result, by the time I got to Rehoboth, I only had time to get my race bib and event T-shirt, tie on my already-wet shoes and hit the bathroom for a quick pee before I had to be in the starting pack.

I did try to jog a short warmup from the bathroom to the start line. It was less than a block and I couldn’t even make it that far before my breathing felt ragged and useless.

We got the starting commands and took off. There’s not much to say about the race. It was as awful as I’d expected. My first mile was OK — 7:15 — but then I fell off big time. Mile 2 was 7:43, and even with the finish line finally in sight, I could only manage a 7:41 for mile 3.

2017 fathers day 5k finish

Coming to the finish.

I crossed the line in 23:27, a 7:32/mile average pace — slower than my average pace in a 5-mile race three weeks ago. Woof!

I sat down to catch my breath and drink a couple small bottles of water they were handing out at the finish line, and then went off to do a longish cool down. I walked a lot of that too. I wound up doing 2.5 miles more, and it took so long, they were about to start the awards when I got back.

Much to my surprise, I won my age group. The awards this year were again those cheesy runner trophies I love so much.


I was also the seventh of 138 female finishers, and 54th of 322 overall.

I got my customary post-race iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts and headed home, where Clark was doing more yard work in the heat. I cut the grass while he did the weed-eating.

That afternoon, after I’d written the blog post that I can’t retrieve now, I went over to see my dad for Father’s Day. We watched the NASCAR race from Michigan. Jimmie stupid Johnson didn’t win, so I was happy, and Kyle Busch, who my dad calls “Bucky” for some reason, didn’t win either, so my dad was happy.

Clark had gone to the beach house to see his dad, and got home late last night, then left early this morning for a work thing. I won’t see him again until he gets home tomorrow night, and then we’re all leaving very early Wednesday morning for California. Can’t wait!

Today, I would like to get in a lap around the 4.5-mile loop, but at this point it’s probably going to have to wait until early evening, because I had some stuff to finish up for work this morning and it’s gotten blazing hot out there again.

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