A Simple Running Log

April 5, 2017

Training for 4/5/17

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Yesterday, I had an interval workout on the schedule, but by the time I got around to running, I knew that wasn’t going to go well. It was nearly 80 degrees and sunny, and I’d eaten most of my leftover birthday cake. So I swapped it with the easy 3-miler I was supposed to run today.

It was a good decision. Chocolate cake and one of the first warm days of the year did not mix well with my digestive system, as I expected. I at least made it back to the house before I had to take care of the inevitable aftermath.

After I took care of that, I took my bike out to see if it was truly fixed. I rode it around the 10.1-mile loop. It was no longer making that grinding noise, or any noise for that matter. Success!

The ride itself was fine too. It was on the windy side, so that sucked when I had to ride into it, but obviously it was a lot of fun when I had it at my back, pushing me along.

Today, I did that interval workout, eight 400-meter repeats. I just programmed the Garmin to measure out eight quarter-miles and a quarter-mile of rest in between each, which are a hair longer than a lap around a 400-meter track, but I’d much rather run these on the road than around a track.

The workout went… OK. I still felt pretty sluggish, probably from eating so much crap since my birthday four days ago, but I got myself through all eight repeats.

The paces were nothing impressive. I was hoping to run around 7:00/mile pace, or 1:45 per repeat. Actual paces were 1:46, 1:48, 1:45, 1:42, 1:44, 1:43, 1:46 and 1:47.

With warm up and cool down, I ran the 6.5-mile loop in 56:20, an overall average pace of 8:40/mile.

I have to say, that workout did nothing to boost the ol’ confidence with this half marathon-followed-by-a-5K challenge looming in three days! Hopefully, no longer subsisting on chocolate cake and Cadbury Creme Eggs will help haha.


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