A Simple Running Log

May 19, 2017

Training for 5/19/17

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Since I have the St. Michaels half marathon tomorrow morning, I’ve just done a couple of short easy runs the past couple of days, both very early in the day because it’s been pretty hot. Yesterday I ran 4.5 miles — actually, 4.6, because I kept running when I’d normally slow to a walk for a cool down, because I really had to use the bathroom — and today I ran 3 miles.

Yesterday, since it was so warm, I took the day off and went to the beach with my sisters. It was a perfect day, made even better because it was early enough in the season we just about had the place to ourselves.

private beach

Private beach.

The chair on the far right is the one I broke as soon as I sat in it. I think it was already busted (I got it from the shed at my in-laws’ place), because it wouldn’t adjust after I set it up, but when I sat back in it, that was the end. I wound up in the sand haha.

broken chair

Here are my sisters:

kara and julie

Kara and Julie.

And here is me, forgetting how to stand like a normal person, and Kara:

me and kara

I don’t know why I look I’m trying to suck my belly button back to my spine haha. This is also a good example of why I take a few pictures in a row of people — one of them might turn out this awkward.

Anyway, I’m about to head to St. Michaels to get Clark’s and my race packets. I’m really glad it’s supposed to storm tonight and break the heat we’ve had the past few days! Tomorrow’s high is barely supposed to hit 70.

It’s not going to be any cooler than that in the morning though, so it’s still going to be kinda on the warm side for a half marathon. I don’t really have a time goal for this one. After how sick I felt the entire afternoon following this race a couple years ago, when it was hot, I think my main goal is just to finish not feeling like total crap.

In the afternoon, we’re heading up to Chad and Samira’s place to celebrate Chad’s birthday. Sunday, there’s a supported ride of the Eagleman course we’re planning to do.


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