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June 5, 2017

Training for 6/5/17

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This post is very late because I spent the entire day first following around a U.S. senator for several hours while he talked to people, and then writing a story for tomorrow’s paper about what was said. I don’t want to hear or write the word “funding” again for a very long time.


Friday night, Clark and I went to the official grand opening party at Dogfish Head’s new brewpub, and we had such a good time, we didn’t get home until nearly 1 a.m.

Saturday morning, Clark’s alarm went off at 5. He then set a new world record for most consecutive snooze alarms — nearly three hours’ worth haha. It wouldn’t have been a big deal at all, except we were supposed to pick up his dad at 6ish, and be in Cambridge to meet Bart between 6:30 and 7, so the schedule got thrown off for everyone.

Well, better late than never. We finally got to Cambridge around 10 for the practice sprint tri. Clark, his dad and Bart set up a transition area before they went out for a half-mile swim.

They got back and got ready as quickly as possible for the bike. I took off behind Clark and Bart.

We were only going to do about 15 miles, an out-and-back, so I had to keep those two in my sights, so I could see where to turn around, since I wasn’t wearing a Garmin.

The ride out was pretty tough, thanks to the wind. I managed to keep just close enough to see where they’d turned around. When I reached the same intersection and made the U-turn too, it suddenly got MUCH easier to ride, with the wind at my back.

I was flying along, even gaining a little on those two. I wound up rolling into the park right behind them. I think Clark said we rode a hair over 16 miles in 52 minutes.

We all changed into running shoes and took off for what was supposed to be about a 5K run. Again, not knowing where I was going, I just kept up with Clark.

We ran what wound up being 3.4 miles at a progressively faster pace. I think it averaged out to 8:06/mile.

And that was the practice tri. Clark was pleased with his times for the most part. The second transition was slow, but that was because we had to lock up the bikes before we could leave, which they won’t have to do in the actual race.

Clark, his dad and I went to RAR after, for what has become the obligatory post-training beer and lunch.

When we got home, Pepper and his explosive ass had absolutely destroyed the utility room. It took almost an entire roll of toilet paper, several paper towels, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and just about all the time I had before I had to leave for the 5K to clean it all up. Truly an impressive show.

I left around 3:45 p.m. for the 3rd Wave Brewing 5K, which started at 5. It was hot and sunny and a little breezy. I really didn’t feel like running again, but I’d paid for it and my friend Melissa was going to be there.

I got there and found Melissa pretty much immediately. I thought I’d put in some training that morning, but she had me beat — she’d done a 15-mile long run and then cleaned her house all day!

Melissa and her friend Rick talked me into a little warm up. We ran about a mile easy, which felt clunky, and then got in the starting pack.

I’d thought we were just going to take this one easy, but Melissa had a different idea. She knew she wouldn’t get close to a PR, but she still wanted to run hard. So when we got the commands and she took off, I did too.

This course is a boring out-and-back through residential streets in Delmar. The first mile felt like two, but I finished it in 7:15.

I was fourth female, behind Melissa, when we hit the turnaround. I slowly reeled her in over the next mile, even though I slowed down — mile 2 was 7:25.

2017 3rd wave 5k mile 2

Mile 2ish.

I caught up to her with about a half-mile to go, ran with her a bit and then pulled away. I slowed down even more, finishing mile 3 in 7:40, and finished the whole thing in 23:15, a 7:30/mile overall average. Talk about positive splitting a race!

Melissa finished a few seconds behind me and we both headed straight for the port-o-potties haha. She said that was the first time she’d ever been afraid she was going to have an accident while running, but that’s an everyday occurrence for me, so I wasn’t too worried about it.

After we got that taken care of, we both changed into dry shirts and hit the post-race party. Is there anything better after a race on a hot day than free beer?

2017 3rd wave 5k post race beer

Melissa and me on the right.

When they announced the awards, Melissa was overall female masters winner, and I won my age group (of 31 runners), so we both got another mini growler.

2017 3rd wave 5k f30-34 awards

Me, with the other two winners in the F30-39 age group.

2017 3rd wave melissa me and mike

Melissa and me with Mike, another local runner, who was the overall male masters winner.

Melissa and I got our growlers filled with Sandstorm.

2017 3rd wave 5k growler filled

My favorite!

And then I went home. One of Clark’s coworkers had come over to try to get the Crown Vic started. Clark’s mom said he could have the car for nothing if he could move it. Well, it was still sitting there, not going anywhere, when I got home. He swears he’s going to get it started and take it.

He hung out long enough after I got home for me to polish off my age group award.

Sunday, Clark got up really early, to pack, before he had to leave for the airport to fly out to San Diego. Around 9, Mike picked me up and we headed up to Dover, because it was RACE DAY!

The weather turned out to be fine. It was still supposed to storm, but not until after midnight, so yesterday was warm and sunny.

I sent Clark a picture of our tailgate without him.

sad tailgate

We grilled up some burgers. My family stopped by to take a few off our hands, and then we all went to the track.

It was a pretty good race, until the end. I don’t know how that jerk always pulls it off, but Jimmie stupid Johnson came along and won the damn thing again. That’s ELEVEN times he’s won at Dover. Except for June 2012, when Clark was in the hospital after his first surgery, I have been there to suffer through all of them live and in person. I AM TIRED OF IT.

Almost immediately, I got text messages from both my brother and my younger sister, claiming they’d seen me on TV flinging my arms up in frustration after he won. Well, I DVR’d a replay of the race last night, and when I checked it myself this morning, it was just some other random white chick with a ponytail mad about the ending haha.

Today, all I had time for was the aforementioned work assignment. When I left the house this morning, I noticed our mailbox had gotten whacked again. I think this one made it about seven months in one piece, which is probably a record, but now it’s misshapen and missing the door. At least this time whoever hit it didn’t hit it hard enough to knock it off the post.

Eagleman is only six days away! Currently the weather forecast for Sunday is 86 and sunny. Sounds OK!


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