A Simple Running Log

April 17, 2017

Training for 4/17/17

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Let’s see, what have I been up to since last Thursday…

Friday, I think I just did an easy 3-miler, late in the afternoon. Nothing notable.

Saturday, I did this week’s long run. The half marathon training plan I’m loosely following for St. Michaels prescribes long runs in terms of time, not distance, and this week’s was an hour and 45 minutes. So I decided to do the 12.3-mile loop at the 8:46/mile pace I’ll be doing for the 1:55 pace group in the Island to Island Half Marathon at the end of this month.

I guess I was still feeling crappy, because that pace felt way harder than 8:00/mile had felt in the half marathon in Cambridge just a week earlier. I managed to hang on to it through 11 miles, but the 12th one, I was just worn the hell out. I walked part of it, and took a little over 10 minutes to finish it. Even though the rest of the run was under goal pace, that brought down the overall average to 8:48/mile. I really hope I don’t feel that sluggish in the actual race, now less than two weeks away.

Anyway, that evening, we went to Clark’s parents’ house for dinner to celebrate his aunt’s birthday.

Sunday was Easter. It got really hot, nearly 90 degrees in the afternoon. I ran first thing, before my annual appearance at church. I did an untimed lap around the 4.5-mile loop. It felt good, much better than the day before’s run, but SWEATY. Guess it’s time to get used to that.

I went to church. Clark went to Cambridge to take advantage of the Eagleman-like weather conditions and do a training swim in the Choptank in his new swimming-specific wetsuit, then bike and run. I intended to take my own bike out for a ride when I got home, but when I got there, I found Pepper’s digestive system had reacted violently to all the table scraps he’d gotten at dinner the night before — there was explosive diarrhea all over the utility room. And after I got that cleaned up, he went out a couple of times to throw up. Sheesh.

So, not wanting to have to clean up any more of that, I stayed home with him and skipped the bike ride. Oh well.

When Clark got back from Cambridge, we went to my parents’ house for Easter dinner. Kaylee is the only kid young enough for egg hunts now, and she’s only 2, so the hiding places aren’t super challenging.

Today, I watched the Boston Marathon on NBCSN, which always makes me want to sign up for every upcoming marathon, and then I went out to do the easy run on the schedule, which always reminds me I’m definitely not an elite haha. I ran another lap around the 4.5-mile loop. I wore the Garmin to see if I’m running it easy enough. I was a little fast, finishing with an overall average pace of 8:30/mile. I think I should be doing easy runs closer to 9:00/mile.

And this afternoon, I finally got our taxes done and filed. Such a procrastinator!


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