A Simple Running Log

May 5, 2017

Training for 5/5/17

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I haven’t actually done anything yet today as far as training goes, but I’m thinking about it!

I had to be somewhere for work really early this morning. I’m pretty much done now, so I might do something when I get home. Maybe a short easy run and some strength training.

This evening, Clark and I are going to Cambridge to pick up our packets for tomorrow morning’s bike ride in Cambridge.

It’s going to be cool and windy, but at least it’s not supposed to be pouring rain like it was this morning. I haven’t seen it rain that hard in a long time. That would’ve been absolutely miserable on a bike.

Anyway, I think a 56-mile bike ride tomorrow will be enough. Sunday, I’ll probably do a shorter run in the morning, before Clark has to leave for a tri he’s doing in Bivalve. For some reason, it doesn’t start until 10:15 a.m.

That leaves this weekend’s long run for Monday. I think we’re going to Dogfish Head on Sunday evening, as it’s the last day the original brewpub is serving customers. Not sure I’ll be good for a long run the next day, but we’ll see!

And here’s a gratuitous picture of Pepper, because I think it’s so adorable when he snoozes with his head on his paws like this:

pepper paws

Question for other dog owners: Do your dog’s paws smell like corn chips too?

I guess I should also ask: Have you ever smelled your dog’s paws? Is it weird that I sniff Pepper’s all the time, because I want to see if they still smell like corn chips?


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