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May 30, 2017

Masser 5-Miler recap

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Saturday morning, Clark and I were up early enough to load up the truck and be in Cambridge at 7 to meet Bart for a training swim, bike and run.

It was a perfect day for it too, calm winds for once and not too hot.

I hung out at the truck while they swam about a mile in the Choptank, and then we got the bikes ready to head out for 30-ish miles.

When we were about to leave, Clark was standing there in his tri suit, basically a Spandex onesie with padding sewn into the butt, and said he swore he’d never wear goofy-looking clothes like that, but look at him now. I didn’t have a tri suit, but I did have bike shorts with padding in the butt and the jersey that had just come in the mail the day before, with 90 pockets sewn on the back for carrying gels, keys, etc. It costs a lot of money to look that ridiculous haha.

Anyway, Bart led us through a different route that went out to another point along the Choptank, one I’d never seen before. I’ve seen a lot of rural Dorchester County since I got this bike a couple months ago, and a lot of it is really very scenic.

Clark and Bart rode 33.7 miles, but they left me in the dust to sprint back the final five miles, and wound up tacking on another short out-and-back that I did not. Since I just rely on Clark’s Garmin’s measurements, I don’t know how far I personally rode, but I think it was about 32.

Then we went out to run 7 miles. The last time I tried to run about that same distance immediately after biking with Clark, almost a year ago, I felt like crap. My legs were jelly and they never got better. We had to walk a lot of it.

This time, my legs still felt like jelly at the beginning, but they pulled it together pretty quickly, and I was fine. It wasn’t a particularly fast pace, but it was definitely faster than last time, even with the handful of short walk breaks we took because Bart’s one foot was going numb.

So, overall, a successful morning of training. Clark and I got lunch and a couple beers at RAR, and that afternoon, I went to my friend’s house for her kid’s birthday party, where there was a ton of food. By the time I left, I felt more than refueled for the 5-mile race the next morning.

Clark went out with Mike when I got home from the party, but I was not in the mood. Plus, I had to be up again early the next day for the race.

I fell asleep early Saturday night, but I didn’t sleep particularly well. I kept getting woken up. Mostly by Pepper boofing at another imagined noise he thought was Clark coming home, but also by stupid drunk Mike randomly calling me to yell at me for being a loser and not coming out with them. Great!

I got up with my alarm at 5:30 Sunday morning. TK was at my house at 6 on the dot for the drive to Lewes.

It was another beautiful morning for a run, not too hot or humid. There was a little more of a breeze than the day before, but it wasn’t bad either.

We got to Cape Henlopen High School more than a half-hour before the race start. We got our race bibs and event T-shirts, and then I went out for a little warm-up.

It was awful! My legs were heavy and my breathing felt out of control after about 10 steps. I glanced down at the pace on the Garmin, hovering around 8:50/mile. And I was supposedly about to race five miles?

I felt a little better by the end of the warm-up mile, which is the point of doing a warm-up, but still, I was not looking forward to the race.

We all gathered behind the starting line on the bright blue rubberized track in the stadium to get instructions from the race director. The course was a little different again this year. They’ve been extending the paved biking and walking trail through Lewes the last couple of years. Last year, the race course was changed to incorporate the latest completed section, and this year, it was changed again for the same reason. I like not having to deal with traffic, so the more we run on that paved trail instead of along open roads, the better, I think.

We got the commands and we were off.

2017 masser 5-miler start

I spy my green hat.

We did a little more than half a lap around the track, left the stadium, ran behind the school, through the parking lot, out the campus’s front entrance and crossed the highway. We stayed on the road there a bit until we got to the beginning of the trail.

I passed mile 1 in 7:19, which surprised me, but I didn’t have much hope of holding onto that pace for four more miles.

The trail was running alongside the road for about the next half mile. Then it crossed over the road and led us through an open area.

Right about there, this little kid running near me asked me if my watch measured mileage. I said it did, and we were at mile 1.66. The kid looked pretty disappointed, and just said “oh” haha. I felt the same way! It definitely felt like we should have been at least at mile 3.75.

Then he said he didn’t think he’d hydrated well – he’d only had a sip of water before we started running. I thought they’d said there was a water stop right after the mile 2 marker, so I told him he was close to getting a drink.

Well, mile 2 came (7:25 – slowing, but not as bad as I thought) and went, and no water stop. Sorry for lying to you, kid!

Finally, near the end of the second mile, the water stop appeared. I grabbed a cup and walked a couple steps to make sure it actually went in my mouth.

I think, last year, the trail ended about here, and we rejoined the old race course through town streets. This year, this was where the newest section of the trail continued. It went through town, but there was no traffic on it, obviously.

I knew I was slowing. I haven’t tried to run that fast consistently since that 5K I ran the weekend after Thanksgiving last year, and I was dying.

There was another water stop before mile 4. I again slowed to walk a couple steps to drink some.

The trail ended and we were back on the same stretch of road that has always ended this race. It’s one long straightaway back to the front entrance of the school. You can see the traffic light at the intersection in front of the school for what feels like forever, but it never seems to get closer.

I finished mile 4 in 7:37. I was kinda surprised it’d taken four miles to run one slower than 7:30, but here it was. I really wanted to pick it back up for the final mile.

I made it to the intersection and turned right into the parking lot. On the way back, we didn’t have to run behind the school, we just ran straight back to the stadium. I glanced at my watch – quarter-mile to go, and the elapsed time was at 35:something. I could still manage a 37:something finish time, which sounded good.

We had to run the partial lap around the track back to where we’d started, now the finish line. I gave it all I had left, ran mile 5 in 7:23 and finished in 37:21, a 7:27/mile pace.

2017 masser 5-miler finish

This was my eighth time running this race. Except for one exceptionally fast year (2013, when I ran 34:11) and one exceptionally slow year (2010, when I ran 44:34), I have always landed in the 37- to 38-minute range. So I was right about on time. I was happy with it.

I did another slow mile to cool down. On the way back, I found three pennies in a row, all heads up. Seemed like a good sign! I picked them all up.

I got back in time to see TK finish. She was also pleased with her time.

When they announced the awards, I was second in my age group, of seven. Guess I won’t be scoring the lowest possible score in the summer series this year. Oh well!

I was also the sixth female finisher of 112, and 38th of 234 total finishers.

TK and I got brunch afterwards at this little cafe in downtown Lewes called Nectar. I order eggs Benedict just about every time I see them on a menu, because I love them but I’m too lazy to poach eggs or make hollandaise sauce myself, and these were possibly the best I’ve ever had. I think the biscuit made the difference. Most places use English muffins, but this biscuit was more like a dense pancake, just a little sweet. It was perfect.

Not so perfect, however, were the couple at the table next to us. First, they sat next to each other instead of across from each other, which wouldn’t have been a big deal, except the tables were lined up along a wall, with a shared bench, so for both of them to fit on that bench, they had to wedge themselves between TK and the stranger sitting at the table on the other side. Then they had to take 25 selfies. Then the kissing started. I’m just glad we got out of there before their food arrived – I don’t think I’d have been able to handle them inevitably feeding each other. We get it, you’re in love! Gross.

It wasn’t beach weather, so after brunch, TK and I headed home. I spent the rest of Sunday watching racing, first the Indy 500 and then the Coca-Cola 600. I went to bed near the end of the 600, because it looked like Jimmie stupid Johnson was going to win, but I should’ve stayed up. He ran out of gas a lap and a half from the end and got in a little snit with his crew about the miscalculation haha.

Yesterday morning was gray and on the chilly side for late May. I ran an easy untimed lap around the 4.5-mile loop that felt pretty smooth, surprisingly. When I got back, Clark went to Cambridge to swim and run with Bart.

When he got back from Cambridge, we took Pepper first to 3rd Wave, where we had a couple of beers, and then to Abbott’s for dinner. They had a pork chop special named for Kenny Powers, so we had to put on the first season of “Eastbound and Down” when we got home.

The best scene is in the first episode, when a middle school principal is telling Kenny, a former pro baseball player, about all the training he’s doing for a triathlon, and says Kenny knows all about that, and Kenny says, “No actually I don’t. I play real sports. Not trying to be the best at exercising.”

It’s funny because I found out when I joined the field hockey team in high school I fully lacked all eye-hand coordination needed to play “real” sports, so yeah, that’s probably why I just like exercising so much haha.

Anyway, that was my weekend. Today, I did strength training upstairs, and then I went outside in between rain showers and ran an easy 3-miler.


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