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April 3, 2017

Training for 4/3/17

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I had a pretty awesome birthday weekend!

Saturday morning, I ran an easy lap around the 7.3-mile loop. I don’t think I’ve run any farther than the 5.5-mile loop since Shamrock two weeks earlier. That was a good distance to start easing back into training again.

At noon on the dot, I signed up my brother and myself for the Dogfish Dash 8K on Sept. 24. (Clark would rather do a tri that’s the same day this year.) The last couple of years, it’s been selling out quicker and quicker – I think last year, it was filled up in about five minutes. So I was thrilled to get our registrations done in time, but it turned out I could’ve forgotten about it for quite a while and been just fine. I just checked, and registration is still open, more than 48 hours later. Weird!

Anyway, after that was taken care of, Clark and I went to Rehoboth to eat and drink a lot in honor of my birthday.

We started at – where else? – Dogfish Head, since, as a Mug Club member, I get a free mug of beer on my birthday. We had a few more beers each, as well as a cheese board.

We went for a walk around downtown Rehoboth and ended up out on the beach. It was a chilly, gray, windy day, but as you can see, I was still thrilled to be celebrating my 34th birthday next to the ocean. Or maybe it was just all the beers haha.

me on my 34th birthday

Our next stop was Fins for a dozen raw oysters, and then we went to the Cultured Pearl for sushi. We tried to go there once before for my birthday, but it had fallen that year on a day that restaurant isn’t open during the off season. It was worth the wait though. We had Eastern Shore edamame (with Old Bay) and I had a nice plate of sushi.

We drove to Fenwick, where Mike met us at the beach house, and then we all went to Harpoon Hanna’s, where I switched from beer to their frozen drinks, which I’m sure are more milkshake than alcohol, but they taste pretty good.

By the time we’d gotten an Uber ride back to the beach house, I was done. I went right to sleep.

Sunday morning, Clark and I drove home first thing. He gave me this birthday card that he’d originally bought for his mom a couple years ago, but decided it was too mean. So he gave it to me haha.

card front

card inside

Such a hopeless romantic!

His mom wanted us at his parents’ house at 10:30 for a birthday brunch, so we decided we were going to do a little tri in Cambridge, all by ourselves, after brunch, and got everything loaded up in the truck.

Brunch was amazing. The one thing I really wanted was eggs Benedict with smoked salmon in place of Canadian bacon. Clark’s mom also made those with andouille sausage, and she made a vegetable hash, quiche, bacon, fresh fruit, asparagus and lemon muffins. And then there was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for dessert.

By the time we left Clark’s parents’ house, we didn’t think we had time to swim before we were supposed to meet my family for dinner at 5 p.m., which meant it didn’t really make sense to drive all the way to Cambridge, as we no longer needed the pool in the Y. So we went home and got ready for a long bike ride.

We decided we were going to do about 30 miles. A mile into it, while he was riding behind me, Clark asked me if my bike had always made that noise. We pulled over on the side of the road, and something in the gears was making a grinding noise. I assumed it was related to whatever had been causing the bike to shift on its own the weekend prior.

It wasn’t anything that could be fixed right there, so we went home. Clark took a look at it and thought it would be any easy adjustment for the guy at the bike shop, but not for him, so that was the end of our bike ride. I guess 2.5 out of 30 intended miles is better than zero.

We could’ve at least gone for a run at that point, but we didn’t. Clark went in town to get some screws for the water bottle holders — I mean “cages” — that had arrived in the mail for his bike, and I laid on the couch and watched the Martinsville race until it was time to get ready for dinner.

We met at Suicide my parents, all of my siblings and their families, my grandmother and an aunt and uncle who live in Virginia. My grandmother insisted on picking up the whole tab. When my mom protested, my grandmother said, “I’m just spending your inheritance!” haha.

After dinner, we all went back to my parents’ house, for the strawberry angel food cake my mom had made for my birthday. When pretty much everyone else had left, Clark, Julie and I sat down and planned out this year’s destination race trip – we’re going to Sonoma in June. Mike is going with us too. It’ll be track no. 14 of 23.

This morning, I wrote out the training plan I’ll be using to get ready for the St. Michaels half on May 20. Today had three miles and strength training on the schedule. It’s nice to have something to tell me what to do every day again.

I went out a little before noon for the easy 3-miler. It was a decent run, nothing special. I just did some ab exercises when I got back. I definitely need to get back into a full strength training routine.

I also took the bike over to the shop this afternoon. The guy there tweaked on the gear mechanisms and cables for a few minutes, took it for a test ride and said it should be good to go, so I should be able to get that thing back on the road this week.


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