A Simple Running Log

May 31, 2017

Training for 5/31/17

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This morning, I ran the 5.5-mile loop after Clark got home from a training swim, while he was getting ready for work. It was a pretty easy, uneventful run on another gray, misty morning.

This afternoon, the sun came out for the first time since freaking Sunday morning, so I took the bike out. I rode the 29.2-mile loop, which crosses the Sharptown bridge twice. Going up that thing isn’t much fun, but coming down the other side sure is.

And that finished off May for me, so it’s time to sum up the month.


  • Week 1 (May 1-6): 20.9 miles
  • Week 2 (May 7-13): 27.1
  • Week 3 (May 14-20): 38.1
  • Week 4 (May 21-27): 24.3
  • Week 5 (May 28-31): 20

Total: 130.4 miles

My lowest month of running mileage this year, but not bad. I ran two races, the St. Michaels half, which was OK, and the Masser 5-Miler, which went about like it always does, to my surprise.

I put in a pretty sizable increase in mileage on my bike this month. In April, I rode it 60 miles. This month, I did more than four times that – 245.6 miles.

I rode the Eagleman course twice, and the second time, I finished it faster than I’d planned to aim for in the actual race, now less than two weeks away.

The bike and I got off to kind of a rough start, but I think we’re friends now.


Before I left today.

Looking ahead to June, I just have a couple of 5Ks on the schedule – the 3rd Wave Brewing race this coming weekend, and the first of five summer series 5Ks I’m running, on Father’s Day – and, of course, the bike leg of the Eagleman relay.

As far as training goes, I won’t be back on a marathon training plan until almost the middle of July, so I guess I’ll be making it up as I go along this month.


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