A Simple Running Log

April 28, 2017

Training for 4/28/17

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Today, I went out to do one last short run at the 8:46/mile pace I’m supposed to run tomorrow morning for the 1:55 pace group in the Island to Island Half Marathon.

I made it outside before noon for once, but not by much. It was already more than 80 degrees and sunny.

I ran the 4.5-mile loop, but didn’t realize I hadn’t started the Garmin until I was almost a half-mile down the road.

Once I got it started, it said I ran the next four full miles at an 8:35/mile pace, 11 seconds faster than my goal. But thanks to the warm weather, that “easy” goal pace started to feel much harder than it should have.

A little rattling the day before the race, I have to say! Oh well. I’ve run enough shitty training runs right before a race that went fine to know I shouldn’t worry. Too much.

This afternoon, Pepper and I ran some errands. We took all the recycling to Hardscrabble, then went to the New Balance store in Rehoboth, where, thanks to a sale plus a gift certificate, I scored a pair of the new 1400s for almost half off. The next stop was the inlet in Ocean City to get Clark’s and my race packets, and my pace sign and band.

Tomorrow morning, we have to get up pretty early. Clark’s parents are at the beach house for the weekend, so his mom is going to meet us about halfway between the house and the inlet to take Pepper, and then we’re supposed to be on a bus leaving the inlet parking lot at 5:45.

The race starts on Assateague Island at 7. Looks like it’ll be warmer than the last few years I’ve done this race, but not as warm as this morning, thankfully. It’s supposed to be in the mid 60s at the start and the low 70s by the time I should be crossing the finish line.

Other than that, I think I’ve got a 3-miler on the schedule for Sunday, and I definitely need to take the bike out at some point, considering I’m signed up to ride it 56 miles a week from tomorrow!

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